Chrono Trigger: Timeless Angels Part 14

The Battle, and Then…

By Mefathiel

Glenn jumped forward and extended his arms. "Water!" he shouted. A bubble formed in his hands, and Glenn projected it forward. It broke on contact with the fireball, but had no effect on the flaming sphere. Glenn was hit square in the chest and his body sailed through the doorway, crashing to the stone floor outside.

"Glenn!" Marle exclaimed, rushing to his aide. She held her hands over his body and closed her eyes. "Cure 2."

Golden energy sparkled around Glenn’s body, and he groaned. "Ugh, Princess Nadia, I thank thee."

Robo jumped forward and his chest cavity opened up. The lens at the center started flashing, and electric energy started crackling around the robot. "Prepare for Shock attack," Robo announced. The electricity filled the room and tore at Magmas’ shield.

Another fireball shot at the team, and Glenn rushed forward again. "You shant win, Magmas!" Glenn held the Masamune before him and slashed the fireball in half, dispelling its energy. He then crouched low to the ground and leapt forward. Glenn prepared for a Leap Slash, but he hit the barrier surrounding Magmas. The energy started coursing through his body, and Glenn was thrown back again. His body was smoking as he hit the floor.

Lucca fired the Wonder Shot. The huge energy discharge exploded against the barrier, and Lucca cursed. "This is futile!" she shouted. "His energy output is too mighty for us to fracture his palisade!"

"What?" Crono asked.

Lucca sighed as she realized she’d slipped into smart talk. Frustration had that effect on her. "Magmas is too strong for us to break the barrier. It’s pointless to try."

Crono looked at Marle. "What about the pendant? It managed to break the barrier in 605 AD."

Lucca rushed to Marle, who handed her the pendant. Lucca looked at the Dreamstone and felt the power inside of it. It flashed, and she suddenly found herself in Guardia Forest. She looked around when she heard children laughing. Suddenly, her younger self and a young Zephon rushed into the clearing. "No," she said, "this can’t be happening, not again."

Zephon disappeared, and Lucca found herself outside the fortress again as the explosion destroyed Zephon and the others. Another flash, and Lucca returned to the throne room, facing Magmas. She glared at the Pyrosian and tightened her grip on the pendant.

"I will destroy you!" she shouted, holding the pendant over her head. "My brother died because of you, and I will avenge his death!"

The pendant glowed a bright red as Lucca infused her own energy into it. She threw the pendant at Magmas with all her might. It hit the barrier and shattered. A sphere of energy appeared around the pendant and started compressing. When it disappeared, an explosion rocked the fortress, and Magmas’ shield disappeared.

"If it works like it did last time, then perhaps the Timeless Angels will reappear," Crono said hopefully as he sheathed his sword. "I can only hope that it works, for Lucca’s sake."

He spread his arms and started floating in the air. Energy started gathering at the center of the room, and Crono closed his eyes. "Luminaire!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

The energy exploded and filled the room with bright light. As the light cleared, the hemisphere of energy formed by the explosion faded away, and Crono returned to the floor, unsheathing his sword again. Ayla bounded forward and beckoned to Marle. The princess nodded and closed her eyes.

A large chunk of ice appeared in Ayla’s hands, and she threw it at Magmas. The fire being flinched at the attack, but still seemed unfazed by every attempt to harm him. "Foolish humans, I don’t understand why Lavos allowed you to evolve," Magmas uttered. "It seems like it was such a waste."

"How dare you talk about us like that?" Lucca demanded, cocking the Wonder Shot. "It was us who managed to defeat Lavos in the future!"

"Exactly my point. What kind of being allows lower life forms evolve to the point where they can overpower it? Lavos was a fool, and I won’t make the same mistake."

Lucca aimed and fired the Wonder Shot. The ball of energy crackled and hit Magmas in the head. Magmas, in response to the attack, tilted his head back. "I laugh at your attempts to harm me, human," he laughed.

"Glenn, Robo, time for the Triple Raid!" Crono shouted.

Crono and Glenn performed their X Strike while Robo used his Robo Tackle on Magmas. The Pyrosian laughed again and back fisted Crono into a wall, using his free hand to blast Robo away with magic while firing a flame bolt from his head to throw Glenn away.

"This not going good," Ayla said. "Strong fighters bad hurt now."

"Don’t worry, Ayla," Marle reassured her. "You heal Crono while Lucca and I take care of this beast."

Ayla ran over to Crono’s fallen body while Lucca and Marle positioned themselves so Glenn and Robo were out of Magmas’ reach. Magic energy started swirling around the two teenagers, and Marle shot her hands forward. "Ice 2!" she shouted.

"Flare!" Lucca cried, shooting her arm into the air.

"Antipode 3!" they shouted together.

The ice and fire combined and created an impressive multicolor explosion. Magmas stepped back a few feet. When the explosion cleared, his body was smoking, but quickly stopped after a few moments. Crono came flying through the air courtesy of a Falcon Hit attack initiated by Ayla and himself. The blade of the Rainbow cut through Magmas’ spiked skin, and the Pyrosian backed away some more.

Ayla jumped forward and started her Triple Kick, but Magmas grabbed her foot and wrenched the cave girl’s ankle. Ayla fell to the floor in pain and crawled away to escape any more damage. Robo reactivated himself and stepped between Ayla and Magmas. A panel in his back opened up, and a beam of light shone over Ayla, healing her wounded ankle. She stood again and promptly thanked the robot.

Marle healed Glenn again, and the team gathered together at the door again. Magmas started glowing, and all of his wounds healed themselves. "Yes, that is correct, I can heal myself as well," he said. "If I couldn’t, it would be impossible to survive at the center of a planet."

"What can we do?" Marle asked. "He’s too strong."

"Lots stronger than Lavos," Ayla said. "Magmas big stronger!"

"We canst defeat him on our own," Glenn said. "We need Magus and Spekkio."

Everyone looked over to the two Dark Spheres where the wizards were being held. "The spheres are made up of very powerful Shadow Magic," Robo reported. "Perhaps if Crono and I used a strong enough Lightning attack on them, we could break the spell."

"But Magmas will surely deter us," Lucca said.

"Then we attack the spheres while you four distract him with other attacks," Crono said. "At this point, there’s no way we’ll survive more thrashing. Our healing magic is running out because we’re focusing most of our energy on attacking. Marle, are there anymore Ethers or Elixirs left?"

Marle checked her potion bag and frowned. "No, none left," she said. "We have to make do with whatever energy we have left."

Glenn stepped forward and held out the Masamune. "Masa Mune Strike!" he shouted.

The sword split into Masa and Mune while Robo and Crono headed over to the Dark Spheres. Masa and Mune used their X Strike, then re-fused into the sword of their namesake. Ayla, Lucca and Marle stepped in front of Glenn and prepared for their attack. Ayla held out the White Rock and shouted, "Poyozo Dance!"

The room darkened, and a Poyozo appeared. A white triangle came into being, and the Poyozo started dancing around erratically. The triangle smashed into Magmas, and the Poyozo disappeared. Magmas stumbled for a second, then regained his composure.

"That was quite an attack, but it wasn’t enough," he cackled.

Flaming needles spun through the air at the three females. Ayla managed to dodge hers with her quick reflexes, but Lucca and Marle weren’t as lucky; Lucca’s leg was slashed open while Marle’s needle pierced her side. Their red blood dripped to the floor, but they refused to fall over.

"Lightning 2!" Crono shouted.

"Shock!" Robo chimed.

"Super Volt!" they shouted together.

Electricity filled the room and started tearing at the Dark Spheres. The opposing energies crackled, but the spheres refused to be broken. Magmas felt his energy trying to be destroyed, and he looked over to see Crono and Robo attacking the Dark Spheres. With a wave of his hands, the two warriors were tossed away from the spheres.

Marle tried to conjure up an ice spell, but found she couldn’t. "My magic energy is all tapped," she said, pulling out her crossbow.

"Mine too," Lucca said, cocking the Wonder Shot. "Without our magic, we don’t stand a chance against Magmas."

Ayla leapt forward and slashed at Magmas, but the Pyrosian back fisted her away. The Chrono Trigger Team regrouped at the doorway again. "We art done for," Glenn said. "Our magic reserves have been tapped to the limit, and Masa and Mune are too tired to attack again. How goes your progress on Magus and Spekkio?"

"The magic is too strong," Crono explained. "Robo and I are no match for it."

"We’re not going to last much longer," Marle said, holding her side to keep it from bleeding. "Another attack like the last one and we’re going to be seeing the Timeless Angels again, real soon."

"It’s pointless to keep fighting," Lucca said, giving up hope. "If Magmas is going to kill us, then so be it. I embrace the thought of seeing Zephon again."

Crono looked around. "Why didn’t the pendant work?" he asked himself. "When I threw Marle’s, she reappeared. Why aren’t the Timeless Angels coming back?" He shook the thought away and grabbed Lucca by the shoulders. "Lucca, never give up. I’m sure that the Timeless Angels will come back soon."

Lucca looked up at her best friend, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Crono, you know as well as I do that they aren’t coming back. We’re all going to die, and time is going to be destroyed."

"What are you talking about over there?" Magmas asked. "Attack me! It makes destroying you all the more fun!"

Ayla jumped to her feet and roared in anger. She managed to execute a perfect Triple Kick, and Magmas was knocked back into a wall. The Pyrosian could see the fury in Ayla’s eyes, and he became worried. Unfortunately, this only lasted a moment, as Magmas blasted Ayla away with a flaming needle. The cavewoman landed next to the rest of the group.

"Lucca, don’t talk like that. You won’t die," Crono continued, "I won’t let you."

Lucca looked up into Crono’s eyes and saw his sincerity. She felt herself overcome by a feeling she had never experienced before. "Crono, I—you’re so kind," she finally said. She leaned forward, getting ever closer to her best friend.

"I tire of your lack of spirit!" Magmas bellowed, spreading his arms.

Fireballs and needles filled the air, screaming toward the weakened Chrono Trigger Team. Knowing of the impending danger, Lucca pushed herself forward into Crono’s arms and kissed him.

Suddenly, an energy erupted between them and formed a shield around the entire team.


The End of Time:

Rempha looked in awe at the ball of light suspended before him. In it was a display of the battle between the Chrono Trigger Team and Magmas. He watched as the energy erupted between Lucca and Crono as they kissed. There was a flash of light beside the Master of Time, and an Omnicrone appeared next to Rempha. The Poyozo looked to his side with an expression of surprise. "Zophiel, what are you doing here?" he exclaimed.

"I came to report a second attack," the Omnicrone replied.

"A second attack by whom?"

"You’ll see."

With that, Zophiel disappeared in a flash of light. Rempha redirected his attention to the energy discharge at the Beginning of Time.


The Beginning of Time:

"Crono!" Marle shrieked. "Crono, what do you think you’re doing?!"

Lucca blushed and pulled away. "I—I’m so sorry," she stammered.

"You should be!" Marle shouted. "Who do you think you are, kissing my boyfriend like that?"

Crono just stood there, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Suddenly, he realized the danger of the oncoming fireballs and needles. "Look out!" he cried.

"Look out for what?" Glenn asked. "The fireballs hath been destroyed."

"By what?"

"Apparently the energy discharged by yourself and Ms. Lucca has created a shield around us," Robo analyzed. "The shield destroyed the projectiles."

"I’m really sorry," Lucca repeated to Marle. "I don’t know what came over me."

Marle grabbed Lucca by the bandanna around her neck and pulled the scientist up off the floor. "You hussy, I should kill you for pulling a stunt like that…" Marle trailed off as he pulled her hand back.

When she went to bring it forward to slap Lucca, Marle found that she couldn’t move her hand. She looked back and saw Ayla holding it back. "Marle no slap Lucca," Ayla said. "Lucca no do wrong to Marle."

"She kissed my boyfriend!"

Crono watched the tension between Marle and Lucca and decided to do something, but Glenn held him back. "It appears that Ayla has control of this turn of events," Glenn said.

"What wrong with that?" Ayla asked Marle. "Ayla kiss warriors in Ioka after they do good, and Kino no get upset. Why you upset at Lucca? Crono Lucca friend, and Lucca kiss if Lucca want kiss."

"Are you saying I’m jealous?" Marle asked, letting go of Lucca. She started blushing and looked away from Ayla. "I’m so ashamed. P-please forgive me."

Lucca adjusted her bandanna. "I should be the one ashamed," she said. "I shouldn’t have kissed Crono in the first place."

"Hold on!" Crono shouted. "Let’s not forget where we are!"

Everyone looked out at Magmas, who was in shock that his attack didn’t wipe out the team. "By what magic is this?" he declared. "None of you have enough energy to erect a barrier, and yet you have!"

"Yeah, just where did that energy come from?" Marle asked, eyeing Lucca and Crono.

The shield dispersed into five colored balls of energy. They arranged themselves into a pentagon around Magmas. "Those energy patterns," Robo whirred, "they belong to the Timeless Angels!"

"Zephon?" Lucca exclaimed. "Zephon, is that really you?"

"Well, kind of," Zephon’s voice said as the red energy orb pulsed. "Actually, it’s more like my soul…"

"Their souls?" Glenn asked.

"Yes," Schala’s voice replied as the purple energy orb pulsed. "The angels Matariel, Nathaniel, Sachluph, Gabriel and Michael managed to save our souls after the battle against the five Archangels of Punishment in order to bring us here."

"The pendant acted as a beacon to bring our energy here," Natan’s voice said as the green orb pulsed. At that point, five angels entered the room and pulled the energy orbs into their chests. The Timeless Angels reappeared when the light from the fusion faded.

"Only we have the sufficient energy to wipe our Magmas," Tata said. "Our souls have the power necessary for such a job."

"You say we no have strong souls?" Ayla said. "Ayla have strong soul! Ayla have strong everything!"

"No, he did not mean it like that," Cyrus said. "Because of the fusion with our guardian angels, only the five of us hath the power that can destroy this beast."

Magmas had been struggling to no avail, as the arrival of the Timeless Angels had bound him in an energy field. The Timeless Angels closed their eyes and concentrated. The room started glowing with energy as they prepared for the strike against Magmas. Lucca rushed forward. "Zephon!" she cried. "What’s going to happen?"

"The only way to release the energy is to sacrifice ourselves again," Zephon said. "I’m sorry, but we may never see each other again. But you know it is to be this way, Lucca. You saw it in the time stream with me…"

Lucca’s eyes filled with sadness again. "Zephon…"

"Don’t worry, sis, I’ll always be with you. As long as you remember me, I’ll be in your heart. And who knows? Maybe Robo can use his holo-projector to make a picture of me for you to keep so you don’t have to remember me as a kid."

Despite her sadness, Lucca tried to smile. "Yeah, maybe…"

The energy level in the room rose, and the light seemed to brighten. Fire erupted from the Timeless Angels’ bodies and channeled into Magmas; their bodies turned into crystals and scattered soon after. The Pyrosian screeched in pain as the energy tore away at him from the inside. An explosion filled the room, and the Chrono Trigger Team huddled together so as not to be torn apart from the explosion.

The fortress and Ozzie Island were ripped apart by the energy, and the Dark Spheres containing Magus and Spekkio were shattered. Everyone started floating through space, not knowing which way was up or down with the island destroyed. Unfortunately, the energy didn’t stop there. The explosion started flowing into the fabric of time itself, and everything around the team started rumbling.

"That can’t possibly be good," Crono muttered.

Everyone braced themselves as time ruptured all around them…


"Anyone who dares oppose…it…meets certain doom." —Magus


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