Sparks of War Chapter 7

Journey to Aquaveil

By Limited Moon

The travel group, with Bruiser's help, planned all the necessary needs for their travel to the twin island continent, Aquaveil. Bruiser, being the champion of Nuedstadt Arena and the richest man in town as a result, linked the group up with many connections such as their very own ship and loyal crew. Bruiser made the trip easier for Stahn's party, and soon, the small traveling group was on the ocean in their new ship, Cerafina.

Stahn looked out over the side of the ship, holding Aretha in his left hand, he was then approached by Karyl, who didn't seem to be his usual well mooded self.

"You look like you're lost, you know that?" Karyl thought aloud.

"I don't know," Stahn said, then he looked at Aretha, "I feel as if i'm doing something bad..."

"We have to save Chelsea, you know. That's not something bad," Karyl said.

"Aretha hasn't been talking to me, heck, I don't even remember what she said when we first talked now...why?" Stahn asked in a sad tone.

"A lot of confusion has happened over the past few weeks Stahn..." Karyl assured him.

Stahn held his Swordian up to view, she did look almost exactly like Garr's old Swordian, Igtenos. He wondered why she had been so silent. It felt as if a void was created in his mind where his memory used to be.

"...I can't remember either, Stahn..."

"...huh?! Aretha, you're talking again?"

Karyl smiled, and walked back under the deck. Stahn was surprised to hear Aretha talking again.

"I...I don't remember any of what I told you, nor what happened in Nuedstadt after we reached the square. How?! A Swordian's memory is incapable of forgetting...this is impossible..."

"Do you feel it too, Aretha?"

"Feel what?"

"Like someone took those memories away?"

"...I can't explain it, but that's close to what I feel."

"I just feel like something bad is going to happen, Aretha."

"Where are we going?"

"To a witches temple in Aquaveil to save Chelsea..."

"....hmmm....that sounds familiar, temple....Aquaveil..."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Garr sat in the captain's quarters of the ship, thinking. He was trying to devise a strategy to save Chelsea. He then heard a knock on the door...

"Come in," he said softly.

The door opened, and Philia walked in, "Something bothering you?" Garr asked her promptly.

"No, not really, i'm just lonely."

"What happened to Stahn?"

"He's up on deck, Karyl says I shouldn't bother him right now."

"Well, sit down, tell me what's bothering you, Philia."

Philia took a velvet chair from the side of the room and pulled it in front of Garr, then sat in it.

"Garr, have you ever heard the 'Legend of Crystallion?'"

", why?"

"Want me to tell it to you?"

"Well, I am kind of busy with other things..."

"Just listen, Garr..."

She began to recite the poem of The Legend of Crystallion, in a long beautiful string of words:

O, powerful one...
Great Sword, Crystallion...
You were truly a gift from Atamoni's hand...
But you turned on us...
You destroyed many of us, exploited your master for your own needs...
You were defeated, however, by the "Great Six"...
Lord Afghan Dymlos...
Atwight Van Gladen...
Clemente Deran Seinegald...
Igtenos Du Matrea...
Sir Frederick Chaltier...
and Thor Berselius...
Sealed in the reflective light, you now have eternity to think of what you have done...
O, powerful one...
Great Sword, Crystallion...
Now you are nothing but a mere spirit of the past...
Forgotten by the tides of time...

When she finished, Garr raised his brow a little and sat up.

"Those names....our Swordians?!"

"Yes, Garr, but that wasn't the part that intrigued me, it states that Crystallion is a Sword, possibly a Swordian?"

"Hmmm...but what was the point of telling me this, Philia."

"I think it is an omen, of the future. I felt this when I first read it months ago in my temple library."

"Hmmm....maybe you're right Philia, maybe your right..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Soon, the group arrived in Aquaveil, at the port town, Terazzi. However, the port and town were both empty of people. Noone was anywhere...

Karyl, Garr, Stahn, and Philia disembarked their ship, and ordered the crew to sail just outside the coast so they aren't put into danger. It was then, when they decided to leave, that a dark mist enveloped the sky, and rumbling began to quake in the ground...


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