The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 13
The Magic Kingdom
By Martin Berglund
"Too much magic is never good. Neither too less..."
- Shadin

”A what?” Lucca exclaimed once they got back.
”A floating island.” Marle repeated.
”12000 BC?”
Marle nodded.
”Now, what do we have...” Crono started. ”We missed an opportunity to face Lavos, found a gate to 12000 BC, and... well, that’s it!”
”I guess...” The old man said. ”That you will find out more about Lavos if you go to
the dark ages.”
”Dark ages?” Marle asked.
The old man nodded.
”That’s what we can it. It’s really dark and cold. That’s why the people made the island float above ground. To get closer the sun.”
Crono nodded.
”Well... I guess that’s all we can do now.”
”Who shall go?” Frog asked.
”Ayla strong!” Ayla said. ”Ayla go!”
Crono shook his head.
”No. Marle and Lucca will go. I mean... we’re the only one who look most human, if you get my point.”
Frog nodded.
”All right!” Marle said. ”Let’s go!”
They walked up to the gate room.
The room was now filled with pillars.
Totally nine. Crono looked into one of them.
”Yep. This one. Earthbound island, 12000 BC. I wonder what ‘earthbound’ means?”
The entered the gate and within seconds, they had traveled many thousand years.
Marle looked out of the cave.
”Brrr... Sure it looks cold.”
Crono picked up a cape from his bag and tied it around his neck.
Marle watched the cape with big eyes.
”C’mon... Please! This is all I have!” She pointed on her white outfit.
After a few seconds, Crono agreed.
”Okay, okay...”
He gave the cape to Marle, who put it over her shoulder.
”Thank you!” Marle said.
Crono nodded back.
”Shall we go?” he asked and exited the cave.
Lucca and Marle followed.
The landscape was all the same.
Snow everywhere.
Then Crono stopped.
”Huh?!?!? You see that!” He pointed up.
”Wha...” Marle said, and then saw it.
A mountain was flying above ground, connected to earth in a chain.
It hovered about 100 meters above.
”What IS that?” Lucca exclaimed. ”Sure none of my inventions!”
Crono nodded. ”You know... I believe you.”
Then saw looked around, searching for any sign of life down here.
”What that?” Marle suddenly said and pointed in the east direction.
Crono and Lucca tried to see.
”I don’t know... Looks like a building of some sort...”
”Yeah... Let’s check it out.”
They almost ran in the direction to keep the heat up.

”What is this place?” Marle said and looked around.
The building contend of one room.
It had strange niche on each wall.
”And what’s that?” Lucca said and pointed on the floor.
On the floor was a big circle of some sort.
It pulsed in a purple to red color.
Lucca looked closer at it.
”It’s something... Magic.” Lucca finally said.
”Magic? How do you know?” Marle said.
”I feel it. Don’t you?”
”Well, when you say it...” Marle said.
Crono realized that he felt it too.
”I think it’s some transporter to the floating island.” Crono said.
”Which one? The one high up or the hovering mountain?” Marle asked.
”The one above the clouds.”
Lucca nodded.
”You’re right.”
”How do you... use it?” Marle asked.
None answered.
”Let’s try this.” Lucca said and stepped into it.
The sign started to glow and Lucca body dematerialized.
The small particles flew upwards.
”Cool!” Marle exclaimed and stepped onto it also.
Crono could almost agree.
He was last.
Once Crono body had rematerialized, he could see the they were standing on some stone obstacle.
He looked around.
They were on a small floating island east of the main continent.
There were many buildings south of this transporter.
The grass around them was green, like it was in the middle of the summer.
Marle had taken off Crono’s cape.
”Here.” She handed it over. ”Thanks.”
Crono nodded. ”No problem.”
Lucca looked at the big flying continent.
”Amazing! Have humans made this?”
”We’ll find out.” Crono said.
”Let’s go to those building’s now.”
Marle and Lucca nodded.
The walked down the stairs from the stone building and walked away to the buildings.
As they came in, they could see many people walk around in blue shiny cloths.
Most of all men had yellow hair, and most of the woman had blue.
”Welcome to Enhasa, in the magical kingdom of Zeal. We find truth in the bliss of sleep.” a man near the entrance said.
”Zeal?” Marle repeated.
Then the man saw who he talk to. ”Dear me. And who might you be?”
”Don’t ask.” Crono said and walked further in.
He looked around and tried to some sort of knowledge of the environment.
Then Marle grabbed his arm.
”Look! Don’t that thing look like... er... was it Masa? Or Mune?”
She pointed at a creature.
A it did!
Crono nodded.
They walked to it.
”This is the eternal kingdom of Zeal, where dreams can come true. But at what price?”
Crono didn’t know what to say. But he didn’t have to.
The creature jumped up and teleported itself away.
”Huh?” Crono said.
”I wonder...” Lucca started. ”...Never mind.”
As they walked around, people started to talk to them.
”What strange vicitors! Welcome to Zeal! Is this a part of a dream?”
”I’m not sure, but...” Lucca said. ”I don’t think so.”
”Oh...” the woman said.
Crono lead Marle and Lucca into a corner.
”Okay... Let’s split up and see how much information we can get about this place. Let’s meet here in... say 30 minutes.”
Lucca and Marle nodded.
”You got it.”
They split up.

”So?” Crono said once Lucca came back. Marle was already there.
”What have you found out?”
”Well...” Lucca started. ”First off, we seams to be in the kingdom of Zeal. That’s also the name of the Queen here. Strange, isn’t it?”
Crono smiled.
”Go on.”
”Up here lives ‘the Enlighten Ones’. I don’t know what it means. Down on earth, lives
the Earthbound Ones. Don’t know what that means either.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay. I know that the Enlighten Ones can use magic, and the Earthbounds can’t. Perhaps this is the place the old man at End of Time spoke about, if you remember.”
Lucca and Marle nodded.
”And...” Crono continued. ”The Queen is powerful as she’s beautiful. Or that’s what they say.
She has given them everything, and have ruled since the king died. That’s all from me. Marle?”
Marle nodded.
”Okay, I know there is a big magic research building on the main continent, called Kajar.
And on a flying mountain north of here, has the Queen sealed some powerful weapons.
But it’s impossible to get there, if you don’t have the Blackbird.”
”Blackbird?” Crono and Lucca asked on the same time.
”Yeah. Believe it or not, but it’s an airplane!”
”Really?” Lucca said supriced.
”Wait a moment!” Crono said. ”Blackbird... I know I’ve heard it before!”
Lucca thought back.
”You’re right! Remember that strange man in the Keeper’s dome, back in the future?”
”Back in the future?” Marle said.
”Yeah!” Crono said. ”He spoke about that he had built it.”
”But how could he...” Marle said. ”...Never mind. This is getting stranger and stranger...”
”What else did he speak about?” Crono asked.
Lucca thought for a second.
”He said he had built the Blackbird and the Ocean Palace. And he said something like Schala...”
”Any idea of what this is?”
Nobody answered.
”Did you have anything more to say?” Crono asked Marle.
She nodded.
”In fact, I do! To get to the main continent is not hard. Not if you know how to teleport.
If you don’t, then you have to use the transporter north of here. It take’s you down to the ground and from there, you’ll have to find another transporter.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay... Any suggestions?”
Marle nodded.
”Yeah. Let’s travel to the main continent and go to that Kajar. I really want to see it.”
Lucca looked at her.
”Look, this is no vacation!”
”I know! But I think it will lead us to something.”
Crono nodded.
”You’re right. Besides, the old man told us to search here.”
Lucca finally nodded.
They walked away to the door.
In the stair, a boy passed them. Beside him was a cat walking.
”........” he said.
Lucca looked at him.
”Hey, what’s wrong? You have something to say?”
Marle looked at the boy.
”What’s wrong with him? What a weird kid...”
”......” he replied and passed them.
Then he stopped.
”The black wind howls...”
Then he turned around.
”One among you...
...Will shortly perish.”
The cat meowed.
Crono, Marle and Lucca became a little bit scared.
”H, hey!” Lucca said. ”Explain yourself!”
The boy walked away.
Marle looked down.
”Crono... This is kinda creepy.”
Lucca wasn’t that concerned.
”It’s only a bad joke! It’s unscientific!”
”Yeah...” Crono said. ”A really bad joke...”
”Let’s go!” Lucca said and walked out, with Crono and Marle following.
They walked north and entered a other transporter on the island.
Once they were beamed down, the looked around.
This transporter room was bigger and they had probably cared more about it.
There were nice niche all over the walls,
but our heroes didn’t care much about the architecture, so they walked out.
It wasn’t hard to find the other transporter on this island.
They found it quickly and entered it.
”Wow!” Marle said as they came out of the transporter.
They were now on the main island.
”I think I know why they want this kingdom to be eternal.” Marle said and looked around.
On the north side of the floating island was a big mountain, with a huge palace on top.
Other buildings was on the west side, and a huge machine of some sort was also to the west.
Between them and the west buildings was a big lake and bridges leading over it.
The grass was green and everything looked so different up here than down there.
They walked on a road to the west buildings.
”Is this Kajar?” Lucca asked.
Marle looked at it.
Crono looked at the machine. It looked like a big bird.
”Is that the blackbird?”
Lucca adjusted her glasses.
”I Dunno. Let’s go check it out.”
Crono nodded and they walked towards it.
A wooden bridge led to the big construction.
Two guards were standing in front of it.
”Who’re you guys?!” One of them said.
”Everything okay with the blackbird?” A new voice said behind them.
Crono, Marle and Lucca turned around.
A blond haired guy came walking towards them.
He was wearing blue cloths and had a brown-red cape over his shoulders.
But the first thing Crono noticed was that he had a black thing covering his right eye.
”Everything’s A-okay, sir Dalton.” one of the soldiers said.
”Of course it is, you idiot!” Dalton replied.
Then he saw Crono and the girls.
”Hey you! What’re you doing there!”
He walked closer.
”Aha... It was true then...!” he said.
”You’re the ones the Prophet said would come and cause trouble!”
He released his arms from his cape.
”Let’s see how you handle THIS little situation!”
He started to laugh.
”I didn’t think they’d make it that easy on me! Ha!”
He turned around and walked away.
”Who...” Crono said.
Marle shook her head.
”You think I would know?”
Crono shook his head.
Lucca turned to the big ship.
”This thing flies?”
One of the soldiers nodded.
”Never thought somethin’ so big could fly, huh?”
”The blackbird is a symbol of how advanced Zeal’s culture is.” the other one added.
Crono nodded.
”Yeah. I know you’re perfect.”
They left the area.
”I wonder why they think they are this... Immortal? And perfect?” Marle said.
”Who knows... Perhaps we’ll find out.” Lucca answered and they walked into the west building,
who appeared to be Kajar.
”This is the magical city of Kajar.” A man said when they entered. ”We do experiment for the Queen.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay. Got it.”
They took a turn to the right.
”Hey!” A woman suddenly said.
”Who are you? Your power differs from ours... In you I sense a strange aura of... kindness...”
”Funny, huh?” Marle said and continued to walk.
Crono and Lucca followed.
They passed a man who was actually talking to a plant.
Crono couldn’t really snap up what he said, but he could hear that the man ended with:
”Ah! Plants are so content! I wish I could be, too.”
Crono gathered Lucca and Marle in a corner, like before.
”Okay. Let’s split up and try to get more information. Perhaps someone know something about what Dalton was talking about.”
Marle and Lucca nodded.

Lucca walked the way upwards and found a man looking out of a window.
”What’re you looking at?” Lucca asked, tried to sound friendly.
”The Sun Keep.” the man answered.
”The Sun Keep?”
”Yes. Here, look.”
Lucca looked out of the window.
”That’s the Sun Keep you see on the southern continent. A sun stone, once the source of this worlds power, was kept there.”
Lucca nodded.
”But when we began using our new energy source, it was sealed up just like the north palace.
They claim we don’t the energy of this tired, old planet.”
Lucca really wanted to ask about this ‘new’ energy source, but she decided not to, since she didn’t want to act too suspicious.

Crono walked around and looked for someone to talk to.
Then he saw something.
It almost made him jump up to the ceiling.
One of these blue thing were standing behind a counter AND SOLD DRINKS!
Crono didn’t believe his eyes.
These creature seemed to live together with humans in this period.
Crono walked forward an sat down by the ‘bar’.
”Excuse me...” he said to a woman, sitting almost beside him.
”My, you’ve got an unusual aura! So, you must possess the skill too!
It must be very primitive compared to ours. You poor things.”
Crono rose without saying a word.
He continued further into the building.

Marle walked into a big room.
In the middle of the room was a long table, with several of men and women on each side,
all working on different things.
They were all talking about different things.
”What are they talking about?” Marle asked a woman who just walked out of the room.
”I think they’re talking about the gurus of Time, Life and Reason. They live in Zeal,  you know.”
Marle nodded.
”And their skill and knowledge is supreme!” the woman continued and then walked out.
Marle tried to snatch up what they were talking about.
”I heard a strange Prophet has come to the palace. I don’t know the details... but I heard he has uncanny powers.” one said.
Some of the others nodded.
”You know what...” a man said. ”About the Sun Stone. A guru once told me that the Sun Stone could store the almost infinite energy of our sun. But if its energy were used up, it would lose it’s glow and change into a moon stone. Now that’s interesting!”
Many other agreed.
Then an old man cleared his throat.
”I’ve been told that if you leave a moon stone in the sun, then it will be recharged.
But it takes aeons...”
Marle listened carefully.
”Not again.” A man suddenly said.
”This is the third time my work disappears! Must be the naughty Nu that hid them.
They love pranks...
What can I do?”

As Lucca waited for the others, she took down a book from a bookcase.
She randomly choose a page and read from it.
” "The Mystery of Life"
Vol. 841, Ch. 26

All life begins with Nu and
ends with Nu...
This is the truth!  This is
my belief! least for now.”
Lucca changed to the first page.
”It all began aeons ago, when man’s ancestors picked up a shard of a strange red rock...
Its power, which was beyond human comprehension, cultivated dreams...
In turn, love and hate were born...
Only time will see how it all ends.”
Lucca put the book back.
”This is getting stranger and stranger...”
Then she saw Crono come.

”There’s Marle.” Lucca said and pointed at the orange haired girl.
Crono nodded.
”Well? What have you found out?” Marle asked when she came nearer.
”Lucca first.” Crono said.
Lucca nodded.
”Okay... This kingdom have gotten it’s powers from something called ‘the Sun Stone’.
It has been kept in ‘The Sun Keep’ on a floating island to the south.
But now, they are using some new energy source, but I don’t know what.”
Crono nodded.
”Okay. I found out that the people who are living down on the earth are called
‘the Earthbound Ones’ and can’t use magic. The people up here is saying that the Earthbound lack their magic, and that’s why they live separately.
And I’ve also found out that the Queen, Zeal, have to children.
Schala and Janus.”
”SCHALA?” Marle exclaimed. ”But isn’t that...”
Crono nodded. ”There will be more...”
”They say Schala’s power’s exceeds even her mother’s. But Janus doesn’t show a speck of magic.
They also said his only friend, more than his sister, is his cat. Which makes me think of a small boy we met in Enhasa.”
Lucca and Marle nodded.
”And... They are about to build the Ocean Palace, if you remember that old man saying it.”
Marle and Lucca nodded again.
”By the way... His name is Belthasar. A guy told me. He’s the one who WILL build the palace.
The Ocean Palace will be beneath the ocean. And... the earthbound ones ARE being allowed to work there. Someone though that this was their purpose. Personally, I don’t like this way the people live... I mean with the ‘Enlighten Ones’ and the ‘Earthbound Ones’. I wonder how things became like this...”
No one said a word for a few seconds.
Then Marle broke the silence.
”Okay... I’ve think I found out more information about the Sun Stone.
I’ve heard that if all the Sun Stone’s energy was used up, it would turn into a Moon Stone.
A Moon Stone can be recharged by putting it in sunlight for aerons.
I’ve also found out that there lives three gurus here.
The gurus of Life, Time and Reason. The appear to be very smart.”
Crono and Lucca nodded.
”And one more thing...” Crono said. ”Don’t be supriced if you see these big blue creatures here.
‘Cause they seem to be living together with humans.”
Marle nodded.
”I know. They are called ‘Nu’.”
 Crono nodded. ”Okay.”
Lucca looked around.
”What do we do now?”
”I don’t know.” Crono said. ”Go see the palace?”
Marle nodded. ”That’s fine with me. Lucca?”
Lucca nodded. ”Okay.”
They walked out of Kajar and looked for a way up to the palace.
”How do we get up?” Crono asked as they looked up at the mountain.
”From there, I guess.” Lucca said and pointed on a cave.
Higher up, they could see two more caves, and next to the castle was another one.
”Fine with me.” Marle said and they walked into the first cave.
The cave was not deep, only about twenty meters. But inside was a streaming light who was going upwards.
Crono walked into it, and disappeared. Marle and Lucca followed.
The found themselves outside one of the caves, a bit higher up. They walked on a road to the next cave, and was transported from there to the one below the palace.
They walked up and entered the palace.

”This is the Zeal palace, right?” Crono asked one man.
”Yes. This is the Queen’s palace, the center of Zeal kingdom.
Which makes THIS, the center of the universe.”
”Of course!” Lucca said sarcastic and continued. Then Crono stopped.
”Hey... Don’t we know those?” He said and pointed at two creature.
”Masa? Mune?” Marle said. ”Is it them?”
”I sure is!” Lucca said. ”I wonder how they came to the middle ages...”
”I wanna be the wind, Masa!” Mune said.
”Oh, you will some day.” Masa replied.
”Big sister Doreen’s at Enhasa again.” Mune continued.
”Yeah... That’s ‘cause she likes dreams.”
”I like the wind better! Whoosh!”
Crono, Marle and Lucca continued.
”You know...” Marle said. ”A few things do make sense. I mean, after we got here, I’m starting to understand thing I didn’t before.”
”Well... Bravo.” Lucca said sarcastic.
Marle gave her a bad look.
”But we DO have more questions. Like about the Prophet...”
”The Prophet?” a voice said behind them.
It was an middle aged man who stood behind them.
”The wandering Prophet is amazing! All his prophecies have come true!
It’s as if he knows the future! How eerie...”
The man walked away.
”You think the same as I?” Lucca asked.
”Perhaps...” Crono said. ”But let’s find out more about this new energy source. I just have a bad feeling about it.”
Lucca nodded.
”You’re right.”

They continued to walk around inside the palace, looking for information.
They could hear two persons speak:
”Even Belthasar is gone, after designing the Blackbird and the Ocean Palace.
How strange that the three gurus who guide Zeal have all disappeared.”
”Yeah.” Another one said. ”But they say that Gaspar, the Guru of Time, continues his work on some deserted island. He’s making a ‘Chrono Trigger’ or ‘Time egg’ or something. But no one has seen him for ages.”
Crono looked at Marle and Lucca, but didn’t say a word.
They walked into a hall.
It ended with a big door to another room.
”Beyond is the hall of the Mammon Machine. The incredible energy of Lavos pervades it!” A man said to them.
”ENERGY OF WHAT?!?” Marle exclaimed.
”Quiet!” Crono whispered.
”Oh, sorry.” Marle said.
”Let’s have a look.” Lucca suggested and they walked in.

Energy came up from below, and was caught up by a big machine.
Around it stood four persons. Almost paralyzed.
”THIS is the source of Zeal’s strength. The Mammon Machine... It draws and magnifies the infinite power of Lavos.” A man said.
”Nothing lasts forever.” Marle said, but no one seamed to care.
”If the Mammon Machine is moved to the Ocean Palace, we can extract even more energy from Lavos. The ultimate dream of eternal youth and life, is now possible! Oh, almighty Queen, our kingdom of Zeal will reign forever!”
Crono walked around the machine.
”A quite spectacular work!” Lucca said.
”Yes.” One said. ”When the Mammon Machine was finished, the Queen change almost over night. Just between us, I heard that ANYONE who opposes her,
and not just the Earthbound Ones, vanishes.
Melchior, who opposed the Queen’s plans, has vanished.”
Marle walked to one of them in here.
”Do you know who made the Mammon Machine?”
”Yes. The three Gurus made it from the royal family’s red rock.”
”Ayla’s rock?” Lucca whispered.
Crono nodded.
”I’ve seen enough.” Marle said and pulled in Crono’s arm.
”Okay, okay...”
They walked out.
”That pendant of yours...” One suddenly said.
”What? This?” Marle said and picked up her pendant.
”It looks like Schala’s, but it doesn’t glow.”
Marle looked at it.
”I can see that.”
”You see... Schala’s pendant is made from the same rock as the Mammon Machine.
When she chants, the pendant glows.”
Marle nodded.
”I see.”
They walked down.
”Where do we go now?” Crono asked.
”Let’s go and see Schala. I have my thoughts about the Queen.” Lucca said.
Crono nodded.
They walked over to the other edge of the palace and entered Schala’s room.

”Schala!!” A young boy said.
Crono, Lucca and Marle walked carefully up the stairs and checked who it was.
In the far edge of the room was Schala standing. She had all blue hair and was wearing a blue dress. The little boy who they met in Enhasa was there.
”Oh, you're back Janus!” Schala said. ”Is something wrong?”
Janus nodded.
”The black wind...”
”You feel it too? Don't worry, it'll be all right.” Schala said.
”Now, hold onto this.” She gave Janus something.
”What is it?”
”It's a kind of amulet. If something should happen, it'll protect you.
I wish I could be with you always...
But mother has other plans.”
Janus turned around.
”She's NOT our mother! She looks like mother, but inside she has changed.”
Schala looked down.
Still I can't...
Janus, I'm sorry.”
Then a servant came in. She passed Crono, Marle and Lucca and walked up.
”The Queen asks for your immediate presence at the Ocean Palace.”
”All right. Well, Janus... I'll be going.” Schala said and walked out.
When she saw Crono, Marle and Lucca, she stopped.
”And who might you be?”
The servant turned around.
”Miss Schala, please hurry! If you are late, I’ll be punished.”
”Oh, sorry.”
Schala followed the servant out.
”C’mon!” Marle said. ”Let’s check that Ocean Palace.”
Crono nodded, and they sneaked after Schala.
They followed Schala into a corridor. It ended with a door.
Crono recognized the door, but didn’t know where he had seen it before.
Schala held up her Pendant and it began to glow.
Then the door opened.
Schala walked in.
”Marle.” Crono said. ”Can you borrow me your pendant?”
”Sure.” Marle said and gave it to him.
He held it up in front of the door.
The door glowed, but didn’t open. The glow faded out.
”Hmm...” Marle said.
”There is something with that pendant.” Lucca said.
”Yeah... I got an idea!” Crono exclaimed. ”This way!”
He ran into the Mammon Machine room.
”You... Are sure this will work?” Marle asked.
”Nope.” Crono said and put Marle’s pendant in the energy flow.
It was glowing when it came back.
”Let’s go and see if it works now.”

Crono held up Marle’s pendant, and the door opened.
”Yeah, We did it!” Marle exclaimed.
”Heh, heh... Even a door of this caliber can’t keep science at bay.” Lucca cheered.
Crono put Marle’s pendant around his neck.
”Let’s go!” he said and they entered the door.

On a big throne was Queen Zeal sitting.
On her right was Schala and a man in a blue cape.
On her left was Dalton.
”Who are you? How did you get in here?” The Queen shouted.
The man in the blue cape turned around.
”Your majesty... They are the evildoers I warned you of.”
Queen Zeal stared at Crono.
”How DARE you think you could oppose me, you...foreigners!
You're worse than the Gurus! Fools! Dalton, take them away!”
”Yes Ma'am!” Dalton said. ”By your leave... Golem!”
The Prophet, Dalton, Schala and the Queen teleported away themselves.
Then a black gate opened and a brown thing came out of it.
”What IS that?” Marle asked.
”Dalton called it a Golem.” Crono said.
The Golem raised it’s hand and an iron ball appeared, just above Lucca’s head.
It fell down on her.
Lucca got up.
”Big mistake.”
She summoned her fire powers and used her most powerful fire spell on it.
A huge fire explosion erupted.
Marle used her healing magic on Lucca.
”Hey.” Lucca said. ”Wasn’t any need for it. I’m okay.”
Marle nodded.
Crono jumped forward and drilled his sword into it.
The Golem leaped backward, but got soon up again.
Marle fired an ice sphere on the Golem and trapped it in ice.
Once the ice was out, ice crystals circled around the Golem and it fired an ice crystal on Crono.
”Marle!” Lucca said. ”Don’t do that. It copies you attack.”
”Looks like everything I do is wrong.” Marle said and used her heal spell on Crono.
Crono got up.
He slashed the Golem again, but the Golem was a hard opponent.
Marle loaded with an explosive arrow and fired it on the Golem.
One arm fell of, but it didn’t care.
”What is this thing?” Marle said.
”I see my arrows are working.” Lucca shouted.
”They do.” Crono said calm and gathered some energy.
He fired lightnings in every direction, like he did on the Tyrano.
The Golem created another iron ball, and dropped it on Crono.
He didn’t rose.
”Crono!” Marle said and ran to him.
But Lucca was faster.
”Here. Take this.” She gave Crono a tonic.
”Thanx...” Crono said and took it.
Then he rose.
”Let’s show him. Lucca? Gimme some Fire!”
Lucca nodded.
She summoned some fire and fired it above the Golem.
Crono jumped up and caught the fire.
He dived down with his sword and slashed the Golem.
Marle waited for Crono to back of before she fired her last explosive arrow.
The Golem scattered.

In the same moment, The Queen, The prophet, Schala and Dalton came back.
Dalton was red in his face.
”My poor Golem! That was inexcusable!”
Dalton raised his hand, and created a new black gate.
Crono, Marle and Lucca were sucked onto it.
Then a triangle was formed around them.
”I can’t move!” Marle exclaimed.
”We’re trapped!” Crono said.
The Queen laughed and stepped down.
”Mwa,ha,ha... Fear not!
You won't die... Immediately, that is!
By the time we're through with you, you'll be begging us to end your suffering.
What a delicious diversion!”

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