The Legend of Chrono Trigger Chapter 8
The Magic Cave 
By Martin Berglund
"Home, sweet home."
- A lot of wise people

With Crono in the lead, Crono, Lucca and Marle walked into the cave.
”Carefully.” Crono said. ”We don’t know if anyone live here.”
They walked carefully further in.
”Dead to the humans! Enemies to Hecran and the mystics!” someone suddenly screamed.
Three henches came running.
”Look, we’re not...” Marle said, but the henches didn’t listen.
One of them jumped into Marle and threw her into a cave wall.
Lucca summoned her magic and fired a fire tail on one of them.
Crono was just about to attack when Lucca shouted:
”Crono! Remember that your...”
Crono leaped forward and made a deep cut into one of the henches.
”...sword is too weak for their armor.” Lucca continued.
Crono turned around.
”Both me and my swords are getting better.”
The last hench tried to run away, but was stopped by an ice shot.
It turned him into a big ice chunk.
Crono turned to Marle.
”Nice timing.”
Marle nodded.
”Let’s go.”

”So... There are some mystics who live here after all.” Crono said as they walked further into the cave. ”Yeah.” Lucca answered.
”I hope there won’t be many more.” Marle added.
Crono nodded.
”We can always hope.”
The cave ways led around inside the mountain and was lit up by many torches.
”So...” Lucca started. ”Have any of you wondered about this ‘combinating magic’, Spekkio mentioned?”
Crono and Marle shook their heads.
”Well...” Lucca said. ”I think I know how to do it.”
Crono looked at her.
”You do?”
”Yeah. I think I know how to make my magic work with others. Do you?”
Crono shook his head.
Marle shook her head also.
”Well...” Lucca continued. ”I guess you’ll find out sooner or later how it works.”
Crono glanced at her.
”You got any suggestion of good combo-magic?”
”Yeah... In fact I do!” Lucca said. ”If Marle freezes someone first, and immediately, I fire some fire on it. That would cause an extreme antipode explosion.”
Marle nodded.
”Too bad I don’t know how it works then...”
”Yeah...” Lucca said.
”Hey... What the...” Crono said when they came into a big cave room.
There was a small layer of water all over the place.
Water came flowing from a hole in the ceiling.
”Did we do anything?” Crono asked.
”Don’t think so.” Lucca answered.
They continued down.
”I wonder where all mystics are.” Crono said.
”Hiding probably!” Marle exclaimed.
”Yeah.” Lucca said. ”Hiding from Lucca the great.”
They walked further into the cave.
”What are we looking for?” Marle finally said.
No one answered.
”Maybe I can help?” a voice from the shadows said.
All torches turned out.
Everything went black.
”He’s close!” Crono exclaimed.
A sound of something hit a body could be heard.
”Yes, indeed!” the voice said.
A body fell to the ground.
”Crono? Was that you?” Marle shouted.
No reply.
Suddenly Lucca fired a fire tail, which hit the torches.
The light came back.
Crono was laying on the floor. He held his hand on a wound he had.
Lucca gave him a mid tonic, and then he rose.
”Where did he go?” Crono said.
”Don’t know!” Lucca replied.
”This way!” Commanded Marle and they followed her.
They came into a smaller cave. A big beast stood in there.
It laughed.
”Take this!” Crono said and leaped forward with his sword.
The sword barely damaged the hard skin.
It smashed Crono backwards.
Lucca summoned her magic and fired a fire tail.
This worked better.
The beast fell down on his knees, but got fast up.
Marle summoned the ice crystal who circled around her.
They gathered in front of her, and she threw it away on the big monster.
Once the monster came out of the ice block, and roared.
Crono got up.
”Take this!”
Crono summoned his magic and fired a lightning on the monster.
I fell down on it’s back, but rose up again.
Then it held one of it’s hands in front of it’s head.
”Go ahead! Try to attack me!”
”Sure we will!” Lucca said and fired another fire tail.
It damaged the monster as usual, but then the monster stood up. It raised it’s hands and screamed.
”Flood wave!”
A massive amount of water came into the cave.
Once the cave was filled with water, a big blast wave came and threw Crono, Marle and Lucca back. The water slowly disappeared.
Crono tried to get up, but his legs didn’t carry him anymore.
Marle looked at Lucca.
”Antipode.” she said.
She rose and summoned her magic.
She trapped the monster in a big ice block, and in the same moment, Lucca used her fire magic on the ice block. It exploded.
Crono rose with all his might but fell down again.
Marle and Lucca walked forward to the nearly dead monster.
”If only the great Magus who brought forth Lavos 400 years ago, had destroyed the human race!
The world would’ve belonged to us Mystics!”
With those word, he died.
Crono finally got up.
”In the middle ages...” Lucca said, ”Magus created Lavos, the destroyer of this planets future!”
Marle looked down. Then on Lucca and Crono.
”If we go back to the middle ages and take out Magus, can we change history?”
”Probably.” Crono said.
”We could use the gate at the fairgrounds!” Lucca exclaimed.
”Yeah... But first...” Crono said. ”How do we get home?”
They walked further into this cave.
In the far edge, was a pool of water.
Lucca looked down in it.
”I think this will take us home.”
Marle looked at her.
”Say again?”
Lucca smiled.
”Trust me.” With those words, she jumped down.
”This is crazy!” Marle said.
”Yep.” Crono replied and jumped down.
”Well, well...” Marle said and followed.

Taban was on his way home from the Fair, when he saw a big vortex in the water.
Suddenly, three things came out of it.
The things was thrown out of it, and landed just outside his house.
When he came closer, he saw that his daughter was one of the objects.
The girl who disappeared from his show three days ago was there.
”Wow! That was fun!” She said.
The three rose up.
”Eh... Hi dad...” Lucca said.
”What...” he started, but... ”Never mind...”
He walked in the house.
”Okay...” Lucca said. ”Let’s split up. Crono, your mom thinks your dead. Go and see her. And that guy we saved, Fritz, you better go and see him too. I’ve got a few things to do. Marle... you...”
”Go with Crono?”
Lucca shook her head. ”Sorry. You better... eh... well... check the fair... If the gate is still there.”
Marle nodded.
”Let’s meet here in an hour.”
Lucca walked into her house, and Crono and Marle crossed the bridge.
Crono walked first home, while Marle walked up to the fair.

Once Crono came in, his mom, who was sitting by the table, jumped up.
She ran to him.
”You had me so worried! I heard you were to be executed, dear! Stop scaring me like that.”
Crono nodded. ”Don’t worry. I’m okay.”
”Where have you been?”
Crono thought for a second. This would be hard to explain.
”I... Just have to do a few things... That’s all...”
He gave her a big hug, and then he walked out.

Just outside, he met Marle.
”Already finished?”
Marle nodded.
”Yeah... By the way... Who did you save?”
”Fritz. His father owns a store here in Truce.”
Marle nodded. ”I see.”
They walk away to it.
Crono knocked carefully on the door.
”Come inn!” Crono heard Fritz voice say.
He opened the door and stepped in.
”Crono!” Fritz exclaimed.
”I own you one! You saved my skin back there.”
Crono smiled.
”Nothing to thank for.”
”Man, was I up the creek! I went off on a buying trip, and ended up getting jailed with a bunch of thieves! The officials planned to execute me without a trial! What has gotten into them?”
Elaine nodded.
”We’re forever in your debt! Thank you again!”
”Hope my dad never hears about this.” Fritz said and gave Crono a bag with bottles.
”Thanks!” Crono said.
”Huh? Hey!”
A man came in from a door behind the counter.
”D, dad!” Fritz said.
”Working hard?” he asked.
”But, of course! R, right?”
”Y, yes.” Elaine said.
”Well, all right then...” the man said.
He turned to Crono.
”Crono... I’m in your debt.”
He turned around and walked back.
Crono smiled.
”I’ll drop by some time!”
”You’re always welcome.” Fritz said.
”Yeah.” Elaine added.

”What did he gave you?” Marle asked.
Crono looked on the bottles.
”Tonics. Medium, I guess.”

One hour later, outside Lucca house.
”You’re ready?” Lucca asked, wearing a new vest.
”Yeah.” Marle said.
”Hey... What’s that thing you’re wearing?” Crono asked.
”Well...” Lucca explained. ”I told dad about Magus and Lavos and then he made this for me.
It has better protection against fire, and it’s not very heavy, so I can move quickly in it.”
”Nice.” Crono nodded.
”And Marle... Here’s something for you.” Lucca said and handed over some arrows.
”Be careful with ‘em, ‘cause they’ll explode once they hit something.”
”Gee...” Marle said. ”Thanks, Lucca.”
They walked up to the Fair.
It was not very many people here right now, but the fair was still running.
Crono, Marle and Lucca made their way up to the far north edge of the square.
Crono activated the gate and they stepped in.

After a travel in time, they landed in pillar room at End of Time.
But now, there were two new pillars there.
Crono looked into the nearest one.
”This one leads to Leene square 1000 AD. That were we came from.”
Marle checked the other one.
”And this to Truce canyon, 600 AD That’s were we’re heading.”
”Yeah... But let’s see Robo first.” Lucca suggested.
They all nodded and walked down to the main room.
”Welcome back.” The old man said.
”Hi Robo!” Lucca said once they entered.
”Hello! How are you feeling?” Robo asked.
”Just fine. We now know how brought Lavos to this world. His name is Magus, and he lived in the middle ages.”
”Really?” Robo said. ”May I be of assistance?”
Crono shook his head. ”Sorry. The people would go crazy if they saw you.”
Robo nodded. ”You’re right. I shall be waiting for you.”
They walked up to the gate room again and entered the gate,
who took them to Truce canyon 600 AD.


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