Chrono Trigger: Timeless Angels Part 1

Summons of the Magi

By Mefathiel

In the far reaches of the universe resides the planet Pyros, home to the planet-parasites called the Pyrosians. The Pyrosians migrate from their home world and burrow into the cores of other planets, resting in dormancy and gaining their strength after the long journey. Once a Pyrosian has reached adequate strength, they return to the surface and devastate the planet, having used up all that planet’s life energy.

The super-being dubbed Lavos is an example of one of these Pyrosians. Having smashed into the Earth during its prehistory, Lavos lied dormant for millions of years, emerging in the year AD 1999. Showering the planet with fireballs, Lavos destroyed the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem, plunging it into another Ice Age, a world of ruin.

But a group of warriors from all across the times of the Earth managed to stop Lavos, averting disaster and saving the future. These warriors were led by a young man known only as Crono, a teenager from the year AD 1000. After destroying Lavos, Crono and his band of time travelers thought that the worst was over. They were wrong.

The teenagers never assumed that there were others like Lavos. And they never thought that specters of their past would come back to haunt them..


AD 605, on an island northwest of the continent Choras:

The fort lay in ruins, having fallen into disrepair after being abandoned so many years ago. A stout figure cloaked in white approached and sneezed in the rain. A green, clawed hand brushed against the nose-less face. "Those brats," the figure muttered. "I’ll get them back."

A scaly green tail fell from under the cloak, dragging along the ground as the figure walked up to the door and pushed it open. The disturbance threw up a cloud of dust. The figure sneezed again. "Curse these allergies," he said as he wiped his face again.

The cloaked figure walked up the grand staircase and to the back room, studying the statues and figurines, having always been on his guard since that day five years ago. Another set of stairs, and the figure shoved open another door, revealing a throne room strewn in rubble.

He unwrapped himself, allowing the large, elfin ears flip up on his head. A scowl crept across his face, turning into an evil smile. With a cheer, the Mystic threw his hands into the air. "Ozzie’s back, baby!"


AD 1002, the continent of Guardia:

The sun rose over the horizon, shedding light upon everything. Truce Village started waking up as the twin Nadia and Leene Bells rang across the land from the square north of the village. Crono yawned and stretched his arms, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and getting out of the bed. His cat brushed up against his leg and purred. Crono smiled and stooped over to pick it up.

Suddenly, a boom rocked the village. The cat got startled and started flailing frantically. Crono let it down, not too happy with the scratches he’d received. In an all but happy manner, he went to the window and opened it, almost shattering the glass. He stuck his head out and looked around.

"What the heck was that?" he wondered. "The only thing that ever made a sound like that was the Epoch, but that was destroyed when we rammed Lavos…"

A thought crossed his mind, and an excited smile appeared on his face. "Unless Lucca somehow managed to rebuild it!"

Crono was so excited when he ran down the stairs that he almost tripped and fell down to the ground floor. Before his mother could even ask, Crono was out the door and running down the street to the bridge that led to his best friend’s house. Just as he got to the bridge, another boom shook the village, and Crono was thrown into the water below.

Soaked and more than annoyed, Crono bobbed up in the river and squirted a stream of water from his mouth. As he picked a fish from his wild red hair, a hand reached down in front of him. Crono looked up and saw Lucca above him on the bridge, smiling. He reached up and took her hand, climbing up onto the bridge.

"Thanks," he said, wringing his clothes out.

"No problem," Lucca replied, adjusting her glasses.

Crono wiped the water from his face and looked at Lucca. "Did you hear those booms?"

Lucca nodded. "Of course; I’m the one who caused them."

Crono looked away with a leery expression on his face. I should’ve figured, he thought. Lucca stepped aside and proudly showed off her new motorbike. Crono looked at it was a confused expression on his face. "Uh, what is it?"

With a big smile on her face, Lucca flipped open a panel, revealing the all too familiar clock. Crono’s eyes bugged out as he unsuccessfully tried to disguise his shock. "It’s the Time Gauge!" he declared. "But how?"

"I used the Telepod to go back to 1999 after we defeated Lavos so I could retrieve some of the materials used to build the Epoch," she explained carefully. "Of course, I had to fashion some of the pieces from scratch because they didn’t survive, like the Eon Flux Capacitor, but the basic component design is still the same. I give you: the Epoch Time Bike!"

Crono lowered to his knees and inspected the Time Bike. "Wow, this is so cool."

"I know!" Lucca said, her personality becoming as effervescent as Alka-seltzer in water. "And the best part is it gives the Gate Key a new use! That’s what I fashioned the Eon Flux Capacitor from."

She opened a panel under the seat and revealed the unit that allowed the vehicle to travel through time. A field of electric energy surrounded the Gate Key, protecting it from any damage. Crono ran his hand across the bike and smiled.

"Man, it must’ve taken you a long time to make this."

"Tell me about it," Lucca sighed.

A frown appeared on her face and she withdrew into her own world. It took me two years to build this thing. Now I’m broke, and tired, and behind on all my other projects!

Crono waved his hand in front of Lucca’s face. "Hello? Are you okay, Lucca?" he asked.

Lucca shook her head, snapping back into reality. "Huh? What’d you say?"

"Is there anything wrong?" Crono asked.

Lucca smiled, trying to hide her dismay at the prolixity of the project she’d finished. "Perfectly fine," she said. "Just great."

"Well, is there any reason you did this?"

"Well…" Lucca failed to continue, not wanting to say what was really going through her mind. She looked away and frowned, closing her eyes. "Not really."

A lie. Not even a believable one. Even a person who didn’t know Lucca wouldn’t believe such an excuse. Crono rested his hands on his hips and stared at his best friend, hoping his gaze would shatter the barrier she’d put up.

"Come on, Lucca, you can tell me. I’m practically your brother, and—"

"But you aren’t him!" Lucca shouted.

Crono was taken aback by her abruptness. As she’d twisted her neck to snap at him, Crono noticed tear drops had been flung from her eyes. They stood there, the awkwardness setting in. Lucca clutched her hands to her chest, unable to look Crono in the eye. She turned and ran across the bridge to her house. Crono only watched her go, not knowing what he could do.

He scratched his head in bewilderment. "Girls are weird," he commented.

"Hey, I resent that!" came a voice from behind him.

Crono turned and found himself facing Princess Nadia of Guardia. "Marle!" he exclaimed. His face turned a shade of crimson as he struggled to make up for what he’d said. "I, uh…what I really meant to say was…um…oh jeez."

Frustrated and speechless, Crono started fiddling with the bandanna around his neck. Marle patted his shoulder. "That’s okay, I think the same way about guys," she reassured him.

Crono sighed with relief and smiled. "So what brings you to Truce Village, hmm? It’s not every day that royalty comes down from the palace."

"I wanted to find out what was going on," Marle said, "especially with those weird booms."

"Oh, those?" Crono asked. He motioned to the motorbike behind him. "This is the culprit: Lucca’s newest invention."

Marle threw her hands up in front of her face, fearing injury. Crono laughed. "No, no; this one isn’t going to explode."

"Are you sure?"

Crono looked at it and stepped back so he was behind Marle. He peered over her shoulder. "You’re probably right."

Marle screamed at him and pushed Crono in front of her. "You stupid boy, I’m the princess! You’re supposed to protect me, not the other way around!"

Crono scratched his head and smiled. "Uh, yeah, that’s right. Sorry. Anyway, this thing is pretty cool. It’s the Epoch Time Bike."

"Epoch Time Bike? You mean Lucca spent the past two years inventing another time machine?" Marle inquired.

Crono crossed his arms and nodded. "Yep, that’s right!"

Marle jumped in the air. "Let’s take it for a spin! I wanna see how the others are doing!"

They jumped onto the Time Bike excitedly, but Marle became a little worried when nothing happened. "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"I, uh, don’t know how to start it," Crono said.

"You idiot!" Marle declared, pushing Crono behind her. "Don’t you know how to do anything right?!"

Marle looked down at the control panel and pressed the big green button marked START. The engine revved to life, and the Time Bike took off down the dirt road, creating another sonic boom as it broke through the time barrier.


Lucca sat in her room, staring out the window with a sad, yet vacant look on her face. She’d watched Crono and Marle take off on the Epoch, searching for adventure like they had two years prior, but she didn’t care. Lucca had more important matters to think about. Namely, thinking about why she’d put so much time and effort into creating that Time Bike. A sigh escaped from her lips. She turned to her desk and stared at the photo of her when she was only three years old.


The word escaped from her lips sadly as she breathed them.

"Zephon," she repeated, playing with the word as if it were a verbal toy.

Still staring at the photo, her gaze shifted from herself to the boy standing next to her. The same height, the same age, the same everything aside from gender. "Zephon," she said yet again.

That was the reason she’d created the Epoch Time Bike in the first place. She needed to find him. To find Zephon. She still remembered that fateful day from twelve years ago. The day Zephon disappeared.

She and her twin brother had been playing tag in Guardia Forest when they ran into a clearing. It had been cloudy all day, foretelling a violent storm was ahead. The twins had disobeyed their mother and gone outside to play anyway. They never thought they’d regret not listening to Lara.

As Lucca and Zephon had reached the clearing, the storm started. Rain crashed down upon them in big droplets. They ran for shelter under a tree, going against all their common sense. A lightning bolt pierced the sky, striking the tree next to them. The thunderclap was deafening, and they twins clutched each other, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Lightning pierced the sky again. Both twins screamed as Zephon was hit head on. He pushed Lucca away, still screaming. Another lightning bolt struck, hitting the first one. Energy started arcing through the clearing, creating a disturbance in the time/space continuum. Lucca cowered in fear as she watched her brother pulled into what she now knew as a Gate. The Gate closed as soon as he was through it, leaving Lucca alone under the tree.

She got up and ran home, crying to her mother about how Zephon had disappeared. But neither Lara nor Taban knew who she was talking about. It was as if Zephon had disappeared from existence, having never existed in the first place.

Lucca continued staring at the photo. But she’d watched him disappear. Maybe that’s why he hadn’t been wiped from her memory. Ever since that day, Lucca knew that she had to find Zephon and bring him back, if he wasn’t already dead. When she and her friends had first unlocked the secret to time travel, Lucca saw this as a chance to search for her long lost twin brother.

But the others could never know about it. They would think she was crazy, wasting their time searching for someone who was probably already dead. So she kept her agenda a secret, waiting for the right time to initiate her plans. With the invention of her Epoch Time Bike, those plans could be realized. She would be free to search any and every time period he could’ve ended up in.

It was now time for her dream to be realized.


The End of Time:

Magi Gaspar was snapped from his sleep, having sensed a disturbance in space/time. He tipped his hat up and shifted his gaze across the eons, searching for when and whence it came. Gaspar frowned and pulled the bowler down over his eyes again. "This is not good. Not good at all. I believe it’s time for the Magi to come together one last time, and for the seal to be broken…"


AD 605, near the orbit of Neptune:

A spiky meteor shot through the Sol System in search of a life-sustaining world. The Pyrosian searched all nine planets in the system, finding the third was the only inhabitable one. But this planet had already been infested by a Pyrosian. No matter; this new one would simply find another way to cultivate the energies of time and space.


Ozzie stood in his throne room, thinking of ways to exact his revenge on the teenagers of the Chrono Trigger Team. "What could I do?" he asked. "With Slash and Flea gone, I have no army to follow me. The Mystics deserted to the island west of here after I disappeared. If only Sir Magus were here, he could think of a plan for me."

He snapped his fingers, having come up with an idea. "That’s it! I shall revive Sir Magus! But how?…"


The End of Time:

Gaspar shook his head again. "No, this is all happening too fast. There’s no time to allow history pass naturally. I know this goes against everything I stand for, but I must take charge. The Chrono Trigger Team must be brought together again now!"

With a wave of his hand, every Gate in existence opened up again. Moments later, all six members of the team walked through the gate to The End of Time’s main platform, and the new Epoch Time Bike appeared at the docking platform. Everyone was confused, as indicated by the murmuring.

"Silence," Magi Gaspar requested. "I brought you here for a very good reason. Time is in danger again. A being like Lavos is approaching the Earth, and at the same time, Ozzie has returned."

"Lavos?" Ayla asked.

"Ozzie?!" Glenn declared.

"Yes. I know I mustn’t tell you this, but it is crucial in this time of crisis. This being, known as Magmas, is going to team up with Ozzie and resurrect the wizard Magus."

Everyone gasped in shock. "But what can we do?" Lucca asked.

"There is no way we can defeat Magmas, Ozzie and Magus combined," Crono said, "not the way we are now. Especially if this Magmas is anything like Lavos was."

"I am afraid Magmas is much more powerful than Lavos was," Gaspar said gravely. "You are going to have to travel through time and find five new warriors. You can find four throughout the epochs here on earth, two of which I shall open to you when the time comes. But to find the fifth, you must resort to a celestial solution."

Gaspar tipped his hat and started walking toward the Gate room. "Wait, where are you going?" Marle asked.

"I must reunite the Three Magi," Gaspar explained, "the Gurus of Life, Time, and Wisdom. When you have finished finding the other members, come meet us in the Magic Kingdom, at the Shrine."

"Magic Kingdom? Shrine? What doth it all mean?" Glenn inquired.

Gaspar waved away the question and disappeared into a Gate. "Information collected," Robo said. "Any inquiry pertaining to the events that just transpired will result in a playback of the conversation recorded."

"No need for it," Crono said. "We’ll split into three teams. Marle and me, Lucca and Robo, and Glenn and Ayla. Once each group has found one other member, meet back here so we can find the last two. Got it?"

Everyone nodded. "Good. Marle and I have 1999 and 2300 AD; Robo and Lucca, you take 1000 and 600 AD; Glenn and Ayla, finish up with 12,000 and 65 mill. BC. Let’s go!"

They all nodded again and went off to their separate eras, ready to search for whoever could help them. Lucca turned on her heels and shouted "Wait!"

"What is it?" Crono asked.

Lucca pulled a of familiar stick out of her pouch and threw it to Glenn. "I figured something like this would happen, so I made another Gate Key from the original."

"But how do we get back from our times?" Crono asked.

"You will, just trust me," Lucca said.

"Enough waiting," Ayla said. "We go find new friends now! Not much time!"

With this in mind, the entire team split up and made their time jumps.


AD 1999, after Lavos has been destroyed:

The Gate opened and out came Crono and Marle. As the Gate closed, they jumped at the sonic boom. Crono turned around and saw Lucca and Robo pull up on the Epoch. "Lucca, what are you doing here?" Marle asked.

"Yeah, I thought I told you two to search 1000 and 600 AD," Crono reminded her.

Lucca pulled off her helmet and stared Crono straight in the eyes. "I have business to be here. Would you mind switching eras with us? Please, Crono, it would really mean a lot to me."

When Crono saw the look of determination in Lucca’s eyes, he had to consent. "Fine," he said, nodding. "We’ll go straight to AD 600, then. But we get the Epoch."

Lucca nodded, handing the vehicle over to him. He turned to Marle, who smiled at him. "That was really sweet," she said.

"Oh shut up," Crono said, stepping through the now open Gate.

Lucca giggled and looked back at Robo. "You’re sure he’s here?"

"Affirmative," Robo said. "DNA scan shows it is a 90% match to yours."

"Zephon, here I come," she said.


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