The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 16
The Chrono Trigger
By Martin Berglund
"I wish I could turn back time"
- Marle

Back on Epoch...
”Phew, now I get it!” Lucca said.
Frog croaked.
”Fantastic! We are actually in his debt!”
Lucca put her glasses right.
”It needed a remodel anyway!”
Marle looked down.
Lucca rose.
Frog stopped her.
”That poor lad...”
Marle landed the Epoch.
”Crono’s gotta be somewhere! I’ll find him!!”
Marle jumped off the ship, and so did Frog and Lucca.
Marle walked a hundred meters before Frog and Lucca.
She was glad they left her in her own thoughts.
After a while, she realized that she was heading for the North Cape, where she had been earlier today. But now, someone stood there. It wasn’t Crono, she could see it. But he or she was so familiar. He or she was standing and looked out over the ocean.
Marle waved for Lucca and Frog to come closer.
They walked up to the man.
Magus turned around.
”So, it's you...”
Magus turned back to the ocean.
”Magus!” Frog said.
They all draw their weapons.
Everything's at the bottom of the sea.
Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal, and all the dreams and ambitions of its people.”
Magus turned to them.
”I once lived there... But I was another person then....”

It all happened in the Ocean Palace. Or was suppose to have happened.
The three Gurus were gathered in front of the Mammon Machine.
In there was also Zeal and Schala.
”Hmm..!  A dimensional warp!” Gaspar, the Guru of Time said.
”This power is beyond human control!” Belthasar protested.
”No...! We'll be dragged into the warp!” Melchior said.
The room started to shake.
”Schala!!!” a voice said.
Schala turned around.
”No Janus! Stay away!!”
”B, but!?” Janus protested.
The room flashed red, and in the next moment, Lavos was there.
A black gate opened under Melchior.
”It's a..!!” he was drawn in.
A new one came up under Gaspar.
”A Timegate!?” And even he disappeared.
”No!!” Belthasar said as even he was drawn in.
”S, Schalaaaa!” Janus yelled panicly as he disappeared in one.
Schala fell down on her knees.
Lavos roared joyfully.

In Medina village, 1000 AD, Melchior came out of a gate, right inside some imp’s closet.
In the Bangar Dome, 2300 AD, Belthasar fall out.
When Gaspar came out, he could see nothing but a grey void.
”Th, this is... Hey. Nothing here. This must be... The End of Time...”
At truce canyon, 600 AD, Janus came out, just beside some fat mystic, called Ozzie...

Marle stepped forward.
”You’re... Janus, aren’t you?”
Magus turned back to the ocean.
”Ever since Lavos's time portal stranded me in the Middle Ages...
I have waited to even this score...
You interrupted me just when I had summoned Lavos to my castle...
How ironic that, having been drawn into yet another portal, I would end up in this age.
Being from the future,  my knowledge of the past enabled me to convince the Queen that I was
a mighty oracle. But no history book could have ever prepared me for what happened here.
Unimaginable is the power of Lavos. Anyone who dares to oppose it... meets certain doom.
At this rate, you too, will meet a hideous fate. Just like that poor fool, Crono!”
Marle looked at him.
He turned around.
”How dare you! It’s because of you that Crono’s gone!”
”...!” Frog said. ”You dare to insult him?”
”He's history!” Magus said. ”Play with fire and you get burned.”
With one hand, Marle picked up her crossbow and aimed for Magus.
”What an arrogant... PIG!!!”
”You wish to fight me?” Magus said.
Lucca picked up her gun.
Frog draw his Masamune.
Marle held out her hand.
Even if we defeat you, it won’t bring Crono back.”
Frog holstered the Masamune.
”Nor Cyrus.”
”...” Magus turned around.
Marle walked a bit down the cliff.
”He’s right, isn’t he?” Marle said.
”What?” Lucca asked.
”With Crono. He is history.”
Lucca nodded.
”I’m afraid so... But I just can’t believe it. That he’s gone.”
”Wait!” Magus said.
A small stream of hope filled Marle.
”I'll come with you.” Magus said.
”Say what?!?” Marle exclaimed.
”You know, there just might be a way to bring him back.”
Marle would have jumped up to the ceiling if there were any.
”’re joking?!”
”Gaspar, the Guru of Time knows how to restore lost or misplaced time streams...” Magus said.
”And you’ll help us to fight Lavos?” Lucca asked.
Magus nodded.
Marle gave the gate key to Frog.
”Here. Find the gate and go to End of Time. Otherwise, it will be a little compact in Epoch.”
Frog nodded and jumped away.
Marle, Magus and Lucca walked down and headed for Epoch.
Marle took up the Epoch and started to set the instrument on End of Time.
”What’s that?!” Marle said.
Lucca rose from her seat.
”We’re getting some interference with an enormous gate! It can’t be... Lavos?”
Magus saw what they meant.
Something huge under the ocean was on it’s way up.
But it didn’t fly up. It was teleported up. With a huge flash, a gigantic black construction,
who was far over one kilometer long, appeared in the sky.
Marle watched it.
”I think they’ve calling us...”
Lucca jumped up.
”I feels like we’re gonna get sucked in there.”
”...The Undersea Palace?” Magus said. ”This is impossible...!”
Marle sat down.
”Let’s forget about it now. We must find Gaspar. Let’s ask the old man at End of Time.”
Marle sat the instruments on ”End of Time” and execute it.
Epoch throttled up, and with incredible speed flied all around earth and then switched time.
Epoch came just outside the main room. Marle jumped out, followed by Magus and Lucca.
”So...” Magus said. ”This is End of Time?”
The weak melody was still running.
The old man looked up.
He watched Magus but didn’t say a word.
Marle walked forward to him.
”We’re looking for the Guru of Time.”
”The Guru of Time, eh...? Heard of him, of course, but what do you want with him?”
”He knows how to bring Crono back...” Marle said.
The old man nodded weakly.
”To bring back the loved ones... It's what everyone wants...
Crono must be proud... to have friends like you...”
Marle turned around.
She walked to fence and looked out.
Looked out on the grey void. It was always the same.
On first sight, Marle had thought the grey void as... cold and... even evil.
But now she knew it was friendly. Never complained. It never felt sad, or happy.
The only thing it did was to be there. To be something to looked at.
”That fool...” Frog said. ”No one that young is supposed to leave this mortal coil.”
Robo beeped. ”Without Crono, everybody is so depressed...”
Lucca shook her head.
”Poor Crono... He was like a brother to me...”
Magus looked out at the grey void.
”Doesn’t matter if HE’s here or not. My attention if focused elsewhere...”
Perhaps a tear fell from Marle’s eye, she didn’t notice. All she could think of now was how to go on. Go on and fight Lavos. So much had changed the last days. So much had been out of her reach. Was it wise to go on? Would Crono want her to? Yes, she thought so.
He would. Marle could imagine Crono standing in front of her and say:
”Marle! It’s up to you now. You must continue were I failed.”
That was it. She was going to continue. She turned away from the fence and walked to the Epoch. In the same way as Crono, she commanded.
”Magus! Robo! Come with me. We got work to do.”
”Hey!” the old man said.
Again, Crono filled her heart. A small ray of light. A stream of hope.
”Take this with you.” The old man said.
”An egg?” Marle exclaimed.
Everybody walked closer. It was an egg the old man picked up.
”Let us call that the Chrono Trigger. It is pure potential.
By unleashing a specific course of event, it can have a powerful effect on time.
Ask the one who made the Epoch, your Wings of Time, how to hatch it...
Like any egg, it represents a possibility... It may or may not... hatch.
But the Chrono Trigger may give you the potential to get your friend back...
The egg will have an effect equal to the effort you put in your search.
No more, and no less. Don't forget that.
As long as you keep Crono on your heart, the day you are dreaming of shall arrive...”
Magus looked on the man’s face, under the hat.
”I get it... it's you, isn't it...?”
”Wait a sec...” Marle said. ”Are YOU Gaspar, the Guru of Time?”
Gaspar scratched his hat.
”Um... well... I believe that's what they used to call me... ...ages ago...”
”Let’s go see Belthasar.” Lucca said. ”And ask about the Chrono Trigger.”
Frog nodded and without saying a word, he climbed into the Epoch and took a seat in the back.
Lucca took the front and Marle the other one in the back.
With a flash, The Epoch was thrown into 2300 AD.
Lucca flied it to the Keeper’s dome.
”Thank god we don’t have to go through ‘sever access’ again.” Marle said.
”Agree.” Lucca replied.
They walked inside and hurried to the room where they left the Nu.
But this time, it stood just outside the door to it.
It opened it’s eyes and spoke like it knew why they were there.
”On "Death’s peak" you will find the power to restore life.
But to activate this power, the deceased must be important to the space-time continuum.
And you MUST have a clone identical to that person.
Only then, can a Chrono Trigger work its magic... Need a clone?
The magician, Nolstein Bekkler could whipe one in the wink of an age.
Bekkler loves festivals. Find a festival, and there, too, you shall find Bekkler!”
Frog sighed.
”‘Tis is the end. It’s impossible to find a festival!”
Marle looked up.
”Perhaps not...”
Lucca smiled.
”No, not at all.”
They ran back to the Epoch. Marle took the front seat this time.
”Look!” she suddenly said. ”That thing is still here!”
She pointed on the black thing.
”I wonder for how long. It doesn’t exist in End of Time.”
Lucca turned to her.
”Tell me what does. Now, take the ship to 1000 AD. Frog, you’re going into your future, and our present.”
Frog croaked.
The ship launched itself around earth and then came up above Guardia Kingdom, 1000 AD.
Lucca took down the Epoch behind her house and then they walked to Leene Square, and the Millenail Fair.
Frog did actually not get very much attention. Most thought of him a doll of some sort.
”I guess he’s at the ‘Tent of Horrors’.” Marle said.
Lucca nodded.
”Yeah. That’s the only place I can think of.”
They walked into the tent.
Inside, was a head and two hands flying.
”Welcome to Nolstein Bekkler’s lab.” the head said.
”Looks like we’re right.” Marle whispered.
Lucca nodded.
”The spine tingling show is about to start!” the head continued.
”Hold it!” Marle said. ”We... eh... I mean, you... eh...”
”What’s she’s trying to say...” Lucca interrupted ”Is that we would like a clone of our friend Crono. Do you know him?”
The head nodded.
”Of course I know him. I know everyone! But... Sorry. I can’t make you a clone.”
”Why?” Marle asked.
”It’s... not the way things work here.”
”Then what’s the way?”
”Eh... you must win it.”
”Win?” Frog repeated. ”How.”
”Pay 40 silver points and win the game.” Nolstein said.
Marle felt in her pocked. She had two silver points Crono gave her.
”Will this do?” She asked and handed them over.
”Those?” Nolstein said. ”Not a chance! I need 40, not 2.”
Marle looked at him.
The head flied backward by the shock, nearly flied to the wall.
”Okay...” he said a weak voice. ”You win... I take two silver points and you get your stupid doll!”
”That’s the sound.” Marle said.
”The clone will be in Crono house.”
Marle nodded and they walked out.
”Marle...” Frog said, also shocked. ”Let me scream next time.”
Marle giggled.
”Scared ya, didn’t I?”
They walked to Crono’s house.
His mom was upstairs, and probably the clone also.
Marle told the others to wait, and then she walked up.
Lucca ignored her and followed.
Marle could see the clone next to Crono’s desk.
Crono’s mom turned to Marle when she came up.
”Oh, hello! Is Crono okay?”
Marle stepped forward and looked down.
Should she tell? She decided not to.
”Uh, he’s ok. Fine actually.”
Crono’s mom nodded.
”I hope he’s behaving. Tell him to be good, all right?”
”...Listen, um...” Marle said.
”Yes, dear?”
”Uh, we’ll just borrow this doll, okay?”
”Go right ahead, dear.”
Marle took the doll. It was very big, but when took it, it shrinked to pocket size.
”Good.” she thought.
Marle and Lucca walked down the stairs.
”Stay out of trouble, now!” Crono’s mom shouted after them.
”Don’t worry!” Marle shouted back.

Keepers dome, 1300 years later.
”You got the clone? Good.” the Belthasar-Nu said.
” The time has come for you to attempt the Death’s peak. It's the only chance you have of reviving your friend. This ends my message. Now I must ask you for a favor.
This creature has executed its program. Please let him sleep. The switch is on his stomach.”
Marle nodded. She searched for a switch and found something that could be pressed in.
She did it, and with a ‘click’ then Nu stopped snoring.
”The creature sleeps beyond the flow of time.” Marle said.
”What now?” Marle asked. ”Death’s peak or...”
”End of Time.” Lucca said and they walked out of the building.

”You’re back!” Robo said as they disembarked. ”Well, did you find him?”
Lucca nodded. ”Oh, yeah. We found him. All we need to do is climb to one of Death’s Peaks tops. The problem is that it is from there Lavos rule the world.
Robo nodded. ”I see. Will you not go?”
”I didn’t say that!” Lucca said. ”C’mon Frog! Let’s go see Spekkio!”
Frog croaked and followed Lucca into Spekkio’s room.
Marle placed herself in ”Crono’s corner” as she used to call it.
From Spekkio’s room, she could hear Spekkio say:
”Hey! That punk rocker hasn’t been coming around, lately.”
Crono. Marle thought of him.
”Hold out!” She thought. ”We’re coming!”

A few minutes later, Lucca and Frog came out.
”Okay!” Lucca said. ”I’m going to save Crono, if possible. Magus? I’ll be need you.
Ayla? It’s your turn to.”
Lucca walked to the Epoch and jumped in it.
Magus followed.
”Ayla!” Lucca shouted.
Ayla rose up and walked to the Epoch.
”No.” she suddenly said. ”Ayla not go.”
Lucca looked supriced on her.
”Okay... Frog!”
Ayla shook her head.
”No. Not Frog. Ayla like Crono. Ayla go. Marle like Crono BEST. Marle go more.”
Lucca looked down. ”I get your point. Marle!”
Marle nodded and got up.
”Thanks, Ayla.” Marle said as she passed her.
She jumped down in one of the back seats of the Epoch.
”Okay!” Lucca said. ”Next stop, Death’s peak!”
She pressed the time travel button and with a flash, Epoch went through time.

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