The Legend of Chrono Trigger - Chapter 19
Cyrus's Ghost
By Martin Berglund
"Alas... Poor Cyrus..."
- Glenn alias Frog

”Choras, right?” Lucca asked.
Frog nodded.
”What is Choras?” Robo asked.
”Cyrus home town.” Lucca explained. ”If he’s haunting somewhere, and it’s not Donadero, then it got to be here.”
The Choras continent was south-east of Medina, but still, they hadn’t got much problems with the mystics. Lucca landed the epoch in a forest.
”Okay... You stay here. People would go crazy if they saw a living robot or a talking frog.”
Frog and Robo agreed.
”I’ll try to find out more about the ruins we saw. It could be there.”
”Cyrus never told me anything about his hometown.” Frog said.
Lucca nodded and climbed out.
She ran down the town and walked to the inn.
She took a seat by the desk and looked for someone to talk to.
She choose the one beside her.
”Excuse me...”
”I’m kind of, new here. Is there anything you would recommend me to see?”
The twenty year old girl thought for a second.
”Yeah... Have you heard about the ghost?”
”Bingo!” Lucca thought. ”No... I haven’t”
”A Ghost Knight roams the Northern Ruins! Isn’t that a trip!”
Lucca nodded.
”Yeah.... Gotta check it out!”
She ran out and to the Epoch.
”He’s there!” she exclaimed.
”Cyrus?” Frog asked.
Lucca nodded.
”C’mon! Let’s have a look.”
The walked towards the Northern Ruins.

The Northern Ruins was quite scary. If this was the middle of the night, Lucca wouldn’t dare to walk in. With her gun up, she did. Frog followed closely.
”Cyrus!” Frog said.
No response.
”Watch out!” Robo said and moved out of the way.
Through a wall, a knight came out.
It raised it’s sword.
Lucca jumped away, a second before the sword hit the stone wall.
Frog leaped forward and cut the ghost with the Masamune.
It was a perfect slash.
But the ghost didn’t die. It was like it didn’t take any damage.
Lucca fired a fire beam, but it didn’t harm the ghost.
Finally, Robo tackled it.
”He is resisting my attacks!” Robo said.
”And you can’t blame on hard skin.” Lucca added.
”...len...” the ghost said.
Frog jumped up.
”Cyrus?! ‘Tis me, Glenn!!”
”...Wh...what” the ghost said. ”G...l...e...n...n?”
Frog nodded.
”Grrrrr....” Cyrus ghost said and swing his sword.
Lucca grabbed Frog and pulled him back, out of the castle.
”There’s nothing we can do!” she said.
”There is!” Frog replied. ”Just let me talk to him!”
Lucca shook her head.
”No! He won’t listen! Let’s... let’s go back to End of Time.”
Frog finally nodded.
They walked away to the Epoch and Lucca lifted it from the ground.
”End of Time next!”
”Wait!” Robo said.
”I suggest we have us a look in the year 600.”
Frog nodded.
”Sound good.”
Lucca change the time-meter to 600 and pressed the button.

The land looked much alike. There were less buildings, of course, but the ruin was still there.
”Was that a ruin even now?” Lucca exclaimed.
Frog nodded.
They took down the epoch.
”Let’s have a look.” Lucca said and entered.
The ruin was more structural now than before.
Less room had fallen in.
With Frog in the lead, they walked deeper into the old castle.
”I wonder if...” Lucca said. ”There’s still ghosts here?”
”Wrong chose of word, Lucca.” Robo said. ”It should be ‘I wonder if there were any ghosts here’.”
”Whatever.” Lucca said. ”Perhaps we can ask him!”
She pointed on a skeleton.
”Hey! You’re not alive, are you?” Lucca said.
The skeleton didn’t answer.
”Good.” Lucca said. ”‘Cause this place is scary enough.”
”Lucca!” Frog suddenly said.
”What...” Lucca stepped back, just to evade a stonefall.
The skeleton rose up.
”Hey!” Lucca said. ”You’re...”
”Dead.” Robo added.
The skeleton didn’t have any legs, so it flied around in the room.
”Yyyyiikkks!!” Lucca exclaimed.
The skeleton picked up a scythe from a wall.
”Ooooppsss....” Lucca said. ”Looks like we’re in trouble.”
Two more skeletons came hovering through the air.
”Hope these aren’t invincible!” Lucca said and fired a shoot against one of them.
The skeleton was fast enough to move away.
Robo tackled one of them. It fell into a corner and transformed into dust.
Lucca picked up her hammer. She hadn’t used it since... Since the cathedral, an eternity away.
She swinged it and tried to hit one of the skeletons.
Frog jumped up and dived after one of them. But they were all too fast.
Frog picked up a stone from the floor and threw it against one of them.
With a grin, it flied away and evaded. But it evaded right in front of Lucca.
She swinged her hammer and crushed the skull of the skeleton.
The rest of the body fell apart.
The last one starred on them.
”Cute.” Lucca said. Then she launched a fire explosion inside the skeleton.
It scattered in million pieces.
”Let us go on.” Robo said.
Lucca nodded.
They walked further into the ruin.
”What is this place?” Lucca exclaimed as the came into a quite big room.
”Cyrus...” Frog said and pointed on a tombstone.
He walked forward to it.
Lucca could read the text:
”Cyrus, the fool who challenged Magus rests here.”
Frog stepped forward.
”Cyrus. I hath returned. I shall honor my promise to thee!”
Frog held up the Masamune.
Then, the room was filled with a blue color.
A transparent image of Cyrus appeared above the tomb.
”Cyrus...” Frog said.
”Glenn...” Cyrus answered. ”Thank you... For making the journey here.”
Frog looked down. He didn’t know what to say.
”Dear Cyrus... Thou must.... think ill of me.”
”On the contrary!” Cyrus said. ”You have come far, my friend.
When Magus defeated me, I thought of all those whom I had left behind.
King Guardia, Queen Leene, and of course, you...”
”Your skill and dedication is superior! I can rest now, knowing that everyone is in good hands.
Good bye, my friend!”
The Cyrus image slowly faded out.
Frog stepped forward.
”Cyrus, wait! I...
Soon, the image was all gone.
”The Queen...” Cyrus voice said. ”Look after Queen Leene.
Alas, and... farwell... G...L...E...N...N...”
”Cyyyruuus!!!” Frog shouted.
He fell down on his knees.
”I’m so sorry, Cyrus.”
The Masamune?!”
Frog held up his sword, who glowed.
The sword flashed and then hovered up in the air.
”Heh heh... That’s it!” Someone said.
The sword started to spin around.
With an intensive glow, the sword separated into two pieces,
who transformed in Masa and Mune.
”That was special!” Mune said.
”Quite.” Masa answered. ”I guess it means that a hero’s powers comes from within.”
”Mucho metaphysical, man.” Mune said.
”Like, MIND over matter, Mune!” Masa replied.
Frog didn’t really get their point.
”My... Mind?”
”Now for a yummy, full-on test!” Mune said.
”It’s thrashin’ time!” Masa replied.
They both gathered into the sword again.
The sword sunk back into Frog’s hand.
Frog looked at it.
”‘Tis flowing with strength and vigor!”
Frog swinged it around and made a backflipp.
”Ahh... ‘Tis the identity of the Masamune!!”
He turned to the tomb.
”Cyrus, I promise to fulfill your wishes!”
He held the Masamune above the tombstone.
”‘Tis a sad farewell!”
He turned to Lucca and Robo.
”Onward, all!”
Frog left the room.
Lucca checked the inscription on the stone once again.
This time, it said:
”Cyrus sleeps here, avenged by his friend Glenn.”
Lucca turned around and followed her friends out.

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