The Dark Storm Chapter 2

By Martin Berglund

Crono watched the waves as they slowly move aginst the cliff.
All clouds were gone now.
He knew that this wasn´t the best time, but he really wanted to be here now.
Sometimes he went here on the evening, to see when the sun slowly sunk.
That view could make him cry.
But right now, the sun hadn´t ever risen to it´s highest position.
He had thought about showing this place to Marle.
She would love it.
He had thought about it for a quite long time now,  but he really wanted it to be a suprise.
 Right now, he could see a lot junk floating around in the water.
Most branches and sticks, but there where even a tree down there.
Crono wondered how it got there, but suddenly, a sound distracked him.
He turned around, but couldn´t see anything strange.
"Anyone here?" he said, hoping for a responce.
He saw a man... or maybe a woman, hard to see, in a black cape, comming closer.
"Magus? It can´t be..." Crono thought.
The man/woman came closer.
Crono could now see that it wasn´t Magus.
It was a brown-haired man in an all black cape.
Magus cape was more blue than black, but this one was pure black.
He was wearing a white shirt and brown pants, and had a quite handsome face.
His ears was pointy, just like Magus.
He walked all the way to Crono without saying a word.
He stood beside him and watched the ocean.
Crono looked at him.
He was so strange. He couldn´t be from the Guardia kingdom.
"Nice view, huh?" Crono said.
The man turned his head aginst Crono and watched him.
"Yes." He turned back to the ocean. "You found it?"
Crono smiled.
"Sort of"
The man looked around.
"Not worry. I will not tell anyone about this" he said.
"Not worry?" Crono thought.
Perhapps he was far away from here, since he didn´t know the language very well.
"Don´t worry, you mean." Crono corrected.
The man turned around and walked back into the forest.
"Nice for me letting you know you" he said.
Crono was just about to correct him when something else came into his mind.
On the back of his cape, there was a big creature painted. He couldn´t see what it was,
but he thought he had seen it before. But where...
The man went into the forest, and soon he was gone.
Crono couldn´t get that creature painting or the terrible language out of his head.
He tought about it for a long time.


"Oh! Marle!" Fritz said when Marle entered the shop.
"Hi, Fritz." Marle said and looked around.
Fritz was one of them who called Marle 'Marle' and not 'Princess Nadia', like everyone else.
"You haven't seen Crono, have you?" she asked, hoping for a posetiv answer.
"Hey!" Fritz said, "As far as I can see, there's still stuff on the shelves"
Marle sighed.
She knew what he ment.
After Crono had saved Fritz from the torture chambers,
he hot a few 'bonuses', which he used very diligent.
"Look..." she said, "I hope you tried to sound stupied, cause if you tried to be funny, you failed completly."
Fritz frowned. "You never know."
"Has Crono been here or not?!?" Marle said quite loud.
Fritz looked supriced.
"Hey! Hey! Calm down! No, he has not been here."
Marle exited the shop. "Well, thanks!" she shouted back.


The king could see that something was bothering his daughter.
"Is Crono allright?" he asked.
Marle didn't even look up.
"Yeah... Fine."
"Really?" the king asked.
This time Marle rose her head.
"It the forest incident who is worring me. That's all."
"Well then..." The king said and walked out of her room.
In the throne room, a guard came with a message.
"The newest report from North forest, your majesty." he said, and walked away.
The King opened the letter and read it.

From:  Nield Gaelled, North forest
To: King Guardia XXXIII

Your majesty,
I've found something that might have something to do with
my last discovery. It apeares that someone's been haveing a
barbecue with some Hetakes as today's special.
Let me add, that I just found out, that they WAS Hetakes.
It's almost imposseble see what they were suppost to be,
a few houres ago. You might think it's not unique with a few
burned Hetakes, but it is.
Hetakes don't burn. If you give them to much heat,
their inner organs melt, but their shape is pretty much the
same, and they DON'T burn! But these have.
They must have been exposed to a very high heat level in a
matter of seconds.
As you read this, I'm on my way out of the forest.
I don't want to face, whatever it is who did this.

- Nield

"Chancellor!!!" the King shouted.
"Yes, your majesty!" the Chancellor shouted, as he ran to the throne room.
"Give this to my daughter at once!" the King said and handed over the letter.
The Chacellor read it first, and then ran quicly up the staires to Marle's room.


"Don't tell us that again!"
"Not?" Lucca said and drank what was left in her glass.
The man looked around on the other persons in Truce inn, and then said:
"You expect us to believe that crap every time you say it."
"Well..." Lucca started, "Yes. It's the truth."
The man laughed.
Lucca turned to Fritz, who satt a bit away.
"Right Fritz?"
Fritz nodded.
"Who cares about what little Fritz say?"
He hold up his beer-glass, and pointed at a few of the persons.
"Not me, not me, not you, not you, not you, not me, not you..."
"I think it's something the King made up, just to make his daughter famus."
Lucca shook her head.
"You'r drunk Giread."
Giread laught.
Lucca smiled. "Too bad Marle isn't here. She could give you something cold and refreshing."
"Wha...!" Giread said, and rose from his chair, with the beer in his left hand.
The owner walked to them. "Does he bother you?"
Lucca nodded. "Yes he do."
The owner took Giread's beer, put it on the disk, and literally, throwed him out.
Sometimes, Lucca wanted to get some rest from all machines.
She used to go here, where she could meet her friends.
After the Lavos incident, nobody laughed behind her back.
After Giread was kicked out, thing where quite quiet.
But suddenly, someone entered the building.
He was wearing a white shirt, brown pants and had a black cape.
He got everybody attention. People was used to only meet other people they knew here.
Everybody looked at him. He walked to one of the chairs and took a seat.
He looked around.
"Don't bother me..." he said, "...if you like your life."



Marle satt alone in the northen part of Leene Square. Lucca's telepod had stood here once.
Marle watched the forest carefully.
Somewhere in there, was something strange. Something mysterius.
"Where are you Crono" Marle said.
Then she noticed that a tree was missing.
There used to be plenty of tree around this little square. They had grown quite tight.
But now, one tree was gone, and there was a big hole between two trees.
Marle walked forward to take a closer look.
The tree was gone. By looking at the stub, she could see that something had simply
pushed the tree, so it broke. But how? And why?
She looked around. There was not very many people around here.
Perhapps... It wasn't Crono who was in danger...
Whatever made those circle, and burned those Hetakes and broke off the tree, was now in Truce.
"Lucca!" Marle thought and rushed to Lucca's house.



"Who do you think you are?" Lucca said.
There had been a long silence after the mysterius stranger had given them the strange answer.
"You don't seem to know who I am." Lucca continued, "I know you can't tell it by the look,
but I'm more powerful then you think." OK, she wasn't a god, but compared to a normal person, she was powerful.
"That's my motto" the man said and turned his head away.
"Water, please!" he said.
The owner gave him a glas of water.
The man looked at the glas, and then gave it back.
"I want salt water" he said, with a normal voice.
"Look..." the owner said. "We don't serve salt water here. If you want some,
then go to the north ocean. It plenty of it there."
Someone laughed.
The man didn't.
He rose and walked away to another chair and sat down there.
But everybody was quiet. But after a while, people started to talk again,
and soon there was a rumble of voices in the inn.
Lucca walked to the man, quite curious of who he was.
"Hi!" she said. "I'm Lucca. Sorry about our last discussion."
The man looked at her with a strange expression.
"I would have understood. Please. Don't try to talk to me. It make thing worse."
Lucca watched him angrily.
"You COULD tell me who you are."
The man closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they were somehow diffrent.
"Look, Lucca. Get out of my face, before something bad happens."
"Get out of my sight, you mean." Lucca corrected. "But I shouldn't complain.
You speak better than you threat".
The man rose and got his arms more free from the cape.
"There will be a lot of things you will regreat..." he said.
Lucca smiled. "As a told you..." she said. "...I'm more powerful than I look."
She took a few steps back and summond her magic.
Big flames appeared around her, and she pointed at the man.
The fire coil flied over the room, and hit the man, who used his cape for protection.
Then she saw the image at the back side of his cape. It was like a gold dragon, but it looked almost alive. It's eyes were glowing. Big flames appeared around the man, when the coil hit him, but he still stood up. The people in the bar moved to the walls,
giving a lot space.
The man removed his cape from his face.
"Don't play with the fire..." he said. "...'cause burn you'll get."
He pointed both his palmes aginst Lucca, and move them in circles.
"Getherea Thielditr Heapoerth!!!" he screamed. Lucca was thrown into a corner by an invisible force. The man started to say strange thing. Something like "Abbusherd fellgjitr..."
He made complexed gestures with his hands. Then he put his hands about a meter above ground, with his palms pointing down. He looked at her. "Illuminithuac Gyyrtheuist" he said.
Chair and tables, started to levitate and shake.
Big flames erupted all around Lucca, but she didn't feel any pain.
It was quite spectacular multi-colored flames, who erupted. Lucca thought they where all around her, but apparently not, since she could feel them. But when she thought about it,
she couldn't feel much at all. Nothing. Not even the floor she sat on.
The man turned around and walked out. Lucca could hear him say "Sorry about the mess.".
When he left the building, the flames dissaperad. Instead, the pain came.
All at once.



"Where have you been? We were actualy worried. Strange things happens here and in the forest." Marle said, when she met Crono, just outside Fritz shop. Fritz wasn't there,
so Crono was just about to go home.
As they walked to Cronos house, a girl came running.
It was Fritz little sister. "You are Crono?" she asked.
Crono nodded "Yes, that's correct."
Both Crono and Marle could read her expression. Something had happend.
"Hurry! Lucca don't live very much!"


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