Sparks of War Introduction

The Nightmare

By Limited Moon

"It's's so's happening again...he'll be here any minute...will it ever end? I don't understand, WHAT DO YOU WANT!"

"I want only one thing, Aileron..." said a deep voice from nowhere.

"W...who are you?! Why are you doing this to me!"

"I'm your worst nightmare, I will always be in your dreams...."

"You've tormented me for a year now, why are you doing this?!"

"You're the key, Aileron, the key to my salvation..."

"Urgh...I must end this torture! I must defeat you!"

"You know you wont Aileron, I am just like you in every way, you can't beat your own mind."


"Let us begin then, and waste no more time," said the voice. Then a figure in blood red armor materialized in front of Stahn Aileron, the same figure he confronted in his mind time and time again since the last reunion. The figure drew his sword, it was Dymlos, only with a black blade. Stahn readied his own sword...

"you can't beat me Stahn, you know you can't, you're very determined to try the impossible...."

"I must try...HA JINKEN!" Stahn swung his sword and a steak of wind flew from it, the figure only absorbed it.

"Is that IT?" laughed the figure, it was a mocking laugh, that cut straight into Stahn's heart like a dagger, "look at mine...HA JINKEN PA!" he swung his sword in a lean slashing motion, and explosions emitted from it, towards Stahn. Stahn was decimated by the blast, and all fell into darkness again...but the dream didn't end this time...he heard a familiar voice, it was Dymlos...his Swordian.

"Stahn..." began Dymlos.

"Dymlos, you must help me, please!" Stahn pleaded.

"No, you know what you did to me!" said the sword, and in one quick swipe, the swordian killed Stahn...and the dream ended.


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