Sparks of War Chapter 9

Dorien, the Swordian of Dark Holiness

By Limited Moon

"STAHN!" screamed Aretha, "we have to do something!"

"What the hell is going on?!" Dorien yelled, "Why is my temple above land?!"

"We'll worry about that later, how am I going to carry three people AND two swords at the same time?!" Stahn worried.

"STAHN!" came a voice from outside, it was Karyl's voice.

"Karyl?!" Stahn said to himself, "KARYL!!" he yelled back.

Karyl was up there in a flash, "Stahn, you get Chelsea and Garr, i'll take Philia and that other sword!"

Stahn nodded, and complied instantly. He sheathed Aretha, threw Dorien to Karyl and grabbed Chelsea and Garr, naturally, he ran like hell. Once outside, he dropped Chelsea and Garr.

The temple door was about to go underwater when Karyl came out with Dorien and Philia. He dropped them with the others and began to pant.

"Philia's a little heavier than I thought...heh...hoo boy..." he said.

"Hey, Karyl, where were you when everyone was captured?!" Stahn said with a brow raised.

"I remember being right beside Philia, then a bright flash blinded me, and I was outside town. Took me a while to realize it," Karyl said, still panting.

"STAHN!" Aretha screamed, "unsheath me now you idiot!"

"Oh, Aretha," Stahn said, unsheathing her, "forgot you were in there."

"'forgot you were in there'," mimicked Aretha, "you're as bright as a burnt out light bulb!"

"Now that that is over WILL SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I AM OUT HERE!" Dorien yelled.

"Dorien," Aretha explained, "Stahn was forced to free you by Blackmail, it's not his fault, but he did promise me to protect the other two crystals.."

"Agh," Dorien said, "I don't believe this, now the crystal of Dark Holiness will be destroyed..."

"Hey, he volunteered to help protect the last two didn't he?" Karyl said.

"Shut up, i'll only talk to Aretha, you stupid baboons!" Dorien snapped.

"Dorien..." Aretha said.

Chelsea began to wake up, and Karyl shook her a little.

"Ah," Chelsea said, "where am I?"

"You're in...uh...Terazzi, or at least, what WAS Terazzi," Stahn said.

"Ter...azzi...?" Chelsea said, "uoh...."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Everyone sat in conference in the captain's room of the Cerafina, everyone was silent. Garr then finally broke the silence.

"The last two crystals," he said, "what on earth would Selene want to free this evil spirit for?"

"It's most likely not Selene," Aretha said, "she's only a lackey, I know that much."

"She's too powerful," Karyl said, "one gesture and we'll be all split up, and Stahn just ripe for another Blackmail situation..."

"That's what we must prevent," Philia said, "we need some kind of resistance to her hypnotic magic..."

"Dorien, could you please tell us where the last two crystals are?" Garr said to the sword.

Dorien would not speak.

"Oh, Dorien, stop being so angry at everything," Aretha said, "If you don't tell them, Selene will get Alan and Perafina..."

"Perafina..." Dorien said, "alright...i'll tell you, I must protect her..."

"That's good," Garr said, "we need this information."

"Phandaria, Temple of Death, where Perafina rests...and The Island of Volcanus, Temple of Dark Wind, where Alan rests..." Dorien said.

"He must mean Cavalese," Karyl said, "that island was once called Volcanus."

"Urgh, a confrontation with the Cavalesian Empire is unavoidable..." Garr contemplated, "we'll have to protect Phandaria's, and send a strong team to Cavalese..."

"If I may, may I select Karyl for my master?" Dorien said.

"Hey, i'd be glad to, I never did get to use a Swordian before," Karyl said, taking Dorien from Stahn.

"Good, I selected you because you seem to reflect my younger self, almost uncanny," Dorien said.

"Well, i've figured out a plan," Garr said, "the obvious thing we need is to have each team with a Swordian user, this way both have an advantage."

"I'm going to Cavalese," Karyl said, "I want to kick some Imperial butt!"

"Karyl..." Philia said, "be a little more serious."

"That's good," Garr said, "Stahn must stay in Phandaria, he will want revenge and that will lead him into another trap, likely..."

"Are you saying i'm THAT dumb?" Stah said, offended, "I must go to Cavalese! Garr, you have to understand!"

"Listen, Stahn, our objective is not fighting the Empire! If you go to Cavalese, 100 gald says you will take it upon yourself to take revenge for what happened to Lienea!" Garr replied.

"Garr, have faith in Stahn," Philia said, "this is something he must do. If you wish, i'll go with him to keep him from steering from our objective."

"Ugh, fine," Garr said, "it's against my better judgement but fine. Now, once we get to Phandaria, I know Mary will be more than happy to help us, so myself, Chelsea and Karyl will go to Phandaria. As for Cavalese, i'll discuss it with Bruiser, i'm hoping Philia, Bruiser, and Rutee will go with Stahn but Lilith is welcome to come also if she wants to fight again."

"That's a fine plan." Karyl said, "lets get some rest now, it's been a long day, eh Dorien?"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In the castle, Selene, Throx, and the mirror were having a conference, when a beam of light entered the room, and a man materialized inside. It was too dark to make anything of him out, however.

"Ah, Resmah, glad you could come, you are usually very busy," the figure in the mirror spoke.

"Yes," Resmah said, "I finally got a chance to come here."

"So, hows it going with 'them'" Selene told Resmah.

"Well, they plan to send the host here, perfect chance to get rid of the Swordian of the Dark Wind, Alan." however, they will send three others to Phandaria. This is an obvious obstacle in our plan," Resmah replied.


"Then Throx will go to Phandaria, i'll handle the 'host', he is so easily manipulated....HA!" Selene said, smiling.

"I'll be in Phandaria," Resmah said, "i'll lead them to a trap, send the 'host' there to free Perafina, then back here to reawaken..."

"It is settled," the figure in the mirror said, "my freedom will be realized sooner than I anticipated. AHAAHAAAAHAAHA!"


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