The Legend of Chrono Trigger Notes

By Martin Berglund

Hello Everybody!

THIS is what have locked me inside for almost 4 month. The story is Chrono Trigger! The main storyline from the game!
I know that I'm not first about this idea, but I'm the first to finish it.
Originally, this was a schoolwork I did to get the highest mark in English
(schoolwork of Chrono Trigger!!! Is it Cool or is it Cool?).
To bad I didn't get the highest mark...
Note that I live in Sweden and not in US or UK.
Very well,
It's quite long. 273 pages (I've counted!!!). When you have read it, you'll notice that two events are missing.
That's because I didn't have time to write them. I had to hand in the work BEFORE the end of the term.
IF anyone of YOU would like to write any of them, I'll gladly add it!
You'll get credit for it.
The missing parts are the sub-quests Fiona's forest and the factory in the future.
the persons I would like to thank is:
Ashram for his Chrono Trigger script file. I couldn't have done this without it.
And Matt Baldini, who started to write a fanfic about the game.
I admit that I "borrowed" some quotes from his first chapter.
Peter Nitz, for his support.
Jaanus Teose, also for supporting me.
My English teacher, for making it possible for me to write a 273 pages schoolwork.
And of course:
Icy Brian, for having the greatest Chrono Trigger site.

*NOTE* I've converted my schoolwork (who was in a totally diffrent format) into HTML,
so if you see anything... strange... It could be something I forgot to delete.

Make sure you have plenty of time, because here starts Chrono Trigger!
/Martin -27 December, 1998
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