"For Guardia!" Chapter 19

What Is Done Is Done... Or Is It?

By Master Odin


Robo helped the White Dragoon up a cliff on Death Peak.

"It is odd to see you in such a weak condition, especially after the seeing the strength and speed you displayed on your world," Robo noted.

The White Dragoon sighed and hefted a large bag over his left shoulder. "Well, this is what you get when I'm only at twenty-five percent power, and I wouldn't even be that if Spekkio hadn't given me a power boost." He sighed again. "At least I don't have to use that damn cane."

"I see. Let us continue. We shall reach the peak shortly."

They continued up the mountain until they arrived at a steep cliff with a large spiked shell at the foot of it. "What is that?" the White Dragoon queried.

"That is the shell remains of a Lavos Spawn. We shall use it to climb to the top of the cliff. Our destination is just beyond that."

The White Dragoon motioned to the shell with his free hand. "Lead the way."

Robo approached the shell and began to climb it, but before he was two feet off the ground the shell crumbled beneath him.

The White Dragoon dropped the bag and ran over to help Robo up. "Are you alright?"

"Affirmative," Robo answered as he dusted himself off.

The White Dragoon surveyed the shell's remains. "Well, we won't be using that to get up."

"And the cliff wall is too slick for us to climb," Robo observed.

The White Dragoon thought for a few moments, until he had an idea. He retrieved the bag and threw it up onto the cliff.

"What is it that you plan on doing?" Robo asked as he watched.

"Just hold on," was the White Dragoon's answer. With a great deal of effort he grabbed and lifted Robo over his head, then threw him up onto the cliff. He then got a running start and jumped into the air. Upon landing on the cliff his foot slipped and, once again, landed on his backside.

Robo seemed to chuckle. "I believe the appropriate humorous phrase for this situation is 'As graceful as ever, I see.'"

"Oh, shut up, wiseass." The White Dragoon stood and brushed the snow off his backside. "Just what I need on this journey: a robot with a sense of humor." He looked up the slight incline to see a bare white tree at the edge of the next cliff. The tree seemed to sparkle. "Is that the place?"

"Affirmative. Shall we?"

The White Dragoon nodded and hefted the bag over his left shoulder again, then joined Robo on his trek to the tree. When they arrived the White Dragoon asked, "So, what do we do now?"

"We will need the Chrono Trigger and the pendant now."

The White Dragoon reached in the bag and dug around for a bit until he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a small, white egg-shaped object with dark spots on it. "Here's the Chrono Trigger," he said as he handed it to Robo. He then dug in the bag some more until he found what he was looking for again. He pulled out a pendant. It was a dark gem embedded in a gold ring on a gold chain. "And here's the pendant."

Robo held the Chrono Trigger up. "Those who fear the night and fight the coming of darkness, give us strength."

The White Dragoon watched as the pendant began to glow. "The pendant seems to be reacting."

"Affirmative," Robo agreed as he watched the pendant's energy flow into the Chrono Trigger. When this process was complete he threw the Chrono Trigger into the air.

In mid-air, the Chrono Trigger shattered.

"And it shattered," the White Dragoon noted.

"Affirmative. All we can do now is wait and hope that it will work."

They waited, and soon enough they watched as the setting sun began to eclipse. The world around them grew black, then faded back into color. They found themselves in a place where time was frozen. It appeared to be a control room of some sort. In the center of the room was a large clear sphere with something in the center that glowed a yellow-orange, like fire.

"A time freeze!" the White Dragoon exclaimed. "Astounding! Simply astounding!"

"Affirmative, but we must make quick about our work."

The White Dragoon looked around and found the objective of his journey. Tied to a chair was a woman near thirty years of age. She had shoulder length purple hair. She wore a pair of glasses over her light green eyes. She wore a yellow T-shirt and brown shorts. Standing in front of her was Lynx, his scythe poised for the kill.

"Lucca." Robo said.

The White Dragoon set the bag down and let the sides down. Inside was a Lucca clone. It was wearing an orange tunic over a green long-sleeve shirt and black shorts. On its brown leather belt was a leather pouch and slung over its shoulder and across its chest was a green satchel. On its head was a helmet that had a communication device on the right side.

"There is no way that her killer will believe that this clone is her," Robo noted.

"We'll just have to switch their clothes," the White Dragoon noted.

"We do not have that much time. Also it is improper."

"Unfortunately now is not the time for manners," he began to concentrate his energy, "and I will make the time."

All Robo saw for the few moments after that was the White Dragoon, Lucca, and the clone become a blur. After it was all over it appeared to Robo that nothing had occurred. Lucca was still tied to the chair and the clone still laid on the ground. All that seemed different was that the White Dragoon was very tired.

"I hope that was as good for you as it was for me, kid," the White Dragoon said as he stood. He looked to Robo. "Grab her and let's-" he stumbled backwards, but regained his balance, "-and let's get outta here."

"But sir-"

"Trust me," the White Dragoon interrupted. "The real Lucca is the one on the floor."

"If that is what you say." Robo reached down and lift Lucca onto his shoulder.

Again the world around them grew black. When it returned Robo and the White Dragoon stood on the cliff on Death Peak and Lucca sat against the tree.

"Mission completed," noted the White Dragoon.

"Affirmative. I shall awaken her."

"Yodel-lay-HAY-HOOOOOOO!" a voice all too familiar the White Dragoon yelled. He turned to see the Black Dragoon approaching him up the slope.

"Kain!" the White Dragoon exclaimed.

"Well, well, well," the Black Dragoon said as he approached. "WhatCHA doing up here? Enjoyin' the crisp mountain air?" He took a deep breath and patted his chest with his hands. "I hear it's good for ya."

"How did you escape?" the White Dragoon queried as he took a defensive stance.
The Black Dragoon shrugged and clicked his tongue. "I dunno. I guess not even the Fates can keep us apart."

The White Dragoon's sword, the Earth Edge, appeared in its owner's right hand. A similar sword appeared the Black Dragoon's left hand. They charged at each other and their swords clashed with a shower of sparks.

"Robo, hurry up and get her out of here!" the White Dragoon ordered as he succeeded in pushing the Black Dragoon away from him. After that he and the Black Dragoon became a blur.


"Uhhh, Robo?" came Lucca's weak voice.
Robo looked down at her. "Good morning, Miss Lucca. I wish we had time to talk, but a battle between the White and Black Dragoons has broken out here and I have been instructed to get you home." He helped Lucca up.

The Black Dragoon blocked one of the White Dragoon's swipes and countered with an energy blast from his right hand. The White Dragoon dodged it and landed right in front of Lucca. He launched himself back into the air and continued his battle with his brother.

Lucca observed the blurs that ware the battle between the Dragoon Brothers. "At the speed they're moving, it'd be impossible to get beyond them without getting in the-" She was interrupted by a spray of snow in the face from one of the warriors landing in front of her. She brushed the snow off her face. "Way."

The Black Dragoon landed on the opposite edge of the cliff as Lucca and Robo. The White Dragoon landed between them. They began concentrating their energy.

"OMEGA-SLAYER!" they yelled in unison. They charged each other with their swords raised, and as soon as they met they once again became little more than blurs as they, though fruitless, cut, slashed and stabbed their opponent.

Lucca and Robo watched in horror the blur that was the Dragoon Brothers performing their ultimate attack on each other. After a few moments the attack ended, each warrior with the other's blade stuck in his chest up to its hilt. "Game over...," they said in unison weakly. "You... lose...." They collapsed to the ground. Their swords vanished, their owners no longer powerful enough to maintain their physical state.

Lucca gasped. "A-are they dead?" Her bottom lip began to quiver.

Robo walked over and examined them. "I do not know. I believe so." He lifted him onto his shoulder.

Tears began to well up Lucca's eyes. "He-he literally gave his life to bring me back."

"The Black Dragoon," Robo mused. He looked to the limp form of the Black Dragoon, then turned to Lucca. "Do you think you can lift him?"

Lucca wiped the tears from her eyes. "What?! You mean you want to save him?! He just killed our friend!"

"Affirmative. He also fell in the battle as well. I learned much about the White Dragoon's culture while we were on their planet. It would be improper to just leave him. Even he would deserve a proper burial."

Lucca sighed. "I'll try." She bent down and lifted the Black Dragoon up with a grunt. "He's surprisingly light for worthless pile of scrap metal." She ran to catch up with Robo.


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