The Time Warp Chapter 1
Decision Point
By Master Odin

Everyone was in the gymnasium for the End of the School Year Assembly. All the kids were excited, except me. Normally I would be excited about the last day of school, but I was still bothered by the package that was given to me after my Grandpa Louie passed away. It was like he was asking me to fulfill his dreams. Actually, he was asking me just that. I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

It wasn't finances holding me back. My parents were loaded and were quite generous in giving me whatever I wanted, so money for my trip to Scotland wouldn't be a problem.

Time wasn't a factor, either. Summer Break was just starting, so I'd have three months to do this before my Senior year started.

Maybe I was just scared. Scared that maybe my crazy grandpa was right all along. That all these mystical things really do exist. Sure, I was interested in mythology, but I just read that stuff for fun. I never really took any of that stuff serious.

I felt a nudge in my side. I turned and saw my friend Dan looking at me, worried. "What's up, man?" he asked. "I thought you'd be happy about the last day of school."

I shrugged. "Yeah, well, I got a lot on my mind."

"You still thinkin' 'bout that letter from your grandpa?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

"Then just go. Who knows, you might have fun for once in your life."

"Oh, just shut up."

Dan was right about that, though. I wasn't very popular in school, so I didn't do a lot of "hanging out." I had short brown hair and gray eyes. I wasn't very tall, about 5' 10", and wasn't fat, but not exactly what one would call fit either. Top that of with the fact that I preferred a good book rather than video games, grilled chicken rather than hamburgers, and computers rather than cars, and you get your average nerd. The thing that kept me from being a complete geek was that fact that my parents were loaded, I love pizza, and I drove the hottest car in the school parking lot.

The crowd cheered as the final bell rang and they all started running for the exits. I decided to hang back for a bit. No use getting killed over nothing. Dan stayed there with me. When the serge at the doors subsided we decided to make our way out as well.

* * * * *

Dan walked with me to my car, a black Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0. I looked to Dan as I was about tell that I'd see him later, but the look on his face was one of a kind. His bottom lip drooped, fake tears were welling up in his eyes and his eyelids sagged. What got to me though was the quiet little whimpering sound he was making

"Oh, all right!" I said as I unlocked my car. We both climbed in. I started her up and threw her into gear. I looked around the parking lot. It was almost empty and there were no cars around us.

Dan and I looked at each other. "Let's have a little fun!" I yelled as I slammed on the gas. The back tires squealed for a few moments before we took off. I made a quick turn to the right and slid out of the parking lot. Fortunately, our high school was on a back road, so there were no cars to get in the way of my playing around. I was running the car about 120 mph before we stopped at the red light. I saw a cop in the gas station on the other side of the cross street. As I turned onto the main road the cop pulled out of the gas station and started to follow us.

"Oh well," Dan said with a shrug. "So much for our fun."

* * * * *

I pulled into the driveway of my home, a ten bedroom house. Dad had wanted to have a big family when he married mom, but after she had me, she quickly put an end to the thought of having any more children, thus making me an only child. They weren't home now. Once again they were off on some grand vacation to Australia.

The butler was waiting in the driveway when we pulled up. He opened my door after I stopped. "Good afternoon, Master Wallace." For some reason I've noticed that all butlers have British accents. Maybe it's just me.

"Hello, James," I said as Dan and I got out. "Anyone important call?"

"Your mother called. She seems to be quite worried about you, as mothers tend to be."

I smiled at this thought. "Alright. I'll give her a call few. Go ahead and leave the car out. I'll be leaving again in a while"

"Very well," he said as he climbed the steps to the front door and opened them for Dan and myself.

Dan followed me inside and up to my "dungeon" as I like to call it. I guess it could be called my playroom. It's where my computer, television, and stuff like that are. Dan plopped down in my beanbag chair while I sat down at my computer.

Dan looked up and saw the small, worn-out, leather-bound book on my desk. "Hey!" he yelled as he pulled himself up. "Is that it?"

I looked to what he was talking about and picked it up. "Yeah."

"Dude, you should go. If for nothing more than to fulfill you grandpa's last wish. You the got time and money. What's holding you back?"

I shrugged. "I dunno. It just seems too farfetched to waste time on."

"Waste time?! Man, you go and check it out. If turns out to be nothing, then just chill there for a couple of weeks, have fun, and meet chicks."

The eternal battle. To be or not to be. Meet chicks, eh? "Alright! You talked me into it. Wanna come?"

He shook his head. "Love to, but you know as well as I do that there's no way on God's bright green earth my ma would let me."

"Oh well." I picked up the phone and dialed the number to my parents' cell phone.

* * * * *

Two weeks later I found myself standing before a cairn in Scotland. The mound of gray stones stood about ten feet tall and had a seven feet tall and four feet wide opening on the north side.

I myself was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. I also wore a brown leather jacket and a pack with supplies. On my right hip was a pistol that belonged to my grandfather, just in case I needed it.

I looked to the west. The sun would be setting soon. I took my grandfather's journal out of my pocket and opened it to where I marked it and began to read:


From what I have studied, The Time Between Times holds special meaning to the Celts. It is only at these times of the day where great power can be invoked.

I believe there are certain points of power, marked by cairns, that act as Gateways to other worlds. One such place may be cairn at Carnwood Farms in Scotland. This is where I plan on going to prove my theory.

To activate the Gateway, I must complete three sunwise circles around the cairn during the Time Between Times. If my theory is correct, the Gateway should appear within the cairn.


I put the book away and looked again to the west. The sun was beginning to set. The Time Between Times was upon me. Starting at the opening, I began my first sunwise circle, then my second, then finally my third. When I completed my third circle I turned to look at the opening of the cairn. Nothing. I looked to the sun. It was still the Time Between Times, but not for much longer. I returned my gaze to the opening of the cairn. Still nothing.

"Oh well," I told myself as I turned to leave. "I guess I'll just go to Spain and-" I was interrupted by a bright flash from behind me. I quickly turned to the opening. What I saw was barely describable with words. It was a beautiful light, with a vast array of colors. Other than that it was too bright to really describe. Was this light the Gateway grandpa spoke of? "There's only way to find out," I told myself before I took a deep breath, and walked into the light.

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