Chrono Trigger: Timeless Angels Part 12

The Beginning of the End

By Mefathiel

In AD 1002, Crono’s mother sat down at the dinner table and looked out the window, thinking about her son and what he could be doing. "I hope Crono is all right," she said.

Suddenly, the sky grew dark. She got up and went to the window. When Crono’s mother looked to the sky, she witnessed something that hadn’t happened in a long time: a solar eclipse. Somewhere in the distance, crows started cawing loudly, and cherry blossoms started falling from the trees. She looked up again, only to see a falling star…


The Beginning of Time, Ozzie Island:

Robo stood up and looked around. "My chronometer reports that this is indeed the Beginning of Time," he reported. "The energy levels here equal to the combined energies of every previously encountered time period, and more!"

"You can really feel it," Lucca said as she adjusted her glasses from the trip.

"I’m starting to get a headache," Tata complained.

"Look, there’s the fortress," Marle said, pointing to the small building at the top of a mountain.

Glenn looked around, taking in the scenery. "This is supposed to be the island Fiend Ozzie’s castle rested upon in 605 AD?" he asked. "There hath been many changes since we saw it last."

Cyrus drew the Sword of the Archangel Michael. "Let us journey forth," he said, "toward the fortress. Tis our destiny."

Everyone nodded and started the trek up the mountain to the fortress.


"Ozzie, your failure displeases me," Magmas said to the green Mystic. "You were supposed to destroy those teenagers. What angers me even more is the fact that you didn’t close the Gate! Now the time travelers are here, and I cannot allow that!"

The Pyrosian raised a flaming hand and approached Ozzie. "The time of your punishment is at hand," he growled.

"No, wait!" Ozzie pled. "Please, give me another chance!"

"Ozzie, I no longer have any use for you. I am here at the Beginning of Time, and that is all I needed you for."

Before Magmas could connect with Ozzie, Magus stepped in the way. "Give Ozzie another chance," he said, "before I am forced to destroy you."

"Fool, you—who couldn’t even defeat Lavos—think you can touch me?"

Magus held his scythe to the Pyrosian’s neck. "Back away."

Magmas backed away from Magus and Ozzie. "Very well. Ozzie, you have one more chance. Consider yourself lucky that the spell you put on the wizard is still keeping him in your control."

Ozzie smiled darkly. "Yes, I suppose I am," he cackled. "Now, to rectify my mistake, I will destroy those children before they can even reach the palace. Magus, send out my strongest guards, the Archangels of Punishment."

Magus nodded and ran off to call the warriors Ozzie requested. Magmas would have smiled if he could. "Ozzie, perhaps you are more useful than you seem. You have access to some of time’s most powerful warriors. Now if you could only have them do something useful…" The Pyrosian trailed off, and Ozzie fumed.

"My plans have worked before!"

"Yes, and then they suddenly backfired when the Chrono Trigger Team arrived."

Ozzie scowled. "Oh, once my guards are done, there won’t be anything left of the Chrono Trigger Team…"


"Uh oh," Schala murmured, "looks like we’ve got trouble."

Everyone started looking to where she was pointing and saw a group of five warriors heading toward them. Zephon squinted his eyes to get a better look. "I can’t quite make them out," he said.

"Who do you think they could be?" Natan asked.

"An un-welcoming committee," Cyrus replied. "Likely sent by Ozzie to stop us from reaching his fortress."

Lucca adjusted her sight scope and directed it at the small group. Suddenly, sparks started flying from the helmet, and she pulled it off immediately, her violet-tinted hair spilling down her back. "Their readings are so powerful that they shorted out the sight scope!" she exclaimed, picking up the fried accessory.

"Wow Lucca, your hair has really grown in the past two years," Crono remarked. "You look so… beautiful…"

Lucca blushed, and Marle frowned. "Let’s not forget why we’re here, Crono," she reminded him. "We have to stop Magmas, Ozzie and Magus, not ogle our friends."

Tata looked at the oncoming warriors. "If they shorted out that device, they must be super-powerful," he said.

Zephon squinted again. "Schala, Natan, Cyrus, Tata, can you sense their energy?" he asked.

"Yes," Schala said. "I know I’ve sensed something like this before, yet it seems like the pattern is different."

"I remember it!" Tata exclaimed. "It’s just like the energy from when I fell off of Mount Denadoro!"

Every one of the Timeless Angels gasped. "Then that means—"

"They art angels," Cyrus said.

"Angels?" Glenn asked. "Doth thou mean to tell me that we shalt be fighting angels?"

"Not just any ordinary angels," Spekkio said. "These are the Five Archangels of Punishment."

"How do you know?" Marle asked.

"Because they’re the only angels who would ever serve Ozzie. Not even fallen angels would stoop so low."

Everyone drew their weapons. "How we attack them?" Ayla asked.

"You six go on with Spekkio while we fight," Natan said.

Crono looked back at the Timeless Angels. "But—" Before he was finished, he was cut off by Schala.

"Trust us," she said, "we won’t fail."

"Yeah," Tata agreed. "We’ll rejoin you guys in the throne room when we’re done mopping the floor with these angels."

Lucca looked at Zephon. "You be careful," she said. "I don’t need to lose you again, not now."

Zephon smiled at his twin sister. "Don’t worry about us, we’ve got the angels on our side. The cherubs will guide us."

Despite his confidence, Zephon and Lucca were still worried because of what they had seen in the time stream. The Archangels of Punishment descended upon the group of time travelers. Lucca and Zephon exchanged one last glance before the Chrono Trigger Team started running up the mountainside while the Timeless Angels readied their weapons.

"I hope they’ll be all right," Marle said.

"Marle not worry!" Ayla said. "Timeless Angels strong fighters! They no lose to evil angels!"

A scream from Tata pierced the air, causing everyone to turn around. They saw him struggling against one of the dark angels, his arm bleeding profusely. Marle wanted to run back, but Crono and Glenn held her in place. "No, they said to go on," Crono said.

"Yes, they said that they would meet us again in the throne room," Glenn reminded her. "We must go on, for the sake of our friends and all of time."

Marle turned and continued walking. Lucca stood where she was and looked down at the battle that had started below. Her eyes filled with sadness. "Goodbye, Zephon," she murmured, blinking away the tears that had started forming.

"Ms. Lucca, please," Robo said, "we must hurry."

Lucca nodded and walked faster to catch up with the others.


Schala erected a Zeal Shield and started gathering magic for another attack when the angel she was fighting cut through it with his own staff. Schala held out the Staff of the Magi to deflect the attack, and energy arced through the air as the weapons connected. "Who are you?" she demanded.

"My name is Af," the angel said, "angel of anger. Tell me Matariel, why have you fused yourself with the soul of this mortal?"

"Because it was my destiny." Schala was surprised as she said this, because the voice that spoke was not hers, but the voice of her guardian angel. "I would rather become part of a mortal than fight for the causes you five have chosen."

The staff in Schala’s hands started glowing and crackling with energy, and Af was thrown back, his own staff shattering.

Tata held his arm with one hand while trying to fend of his enemy Archangel of Punishment. "Boy, how is it that you’ve managed to merge your soul with an angel?" the angel demanded. "You don’t seem worthy of it."

"Because my heart is pure and my soul is strong!" Tata declared, swinging his sword with both hands for more power, despite the pain he inflicted on his arm. "I will never let myself be corrupted by evil like you’ve been!"

"I, Mashhit, will not let myself be beaten by a small child."

Tata scowled, and suddenly started talking in a voice that was not his own. "Mashhit, I am more than a small child. I am the Warrior of Light, protector of Dorino, and the person who will kill you!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, swinging his sword mightily. The blade became infused with energy, and Mashhit was thrown down.

Natan leapt through the air and pulled the rapier from his scabbard. Holding both the whip and the sword, he advanced on his enemy angel. "You, fiend, will not defeat me!" Natan shouted.

"Sachluph, you speak confidently, but your eyes reveal the underlying fear you truly feel," the angel said.

"You are also afraid, Meshabber," Natan said in a voice that wasn’t his own. "Your voice wavers as you speak to me. Could it be that you’re afraid of an elf?"

Natan swung the whip and caught Meshabber in the side. The angel looked down to see a cut just beneath his ribs. "I knew a mortal body would not be fitting for me."

The five Timeless Angels gathered together and were surrounded by the five Archangels of Punishment. "What do we do now?" Tata asked.

"There be only one thing we can do at a time like this," Cyrus said. "We attack, and we kill."

"How are we supposed to kill angels?" Zephon asked.

"They have mortal bodies, much like ours," Natan replied.

"Then we attack with our most powerful magic and skills," Schala said. "Zeal Rainbow!"

"Pearl Blast!" Tata shouted.

"Bloom Ultimate!" Natan proclaimed.

"Final Flare!" Zephon bellowed.

"Eclipse Slash!" Cyrus declared.

Rainbow light washed over the battlefield, followed by a column of light shooting up through the ground. Pearls rained down on the ten warriors. A large flower burst out of the ground and opened its petals, causing a big green explosion. Red energy started gathering at the center of the explosion, creating a huge fireball and causing another explosion. Cyrus jumped into the explosion and swung his blade in a circle, creating a black disk of energy.


"What the—" Crono cut himself short as he turned and saw the huge explosion fading away. Everyone gasped at the huge crater it left behind in the mountainside. "Oh my God, the Timeless Angels…"

Lucca watched as the last of the energy from the explosion disappeared, and tears formed in her eyes again. Glenn stepped forward and lowered his head. "Cyrus, tis a terrible thing to have lost thee again," he said, gripping the sword hilt at his belt. "But thou didst not die in vain. We shall succeed, and this battle will be dedicated to the memory of thee and thy compatriots, the Timeless Angels."

"Don’t speak of them like they’re dead," Lucca said sadly, trying to keep her voice from cracking under the strain. "They—they—" She couldn’t finished as she collapsed into Glenn’s arms, crying uncontrollably. "Oh Zephon, I finally found you, only to lose you again!"

"Please, Lucca, doth not allow thine sadness to control thee. Zephon shall always be with thee, just as Cyrus will always be with me."

"Glenn right," Ayla said. "Lucca no need be sad. Lucca be strong, like brother!"

Lucca wiped her tears away and nodded. "Yeah," she said, shuddering with the aftershock. "You guys are right. And who knows, maybe Rempha will have another trigger we could use to get them all back?"

"While I admire your optimism, I am sorry to say that something like that could never happen," Spekkio said. "Rempha doesn’t specialize in triggers like that. The Chrono Trigger died with Gaspar."

Lucca frowned again, but she clenched her fist in determination. "I don’t care. No matter what happens here, I will get Zephon back! It happened before, and it can happen again!" She pulled out a locket and opened it, revealing a small picture of her and her twin brother. "Zephon, I will find you again. But first, I’ll destroy the people who did this to you." She put away the locket and pulled out the Wonder Shot. "Magmas, Ozzie and Magus, I will kill you!"

Her voice, filled with determination and anger, echoed all throughout time. As she finished, Schala’s pendant fell to the ground at her feet, and Marle picked it up…


"Even if the two of us are ever torn apart, I swear that I will change the world for you."
—lyrics from "Rinbu Revolution", theme song to Revolutionary Girl Utena


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