What If...? Selphie and the others died at the missile base?

By Malice Shaw

I can feel myself sweating in this damned itchy, yucky uniform. I can't wait to voice my anger over this scratchy outfit. But I can't do that right now. We're in the middle of a mission, a very IMPORTANT mission. I can't express it enough, say how happy I am that Squall chose us, me, to do this. All we have to do is infiltrate the missile base and all is done. All is over with. Spend a few moments tinkering with a few knick knacks inside the base and vavoom! We'll be done. All I'm worried about is getting caught. But ya know? I don't think we'll have any trouble. These Galbadian soldiers are stupid! But all I have to say, is if they even have the nerve to stop us, is this:

Bring it on.

The new guy, Irvine. I felt his hand on my shoulder nudge me along gently. Nodding from behind my helmet, I led them on.

The name is Selphie Tillmut, formerly from Trabia Garden. I just got transferred here, to Balamb Garden, and I can't tell you how much that excites me! To actually be here, working with Garden Guardian Forces, and these new team mates at my side sure made me happy. I just wanna jump in the air and scream, Booyaka! But I can't right now or we'll get caught. My friends in the SeeD business are Squall and Zell. Squall is one of the most quiet people I've ever known, always trying to pass himself off as the strong silent type. Yet I can see under his skin, whether he likes it or not. I can tell he cares for us, as his friends, even if he won't voice it. No one can be that cold hearted, not even Squall! He was nice enough to show me around the Garden too, when I was got lost. Being the new girl in a Garden that big isn't funny! I'm a fighter by choice, and some call me a moron becuase I'm always looking for a great battle. Well, that's just me.

On our first field mission I met Zell. He's funny! At first I was scared of the sinister looking tatoo on his face, (of course I didn't show it!) but his smile and his jokes warmed me right up to him. Even when he jokingly tried to push me off a freight elevator (I'm scared to death of heights!) I knew it was in jest. But that didn't stop me from trying to take him down with me! But after talking with him, being with him the the prison with our Instructor, I kenw that deep down he had the sweetest soul i had ever known. And I thought I was a hyper one! It's insanely funny at how he pumped his fists into the air infront of him, constantly shadowboxing with himself. I can still see him doing that. He's one of the only one's who can understand my urge to wreak havoc! With him, I know that after this is over we'll get along great, cause all we can do is shout at those who oppose us, Bring it on!

And our Instructor. Who can forget Instructor Trepe! I sure can't, even if she isn't our Instructor anymore. I still think how unfair it was when she was stripped of her license. That was just booya-mean! I mean, I heard she was the greatest, that's why I specifically asked to transferred into her class. But after talking to her in the prison we were in, I got to know her, inside and out. I think she's tired of being herelded as the Great Quistis Trepe, I mean, who would want a legion of people following you, but never understanding you? Those Treppies as they were called were nothing but followers, in love with an image. I have to say, that even with a bunch of cute guys groveling at my feet, I'd like to know them instead of being an unknown. Her poor heart is scorned so bad. But she can work under pressure! That's why I asked Squall to let her come with me. She's elegant and graceful, and smart as the whip she cracks. But I still feel a little jealous, cause she looks better in that Galbadian get up then I do.

"Selphie," Her elegant voice tells me. "Let's get going."

"Alright! Booyaka!" I shout happily. I recieve a stern glare from Quistis, scarey even underneath the helmet. Oops I guess I forgot to mention she's always very serious!

So we infiltrated the Missile base, with me leading. Me, being a leader! Irvine also tagged along with us. He seemed to know Galbadia pretty well, having attended the Garden here, so I figured he'd be a perfect help for us. He was less shakey now then he had been when he attempted to assassinate Sorceress Edea. Edea..Edea.. I can't help but think that the name is so familiar to me. It doesn't matter, though. I can't help but feel a little angry at him. If Irvine hadn't missed, we would have no need to do this mission. We come to a locked door, and Irvine hands me a card key. Slipping it through, we start running around, searching, until almost immediately we're caught. The soldier asks us a question, and Quistis nudges me aside answering it for me.

"Okay. We'll help." She can disguise her voice as a man's better then anyone I know. The things I see in her!

I hope I can get to know her better.

Now we're being led through the door I wanted to go through. I hoped it would lead to the unit control base, but no. The leader of them commands us to push hard against it to place it in right ventricle. It's one of the missiles to be launched, so of course I'm apprehensive. I don't wanna do anything to make our mission harder, but in order to keep ourselves from being caught I had to do it. Shoving that damned thing was hard work, but with irvine and Quistis, it didn't seem so bad. After we were throught, I wished to wipe the sweat from my brow, but couldn't because of helmet, and soon I became cranky. This was going too damned slow. I wanted to fight! I had just upgraded to a Crescent Wish and I wanted some action. We trailed down the catwalks towards two guards, and tricked them into letting us work on their protocals for them. We were lucky that time, and I hoped we wouldn't encounter something like that again. We went back upstairs and scrambled towards the control panel, finally happy we were able to mess with something!

"Hmm.." Irvine said. "We need a pass code, Selphie."

"What?!" I shouted, losing some major cool right about now. "Damn it!"

I feel Quistis' gaze burnbing on me and I turn to her "What is it?"

"We were supposed to go up the stairs, you guys.." She mumbles. Damn. Oh well, time to blow the place to smithereens!

Relieving the guard, we hurry upwards, then slow down a bit as not to arouse suspicion. Stepping heavy, or trying to, I ease up the stairs and see that we're not alone. The leader seems to be edgy to me, but I take it in stride. After all, that's all we've been doing since we got here!

"Soldiers!" he shouts at us. I don't know why he sounds so suspicious? "What are you doing here?"

I try to deepen my voice the best I could, but it sure ain't easy! "Umm.. We're here to relieve you guys from here and launch the nukes!"

The Leader raises his hand, and I copy. Then all hell breaks loose.

"THE INTRUDERS!" He starts screaming. Fuck, we're had! "I knew you three looked suspicious! That salute was all wrong!" He motioned to the other goons behind him to advance "GET THEM!"

I couldn't believe it. A fight! Finally. Quistis and Irvine threw off their costumes, and I did the same. "Good! Whew!" I shouted gleefully. Air never tasted so good in my lungs! "That uniform was stinky anyways. Let's get 'em guys!"

We advanced on them hard, and they advanced harder. It was so tough that I almost regretted wanting to fight, but we pursued on. Nothing was gonna stop us now, nothing will halt us from stopping that nuke! Every time I heard Irvine's gun fire off I smiled, and when Quistis countered an attack with a firey crack of her Red Scorpion, I almost laughed. These guys didn't know what the hell they were doing! I stood back for a few moments, with my Crescent Wish over my shoulders and watched as Quistis tripped one of the guards and smashed into his windpipe with the heel of her boot. She was a WONDERFuL fighter! Any move those goons made she countered perfectly, with precision that varied against all odds. I saw Irvine doing the same, rammingf the butt of his gun into the leader's stomach, causing him to keel over so he could once again slam him over the head. I smirked when the guard grunted and fell to his knees in pain.

Straightening up, I stood up and started to run over to lend a hand until I relaized too late that one of the goons where behind me.

"See how you like this!" He breathed on my neck. His arm came up behind me, and I blacked out.

The first thing I felt when I came to was a cool liquid that tasted bitterly like a Phoenix down on my lips, and the realization that the fight was done. I opened my weary eyes and blacked back exhausted tears, seeing the faint sight of one good looking guy infront of me. With beautiful aurburn hair and hazel eyes, I felt my heart leap to my throat, and mentally reminded myself it had to be a dream. Soft fingers traced my chin, and my name was being called, in a dark low drawl that sent shivers up my spine. Murmering a smile, I reached up dreamily and cupped his chin as my vision cleared. "Mm...prince...ch'rmin'...t' m' res'cue..."

My prince backed away a little, nervously. I shut my lids tight now, and reopened them slowly, and relaized that my princes was simply the former Galbadian Irvine, sans a hat. Great.

After checking the goon's pulses, Quistis came running over to me, slipping her whip around her belt. Kneeling gracefully, she took my hand in hers. "Selphie?" her now sweet voices asked. "Are you okay hon?"

Groaning, I pulled myself into a sitting position, with a little bit of Irvine's help. "Yeah.. I'm, okay now.."

"You sure about that darlin'?" Irvine's deep drawl asks me again. I almost feel mesmerized by his voice. "If ya need to, you can rest up while Quistis and I fix up those Missiles right."

That did it. No way was I coming all this way just to be slammed back into the shed and let these guys have fun. "No.." I grumbled, feeling a bit whoozy. "I can still help." Pulling msyelf to my feet, I trip on my own damned heel and fall back a little, only to let Irvine's strong arms catch me.

"Hey.." I felt him whisper against my ear. "Careful there darlin'."

Smiling, I shook myself awake, and cast a Cure spell on me to numb the effects of the bump on the back of my head. Running towards a control panel, I shouted to Quistis and Irvine to find the right control panel to stop the launch. I groaned in frustration as mine labled itself unapplicable, so I slammed my fist down on it instead. "Quistis?! How about you gal?"

I heard her unlady like groan of frustration and her fists hitting the controls as well. "Nothing, Selphie. Nothing!"

"I got it!" Irvine shouted happily. Squeeling, I ran towards him and shoved him aside, deciding for myself to change the destination of the missiles. Irvine snickered and Quistis sighed, and both of them moved towards the passed out guards, piling them into the corner. I smiled to myself as I hit the last switch, setting the time and shouted towards my friends that I was finished.

Forty minutes. I timed it on my watch.


We booked it outta there as fast as our legs could carry us. We didn't know how long those guards would be out cold, or when they would wake up.

The sounds of the alarms going off shocked us, and I heard Quistis swear. That surprised me, she seemed to elegant to swear. Stepping over a fallen guard who was wounded too horribly for anyone, I ran towards the downstairs computer, clocked in, and realized that the guards from above had indeed changed the course back to what it was. And there was no way to fix it with out a card key. I wanted to cry. All our hard work for nothing! Banging on the control panel, I screamed, loudly, venting my frustrations in one shrill cry of insanity. Then I went all out on it, slamming it with my fists and kicking it hard. Quistis shouted at me to stop and irvine once again encasing me in his arms. Gripping the lapels of his shirt, I sobbed hard into his chest, bawling my eyes out and screaming about our failure.

"It's not fair Irvine!"

"I know, Selphie. I know. But there's nothin' we can do. We gotta get outta here before this place blows."

I was about to let our another cry until the sound of a man groaning caught all our attentions. Turning away from irvine, I saw him, sprawled on the staircase. The guard we had stepped over like he was nothing. He mumbled something at us, and pulled a piece of plastic from his pocket. I was about to rip out Crescent Wish but Quistis stopped me with an elegant hand and walked towards him, kneeling down.

"Are you alright?" I heard her ask him. he just merely shook his head and thrust the plastic towards her.

"...n-no...i'm..hurt..too bad... just....here.... stop...the...." He stammered out. He suddenly went limp, and Quistis pulled him upwards, brushing his hair from his eyes.

"Is there anything we can do for you?" She asked him. But we all knew it was too late. The guard merely looked up at her and smiled, murmering his last rights. "...an...angel...use the card...please...stop Edea...my password is Edea...just stop....it.."

I cringed when he coughed hard, and blood drippled down the corners of his mouth. Quistis laid him down and stood ove rhis dead body, saluting him. Turning on her heel, she ran towards me and thrust the card into my hand, her face as cold as ice. Nodding, I jammed the card into the slot and typed up the password, setting the error ratio to the extreme, and fixing what those guards from above made a mess of. Irvine peered over my shoulder and humm'd and hah'd to himself, while Quistis kept watch, cracking her whip every once in a while. Groaning that I had finished, I slammed in a new pass word (just a randomg typing of the keyboard) and made sure they wouldn't stop this launch again.

"Let's go!" I shouted, whooping for joy. Quistis smiled at me and Irvine grinned, leading us out of the base.

We hit the parking lot early and I checked the time. Damn it, we had wasted fifteen minutes in there! We only had twenty five minutes to spare, and I figured it was easy sailing from then off. Shouting the time to my team mates, they nodded, and chased after me, and for once I felt victorious, like a leader. Pumping my fist in the air, I couldn't supress a smile and a shout of "BOOYAKA!!" and pumping my fist in the air. I wanted Irvine to shoot off a voctory bullet but we didn't have any time. Looking back I saw Quistis actually smiling, and pulling one lock of her hair behind her ear as she ran with me, beside me, and with Irvine, who was grinning from ear to ear.

Soldiers were running from us, fast and furious. I shouted insults at them as they passed, hurrah'ing our intended victory. Quistis screamed and irvine shouted at me to pull back, but I ignored them instead screaming at the solders louder, above their ears, calling them every name in the book.

Something close to white hot fire hit me in the back, and once again I was lashed out in blackness.

I awoke to see a large monsterous robot explode, right before my eyes. Grumbling, I rubbed the back of my neck and pulled myself to my knees, crawling towards my exhausted team mates. Irvine was slouched low, supporting himself with his gun whiel Quistis was kneeling down, rubbing her forhead in pain. I noticed bruises welling up on her near perfect skin, and her clothes where tattered. Something told me that whatever hit me had to have hit her more times, somewhere along the double digit area. Laying a hand on her shoulder, I brought her tired face to my eyes and she spoke to me.

"Selphie.. how long do we have?"

My watch. I looked at it and my eyes went wide.

"Damn it.. we've only got six minutes!"

Quistis' face fell right there, and I looked around. Irvine was standing up, and casting Curaga on himself and then raised a hand to me and Quistis, doing the same. Stumbling to our feet, using eachother's body weight to support ourselves, we stumbled around the samll parking lot, looking for a way out. But the gates, they locked them, and the steal left us with only a view to the outside as the world around us started to crumble.

'No..." I heard Quistis murmer. "We're trapped!"

A sharp cry was heard, and Irvine and Quistis both looked at me, fear etched into their eyes. It was then I realized that the cry was made from my own throat. I looked at my watch and my eyes widened. Three minutes? How the hell did three minutes go by so fast?

"Guys.." I whispered. My lips, I could feel them trembling. "We're...we're..."

Quistis dropped her whip.

Irvine dropped his gun.

The end had come for us.

I looked to the sky and heard Irvine mumble under his breath about being chosen for this mission, a discouraging remark about how Squall wanted this, never trusted him. Quistis said she never knew she was mediocre until this moment. The words made me angry. Here we are in our last moment talking about what failures we were? No! We were chosen for this becuase Squall entrusted us with this incredible mission, and even if we didn't do it right, I knew, in my heart that things would be just fine in the end. I turned to my friends and shouted at them.

"Squall trusted us! We'll be alright! Now stop worrying!"

They seemed to believe me, wiping at their faces. But they still looked at the floor, the doom that was upon us obviously not being taken away.

I knew it then, as I looked down at my watch and counted down to the last minute. We had sixty seconds to live.

Yet, for some reason, I didn't feel as if I was going to die. A strange urging came over me, like an adrenaline rush along with a long side of happiness mixed together in one glorious feeling that pulsed through my veins, seemingly taken over my bloodstream. I started to breath deeply, near the point of hyperventilating, and a smile creased my lips. The skies above us started exploding, and behind me Quistis and Irvine screamed and shouted, coming closer to me. My hands reached out to them, and I gripped them tightly in my palms. I didn't hear them gasp in pain, but I felt their wonder at my actions. I looked at my watch, the hand that was clasped in Quistis'.

Thirty seconds.

"Booyaka.." I whispered, and I knew they were confused by my actions. I didn't see us as dying for no reason. I saw us as dying for a cause we truely believed in. Only Quistis would understand, but I ddin't have time to explain it to her. We were dying for our home, our Garden, so that in the future things like this would never happen, that the SeeDs of the future will live longer then us, and won't have to sacrifice themselves this way.

Letting go of Quistis' hand, I look down at my watch as the world seemingly uplifts from under our feet. Stepping forward, I stare at the minute hand.

Ten seconds.

I gaze into the darkening sky and smile. Behind me, Irvine collapses to his feet and moans, while I hear Quistis murmer to herself, in a serene voice.. "Squall...I never told you.."

Five seconds.

The sky blackens in almost an instant, and they scream. But I can only smile, and laugh at the the Hyne above me, the Hyne I will soon come face to face with. A Hyne I will fight to eternity with.

A Hyne I speak my last words to through curved lips.

Bring it on.

Bring it on, baby.

Bring it on.



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