The Dark Storm Epilogue

By Martin Berglund

Finally the dark storm was over. Rumor that the mysterious stranger had fled to Choras were circling around, but soon killed by princess Nadia, who said that the stranger had gone home.
Whatever the people believed, it was calm, and life went back to normal.
Crono woke up every morning to the sound of Nadia’s bell, and walked down to eat his late breakfast. Lucca continued to work on a new invention and Marle had fun with her friends as usual. All people who had hid from the stranger came back to Truce now, and the guardia kingdom prepared itself for the fall. At this stage, everyone should be happy, but a perfect kingdom do not exist. Marle, Crono and Lucca will have to do more things to keep things right. But that’s another story.

Ending quote:
”Why do my fate have to be this?
Why do I have to go this way?
Why is fate giving us more than we deserve and can handle,
just because we think we own it?”

authors comment:

Well... That’s it!
That’s the last part of my story.
Perhaps some of you felt that chapter 10 was a little bit short.
And I agree. But I had to make 10 chapters as I promised, and that’s the result.
here’s a few persons I would like to thank:
First of all:
Icy Brian
For posting my story. He’s really doing a great job!
Jaanus Teose (
For all suggestions and ideas.
Tack så mycket!
Peter Nitz
for making some fanart of Shadin.
Krazy Sam,
Zeal prophet,
and all other on Icy Brian’s CT page!

YES! There will be a sequel! But not now...
First, I will make a story of what happened the winter 1000/1001.
It will probably be called ‘The courtship of princess Nadia’.
After that (it won’t be as long as this one), I will make the sequel to this one.
And later a third part. Any comments, suggestion, etc. are always welcomed!
Mail me at:
Thanks for your time.


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