A Square Deal Chapter 3

Midnight Liaison

By Medina

Recap: Ok, here's the deal. Terra, Cyan, Clyde, Relm and Setzer have just arrived at Figaro Castle for the Remembrance Day festival. Edgar has been having disturbing visions, and he too has rediscovered magic.  


"Welcome dear friends, the King and his brother await you in the throne room," the Chancellor greeted them as they walked in through the front gate. They followed him to the throne room where Edgar and Sabin were waiting. They all greeted each other in an orderly fashion, then broke off into little groups, discussing matters and catching up about the past year. Terra had been chatting with Clyde again, then Sabin walked up to her to talk.

"Terra! How's it been in Mobilz?" he said cheerily.

"Hi, Sabin, it's been really calm there. Nature has replenished what Kefka killed, and the land is very fertile. The fields hardly ever need tending, and the fish are always biting... Actually, life is so calm I'd almost call it boring. There's no one really my age around there that isn't married, so I'm glad that I could come out and get to see you all," she glanced at Edgar, who was talking to Setzer. "Is Edgar alright? His eyes are red and cheeks look a bit sunken," she said with much concern.

"He's been having bad dreams, and he hasn't slept well in a couple weeks. He thinks there's some big evil out there, waiting to come out. I've been trying to tell him that there's nothing to worry about, but you know him, he never listens to his brother," Sabin smiled again; he knew something that would perk Edgar up exponentially, and he was about to send her over to him right now. "Why don't you go talk to him? I'm sure that he'd be happy to see you," Sabin could see that his brother had been trying to make his way over to Terra ever since they arrived.

"I think I will," she said, and pushed her way through the people to Edgar.

"Terra, nice to see you!" Edgar said to her, not showing as much enthusiasm as he really felt.

"Hi, Edgar. I saw you when I was talking to Sabin. He told me about the dreams; have you slept at all?"

"Last night was the first night in about four days. The only reason I could was because I didn't sleep long enough to get into the dreaming stage," he said as if it had been nothing. "I, um, really need to talk with you in private about something, and it does have a bit to do with this," Edgar and Terra heard the gates open again, and saw Strago, Locke and Celes walk in. "Why don't we finish this later?" he asked her quietly.

"I think that would be a good idea," Terra said with a warm smile. She patted him on the shoulder then moved on.

The rest of the crew arrived within the hour, the last to arrive was the mysterious Gogo. For the rest of the morning they chatted and such, and Terra spent much time with Edgar, which improved his disposition greatly. At around 10:00, they all gathered for brunch in the Great Hall.

"Dear friends," said Edgar from the head of the table, "Now that we are all here, I will go on in explaining the festivities. At twelve O' clock, the people of the world will arrive here at Figaro Castle. We are to have fun and games with the people until after the evening feast, which will be at five-thirty, on the dot; we will not wait for any lollygagers. If you miss dinner, at least make sure you show up for the next event. Afterwards we are to remember the times when the empire ruled, and the people have planned to put on a drama of our adventure. So, feel free to mingle around with all of the guests. Right now a servant will come and lead you to you perspective rooms. So, from all of us here at Figaro Castle, a great day today," he finished, dismissing them all.

They all helped with the last preparations Edgar was very tired, so he ended up falling asleep on one of the couches, only to be awakened by Relm.

"Hey, Lover-boy, why are you slacking off?" the impertinent girl asked him. Edgar opened an eye and glanced at the girl standing over him.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you, blondie. Everyone is working hard, and you're over here dozing on your tush," the said, crossing her arms. Edgar smiled; he knew how to deal with her.

"Please, forgive me, my lady," he said, standing up. He took her hand, "I was rather tired, but it truly wasn't fair of me to relax on the job, especially when we have such delicate flowers like you helping out," he bowed and gave her hand a kiss. "By your leave?"

Relm was dumbfounded, and nodded. Edgar flashed his classic smile and took off back to the festival grounds. Relm remained there for a while, then plopped down on to the couch that Edgar had been sitting on, and fanned her face with her hand.

"He's sooo hot..." she said, barely believing what had happened.

The day was fun with carnival rides, games, prizes, booths and other matters of fun. By that evening, they had all gathered in the great hall, and the members of the Honored Party sat at the center table. Edgar sat at the head of the table, though he would have rather been in the middle by Terra, and Sabin was at the foot. Cyan had sat himself by Terra, and she once again got that feeling that he was subtly coming on to her.

"Why would he? He's old enough to be my father.. He's let go of his old family, but if he did go for someone, he would pick someone with more maturity, wouldn't he?" she thought to herself. "Anyway, if he really did love me, it would be an honor. Any woman would be lucky to have such a loyal trustworthy man loving her. But, I don't think I could ever be with him. Not, since I have such feelings for someone else," she gazed down at Edgar, who was sitting in his chair, not eating much, looking thoroughly bored. For a moment their eyes locked, then something happened that Terra had never see Edgar do: he blushed, and looked away. She grinned. "Can what I feel for you truly be what I think it is?" she said out loud.

"Did you say something?" Cyan asked her.

Terra quickly broke out of her gazing trance. "No, no... just reminding myself about something," she said quickly.

That evening, after the people had left the castle, all of the heroes retired to their rooms for the night.


  -Clyde and Relm's room-  

"Dad, when you told Terra that you were originally from South Figaro, were you telling the truth?" Relm asked, sitting herself down on her bed.

"Yes I was. Why would I lie about that?" he said to her, while opening his pack.

"Then, did your parents live there with you?"

"Yes, they did. I think that I have mentioned them to you a few times," he said to her again, seeming be a bit preoccupied.

"Are they still living there?"

"Yes.. Where is this conversation leading?" he asked his daughter, finally turning to her from his unpacking.

"I was wondering, since we're so close to South Figaro..."

"Could we go and see them," he finished her sentence and did a half-smile. "I haven't had any contact with them for years. I'm not sure they would even want to see me," he looked at Relm. She had such a disappointed look, and he knew he was going to have to do it one of these days or regret it for the rest of his life. Why is it that some things that should be so easy for such a person turns out to be the hardest? "Alright. We'll go and see them. I'm sure they'd love to meet their granddaughter," Relm went and hugged him.

He sat down, and she hopped on his lap; she had often done this when she was smaller, and she still liked to, though she was thirteen now, and five-foot-six-inches tall. Clyde wrapped his strong arms around her and she curled up like a little child.

"Dad, it's been such a good year. Before that, when I met you as Shadow, I was sure almost right away that you were my dad. I'm glad that I was right," she said, looking up at him.

"I'm glad that you knew that. I could hardly stay in Thamasa for any length of time or I'd blow my cover. I wanted to take that mask off and stay in Thamasa to keep you safe. But I knew I'd be doing you more good if I left you alone, at least until I could get myself straightened out. And, after we all saved the world together, I had a feeling I had it straight."

"And that's when you told me who you were. -sigh- I wish Mom and C.J. were still here, then we'd be a normal family... er, at least semi-normal," she relaxed her head again on his chest.

"I do too Relm, I do too..."  


-Strago's room-  

Strago Magus walked to the window in the room.

"My life has been so dull now. With Relm gone off with her father now, I've had no one to look after. The Hidon is gone now, so I have nothing to hunt. The world has not much left to do for an adventurous old man like me. Maybe I should just go and buy a small skiff and hunt the great Marlin and other fish. Nah, that's been done already. Oh well, maybe it will come to me in my sleep." He thought to himself as he headed for bed.  


-Locke's room-  

"Oh Locke, I can hardly wait until we're married," she said to Locke as she gently kissed his neck. He began to respond, but turned away suddenly. "What's wrong?" Celes asked.

"This all reminds me of the last time I had made a commitment like this. It was with Rachel, and not long after that I lost her. Celes, I'm afraid I'll lose you too!" he said, holding her at an arm's length and gazing into her steely-blue eyes.

"I understand. Locke, I'll never leave you. Never," she leaned against his chest securely.

"You have so much confidence. She did too. But, I trust you will not put yourself in any unnescisarry danger, and I will never make the mistake putting you in danger."

They embraced again, and sat on a couch where they both fell asleep in each other's arms.  


-Gogo's room-  

The illicit character, Gogo took a look out of his window into the black night sky. He felt the presence of Mana all around him. He smiled under his shrouds.  


-Setzer's room-  

"Darryl, this would have been a night we would have flown so high, we could have touched the moon." He sighed drearily. "The last sight I saw of your beautiful face was before you took to flying so high. It's been so long... and so many people have someone to love. When will my gamble with love pay off?," he said, pulling back a purple curtain to gaze at the stars.  


-Cyan's room-  

Cyan Garamonde twirled his moustache in a distinguished manner as he went over his plans for the next morning.

"Ahh, dear Terra. For the entire year hath I held mine self from thee. I hath decided to move on with mine life, and though for mine wife I shall forever have love, she is gone. I hath been subtly wooing thee, and 'tis fine time that I did confess.. mine love," he picked up a rosebud from a vase. "This delicate rose doth not even contend the beauty that is Terra. Tomorrow morning shalt I tell her, when she awaketh," he smelled the rose and smiled.  


-Terra's room-  

"It's cold here up north; I should have packed warmer night clothes," she said, as she sat on her bed, her teeth chattering. "I need some air; this room is too cramped," she pulled her silk robe over her sheer night clothes. "Why must I always buy silk? It's cold when it's cold, and it's hot when it's hot," she proceeded out into the main hall, and spied the stairway to the roof, from where tiptoed up to the tower.

"It's bitter cold... Oh, yeah, magic. To think that a little thing like my feelings for someone would block out all concern for the big issue," she cast a fire spell around her that burned around her like a ghostly aura, a spell she had learned when she first was in Mobilz. It had helped the little children in the cold nights; It did not burn like true fire, but it was warm like a blanket. She called it 'Spirit Fire' which was a very fitting name. She stood on the top of the tower, the wind in her hair, the spirit fire glowing around her.

"What do I know of this sort of love?" she thought. "I know now the love of a child, of a kind of family and friends. But, what if I am all wrong about what I am experiencing, and, what if he does not feel the same for me..."  


-Edgar's room-  

He found that he was having a hard time going to sleep, even though he was incredibly tired. He had so much on his mind.

"I never thought she would affect me that much..." he looked at the picture of Terra that he kept on his nightstand and traced the contours of her face. "I felt so jealous when Cyan was coming on to her. I can tell when someone does that: It takes one to know one. I know than this is more than a mere infatuation of the body, like I normally have... she's the only girl who's ever made me blush. I really care about her, and I know now that its really love this time. Hmph... she'll probably turn me down, thinking it's just another come-on. Damn me," he got up and stretched a bit, his handsomely muscular upper body rippling with the movement, his back showing, for he only wore a pair of long flannel trousers when he slept. He needed to think, somewhere he could get his mind off of Terra.

"I know! The tower," he threw on a loose shirt and ran outside. It was cold out, but he had magic. He walked up the stairs, and emerged facing the west.

He gazed out the vast amount of stars in the sky and felt the wind on his chest. He turned, and saw Terra standing there, facing the east. She startled him at first, with her spirit fire surrounding her; her silken robe and her long, green hair flowed in time with the wind, as if they were a pair of lovers locked in an unknown dance.

"Agh!?" he yelped, surprising Terra in turn.

"Edgar! W-what are you doing up here?" she said to him, looking about, then slowly walking closer to him, but not too close.

"Oh, it's you, Terra. I thought you were a ghost... You discovered your magic too?"

"You mean.. You did too?" she said, her lavender eyes widening.

"Yes! That's what I wanted to talk to you about earlier," he stepped closer to her.

"How much do you remember?"

"About up to medium lightning. You?"

"I'm up to cure three," they both stopped for a moment. "Were we the only ones to discover this?"

"I don't know," he looked out to the stars again.

Terra hesitated to speak. "Edgar, I, um, could I ask your opinion about something?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything," he said, though he wanted to hear only one thing from her.

"If you had some really strong feelings for someone, and you were pretty sure that it was love... but you weren't quite sure if they would requite, but they are really good friends with you, what would you do?" she said a bit wryly.

"I take it this is a personal matter?" he said, suspecting something.

"Yes, I guess it is."

"Ok," in his mind he was hoping that she was referring to him, but he remembered someone else who had been eying her as well, and to him it seemed that the other had more points scored. "How deep do you think these feelings are?"

"Well, I'm not well educated on this sort of love, but marriage has crossed my mind a few times," she looked into Edgar's electric blue eyes. She was a bit worried, because he looked worried. Was he catching on? And worse, did he not have any feelings of that sort for her?

Edgar nearly choked. "Marriage?" he said with his voice quivering. He felt a little angry now; he didn't deserve to be jerked around this much. "Well, I think that you should tell him right away, so that if he doesn't love you, you can get on with your life without another minute dwelling on it," he said quickly. Yes, Edgar, maybe you should take your own advice before it's too late.

"Thanks, Edgar," she said, and noticed his forlorn look. "Edgar, do you know of whom I am speaking?"

"I think I do."

"Oh. I'm going to tell him right now, and take your advice," she said softly.

He just couldn't keep a bit of cynicism in. "If you go and look for him now, you might catch him before he goes to sleep, because I've found that he's a very grumpy if you wake him before morning."

"What are you talking about?" she asked, now very confused.

"And you're going to act like you don't know anything about Cyan? Sheesh..." he said grumpily.

Terra could have laughed herself silly! So that was why he seemed so uneasy! "Cyan? No way! He's not my type," she walked closer. "My type are blond kings with a knack for tools and whenever they flex their back muscles in a special way, I just feel like melting," she said with more confidence than she thought that she could have.

"If that's what you like... Wait a moment....!" he looked at her, dumbfounded.

"Pooh. I knew you didn't feel the same way..." she pouted.

"Oh, no no no! Terra, I've felt that way about you for so long! Since the moment I met you, there was just something special," he smiled a bigger smile than ever.

"So what I felt was love? Real love?" she said, brightening.

"If it's like what I feel, It must be, or we're both fooling ourselves," he put his arms around her. "Terra, this is just as I imagined it, and better. The scent of your hair, your warmth. You're softer than I thought you'd be," he said with his trademark smile.

"You as well. I've been thinking about you all year, waiting for this moment. It's perfect, but now what do we do?" she said, looking up at him.

"Come here and I'll tell you," he said leaning over. Terra leaned as well, but when she did, he grabbed her and they kissed.

"I have an idea as well!" Terra said when they parted.

"Do tell," Edgar said playfully, and they kissed again.

They continued kissing until the wind really began to kick up. They fled down the stairs, and were about to part to their rooms.

"Wait, the night is cold. Would you like some company?" he said.

"Uh, Edgar, I wouldn't know the first thing to do..." she said, though tempted.

"I don't mean it that way. For once, I want to wait. They say the best things are better if anticipated. But if you are cold, I have a big bed. Let's just get warm, how about that?" he said, extending a hand.

"That sounds great," she said, accepting.

They continued on to his room together, stealing a kiss from the other every now and again. They both pulled up the sheets over each other, and fell asleep in happy company. Terra was warm and safe, while Edgar found a remedy to his bad dreams, for he slept happily, and with good dreams that night.


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