The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 23
Ozzie's gang
By: Martin Berglund
"A fugitive in the middle ages, Ozzie, maintains an evil hideout..."
-Gaspar, the Guru of Time


”Your turn, Magus.” Crono said as he came up.
Magus nodded.
”Okay. We are going to see Ozzie. I would like the robot and the frog to come.”
Robo got up and jumped down in the Epoch.
Frog walked slowly towards the Epoch with very suspicious eye on Magus.
Magus watched him for a long time.
”Say... Do you trust me?” Magus finally said.
Frog didn’t answer.
Frog shook his head.
”That’s bad...” Magus answered.
Crono walked forward to Frog.
”Hey... I know you’re angry, but... But... He’s on our side now. He’s a goodguy.”
Frog nodded.
”Perhaps. But I never shall, and never will, trust him.”
”Good.” Magus said and jumped down to the Epoch.
”Are you coming?” he shouted after a few seconds.
Slowly, Frog began to move.
He jumped down into the Epoch.
Magus took the front seat. He looked on the controls.

”But this is not the middle ages!” Robo exclaimed.
”I know.” Magus said. ”This is 1000. I would like to see how things have changed, since the boy and you defeated me.”
Frog looked down.
”I hath not been here before, but miss Lucca told be about ‘tis place. They hath a statue of you in the center.”
Magus nodded.
”I guess it’s gone by now.”
He took down the Epoch.
”Wait here. I’ll go and see how things are.”
Frog nodded.
Magus jumped out and walked into Medina village.
Magus couldn’t resist to laugh when he saw the statue on Medina square.
It was Ozzie!
That fat, slimy... THING! How could he get famous like this.
From distance, he could hear the mystics worship the statue.
”Hut! Sir Ozzie!”
Magus laughed again.
This was so funny.
He walked into the biggest house in town, probably the mayors house.
A descendant of Ozzie perhaps?
Just as he thought.
A blue version of Ozzie was sitting on a chair inside the house.
There were also a lot of other mystics here, who served him.
”This work is brutal!” someone said.
”Who is that?” Magus asked an imp.
The imp looked up.
”You don’t know? It’s Ozzie VIII! He’s using his ancestors fame to boss us around.”
Magus nodded. He walked to Ozzie VIII.
”So... You have a famous ancestor?”
Ozzie VIII nodded.
”Indeed. They still worship his statue in the village square.”
”I saw that...” Magus said.
”Who are you anyway?” Ozzie VIII asked.
Magus cleared his throat.
”Just a... traveler.”
For once, he was tempted to manipulate him, but he decided not to.
He was just going to watch.
Magus walked out of the house.
While crossing the town, he could hear the mystics sing:
”Oh, great Ozzie! Ozzie the great! Ozzie fills our days and nights with joy!
Oh, great Ozzie! Ozzie the great! He shall rule all!”
Magus was really tempted to move closer, and so he did.
Then he heard an imp sing:
”Oh, the Black Omen, the Black Omen! We will smile on the Black Omen! Always!”
Magus looked up on the huge thing, that had once been the Ocean Palace.
”I think they get you wrong...” he said.
Then he hurried to the Epoch, were Frog and Robo waited.

600 AD
”There!” Magus said.
”Where is the village?” Robo asked.
Magus turned to him.
”There weren’t any in this time. Crono told me they built it a while after my castle crumbled.”
Robo nodded.
”I see...”
”Let’s go down...” Magus said and landed the Epoch.

The door to Ozzie’s fort was open so they walked in.
By some reason, Ozzie was just about to go out from the fort and then saw the team.
Ozzie raised his hands and looked quite happy.
”Come on in! This is the Great Ozzie's place.”
Then he saw Magus.
”What the...! Whoa!!'re the great Magus!”
Magus stepped forward.
”You're doing well, Ozzie!”
But Ozzie wasn’t glad to see him.
That’s because he saw that Frog was by his side, and the robot.
”The nerve! Deserting your fellow mystics to serve those humans!
You're a traitor! You're not our king! Why did you desert us?”
But instead of waiting for an answer, he hovered back into the fort.
Magus nodded against they others, and with Magus in the lead, they walked deeper into the fort.

Ozzie waited for them in the next room.
”You pesky, low down, good for nothings! Ooh! I'll have you begging for mercy! Flea!”
The room turned black, and Flea appeared in the middle.
”You sent for me? Well, if it isn't Sir Magus. Who'd you bribe to get in here?
Traitors like you deserve a beating!
Oh great Ozzie, stand back, and let ME take care of these cretins.”
”I'm counting on you, Flea!” Ozzie said and backed into the next room.
”Get ready for a SLAPPING good time... get it?!” Flea said.
Magus shoot his head.
”Not really.”
Flea pointed at him, and flames erupted around him.
Magus got fast up and fired a dark bomb.
Robo used his new weapon and with incredible speed, he hit Flea with his hand.
Flea backed off.
”OH! Just you wait! We'll teach you a lesson!”
Flea backed into the next room, and Magus followed.
In the next room was Ozzie standing on a balcony and looked down.
”Howdy! You're nothing but common thieves!
Anyone who tries to steal my treasure is looking for a VERY cruel death!”
He pulled a chain and two goblins came up from a hole in the floor.
They landed on a transport band and went forward.
Frog picked up his Masamune and waited for the Goblins to take action.
But they didn’t. The waited to long and fell down in the next hole.
”Oz... Ozzie's in a pickle! Outta here!” Ozzie said and teleported himself away.
”This way...” Magus said and continued into the fort.
Frog and Robo followed closely.
”You STILL haven't given up?” Ozzie said when they came into next big room.
”Well, how about a good trashing! Slash!!”
The room turned black and Slash appeared.
”Yoooouuu rang?”
Ozzie pointed on Magus.
”Slash, don't let me down!”
Ozzie backed of.
Slash looked on Magus.
”At first I really didn't want to slice and dice ya, but now it sounds kind of fun! Ready?”
”On your mark!” Frog said and raised the Masamune.
Slash dived forward to slash Frog, but he was too small and too fast.
He jumped over Slash and gave him a surprise from behind.
”Ouch!” Slash exclaimed and backed of.
Magus followed him, with Frog and Robo not far behind.
In the next room was all of them were waiting.
”Heh heh. Not so fast, friends. I'm not going to make it that easy for you.” Ozzie said.
Magus pointed on Slash.
”Frog? Take him. Robo? Flea is yours. And you Ozzie... Are mine.”
Magus rushed forward with his scythe ready.
Ozzie created a barrier of magic to stop the attack.
Magus spun around and hit the barrier hard as he could.
But it took the strike.
Ozzie laughed, but became silent when Magus followed the attack with a dark bomb.
Ozzie flied backward into the wall.

Slash jumped up and dived down with his sword ready to slice anyone.
Frog evaded and stroke back.
Slash got up his sword in the last minute.
Frog leaped back and summoned his water magic.
A floodwave stroke down on Slash and threw him down.

Robo rushed forward to tackle Flea, but she was too fast.
With a simple teleportation, Flea got behind Robo and gave him a flame.
Robo turned around and attacked again.
Flea hovered up, and when she was out of Robo’s reach, she fired a new fire ball.

Magus pulled up Ozzie. He hit Magus, who were supriced by the fast action.
Magus got up and made a fire explosion in front of Ozzie.
But Ozzie was fast enough to pull up a magic barrier, who blocked most of the damage.
”Heh Heh!” Ozzie laughed.
Magus leaped back and summoned all of his magic.
”Dark Matter!!!”
Nothing happened.
”Sorry boss...” Ozzie said. ”This is MY castle... Not yours!”

Slash ran to the other side of the room and then ran back in Frog’s direction.
Frog jumped up and kicked the wall to get better speed.
Their blades met in the middle of the air, and with a big lightning.
Slash was the one who landed first, while Frog took more time.
Slash turned around and fired a grey beam out of his sword.
Frog fell bleeding down to the ground.

Robo turned fast around to evade Flea’s fire ball.
Flea started to circle around Robo with incredible speed.
Robo ended it with a simple punch.
Flea flied across the room.
”Ouch... That hurts!”
She teleported herself behind Robo and hit him with her staff.

Magus kicked Ozzie backward, just to evade one of Ozzie’s lightnings.
Magus rolled to the left and awaited Ozzie to follow.
But he didn’t.
Magus got up and looked around.
Ozzie was nowhere to be seen.
”Come out!” Magus said.
A laugh could be heard.
Ozzie came up behind Magus and was just going to stab him with a knife, when Magus disappeared in front of his eyes. ”What the...”
”You’re not the only one who can teleport.” Magus voice said. ”I DID learn a few nice things in Zeal.”
With those words, he appeared and with a dark bomb, threw Ozzie backwards.
Ozzie counterattacked with a fireball and knocked Magus down.
Ozzie walked toward him.
He didn’t move.
Ozzie laughed over his victory.
Then he saw that Magus was holding his scythe very hard.
In a fast movement, Magus got up and slashed Ozzie with it.
A bleeding Ozzie fled deeper into the fortress.

Frog concentrated and put his heal spell on himself.
It wasn’t as powerful as Marle’s, but it was something.
Slash jumped up to attack once again.
Frog rolled away when Slash dived down.
A fast handmove, and Frog gave Slash a bleeding wound.
Slash fired a new gray beam, but Frog jumped over it.
”This one...” Frog said. ”Is from you Cyrus.”
Frog jumped up and dived down with his Masamune pointing down.
”And this.... Is from Crono.”
He waved his sword and cut Slash once again.
”From Lucca.”
”From Marle.”
”And from Robo, Ayla...”
”And this sir Slush...”
”Slash!” a bleeding Slash corrected.
”Is from me!”
The Masamune glowed and Frog leaped forward and made a final blow on the mystic.
Slash turned into dust.

Robo turned around and grabbed Flea.
”Let me go, you...!”
Robo threw her into a wall.
Flea made a new fire ball and launched it on Robo.
Robo stepped to the left and evaded.
Five new fire balls came up.
Flea launched them on an evading Robo.
Flea created five more balls and launched them on Robo.
Robo rushed forward and got closer.
Flea created a new fire ball.
Robo let his hull take this one.
Then he hit her with his arm.
Flea got up and prepared to launch even more fire balls.
”Got you now!”
Robo watched her.
Nothing happened.
”Drained of magic power.” Robo explained.
”What....! You...!”
Flea jumped forward and tried to hit him with her staff.
Robo let his hull take it and then hit her with extreme power.
Flea turned into dust.
Robo looked up.
Slash, Flea and Ozzie was gone.
”Looks like you got yours.” Robo said.
Magus shook his head.
”No... Ozzie is still alive.”
They ran deeper into the fort.
Up a lot of stairs and finally arrived on the highest floor.
There was Ozzie sitting on his throne.
”Magus! You lied to me when you said you wanted to create a world of evil! You used me!”
Magus smiled.
”Oh, how dreadful. Say, can you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper...”
Ozzie wasn’t in the mood.
”I can't lose! What would become of my Mystics? I MUST win!”
He raised his hands and put up a blue protection barrier in front of him.
Robo was just going to attack when Frog stopped him.
”No! Aim for those switches instead!”
Robo nodded and rushed forward and pressed one of the switches.
They waited for something to happen.
Ozzie laughed.
”Heh heh... Gotcha! I learned from last time.”
”What do he mean?” Robo asked.
”He mean...” Magus said.
”That we are standing on a trap door!” Frog exclaimed.
But it was too late.
The trapdoor opened and they fell down.

In the fall, Magus grabbed Frog and started to hover in the middle of the air.
”Thank you, Magus.” Frog said. ”I never thought I could say that.”
Magus didn’t answer.
They looked down on Robo.
He opened his hull and some rocket pack came out.
He flied up.
”You seems to be okay.”
Magus nodded.
Then he flied up through the trap door, and Robo followed.
”What the...” Ozzie said as he saw them coming up from the trap door.
”NEVER! You can NEVER beat me!”
Then, a cat came in.
The cat ran all the way to Ozzie, and jumped up on his chair.
The cat looked on another button.
”! Not THAT switch!!” The cat jumped up on it.
In the same moment, a trap door opened under Ozzie, and he fell down.
Robo looked down.
”What was he trying to accomplish?”

Later, 1000 AD, Medina village...
Magus entered the mayor’s house once again.
There he was...
Ozzie VIII.
But this time in the kitchen.
Magus sneaked up on him.
He knocked him on his back.
”Yes sir!” Ozzie VIII said. ”I take pride in cleaning up! I’m not slacking off!”
Magus found it quite funny to hear.
He walked over to the living room.
A man was sitting there and talked to an imp who sat in the finest sofa in the house.
”Hello.” Magus said to the man. ”Who might you be?”
”The name’s Bandeau. Here to build the ferry between Medina and Truce.”
Magus nodded.
”And one are the elder, right?”
The imp nodded.
”Yes, I’m the leader of Medina. Make yourself at home!”
Magus nodded.
”Just want to check out.”
He walked out to the square.
The statue was gone, and the square looked empty without it.
But it surely wasn’t.
Imps of different sorts were running around.
”Great weather!” one said.
Magus smiled.
Through all years he had to be... evil. This was his way to set things right.
Magus returned to the Epoch, where Robo and Frog were waiting.
Just before he entered it, he looked up on the Dark Omen.
”See you soon, mother...”

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