The Time Warp Chapter 8
"Let's Do the Time Warp Again!"
By Master Odin

I awoke the next morning before sunrise, hoping to be up before Glenn and the others, but as I looked to the other beds in the knights' quarters, I saw that they had already left. I cursed the frog.

Two weeks passed after that meeting. In that time I did all the studying I could about Lavos, but there wasn't much in the library about it. All that was really known was that it appeared in 65,000,000 BC and that the Magical Kingdom of Zeal used it as a power source.

One day when I decided to visit the castle I noticed that King Guardia was not at the castle.

"Your Highness," I said as I bowed to Queen Leene. "Might I ask as to the whereabouts of our king?"

The Queen smiled to me. She was closing on thirty years of age, yet she looked just as beautiful as the day I first arrived eleven years ago. "He has gone with Frog and Lucca to help Sir Crono."

I remembered Glenn telling me that in Lucca's time Sir Crono had been accused of kidnapping a princess and sentenced to death. Was the King going to that time to prevent that from happening?

"If you would like, you may go to Truce Canyon and await for their return."

I bowed to her. "Thank you, my Queen."

* * * * *

Night had fallen by the time I had arrived at where I had found Marle earlier that year. The king's carriage waited just outside the canyon while a small team of royal guards waited at the place where Marle was found.

In the center of the small clearing was a bluish-black sphere floating about chest high above the ground. When I asked the guards about it, one of them told me that it was some sort of magical Gateway and that the King and Frog had traveled through it.

It was not long after I arrived that the sphere began to crackle with energy. It expanded into a blue circle just large enough for a man to walk through comfortably. King Guardia, who, unlike the Queen, has aged considerably, and Glenn walked out of the Gateway.

I, as well as the guards, bowed at the presence of the King.

"There is little time," Glenn told me. "Gaspar said to have you enter this Gate and wait at the End of Time."

"Gl­ er, Frog...."

Glenn shook his head. "Long farewells were ne'er necessary, mine friend. You must go so that you can find your way home. Farewell, old friend."

I stepped into the Gate and turned to him. "Speak for yourself, old man."

The Gate closed and I started falling through blue and purple swirls. As I thought of what I was actually doing, I couldn't help but sing, "Let's do the Time Warp again!"

I fell out of the gate and landed on my side in a pillar of light. As I stood up and brushed myself off, the pillar of light flickered out of existence. I looked around me, rubbing the shoulder that I landed on. There were eight other pillars, but they soon flickered out of existence as well, except one.

I was standing on a small cobblestone platform, maybe three square yards, and a path leading down to a larger cobblestone platform, all with a short iron fence around it. There was a wooden gate separating the pathway and the larger platform. I walked down the path and through the gate to the larger platform. There was a single lamppost in the center of the platform. On the side to the left of the gate was a door and on the side opposite of the gate was a stone set of stairs. Everything else around this place was blackness.

Leaning against the lamppost was an old man wearing a brown derby and brown wool trench coat. "Hey!" he yelled as I walked through the gate. I walked over to him. "You must be Wallace."

I nodded. "You must be Gaspar."

With a nod, he took his cane and used it to point up into the blackness. I looked up and saw that he was pointing to an image of a mountain. "That is Death Peak in the year 2300 AD. At the summit there is a tree. That is the path home."

"Finally," I said as I stared at the mountain. "I can go home."

I heard something land on the small platform. It was an older woman, close to forty years old, and at least ten cats. The cats ran down the pathway and jumped over the gate and gathered around me and the old man.

"Cats!" I yelled before I sneezed. "I'm allergic to cats!"

Gaspar chuckled. "Then why don't you go into that room behind me. My friend will give you something to help you on your quest."

I sneezed again as I agreed and walked through the door behind him. I entered a room much like the other. In the middle of it stood a small woolly animal, some sort of biped sheep.

"You must be Wallace," he said to me. "The name's Spekkio, the Master of War. Gaspar sent you back here 'cause you've got lots of spirit. Now to test that spirit. Walk around the room three times. No cheating!"

I thought this a stupid test of my spirit, but I did as he bade me and walked around the room three times. After I completed the third circuit I stopped and stood before him.

"Good work!" he exclaimed. "Now, let's see here. Not Lightning like that punk kid. Fire or Water ain't right for you either. Your spirit is darker. Being trapped in this world has really brought you down, eh?" I nodded. "The only magic for you is Shadow. Ready?" I nodded. "Ispo facto, meeny moe, MAGICO!"

I felt a powerful force surge through my body. This power was very dark. It was so strong that it brought me to my knees as I screamed in pain. It was soon after that that I lost consciousness.

* * * * *

I was awakened some time later by a sweet, soothing voice. "Wallace," it called to me. I opened my eyes to see Lucca kneeling beside me trying to wake me.

"Lucca, right?" I said as I sat up.

"Yeah," she said with a small smile. "Glenn told me that you need some help."

"Yeah. I need to get to Death Peak in the year 2300 AD."

Lucca nodded. "Well, I have a time machine that we can use. Why don't we pick up Crono and then go to Death Peak. We'll probably need the help."

We stood. "If you don't mind, I'd rather we go and get Glenn. He's my best friend and I trust him with my life. Besides, I never really got a chance to say good bye to him."

Lucca nodded. "Alright."

* * * * *

Lucca's time machine, the Epoch, is an incredible machine. Lucca told me that originally it was designed just for travel through time, but after the fall of Zeal some guy named Dalton stole it and made it so that it could fly. Works for me.

We arrived in 600 AD and flew to Guardia Castle. There was a big commotion at the castle, and we decided to ask around.

"Glenn has returned!" one of the villagers exclaimed. "He has the Masamune with him and the King is going to knight him!"

Lucca and I looked at each other, both of us smiling. We tried to make our way through the crowd, but to no avail. A few skyward shots from my gun solved that problem, as the crowd parted before us like the Red Sea before Moses.

We made our way into the throne room, with the aid of the castle guards once we were inside. We stood to the back. We saw Glenn, a human Glenn, kneeling before the King and Queen. The King stood, sword in hand. "Glenn, for your service to the Crown and the people of Guardia, and for defeating the wizard Magus," he touched each of Glenn's shoulders with the flat of the sword, "I dub thee Sir Glenn."

Glenn stood without a word, bowed to the King and Queen, and walked down the aisle out of the throne room. As he did the crowd cheered, as did Lucca and myself. When Glenn walked past us he looked to us and smiled, bowing his head to us.

Lucca and I followed him out and met him at the castle gates.

"Congratulations, old friend," I told him as I embraced his forearm.

"Speak for yourself, old man," he told me, then we laughed as we embraced each other. We released each other and he took Lucca's hand and kissed it.

"What brings you back?" he asked us. "I was certain that you would be on your way home now."

"Well, we need some help," Lucca answered. "Wallace suggested that we get you."

"Right!" I added. "But first, we must celebrate! To the tavern! Tonight's on me."

We flew the Epoch to the tavern in Truce and I ordered a mug of honey mead for the three of us. Lucca at first refused, but after I insisted she decided to try it. She took a sip. Her lips curled into a smile, indicating that she liked it. After that she brought the mug back to her lips and tipped it up, draining it in a few large swallows. Glenn and I looked down into our mugs, which weren't even half empty.

"She drinks better than a man," Glenn noted.

"To Hell with that! She drinks better than a damn fish!"

Lucca just busted up laughing at that. After several moments she finally quieted down. She looked at me with a drunken grin on her face, then slumped over onto the table, out cold.

"Maybe not," Glenn said, withdrawing his earlier comment.

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