Chronicles of The Turks: The Jenova Project

By MDuck9

It was beautiful outside. The sun had just gone down. The stars were shining in the purple sky. The street lights had just gone on. A light gust of wind blew by, blowing a Midgar Times across the streets of Sector 7. The sounds of echoing footsteps filled the silent void. Some light chatter began. It was two Shinra Guards. They were on watch duty. One of them was leaning up against a vending machine.

"I can't believe they stuck us with Slum Watch." One of the guards said.

"Shhh, keep it down. If they catch you complaining, they'll give you clean up duty for a week." The guard on the vending machine said.

"I came to Midgar because I wanted to join SOLDIER, not to be out here making sure kids go in before dark." He replied. "I'm gonna make something of myself. Yeah, 1st Class SOLDIER, like Sephiroth." He continued.

"Ha ha, yeah, I can see it now, Cloud Strife in a SOLDIER Uniform. That'll be the day." The guard on the vending machine stated.

"Hey Darien, did you want join SOLDIER?" Cloud asked.

"Me? "Me? Nah, I joined because some tough dudes dressed in black suites persuaded me."

"Who were they?"

"I believe they are known as… The Turks."

"The who?"

"The Turks, they are a group of tough guys who go around doing Shinra's dirty work. You know, kidnapping, murder, stuff like that. So, because Shinra is expanding so fast, I guess they needed more men."

"How did they persuade you? They didn't…"

"Nah, nothing like that. They didn't have to say much, I wasn't going anywhere with my job at The Wall Market. I needed something to come along, or I woulda never got out of The Slums."

Just then, 2 more Shinra Guards came walking by.

"Hey, your shift is up. The commander wants you to report back to him at The Headquarters." One of them said.

Cloud and Darien did as they were told and made there way to the Train Station.

Meanwhile, back at The Shinra Headquarters Building, The Turks had just been called back early from there vacation at Costa Del Sol. They had just arrived back at Midgar and had already been summoned to President Shinra's Office. The Turks were being accompanied by Palmer and Scarlet so they could gain access to President Shinra's Office.

"Ahh, good, you're here." Said President Shinra. "I trust you had a comfortable trip back." He continued.

"Not really." Reno answered back.

Reno had a problem with things like this. He did his job better than anyone, but he only did his job when it was necessary. He didn't like the idea of cutting his vacation short before he knew WHY it he was cutting it short.

"Sorry about calling you back early, but it's important." Said President Shinra.

"Palmer, Scarlet, you can be on your way now." Said President Shinra.

President Shinra waited for Palmer and Scarlet to leave. He wanted to keep this assignment hush hush.

"I need you to "eliminate" a problem in Sector 2. His name is Terry." He continued, while handing Tseng a photograph of Terry. "It is believed that this is the man whole stole a Level A Employee Ceycard and snuck into The Shinra's Private Files, stealing valuable information about The Jenova Project."

"And you want us to…"

"I want you to do whatever is necessary. President Shinra Interrupted. "Dead or alive, it doesn't matter. We can't afford for that information to be released to the public. We need Terry, and those files, taken care of. This is a big assignment, and you will be handsomely rewarded for a successful job."

Tseng handed the photograph to Reno. Reno took a good look at it, and put it in his pocket.

"How much?" Reno asked.

"3,000 gil each." President Shinra replied.

"For Top Secret Shinra Files? I think you could do a little better than 3,000 Gil each." Reno answered back. "We'll do it for double."

"6,000 Gil each?? Hmph, alright, just take care of it." President Shinra said.

The Turks left President Shinra's Office. And a few minutes later, Hojo walked in.

"I hope you realize the chance you're taking." Hojo stated.

"I do." Replied President Shinra.

"What if they don't succeed?"

"They will."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because, they always succeed."

"Those files have already fallen into the wrong hands. If the citizens of Midgar find out that we have been conducting such experiments, the results would be disastrous!" Hojo stated.

"You don't think I know that? Listen, The Turks were hired to do there job, and that's what they'll do. Trust me. Within the next few days, neither Terry or those files will be a problem."

The next day The Turks headed out for Sector 2 bright and early. They were currently in Sector 3, and it was about 6:00 AM Midgar standard time.

"C'mon guys. I want to get this job over with." Tseng stated.

"Can't we at least stop for some morning grub?" Rude asked.

Reno was pretty hungry also.

"Alright, I guess so." Tseng replied.

So, Tseng, Reno and Rude headed towards the nearest descent looking Restaurant. Reno read the sign on the door before entering. "Sector 3 Omelet House" he read. "This place looks good to me." He said out loud. They entered the Restaurant and sat down at a booth. Soon after, a waitress came by and took their orders.

"What'll it be today boys?" She asked.

"I'll have the special" said Tseng.

"Same here." Said Rude.

Reno looked distracted for a moment. He was looking to his right. He thought he saw someone that looked familiar.

"And you?" The waitress asked Reno.

Reno looked back at her for a second. "Me?…um…uh…I…I'll have the same." He then quickly looked back at the familiar person. The waitress walked away, and Reno reached into his pocket. He pulled out that photograph of Terry, the man who had stolen the files.

"Reno? What's the matter with you?" Rude asked.

"You OK?" Tseng asked. "You look like you've just seen…"

Reno pointed to the familiar man. And handed the photograph to Tseng, not moving his eyes from the man. "…Terry. That's him."

Tseng took a closer look at the man, and then a closer look at the photo. "You're right, that IS him."

"Try not to look conspicuous. We don't want to make a seen here. When he leaves, we'll fallow him." Tseng continued.

Reno looked away from Terry. Rude and Tseng on the other hand, were sitting on the other side of the booth, and could keep their eyes on Terry without making it look obvious.

The minutes past slowly as Rude and Tseng kept their eyes on Terry. Terry was talking about something to a man who worked at the counter, but, they were to far away to be able to listen in on the conversation.

Just then. The waitress came back with the food. She set the food tray down, and was blocking everyone's view of Terry. Although, Reno had the best view, he could barely see Terry get up and leave. The sound of the bell ringing once the restaurant's door opened rang loudly.

"Guys, we gotta go." Reno said quietly .

Then, Tseng, Rude, and Reno got up from their seats and pushed their way through the waitress. They quickly opened the restaurant door and walked out. Tseng looked to his right, and then to his left. On his left side, he saw Terry. He was about 100ft away, and still walking. The Turks followed. Trying carefully not to make it look as if they were following him, they stayed a good 75ft away at all times. Terry looked behind him, and saw The Turks. He then looked forward. The Turks kept following. Terry once again turned his head to look behind him, and he still saw The Turks. He once again looked forward. Terry now started to walk faster. The Turks also started walking faster, careful not to lose their target. Once again Terry looked behind him, and he still saw The Turks. He then looked in front of himself again. He then stopped right where he was, and looked behind him one more time. He saw The Turks, and they had stopped moving as well. Terry looked in front of himself one more time, and then started to run. The Turks started to chase after him, just as fast, if not faster. Terry took a right at the corner, and The Turks followed. Terry kept running and running, and so did The Turks. Terry then took a left at the next corner, and so did The Turks.

Just then, it hit Reno like a ton of bricks. Terry was heading towards The Train Station.

"Hey! He's heading for The Train Station! Don't let him get away!" Reno yelled to his partners.

Terry then took another left. They were now almost at The Train Station. Terry turned the last corner, and he could now see The Train Station. He was lucky, because the train was about to leave. He ran a little faster and hoped up into the train.

"Hey! Hold it!" Rude yelled.

Rude was now only a few feet away from the train. But just then, the door locked shut. Rude pounded on the door and within seconds, the train had left. Rude had been so close. Tseng was a bit farther back though, and Reno was even farther back, right at the entrance of the station.

Tseng turned back and looked to Reno. "Hey, where's that train headed?"

Reno looked up at the Train Schedules and looked back to Tseng. "Sector 2." He answered.

"Hey, now we know where he's going. Lets try and beat him to the Sector 2 Train Station." Rude proposed.

"I've got a better idea." Tseng replied. He looked at the photo that Reno had handed him earlier. He flipped it over, and on the back of the photograph, was Terry's Sector 2 address.

Later, the train arrived at Sector 2. Terry got off, and looked around the station. He then took a sigh of relief, because The Turks were nowhere to be seen. He then headed for his home in Sector 2. When he got there, he took out his keys. He walked up the path and stuck the keys into the keyhole of his front door. But, the door was already unlocked. The door opened and Tseng was standing in the doorway. He pulled Terry inside and shut the front door. Tseng then through Terry down onto his couch. Reno and Rude stood at both sides of Terry, making sure that he wasn't able to escape.

"Who are you guys?" Terry asked.

"We're The Turks." Reno answered.

"What do you want from me?"

"We want those files" Tseng stated.

"What files? I don't know what you're talking about!"

"I think you know what we're talking about." Said Reno.

"The Top Secret Shinra Files" Rude exclaimed.

"Believe me when I tell you this, it will be much easier, for us, AND for you, if you just hand over the files." Tseng threatened.

Terry looked very frightened, and rightfully so.

"I…I uh… I put them in my safe."

Tseng gave a nod to Rude. Rude moved away from Terry, and walked over to the safe in the corner of the room. He kneeled down so he could see the combination dial. Then, he looked to Tseng.

"What's the combination?" Tseng asked.

"I… uh… I forgot." Terry replied.

"I think I know how to refresh your memory."

Tseng then backhanded Terry across the face, causing his lip to bleed. The blood trickled down, off his lip and dropped off his chin. A look of pain came across Terry's face, as he wiped the blood from his lip.

"I'm getting tired of this. Tell us." Tseng demanded.

"It's… the combination is… Right 10, Left 7, Right 9, Left 2, and… Left 1.

Rude tried the combination, and the safe unlocked. Rude looked inside the safe, and saw a Shinra Document Folder, some gil, and a pack of Shinra Matches.

Rude took the matches and put them in his pocket. Then, he took out The Shinra Document Folder. He got up and walked over to Tseng.

"Looks like we found what we came for." Rude said while handing Tseng The Shinra Documents Folder.

Tseng flipped through the documents. The words "Jenova Project" were listed as the heading. Tseng remembered those words from The Turks mission briefing with President Shinra.

"Yeah, looks like it." Tseng replied.

"Hey, why did you want these files anyway?" Rude asked Terry.

"Um, I wasn't after THOSE files. I wanted to find out why Shinra stopped Funding for The Space Program and if they were going to start the program back up. I didn't plan on stealing THESE files, but when the alarms went off, I just grabbed what I could. I didn't know that I was getting myself into something THIS BIG." He answered.

"Hmm." Thought Tseng while he closed up The Document Folder.

"What's in those files anyway?" Rude asked.

"I don't really care. It's none of our concern." Reno answered.

"So… you'll… let me go right? I won't tell anyone, I swear." Terry pleaded.

"Well, we have two choices. We can either take you back to Shinra Headquarters alive, where you'll deal with President Shinra, or… we can just save you the trouble and kill you right now." Tseng answered. "Personally, I think that bringing you back to Shinra Headquarters, is to much of a hassle." Tseng continued. Tseng then gave Reno a nod. Reno nodded back and knocked Terry unconscious with his Rod.

They all walked to the doorway and turned around before leaving. Rude reached into his pocket and took out the matches.

"This place is wood, it should burn quickly, and look natural." Tseng stated.

Rude lit the match and through it on the wooden floor which quickly caught fire. The Turks watched, and soon the room was in a blaze. Tseng looked at the Top Secret Shinra Files one more time, and then through them into the fire. They watched for a second, while the Files were torched by the fire.

"Lets go" Tseng said.

The Turks walked out of the house and left it burning behind them, with Terry inside. They walked down the streets of Sector 2, with the satisfaction of a job well done. They hadn't eaten all day, and decided that collecting their payment, back at Shinra Headquarters, could wait for a bit. They entered the nearest Restaurant, and sat down at a booth. The waitress came by and took their orders, they all had the special.

"So, Tseng, did you get a look at what was inside those files?" Rude asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Reno interrupted.

"Well, we're getting paid 6,000 Gil each, it must have been something important." Rude answered.

"So, did you get a look?" Rude continued.

"I flipped through it." Tseng answered.

"What was inside?" Rude asked inquisitively.

Tseng looked to Reno, who hardly seemed interested in the conversation, and then to Rude. "I seriously don't see what the big deal was. It wasn't anything interesting." Tseng answered.

A slight smile came over Reno's face as he leaned back and shut his eyes for a moment.

After they ate, they headed to The Sector 2 Train Station, and got off at The Shinra Headquarters Building. This time, they didn't need to be accompanied by Palmer or Scarlet, they received limited clearance on all floors. They made their way to President Shinra's Office. When they arrived, he seemed pleased to see them. "Well?" President Shinra asked.

"It's taken care of." Tseng replied.

"Great!" President Shinra said. "Here's your pay." He said while handing them they're Gil. "So… uh… what'd you do?" He asked.

The 3 Turks all looked at each other, then looked back to President Shinra, and at the same time, the 3 Turks said "Our Job."

The End

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