"For Guardia!" Chapter 8

Wise Council

By Master Odin

2015 AD; EARTH B9-14PS2

Jeremiah kneeled before Hlidskialf, the throne of Odin in Asgard, home of the Norse Guardians. Odin's two wolves, Geri and Freki laid at his feet.

"Greetings, All-Father."

"Rise, Favored Among My Children," the King of the Norse Guardians thundered. Jeremiah obeyed. "What brings you, my son?"

"All-Father, I seek your wise council."

Odin shook his head with slight disgust. "Jeremiah, can't you just call me 'grandpa'?"

Jeremiah shook his head. "Nay, All-Father. My honor as a Grand Master Sacred White Dragoon Knight will not permit me to show you any disrespect."

Odin chuckled. "They trained you too well. For what do you need guidance?"

"All-Father, I have come to a crossroads where I must choose between my honor and my friends."

Odin scratched his beard in thought. "This can be a difficult question, for one's honor is often bound to one's friends. Tell me more."

"Rebecca Kingston has been having premonitions that our friends from the other world, the ones who helped us battle the Mother Brain, are in grave danger. She and another of your favored sons, Mario Kingston, believe that there is a war in their world and Crono's land will be conquered and our friends destroyed."

"Do you desire to assist them?"

"Most certainly, All-Father!"

"Then what is preventing you?"

"I am honor-bound by a vow that we and the other heroes made. We vowed to never get involved in international squabbles. Also, the Zecronean Knights vowed never to use our powers or technology for our own personal desires."

Odin thought for a moment. "They helped you and the other heroes defeat the Mother Brain."

"Yes, All-Father."

"Then your answer is simple. You are indebted to Crono and his friends and are honor-bound to help them in their time of need. This being the case, you will not be breaking your other vow, for you are not using your powers for your personal desires, but to aid your friends."

"Thank you, All-Father."

"Is there anything else, my son?"

Jeremiah hesitated a moment. "Yes, there is, All-Father."

"Speak then."

"I have heard some most disturbing news about the Dark OverLord the other day from a most reliable source."

"And what is this?"

"Two things, All-Father. First is that he is planning an all-out attack in five years. This has something to due with the Universal Alignment. The other is that my source told me that the Dark OverLord has some personal vendetta against you. Is there something about it that you haven't told us?"

Odin scratched his beard. "No, my son. As far even I know, I have yet to meet this Dark OverLord of NightFire. I do not know what this vendetta could be about."

"Thank you, All-Father," Jeremiah said with a bow. "I have friends I must save now."

Odin scratched his beard as Jeremiah left his throne room. "Your source cannot be too reliable," the All-Father said after his most favored son left. "The Universal Alignment occurs in four years."


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