On the Subject of Lavos

By Matthew Collier

    Lavos is speculated by many to be an extraterrestrial being from a yet undetermined planet that survives by burrowing deep below the surface of habitable planets and drains the life energy out of the planet. Then it will blast out of the surface destroying all life on that planet.

    Over these millions of years it is in hibernation creating Lavos Spawns that then seek out planets for themselves one day to devour. These spawns are basically miniature genetic clones of their creator.

    While it is on a planet Lavos takes genetic information from other life forms on the planet and integrates their best characteristics into itself, thus making itself more evolved and thus more powerful with each planet it destroys. It also changes the life forms on the planet often causing them to evolve quicker than their normal evolution rate.

The Physiology of the Lavos Species

    The species known as Lavos Tyrannous as it is known has three body sections. The outer shell, the main body and the core.

    The outer shell is extremely hard and made mostly of hard bone spines. In it’s larval form it is able to eject these spines at a high velocity as a defensive measure. The head consists of a large three pointed beak. This beak is incredibly hard but it is the only way to get inside the shell. This shell is suited for space travel as it can stand extreme heat and cold. Inside the beak there is a large, completely blue eye surrounded by a red membrane-skin. The shell has the ability to mimic characteristics of any creature it has assimilated. It is also a powerful magic user.

    The main body is located inside the shell. It is unknown whether or not this is Lavos true form or not. It is a large humanoid figure with three eyes, a small mouth, two arms with three fingers each and a hole in the palm, a chest with two hinging sections and four tubes coming out of the back that are connected to the wall. It’s waist connects with the ground. It’s head is large and bulbous with an almost oval shape to it. It’s chest opens to contain four holes. These holes are capable of shooting high-powered lasers that will annihilate almost anything. The arms serve two functions, one serves for healing the other for attacking. The main body can lose both arms with out visible harm to itself although its power is significantly weakened. The main body’s magic ability is even more powerful than the shell’s.

    The core is thought to be Lavos true form. It resides inside of the main body almost if the shell and main body are like a ship and pilot and it is the captain. It consists of the central core and two bits.

    These bits are thought to serve as assistants although they might be part of the core itself. The central core looks humanoid. It’s about seven feet tall and has two arms and legs. The arms are long and have three elongated fingers. It has a membrane shell around its body. The legs are almost the same as the arms. The head consists of a small dome with three large eyes imbedded in it. The bits are small circular creatures with a central, hard, spherical shell that has a skin ring around it that has ten short tentacles attached to it.

    These bits are capable of reviving the core or the other bit and they have amazing attacking abilities as well. One of the bits is weaker than the other bit and after it is destroyed the other bit will weaken. The central core is the main powerhouse. It has the ability to time warp at will and it can use different spells depending the time period it is in. The core will not die unless both bits are destroyed plus the core itself. Almost all attacks and or magic used against it are almost useless. It is almost omnipotently powerful.

On the Quasi-Dimensional Characteristics of Lavos

    Lavos is thought to exist as a quasi-dimensional being as well as a physical entity. While in hibernation it is thought to reside on the very edges of existence. In this state it is possible for Lavos to assimilate other powerful quasi-dimensional beings and become more evolved.

    Whenever Lavos lands on a planet he causes many time and dimensional distortions which is another possible proof of his quasi-dimensional existence.

    Much is unknown about the creature called Lavos. We don’t know what it looks like, where it came from, and eventually what it wants to do.

    All we know is that it exists and we must deal with that fact.


   For the Future,



    I don’t consider Lavos evil nor should anyone.  It is only an animal doing what it has to do to survive whether we consider it right or wrong.

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