What If...? Squall Was Raised by Adel?

By Malice Shaw

"My son arrived just the other day,
Came into the world the usual way
But there were planes to catch
And bills to pay
He learned to walk while I was away..."


Momma. I can't call her that, she isn't my real blood, but I do anyway. I was adopted when my real mother died and my father..well, Hyne knows where he is. From what my Matron told me, he left before I was born. Probably didn't want a kid around to cramp his style. I don't know and I don't care. I have Adel with me, my adopted mother now.

Except she's a sorceress. Which is causing a whole lot of problems.

No one knows her like I do. She's really a great mom. She took me as her own, even when my adopted father left us. He took off when I was seven, about two years after I came into their home. So she's tried. But hey, it took it's toll on her as bad as it would anyone, being a single mother who where ever she went everyone recognized her deformed features, considered her a male with the female form. She just has muscles, I think. She's beautiful, my mother is. Adel. When she was born, the doctors were so afraid of her appearence, her fire like hair and her overly muscled physique, clawed finger tips and blue skin and lack of any iris in her eyes that they told her own mother she was stillborn, and only let her be held by her own mother for just a few moments, to drink in the sight before my mother was taken away. So, considering she's never had any mother like contact herself, it's strange at how she was such a great mother to me. She may be deformed, demented in some ways, but she'll always be beautiful in my eyes. She too was tossed from sideshow home to sideshow home, until she saved up enough of her money to go to Esthar and make somewhat of a life style for herself. There, she was surprised with finding out that her own mother lived there. She was shocked, as would anyone be to find out their parent or parents are alive when they had spent their whole lives thinking them dead.

So we, as vagabonds, ventured forth to their address, which was nicely provided in the phone book. After a few calls, we walked along the beautiful glass like roads towards their home, finally to see the truth of their existance. I wondered what my mother thought of them. Would she hate them? I know that at this moment I hated my father with a passion, for not being there for me when my mother died, and now allowing me and Sis, my 'sister' at the orphanage to have a nice steady home with him. But I shouldn't complain. I had Mother Adel with me, and I thought for the fleeting moment that she would use her claws on them the way their resentment and rejection had scarred her.

But it wasn't that way when she saw them. With me at her side, holding my hand, she had pulled her body cloak tighter with a gloved claw hand and knocked on the door. When my 'grandmother' answered, she was scared of the sight before her, but instinctively knew who my mother was as soon as she pulled the cowl off her head. I mean, who else has claws for fingers and blue tinged skin? The woman who opened the door began crying, but from relief or fear I don't know. She started babbling on about how she loved my mother, missed her, but was kept from keeping her and was told she was stillborn because of her husband, who at that moment was bumbling down the steps with a gun in his hand.

Mother was telling her own mom about me when he showed. He was angry, and looked as if he detested the sight of my mother. It all went so fast I can barely tell you how the showdown went. What I do remember is that big oaf lifting the gun to my mother and calling her names she sure as hell wasn't, and condemning her to Hades, and thanking the Hyne that she was alive so he could make sure she was dead this time. When the barrel of the gun lifted to my mother, I screamed as loud as my little boy voice could and rushed infront of her, trying to sheild her large form with my tiny body. Apparently I had suceeded. A large sound, enough to break glass on the first hit was heard, and I felt a white hot pain hit my leg, then a warm fluid dripping down my legs. I realized later that not only was it blood, but I had pissed my pants as well, and didn't even have time to be embarrassed about it, because while I nearly passed out in pain, the grandmother, as Mother Adel told me she was, jumped infront of the huge man with the gun and attempted to wrestle it away. She only suceeded in getting butted in the head with it, and he aimed for my mother again.

I started crying. Hard. I didn't want this to happen. Who would? See their own mother die infront of your eyes as the last thing you view in this world? Hyne, no. Never. That was when my mother lashed out with her claws, and ran towards him, screaming. It's still blurry. I can't remeber the whole thing, except that two shots rang out then, and one of them grazed Mother Adel's shoulder, and the other one found it's way to the Grandmother's lungs.

I heard their last conversation, as if I was underwater. The man, the Grandmother's husband was in shock at the fact he had just shot his own wife, and he collapsed on the stair case while the two women spoke.

"...Adel...?" The grand mother gasped. I knew it would soon be her last breaths.

"Mo-Mother.. Please.. don't die..! I just found you!"

I opened my eyes now. I saw Mother Adel holding the Grandmother in her overly strong arms like a child.

"..Adel.. my sweet.. I...love you.. never wanted..you...to..die.."

"Please! it'll be okay, mother! Please, don't die!" Mother Adel's cries broke my little boy's heart.. Hyne, I didn't want to hear her like that!

"..it's...almost time.. I..have to.. give to you.."

"Mother? What?"


A warm glowing light surrounded my mother, and the Grandmother. I saw this light transfer from the dying woman to the deformed one, and I gasped, and screamed for my mother to get away, get away from the light. What was it they said, when you die, you see a bright light? Was I dying then? Was I? or were they? The Grandmother I knew, knew she didn't have long, but my mother? She only a flesh wound for Hyne's sake! God can not be that cruel to take away a mother from her child, can He? No.. Hyne, you could never be that cruel..

The light dimmed now. I realized only one was alive.

It wasn't the Grandmother.

Bright light surrounded her, making her seem evil. But she wasn't evil, she was my mother. All I remember form that moment on was reaching down to feel my leg, and lifting my hand tosee the crimson stain on my fingers. I stole one last blurry look at Mother Adel and the huge man, and her lifting him above her with a large claw before I passed out into blessed darkness. I remember then feeling the cold hard ice through my bones. My nerve endings healing miraculously, but painfully and I cried out. Mother Adel's strong arms wrapped around me, and I leaned into her man like chest and sobbed. She stroked my hair and whispered that now, every thing is going to be alright, alright now. I wanted to believe her, but when she explained to me what she had become, I couldn't.

That was years ago. After she healed my wounds with her powers, she had thought it was right to link her mind with mine, a psychic link, and make me her Sorceress Knight. After wards, though, she had gone on a rampage, the power making her insane. I didn't want to believe it but I had to. She just started letting the power of a sorceress go to her head. She tried taking over Esthar, which I personally thought was a horrible idea. I mean, who can take over practically a whole continent? She thought she could, and even though I missed her so much when she was gone, she did apparently succeed. For a few years, she ruled with an iron fist, a clawed hand trying to make the city into her mourn of perfection. No matter what, though, everyone saw her as a threat, a hard ruler, and a demon, but that didn't bother her. As long as she ruled, everything would be alright. And it was...

Until He came.

Apparently, the people of Esthar didn't want to be ruled under a sorceress, so they concocted this stupid plan to lure her out and capture her. I never knew any of it, but I knew that there was a strange man around the huge place, with long hair and a warrior's outfit. Every day from our home I watched him, eyeing him, sizing him up, from afar. He just didn't look right, out of place here, with his overly cocky additude and perpetual smile. Smiles weren't common here, so why on Hyne's earth was he smiling so damned much? I knew he was wrong. I tried telling Mother Adel about it, but she refused to listen, as if she thought herself as immortal. I was slapped across he face, causing a scar of my nose when she trailed her claws to punish me for overminding her. Mother Adel never told me why she was searching for a young girl. Her reasons were her own, I guess. Just still don't understand why she wouldn't talk to me. It was strange indeed. But what could I do? Nothing, that's what. She's entitled to her secrets as well as I am, isn't she? But why was she so cruel when I asked? I had to find out, damn it. Someway or another.

So I did the worst possible thing I could think of.

I abused our psychic link, our psychic rapport.

And I dove into her mind.

At first, it was easy, I just relaxed on our couch and thought to where she was. Not hard if you think about it, but it is if you try to convince yourself that it's alright, and still your business, that she would deem it okay, ebcause she's your mother. But ever since she scarred my face at my subtle inquirey I had grown very, very suspicious. So, instead of being smart and ignoring it, I decided to read her mind and find out exactly what she was up to.

I wish I didn't.

I could have gone my whole damned life with out knowing what she was doing at that moment.

Sacrificing a little girl.. for herself?

No, not mother Adel..

So I dove deeper.

And deeper..

And deeper still..

Until she caught me.

And held me there until it was done. I begged her to release my mind, letme go so I could help her, and help the little girl. but she denied me that, and kept her grip on my mind until I saw through her eyes the man, that weird strange guy who was walking around Winhil. I tried to scream at her that he was bad, evil even, but she silenced me, but still made me see her world through her eyes. I heard him speak to her, bow down to her, but saw through his facade. I KNEW there was something wrong with him! He was going to do something to my mother! I could feel it, feel it in my bones about his plans. But mother adel refused to listen, and followed him into the chamber where he claimed the girl she wanted was. I wanted to pull away from her mental grasps, but she held me there, and I could feel her changing, her determination, her destination changing..

The man shouted at her, words I don't remember. He lifted his arm and pulled a lever, or something, and soon our combined vision blurred. I could feel ice cold air seep into her body, and the stank smell of some sort of radiation pouring into her pores. It took only a few moments to make me realize it, and I felt her fear seep into my bones when she did as well. They were embalming her. Alive. Hyne..

Adel let me loose of her grasps, shouting at me to get away, get the hell out of Esthar. Because when they find me, I'm as good as dead. I knew this as well, and awoke from my trance like state, sobbing horridly as if I had lost all the most precious things in the earth to me. In a way I did. They killed my mother, and sent her into the dank realms of space, never to be alive again. In what seemed like an eternity, but only was a matter of minutes I had packed my bags and got the hell out of Esthar. My last glance at the city was a glare, and I spit on the dirt, and vowed, that some day, I'll have my revenge.

That day came sooner then I had ever thought.

It wasn't until years later, when it was heard that the seal of Adel was broken, and I was getting the worst possible headaches anyone could ever get. It was like I was hearing her again, calling out to me. I was working as a merc for hire, learning how to use some sort of weapon called the Gunblade. It took me three years to find the correct parts and earn enough money for the ultimate gunblade, the Lionheart. Every day after the darkness came I tested out my skills, attempted to hone them down, and eventually found a few teachers along the way. One, I remember, was Seifer Almasy, who himself was a gunblade specialist and taught me on the side for a few months until I found it ready to continue my journey. I remember his words, he said them with a sly smirk;

"You're good, Squall. You're good. Why don't you join Balamb Garden? Show the world your skills."

I had just zipped my blade into my bag and shook my head. "I can't."

"And why not? You can't be any older then me. Hell, you look about a year younger then I am. You can start in the right classes."

Again, I shook my head. "No. I have a fight to battle on my own, thank you."

He walked towards me, arms crossed. "And what battle is that?"

I couldn't answer because I didn't know. All I did know was that I had a battle to fight, and it would come to me.

We didn't see each other again. Seifer Almasy disappeared back into the mist of Balamb Garden and I continued my way back to the place where I cursed the dirt. I knew who had been chosen president. President Loire was all he was known by. My mother's murderer. I was going to make him pay for what he had done. He made an orphan out of me, once again, and I liked it as much as I did the first time. Some president, eh? He detroyed any source of love I had ever had in my entire life, and for that, my finishing manuever is going to pierce his cold heart with my blade. I'll cut out the stone he has in his chest, and see if it still beats blood while I shove it down his throat.

I knew where he was going a certain day in August. My birthday, purely by coincidense. A stupid little bar with white flowers everywhere. I hate white flowers.

Arriving there the day before, I booked a hotel for a few days with some money that I had left from my last merc job, and waited. Or tried to. I became very restless that moment, and decided that it was just too boring, so I went out that night and walked about, enjoying the serene calm of the place. But it had an eerie qualm to it, as if even though the people welcomes me with warm smiles, I just wasn't wanted. Maybe because I was an outsider, or reminded them of someone they didn't like, but I just didn't fit in the town. Aside from that, I had never seen the president of Esthar after he destroyed my life, so I barely had any hint of recognition in me to know what he looked like now. I found a flower field to sit down and think in for a few moments. The past reflections on him were form a long ways back, and I was so young then. I wasn't sure if I would ever remember how he truely looked. Hyne, I didn't even know his name. It's not something you see in the papers every day, for Hyne's sake. All I knew was where he would be sitting in the bar; I had asked the waitress who the reserved table was for, and she politely told me. Hyne, I never felt so strange in my life. Laying back down to stare at the stars, the cool breezes cleared my thoughts, and I closed my eyes, thinking on the past.

"You're here awful late."

I snapped open my eyes and sat up, looking around me. An older gentle man, who was looking really sheepish came towards me. He had his hands in his tan colored pants and a loose pale blue t-shirt on, unbuttoned down his chest. His gray streaked long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. He reminded me of an outdated hippy. The bright moonlight caught the slightest glint of a silver hoop in his earlobe, and when he smiled, his face creased, showing that even though he couldn't possibly be younger then forty, he still could pass for a senior and get discounts. His feet bore sandles, soft leather kinds, that were well worn into. I wondered if he was a hobo of some sort, with his shabby dressing. But looking into his blue eyes, I could tell that even at first glance you would consider him some homeless vagabond, he had been to Hell and back, lost a lot in life, lost a lot of loves, and still found the bright side of the darkness that seemed to engulf him where ever he turned. My heart sank for him. I don't know why, but it did. He seemed good, pure. And what was I?

"Can't sleep." I mumbled, facing away. The goodness in him seemed to excell from the inside out, so bright it made my eyes hurt.

"Well. Heh, neither can I. Mind if I join you?"

I shook my head and nodded to a place next to me. He walked by, pushing the tall grass down and sitting on it. He coughed and sniffed, and smiled my way, extending a hand. "The name's Laguna. What's yer's?"

"...Squall." I whispered, accepting his hand in my own. I was right. He even felt pure, clean. Chaste. His hands weren't even dirty. I envied that in a man.

"Squall.. Squall.. " He repeated my name, as if memorizing it."I like that name. It's pretty nice."

"Yeah..well.." I whispered. "It fits me."

"So you're a fleeting wind?"

"I guess you can say that."

"I see."

We sat there in silence for a while, listening to the tunes of the night. It was a while before he talked again.

"So why are you here in this place?"

I shrugged. "..Business. See someone I haven't for a while."

"Oh.." He nodded. Tossing back his hair he smiled. "Old friends?"

"..You can say that."


Curiosity killed me there. "How about you? You live here? You don't seem like one of the locals."

To my surprise he laughed. "I don't eh? Well, I used to live here. With my wife. But I was called away on business, and she passed away while I was gone." His voice took a sad note. "I missed a lot of things while I was away from her.."

I should have been more tactful, but this is me I'm talking about. "Like what?"

He looked at me with shock in his eyes. "Wow, right to the point huh?"

I tried not to grow red. He just smiiled warmly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It's alright." He sighed. "It's just I missed the birth of my son while I was away. A precious moment lost to time once again. I wish I could have been there to see it. Hey, that reminds me of that song, by... I forget his name. Cat's in the cradle?"

One of my favorite songs. "Harry Chapin?"

Laguna nodded. "Yeah. Him. Remember the lyrics to that song? My song arrived just the other day?"

"...came into the world the usual way, but there were planes to catch, and bills to pay.." I continued.

"Yeah.. he learned to walk while I was away. I didn't know you young ones knew that one. That song's sort of my tune you know? I completely agree with it. It reminds me of the relationship with my kid, except.." He trailed off, looking at the stars.

I let my big mouth talk again. "Except what?"

Laguna looked at me, and before I could apologize, he continued. "Except I never actually got to know my son. he was sent form foster home to foster home after she died, cause I was on the road then. I tried looking for him. I still am. But now.." He sadly looked away from me. "I don't know where to look anymore. Right now I'm hopin' he find me. But probably thinks this ol' loser isn't worth looking for." He sighed then, and stared back up at the stars. Watching thing man near tears saddened me, and I cursed the dirt that son walked on. Laguna went on to tell me a little bit more about his past life, being a mercenary like myself, the little girl he helped raise who grew to love him like an uncle and happened to be there with him now, and spoke to me about my life. I kept most of it a secret, just here to see someone I knew, my mother died when I was younger, nothing too far from the truth. Most of our talk surrounded the aspect of Winhil, and he told me why they all looked at me the way they did, and that it just wasn't a hunch.

"You're not from here, that's why. It's because you're not born and raised here, is why they look at you and whisper behind your backs. Don't feel lonely about it, though, I get the same thing. When I married my Raine, they saw me the same way, and blamed me for her death." He shifted positions, bringing his legs under neath him. I stared at him in shock. How could some people be that cruel? They are right up there with my mother's murderers.

"That sucks sir." I mumbled, looking at him. "I'm sorry to hear that."

Laguna just nodded, and stood up then, stretching. "Well, I'm sorry for talking your ear off." He sheepishly smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. "I tend to like to talk about myself. If I didn't sleep, I'd never shut up."

The comment made us both laugh, and I stood up myself. Wishing me good night and thanking me for the company, I did the same to him. It was nice to talk about myself for once, and live my fears out. I really liked the man, I did. It was great talking, it really helped. I just wish I could have told him the true reason for my being here in this town..

The next morning I packed my Gunblade into it's case and made my way down to the bar. My final battle was going to begin.

I stepped out of the Inn with my case by my side. Whatever small belongings I had could be left there, I didn't need them. I knew that the minute I had done what I needed to do, I would have to run as fast as my legs could carry me out of the town. I had some magic with me as well, some blind and darkness. This old town was stuck in the old ways of using your hands and low advanced technology to help them get by, so there was no worry of them being immune to my magic. I cursed myself when I realized I had only brought with me three bullets for the regular handgun I had. But no matter. I had a gaurdian force as well. I started using them a few months ago, when Seifer Almasy taught me how, and actually showed me that I was carrying one around in the ring I wore around my neck on a silver chain. He called it Griever. I liked that name so much I kept it. Griever allowed me to cast and draw magic, which will prove very useful in my last mission.

The walk towards the bar was long, even if it was only a few strides away. I can't tell you how many times I stopped myself to see if I was ready, and always found that I was. Taking a deep breath I stepped in the bar and closed my eyes. It was crowded that day, I noticed, and I couldn't see the President anywhere. So I decided to weed him out. I don't know how I did it, but I actually suceeded in shouting at the top of my lungs and shooting the gun I packed into the air, screaming at everyone to stand with their arms in the air, and obey my orders. When the commotion died down, I opened my eyes and swore to myself and thought for the hint of a moment that maybe, just maybe.. this was a mistake after all.

But it was too late to turn back time now.

"Alright everyone, I want The President's ass here and NOW!" I commanded, holding my Lionheart at my side and looked around.

Their confusion only suceeded in pissing me off. "The president, damn you, President Loire of Esthar! I want him here, or everyone in this place DIES!"

They gasped but I didn't care. I pointed a gun at some guy's face and demanded for the president or else he would die, when finally they understood. Glowering, I used the handle of the gun to knock out the guy I had pointed the gun at. I heard a female voice beg someone not to go, and I smugly smiled. So, the President was here with his girlfriend eh? Nice. Very nice.

"Squall? Is that you?" A familiar voice sounded. I turned to it and gasped.

"Laguna?!" Indeed it was he. A young woman, not much older then I was, was gripping onto his arm desperately, crying, anc calling him Uncle. I figure this was the young girl he raised and had grown to love like a daughter. Laguna kept pushing her back, whispering that it was going to be okay, and she kept crying. I felt sorry for her, it was like seeing your sister cry. Laguna turned to me with a concerned expression on his face.

"Squall? Are you alright? Look, just take me, and don't harm the rest of these folks. Okay? We'll go talk again, alright? Let's-"

"NO!" I shouted at him, lifting my wrist to wipe away the tears from my eyes. Sniffling I muttered to him "I just want the President of Esthar, President Loire. I want him to come with me. I don't wanna kill you. I want him!"

I looked at him, and through tear stained eyes he suddenly looked so scared and sad I could taste it. "Squall, please, just take me-"

"No, Laguna.. you don't understand. I need to take him with me. I need to do with him what he did to my..my.." I couldn't finish. It hurt so much.

"Your what, son?" He asked calmly. I don't know how he kept the strain out of his voice, but he did.

"My mother!" I shouted, and flung the gun and my hand in the air. Another shot went off, and a few of the patrons screamed. "My mother! Adel was my mother and he took her away from me!"

Laguna looked and me and nodded, his arms stiffly at his sides."Let's go." he sternly ordered me.

I looked at him like he had gone insane. "Excuse me?!"

"Squall.." He swallowed, looking at the ground. "My name. Do you know my name?"

"Yes.. You're Laguna..Laguna.." For the life of me I couldn't remember his last name. Then it dawned on me.

The long hair.

The cocky stance.

The gold earring.

The life lived through hell a hundred times..

And still counting.

"...Loire?" I whispered. My heart sank when he nodded and held out his hands.

"Yes. I'm the President. My name is Laguna Loire, Squall. Just take me. Don't hurt anyone else in here. It's me you want." He turned his head sharply when the girl he was with wailed in anger and fear. "Elle, please, it'll be alright."

I looked at the crying girl. She seemed so hurt, and scared, knowing deep down that she was never going to see her Uncle again. Running up to him, she gripped him around the waist and held him, sobbing loudly and shaking. What Laguna did next surprised me.

He pulled her upright, and stared into her eyes, placing a finger on her chin to calm her down and bring her brown eyes to meet his. "Elle," he said. "Don't worry about me. It's fate sweetie. If this is the price I have to pay to let you live, then so be it. Just tell Ward and Kiros I said goodbye. Thing boy deserves closure hon. My time on earth is over, if it comes down to it. I would relive it a thousand times to make sure these people here are safe. I love you little Elle. Please, it'll be okay. Just don't try to help me with your abilities hon. I don't want anyone else hurt. It''l be alright. I promise."

Elle, the girl was called, sniffled and hugged him hard again, and seemed unable to let him go. Laguna gently disengaged her from his body and looked at me, nodding. I was still in shock. I never expected the president of Esthar to be..caring. He embalmed my mother alive! He couldn't be the same man!

"No.." I whispered, stumbling back.

"Let's go Squall." He said in a strong voice, and waited for my next move.

I shoved him outside the door, and he stumbled, falling to his knee before pulling himself up, holding his arms at his sides. In silence we walked to the skirts of Winhil, with my gun in his back and blade at my side. He didn't even try to speak to me, as if knowing his doom. People began to stare, so I shove dhim hard, yelling at him to walk faster, and tried to ignore the stares and glares of the town around us. The daggers from their eyes stabbed into me, making me feel a bit woozy. I hated them, their stares, and this man infront of me. He killed my mother after all. I hated him even more when he started to talk.

"I did what was best for Esthar Squall."

"Shut up." I muttered.

"She wanted to kill my neice. She was going nuts. Her powers drove her insane, Squall. You have to believe me."

"No! My mother wasn't crazy!" I screamed, and jabbed the barrel of the gun into his ribs. He groaned and fell to his knee again, and didn't bother to get up.

"She.. She was crazy Squall. She tried killing all the little girls in the world! Believe me!" He yelled at me. "And you were next!"

I how ever wasn't listening. "No.. Mom.. She wouldn't..I...Can't.." My head started feeling horridly wrong, like a hatchet was digging itself into my brain. I fell to my knees and screamed

"Ellone?!" Laguna shouted. "NO! Elle! Don't! Stop! Don't do that to him! Don't make him see!" I dropped the gun and turned around to see the young girl, glaring at me. Except her eyes where no longer brown.

They where pure white.

Which was the last thing I saw before I passed out and drifted far off..

Into the past. Where I saw my mother.. doing.. what? Hyne...

I saw my mother. Through the eyes of Laguna. I saw her, and how she was acting... and who she truely was..

"I want every little girl dead! Except for her..."

"..But Adel..!" *You're insane. Damned insane*

"And I want that rotten child of mine killed as well. He can take it all away if he wanted to.."

"..Yes Adel.." *Never. I'll never kill that little boy.*

"Where is Ellone?!"

"Right in here, Sorceress Adel." *Right in there you miserable old wench*


*You'll never see the light of day again. That poor boy of yours... Hyne..*

It happened so fast that when I awoke no one had come near me. Except Laguna. I opened my eyes briefly before shouting out in pain once more, feeling as if my brains where draining form my ears..

*Laguna..Laguna...we have a son...*

My real mother...

*Raine? Raine is...dead..?*

..My father..

*Help! HELP ME!! I can't (UGH!) get out of the (GASP!) water..!*

My real mother..drowning... dying.. no..

*Raine.. she's.. no.. Hyne NO!*

Laguna's voice again... Raine...My mother.. my...my...


*I want to name him Squall... Give him my ring...*


I opened my eyes again. I felt wasted, Hyne damned wasted. I could barely move, but it tdidn't take much to know that I was passed out for just a mere few seconds. I was free to move, and I looked down, seeing my gun and blade still at my side To my other side, I saw Laguna had passed out as well, and was just awakening, and the young woman, Ellone, he called her again, holding her head and rubbing her temples. Whatever the hell those flashbacks where, she was the one who caused them.

Standing up, I wavered on my feet from exaustion, not trusting my legs to hold my own weight. Sighing deeply, I looked over at Laguna, who was crawing over to me, and picking up my gun. I was too tired to stop him, and fell back down, hitting the hard floor with my head.


"I'm right here, my son." His tired, but strong voice said. To my surprise, he was, right next to me, like a father should be.


"..Not as sorry as I am.." he said. His voice was so full of regret it scared me.

Closing my eyes, I felt my head being lifted onto a lap, his lap most likely. I heard him remove his gloves and toss them aside, and then felt his hand stroke my forhead, and wipe my hair from my eyes. I started sobbing, feeling wiped out and exhausted, whimpering myself into rest.

The last sound I heard was a gunshot form the last bullet in my gun going off, before I fell asleep.


"He'd grown up just like me.
My boy was just like me."


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