What If...? Irvine didn't remember the orphanage?

By Malice Shaw

I raised my hand towards the heavens and grinned. Hyne, I wish I could stay like this forever. My body nullified in this quiet scenery, calming my senses beyond any notion. I can feel the grass beneath my body springing against my back, even through my over sized trench coat. I feel calm, secure in this position. Resting on my back instead of bending over backwards to please every Tom, Dick, or James. "I don't wanna leave this place, ever," I whisper to myself as a serene butterfly lands on my extended arm, tapping my finger tips with its tiny legs. Whispering a praise on its beauty, I hear my name being screamed by the one and only Martine, the principal of my school.

"Kinneas! Irvine Kineas!"

I ain't never gonna like the way my name sounds on his tongue.

Pulling myself outta my funk, I lean over and pick up my gun. She's always been good to me, an' it's a rare time you find me without her. She's been my loyal friend even when the stakes are tough, and since I can't remember shit about who I was before I found her, she's been my only companion. Ever. No one else was ever there for me. Only I was there for me, an' I'd never change that for a million gil. Or a million women if that. Just havin' this pretty lady by my side each and every morning actually beats the usual late night screw with the town whore. Had quite a few rides on that bicycle and I gotta say, it ain't no fun anymore. I've rather taken in by Guardian Forces, or GF's to most. I knew exactly the causes of using one of these things: Memory loss. Vitality down a bit cause ya don't exactly exercise, but ya know? They work. They got power, and power is one of the things I like best.

Turning on my heel, I eye Martine and walk down my peaceful hill. Lowering my head, I shoved my gun into my coat and stepped down my hill, giving each and every one of those SeeDs a look. Martine briefed me on them, giving me their names and telling me who they are and what my part in their plan was. Just shoot a lady. No problem, with me being the best damned sharpshooter in Galbadia Garden. Giving those SeeDs an eyeful, Martine drawled lazily in my ears as I studied each and every one of them.

First, I took a chance to gaze at those gorgeous ladies. One of them wasn't too tall, barely edging five foot three, with long shiny dark hair and stunning dark eyes. Cheeks like a chipmunks but with a foxy chin. Her body wasn't half bad as well. Nice rounded hips, and such nice long legs for a gal as short as she was. But she seemed a bit confused as to how to react. Something told me if this gal was a SeeD, she had to have gotten by with either screwin' the teacher or dating the commander, cause she sure as hell didn't know even the simplest SeeD salute. Those pretty dark eyes wandered amongst the group next to her, and she tried to hide herself, but failed miserably. Wearing bright blue ain't gonna make ya stand out anymore then will it make ya stand in. Yet she tried her best, so I gotta give her that much. 'Sides, with her looks, I'm sure she could have gotten away standing there with a million gil worth of bazooka's in her hands, threatening to blow up Galbadia Garden.

The next one was one hell of a looker. With honey blond hair and piercing blue eyes, I gotta say I did my damndest to try and not wolf whistle at her. Only because I knew her as the Instructor of Balamb Garden, Quistis Trepe. I'd heard from everyone around that she was a hot young thing, but hell, nothing could have prepared me for the sight of her. Everything I'd heard about her was right. A nice height, great body, incredible stature. She'd be perfect if she'd just smile a little. But no, as all Instructors are, she's a stiff hearted fool of a woman. Just a shame she stuffs that stiff interior into those nice, tight fitting clothes, or she could be the particle of many many wet dreams amongst all the males of the world.

The last girl catches my eye big time. More than the pretty brunette or the smashing blond do. She's a tiny little waif-like thing, her face as bright and as sunny as the yellow dress she sports. Incredible green eyes. Her face was a bit plain compared to the exotic and enticing looks of the other two girls, but I was drawn to this one like a moth to the flame. She was so damned adorable, cute, and funny. All that I got by just the chemistry I felt. When I walked in front of her, her nose crinkled in a cute little grin that was trying not to let a chuckle escape?. With that her emerald eyes glistened and I fell hard, right at that moment for her, with out even knowing her name.

"BANG!" I shouted at Martine's back. He turned around and gave me a dirty look before continuing on his path.

I (then?) looked the guys up and down. One of them had this strange tattoo crossing his face, and he seemed to snarl at me. Short little twerp, with his hair all combed up in a style that reminded me of a chicken that got up on the wrong side of the bed and crowed at the moon. That tattoo though, made me wanna scream. Black lightening crossed the side of his face, making him seem sinister. Even the look on his face told me he was either constipated, or just plain didn't like the sight of me. He was a lot more muscular than any guy I knew at Galbadia, and obviously he used those muscles as he kept pumping the air around him, as if he was swatting flies. I wondered if he was the surfer type, with his baggy pants and rolled up jackets. Maybe he was the one who I heard a while back ago from Teenia, the one who was t-boarding around Balamb Garden and took a wrong turn into the female bathroom? Nah.

Last one in the line up was Squall Leonhart. Yeah, I definitely heard of this one. Headmaster Cid, whenever he came by, always talked about how bright this guy was. Him and another one I don't see here. But this guy sure as hell didn't look too bright to me. He looked to me like some dark brooding soul with too many cares in the world. His hair wasn't cut too well, his clothing was shabby, and leather pants with a leather jacket? What was he gonna do? Ride a hog into all Gardens across the continents, make love and drink wine? Nah, this guy looked so strict and stuck up he made Quisits Trepe look like the same slut I screwed a week ago. Man, this guy needed to get laid.

Smirking, I walked over towards him and introduced myself. "Irvine Kinneas, at your service."

With only a glare and a nod of his head he turned on his heel and motioned for me to follow along with everyone else. Shrugging, I did just that. No time to waste. I can hit on the pretty ladies later.

We boarded a train and I made a beeline towards that cute little elf-like girl. She was sitting by a window, staring out at it, singing a song only her ears could hear. Standing next to her, I sighed and watched in wonder as she was so shameless, not worried about anyone ever catching her like this. Pulling my hat off, I smiled down at her and spoke "Well what's your name lil' lady?"

She gazed up at me with those big green eyes and grinned. "Selphie!"

"Selphie, Selphie.. What a beautiful name. Roll's right off the tongue ya know."

"Riiiiiiight." She flipped back her short brown hair and stared out the window again, continuing to hum to herself. I raised an eyebrow and turned, my back facing the window.

"It must be fate, Selphie, for us to meet up like this." I said, trying to sound alluring. Apparently it wasn't working as she fixated a glare on me.

"Right. WhatEVAH!" She chided. "You must be some big time ladies man."

I snickered at that statement. Sure, I was called that a few times, but hey, I'm Irvine Kinneas. "Of course not, Selphie! You're the only one I could ever lay my eyes on."

"Sure! Right." She said again, heavy on the sarcasm. Well, I guess I failed this conquest.

Bidding her farewell, I left the compartment back towards the control room. If Selphie wasn't gonna give me any attention, I might as well get it with the two lovely ladies in here, right?

It was a while before our train stopped. We entered Deiling, tried to speak with General Caraway about our antics and surprisingly enough, he ended up being Rinoa's father. We had to go through a mission thing and on the way to the Tomb of the Unknown King, collect a few numbers, and head back. But we decided to venture on and investigate anyways. I collected a nice sum of magic and gained a level or two as well did the rest. But it was when we found the Brothers GF in there we had a hard time. On the other hand, we beat them and gained their aliance, and a few new abilities as well. Then we went on our merry way. Finally we got through, talked to the man, and planned out our strategies. Squall and I (I woulda have preferred Selphie but beggars can't be choosers) would venture upwards towards the large tower and wait until the Sorceress was caught between the two gates. We have to find the Sniper Rifle that's up there, and then I could get into gear. Sure. No problem.

So we did what a sniper does best. We waited.

It felt like years. But it was only twenty minutes when we climbed to the top tower, with me leading the way. Grunting and groaning, we pulled one another up until we reached the top ladder that led to the platform, were the sorceress was formally standing. My eyes went wide with shock as I caught a glimpse of the dead President Deling, his skin fried, and his body rancid. He had obviously been hit by an ice-like laser blast, so cold it burned him. I had to cover my mouth when the smell hit my nostrils. Damned Sorceress. How does her killing justify anything? Sure, the President was a moron, but hey. This bitch is one bad seed.

Looking around, I heard a noise. A growling of some sort, and a scream. I could feel Squall's heart beat faster than anything as he whispered "Rinoa?!"

So we took off towards the sounds, Squall shouting the girl in blue's name. When we got to her, we were too late it seemed as she was passed out in front of two very ugly lizard like creatures, who were just about to make her a snack. Cocking my girl into action, I stood tall, pointing at the one that was closest to Rinoa, and blew it's brains out. The blood splattered across the elegant walls, a mix of black and red crimson droplets. Smirking, I cocked my baby again and aimed one more time, but a flash of leather pushed me aside. Squall made an upward slash at the other demon, cutting the thing in half and kicking it's body parts away from the fallen woman. Leaning down, he picked her unconscious form up and carried her past me, out of the room, and back to the floor panel where we were to drop down and cause another mass blood shed.

Rinoa woke up right before we reached our point, and scrambled from Squall's arms. "Squall.. I was so scared.." She muttered, her bottom lip trembling. He just nodded and pushed on, picking up the rifle and handing it to me.

"Your move, Kinneas." He muttered, giving me an eyeful. What an ass.

"No problem for yours truly." I snidely remarked, edging myself closer to the window. "This bitch is goin' down."

I watched the red lines of the clock hit twenty, and the gates come crashing down. The shocked face of the evil sorceress was candy to my eyes as I took aim and breathed deep, steadying my arms. For the briefest moment I hesitated, as she stared straight at me and I saw her full face. She seemed so familiar, but I couldn't place it. My finger on the trigger, she looked away, at the crowd and snarled, waving her arms around. Just someone I probably passed on the street, I whispered in my mind. Closing my eyes, I steadied my grip.

Pull. Bang.

A figure fell but it wasn't her. I watched with horror as my body froze over when a young man, just my age fall into a heap at her feet, his white coat flailing out behind him. Gasping, I look down and realize that a pool of blood is forming from just underneath his body, and I scream. He isn't moving.

"SQUALL!" I shouted. I can hear his heavy footsteps come to me now.

"Kinneas! What is it?!" He shouts in my ear. Whimpering I pointed downwards at the gruesome scene I created. The shouts of the crowds gets louder with each passing moment, and Squall gazes out of the opening and gasps.

"Oh my God...Seifer.."

"Seifer?" My lips say the word like a foreign object. Squall faces me with confusion in his eyes and nods. "Oh Hyne.." I cry out. "I..I missed.."

Behind us Rinoa wails but we ignore her. Squall's arms yank me up from my slouched positioning and points towards the angered Sorceress once more.

"SHOOT KINNEAS!" He screams at me. I'm still trembling from shock. "For the love of Hyne, SHOOT!"

Shaking fingers and all, I breathe deep and calm myself, aligning her in my sights once again.

And for the last time that night....

I shoot.


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