"For Guardia!" Chapter 13

Together Again

By Master Odin


Once King Crono, Queen Nadia, Princess Larissa, Princess Schala, the Magus, the Zecronean Knights, and the Sacred Warriors gathered in one of the dungeon's corridors, Jeremiah decided it was time for introductions.

Crono began. "I am King Crono Guardia, former ruler of Guardia." He motioned to Marle. "This is my lovely wife, Queen Nadia."

"Call me Marle, please."

Crono glared at his wife as he cleared his throat. "Anyway," he then motioned to Larissa, "this is my ten year old daughter Princess Larissa." He motioned to Schala and Magus. "They young lady over there is Princess Schala of Kingdom of Zeal in the year 12,000 BC. Tall, dark, and gruesome over there is the Magus."

Magus grunted.

The Zecronean Knights and Sacred Warriors bowed.

"The floor is yours, Knights," Jeremiah said.

Ben bowed. "I'm Ben Hephdon, code name Scorpion."

Chris tipped his hat. "The name's Chris. I'm Ben's twin brother They also call me Serpent. Right pleasured ta meet y'all."

John bowed. "I am John WolfClaw. My enemies call me Cyclone."

Walter bowed. "I am Walter Jonathan Conner, Jr. In battle I am known as the Thunderer."

Keiko was beaming. "I'm Keiko, a.k.a. Dragon Claw. Nice to meet ya," she said with a jump.

Cecil kneeled. "Your Highnesses, I am Sir Cecil Dogonaz, older brother to Amy. I am also the Paladin Knight WhiteBlade."

Larissa leaned over to her mother and whispered, "What's wrong with his eyes mommy?"

Cecil quickly moved over to Larissa and kneeled in front of her, making her gasp with combination of surprise and fear. "What's wrong with my eyes, princess, is that I'm blind. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with my hearing."


"You want to hear another trick?"


"You have blonde hair like your mother and green eyes like your father."

"Wow! How'd you know that?!"

Cecil leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear. "I guessed."

"Now, Your Highness," Jeremiah said, "what happened here?"

"Have a seat," Marle said. "It's going to take a while."

Larissa sighed as she sat down. "How many times are we going to tell this story today?"

Magus leaned against the wall. "It's close to dark. At least ten more times." His words were dripping with sarcasm.

* * *

An hour later Crono and Marle finished their tale. Jeremiah then explained what led them to build their own version of the Epoch, named Sleipnir, and come to Crono's world.

"What do we do now?" Schala asked.

"We should get some rest," Jeremiah told them as he headed for the dungeon gate. "I'll keep watch tonight."

"There's been a lot of action here today," Crono said. "Porre might be sending troops here. We should probably find another place to stay for a while."

"Maybe we can hide at Fiona's Chapel for a while," Larissa suggested with a yawn.

"Sure kid," Magus said with a sarcastic grin. "We'll hide at the mouth of the lions' den."

"Besides, honey," Marle said, patting Larissa's head, "it's not big enough for all of us and their ship."

Serpent thought for a few moments. "Hey! Why not take 'em back to our world."

"An' what good'll dat do us?" Scorpion asked.

"Actually," Thunderer stated in Serpents defense, "our simpleminded friend may have just had a stroke of genius. By taking them to our world, not only do we take them away from the danger of being discovered, but we may also have the opportunity to make repairs to the Epoch."

Jeremiah turned to Crono. "What do you say, Your Highness?"

Crono thought on it for a moment. "It's probably our best bet right now."

Jeremiah nodded.

Jerome sniffed the air a few times. "We've got company. Smells like those guys from earlier."

"The Black Wind!" Crono yelled. "This is bad."

Jeremiah morphed into the White Dragoon. "I'll handle this. Knights, if my plan fails, protect the king, queen, and princess and get them out of here." With that, a long, glowing red spear appeared in his right hand and he walked out.

* * *

"I can't believe General Ulric ordered us to search for that ship after we told him what that, that thing told us!" Commander Modan said as he led his men into the castle. "That, what ever it was, has a great deal more technology than we do. If we make them mad, we could be toast."

"Commander, there's someone coming from the dungeon!" one of the Black Wind informed him.

They saw the White Dragoon walk though the door holding the red spear. "WHY-HAVE-YOU-COME-HERE?" he asked, using a robotic voice.

Commander Modan was a little more composed this time than when he spoke to the first "alien." "Sir, we were ordered to find you and see if you required any assistance."


"Maybe if we spoke with your master, then we could­"

The White Dragoon fired an energy blast from his hand at Commander Modan's feet. "MY-MASTER-TOLD-YOU-TO-LEAVE-HIM-IN-PEACE. IF-YOU-DO-NOT-COMPLY, I-WILL-BE-FORCED-TO-USE-LETHAL-FORCE!"

"Uh, yes sir." Modan turned to his men. "The being has asked that we leave him in peace. We will report such to General Ulric. I will advise the general not to send any more troops to the being, for it may start a war. Move out!"

Commander Modan led the Black Wind out of the castle. The White Dragoon turned around and returned to the dungeon.


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