Love and Life Notes

By Medina

Love and Life
Written By Sumi J. Seto (AKA Medina)
ca. April 1998 - March 10, 1999

Well, of all of the stories I never expected to finish... Really, I intended on trashing this thing around chapter six, but around 2 months ago I decided that I should try and finish it quickly. (If you notice, I tend to sum things up at a certain point more than my style usually permits) I wrote the last ten pages or so in one night -- tonight -- and I gave up considerable HW time. I am pleased with it, it turned out pretty much how I wanted it. But, I’m NEVER writing another straight FF7 fic again. Never. Thank you.
March 10, 1999

If you haven’t noticed, all of my chapter names are song names. (Which is why a few of them don’t make a lot of sense.)
Also... what music did I listen to while writing this? Well, I had my trusty MPEGs of RPG music, and I always have my Riverdance CD, my Dvorak, Holst, Mozart, and occasionally some Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Soundtrack to “Austin Powers”, Reel Big Fish, Steve Miller and Chicago. I really try not to listen to Pop or Vocal while writing, because I tend to sing along and get distracted, although the 2nd and 4th movements of the New World Symphony really catch me and “Mars” from The Planets. My favorite MPEGs for this are Ramza’s theme from FFT, Terra’s Theme from FF: Pray, One Winged Angel from FF7, (I sing along with the latin,) Jenova’s song, Aeris’ second theme, and the Sad Figaro song from FF6. If anyone can find me an MP3 or an MP2 of the song that’s played in the City of the Ancients, I would be so happy.
March 11, 1999


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