Final Fantasy VII: Legacy Chapter 3

Because We're Turks

By Melissa McClendon

"D-A-M-N-I-T!!" Barret raged as he continued his relentless barrage of punching and kicking the cell door.
Cloud winced with every bang, already feeling another migraine coming on. Why'd I have to get locked in a room with him? He closed his eyes and applied pressure ti his temples, hoping it would ease the throbbing pain. I hope Tif's okay... "Maybe if you say 'abrakadabra'," he suggested subtly.
"What?!" Barret shouted back as he continued attacking the door.
"Give it up, Barret!!" Cloud yelled, instantly wishing he hadn't. "That damn door isn't coming off!!"
"Shut yer spikey-headed ass up!!" Barret finally stopped hitting the door and turned to face Cloud.
"Thank you..." Cloud sighed in relief.
"I don't see you doin' anything."
Cloud opened his eyes and stared up at his tempermental friend. "How could I? You've been bangin' on that door since we got here."
Barret fought the urge to hit Cloud over the head before turning back around and resuming his attack on the door. Cloud growled before turning over on the cot and muffling the banging with his arms. I'll kill him if I have to listen to him bang on that damn door for another three days...


Nibelheim, thirty years ago

Lucrecia du Lacroix slowed down and finally stopped when she reached the door to her room, turning to face Vincent with a smile. "I had a lovely time tonight, Vincent."
"So did I, Lu." Vincent returned her smile, his silver-gray eyes locking with hers.
"When will you be back?"
"Tomorrow night, unless the unthinkable happens." Lucrecia's smile faded after contemplating that thought. Vinecnt cupped her cheek, flashing her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. I'll be fine."
"Well, in that case, I have something to protect you." She reached for the door knob behind her and opened the door. "Now stay here and close your eyes..." Lucrecia slipped inside, not bothering to turn the light on, and grabbed a small wooden box off her bed without noticing the shadow lurking in the corner. "Now hold out your hands," she commanded softly as she shut the door behind her.
Vincent's silver-gray eyes flew open when she placed the box in his outstretched hands, looking at her curiously. Hesitantly, he lifted up the latch and opened the box. Inside lay the Quicksilver resting on black crushed velvet. He glanced back up at her as he closed the box, a faint smile crossing his lips.
"I wasn't sure what to get you; I'm no expert on guns..." Lucrecia began nervously. "But since you already have that big shotgun, the Death Penalty... I thought that would look nice..."
"It must have cost you a lot of money."
"Not really. Besides... money isn't an issue."
Vincent smiled. "Lu, I really need to speak with you about a... pressing matter."
"Of course, Vincent..."
"Good night, Lucrecia." He gently pressed his lips against hers and departed.
Lucrecia smiled as she watched him disappear down the stairs, silently praying he would return safely so they could discuss their 'pressing matter'. She finally turned and went back into her room. She reached over to turn on the light and something shot out and grabbed her wrist in a death-like grip. In one fluid motion, he shut the door, locked her arms behind her her back, and muffled her screams.
"Now, my dear doctor, this will only hurt for a moment," Hojo hissed as he retrieved a syringe from his lab coat.
Lucrecia struggled violently when she felt the prick of a needle behind her neck as Hojo injected the sedative, but soon fell unconscious as the drug took effect.

Present day, the Highwind

"Lu..." Vincent whispered, gently trying to shake her awake. "Lu..."
"NOOOO!!" Lucrecia screamed as she shot up in fright, railing at him. Vincent easily dodged but quickly caight her before she fell off the bed.
"Lucrecia... calm down, it's me," he soothed, gently stroking her silky brown hair.
Her violet eyes looked up at him in a blur of tears. "Vincent..." she whispered in disbelief, wrapping her arms tightly around him. "Please don't leave like that again... please..."
"Shhh..." He gently patted her back. "It was just a bad dream, sweetheart. I would never leave you." He cupped her chin and gently kissed her.
Lucrecia glanced away, wishing she could tell him the truth... about everything. "You're right... it was just a silly dream..." She smiled.
"Good, there's that smile I love. Reno and the others are here, that's why I came to wake you up."
"I'm glad you did..." Lucrecia cupped his face tenderly. "I'll go make myself presentable." Vincent passed her a sideways glance before falling back on the bed, knowing he could take a short nap.

You should be ashamed of yourself... giving that poor woman nightmares...
You leave her alone!! ...I'm making her remember so she can see the truth...
Truth? What truth? That she is the mother of a bastard?
Leave her alone!! You leave 'our' mother alone!!
"Sephiroth!!" a cold female voice boomed through out the darkness. "That woman is not your mother and that man is not your father. Stop deluding yourself."
"Shut up! I'm tired of listening to your lies," he shot back despite the pain that shot through his head.
"Hmm... You're hiding something from me."
"Hmm... another life grows within her... This is good... very good."
"Hmm... so you have a baby brother... He's stronger than you were, Sephiroth... much stronger... it will do you no good to protect him from me."
We'll see... won't we, 'mother'...?


Shera, Reno, Rude, and Elena all rose in unison when Vincent and Lucrecia entered the control room, Lucrecia staying close to her husband's side. "I was beginning to wonder if Reeve took me seriously," Vincent began as Reno embraced him.
"Good to see Lu's been taking care of you, brother." Reno glanced at Vincent's bandaged shoulder before hugging his sister-in-law. "But Vince obviously isn't taking care of you, sis."
Lucrecia managed a smile. "That was my fault, Reno." Vincent and her glanced at each other knowingly.
"I'll go make some tea," Shera offered quietly, quickly exiting the room. Lucrecia watched her leave with growing concern.
"What's the current situation, sir?" Elena inquired cheerfully.
Vincent winced at being called sir; this was a one time thing, he wasn't rejoining the Turks. Lucrecia found his hand, mildly rebuking him. "Let's just sit down and I'll go over the details." Vincent waited for Lucrecia to pull up the maps with her lap-top.
"From the information Thomas supplied us with, Cloud and the others are being held in an old dungeon below the Westphalen Mansion, located near Junon. Tonight, they're having a party hosting the secret financiers of Shinra."
"Secret financiers of Shinra?" Rude spoke up.
"Apparently, when Shinra was first founded, they had several financiers who reaped the profits but had no direct involvement in the company," Lucrecia replied.
"Richard and Robert were extremely close to Rufus and weren't too happy when he died. Inadvertantly, he holds us responsible."
"Then they're obviously not happy with Reeve taking over," Reno commented.
"That's the whole purpose for tonight's party," Lucrecia continued. "They want the financiers of the original Shinra Inc. to finance a new, stronger Shinra Inc."
"But we already have Neo-Shinra--" Elena began.
"That's it, though. 'We' have Neo-Shinra, which isn't interested in Mako energy or reaping enormous amounts of profit," Lucrecia concluded.
"Well, we'll deal with that issue some other time. Our objective is to rescue Cloud and the others," Vincent interrupted. "Thomas supplied us with a map which will lead us directly to the prison and back out again."
"This Thomas, can he be trusted?" Rude inquired.
"Should be. Vincent doesn't trust anyone," Reno replied with a devilish grin.
"Shera can vouch for him," Vincent concluded.
"I want to go too," Lucrecia spoke up before they could get back to the plans. Four sets of eyes shot up to look at her, one in particular trying to burn right through her.
"I don't think so," Vincent replied coldly.
"Cid may need a doctor. Thomas did say they were-"
"No, Lu," he said flatly.
"It ain't like we can't protect her, Vince," Reno reminded.
"I'm not willing to take that risk, Reno."
"Vincent-" Lucrecia pleaded.
"No, Lucrecia!" Vincent exploded. "You're staying here and taking care of Shera. Cid, if he even needs a doctor, will be treated when we get back."
Lucrecia tore away from his piercing stare, her cheeks flaming with embarassment. Vincent shook his head, hardly believing he had lost his temper with her, and began going over the plans of infiltration.

"You still haven't told him yet, have you?" Shera spoke up as soon as Vincent left the room.
Lucrecia looked up from her computer, her violet eyes expressing no emotion. "No... I haven't told him..."
"I'm sorry, Shera, but the happiest days of my life have been with him... and our honeymoon definitely didn't help..." Lucrecia trailed off, a faint smile crossing her lips. Shera gave a piercing green look, causing Lucrecia to come to her senses. "I just don't want to ruin what he and I have... I'd do anything to stay with him..."
"Then you need to tell him about-"
"No! I--"
"Then give him up. You can't keep him a secret forever-"
"I can't..." Lucrecia whispered, tears swelling in her eyes.
"Vincent will find out sooner or later... why didn't you--"
Vincent suddenly waltzed back into the room. Lucrecia quickly turned away, not wanting him to see her tears. "Shera, would you--" Shera nodded, passing Lucrecia a concerned glance before leaving the room. Lucrecia kept her slender back to him as he reached her side, resting his hands on her shoulders. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I didn't mean to sound so cruel... It's just... I love you so much... I'm so afraid of losing you..."
"It's all right, Vincent..." she whispered, trying not to tremble.
Vincent instantly noticed her inhibition. "Are you crying?"
Lucrecia shook her head, wiping away tear stains. "...No... why would I be?" she commanded quietly.
Vincent sighed, kneeling down beside her. "You're lying, Lucrecia Valentine... you're shaking."
"It's... just cold in here... Cid always keeps it so cold in here."
Vincent gave his beautiful wife a suspicious look before taking her into his arms. Lucrecia closed her eyes, grateful for his comfort. Shera was right, she had to tell him. "What's really troubling you, love?"
"Nothing, Vincent... I just feel I should go with you and the others... Cid is going to need a doctor..."
Vincent swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. Why is she lying to me? Something has been on her mind since we were married a few days ago... maybe even before that... His eyes grew wide with realization, his heart wrenching with pain.
That's it, isn't it? She didn't want to marry me... perhaps there was even someone else... Vincent suddenly shot up and bolted for the door. Lucrecia scrambled up in shock, confused by his suddenly peculiar behavior. He stopped midway through the door, meeting her gaze despite the pain it caused him. "Be ready to go in thirty minutes."

"Erghh...!!" Barret growled, jerking against the chains binding him to the wall.
Yuffie rolled her eyes in disgust and let her head fall back in frustration. Why'd I get stuck against him...?
Cloud inched closer to Tifa, his eyes meeting hers. "How many days has it been since they took him?"
"Almost four..." she replied sadly.
Cloud wanted to comfort her, but couldn't. "Cid's too stubborn, Tif. He won't let 'em get to him."
"What do they want? They haven't even asked us any questions."
"Well..." Cloud trailed off, not sure what else to say.
"Vincent and Lucrecia are still out there..." Nanaki panted, the swealtering sun beating down relentless on his fiery fur. "He used to be a Turk... he will find us..."
That's a comforting thought... Cloud closed his eyes. Vincent may welcome our disappearance, for all he cares... Who knows... Lucrecia may not even know... Cloud's eyes shot open when the wide double doors creaked open.
"Cid!" Tifa gasped in horror.
"You stupid @#$%s!" Barret growled, jerking on the chains with newfound vigor.
"Oh my GAWD!!" Yuffie shrieked in disgust.
Cloud's eyes grew dark in anger. "What the HELL have you done to him?!"
Richard and Robert Westphalen suddenly appeared behind the guards after they threw Cid's crumpled body on the hot stone floor. "We were jogging Captain Highwind's memory," Richard stated casually.
"Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten everything concerning her... oh well, we'll find her sooner or later..." Robert concluded absent-mindedly.
"What do you want with us?" Tifa demanded quietly.
"Since Captain Highwind seems to have forgotten... do any of you know where Shera Westphalen is?"
Cid managed to lift his head, opening his sky-blue eyes. His face was covered in blood and so cut and bruised they hardly recognized him. He tried to whisper something through his cracked lips, but couldn't. Too weak to last any longer, he collapsed on the floor.
"We don't know who you're talking about," Cloud replied, realizing what Cid had tried to say.
"All right..." Richard sighed. "How about Dr. Lucrecia du Lacroix?"
"She's dead, you foo'!" Barret raged.
"Really?" Richard almost sounded surprised. "Recent reports-"
"Well, your reports are wrong," Cloud said flatly.
"That's too bad... I really would have liked to talk to such an interesting woman..." Robert sighed.
"Well... We'd love to stay and chat, but our guests await." Richard signaled for the guards to return. "Return them to their cells... even the Captain..."

"Cid... Cid..." Tifa whispered, wiping away the blood from his face.
"The bastards... didn't find her..." he mumbled deliriously.
"Didn't find who...? Cid!"
Cid's eyes flew open, looking at Tifa curiously. "...Shera..."
"Why are they after Shera?"
"She's... their sister..."
"Their sister...? I didn't know she had a family."
"Neither... did I..."
Tifa gave up, allowing Cid to drift off into a peaceful slumber as she relaxed against the wall. Shera... so he really does care about her... enough to go through all that for her... I wonder if she knows...?

A pair of soft violet eyes watched cautiously behind the wall as two guards made their rounds surrounding the Westphalen Mansion, not daring to make a sound for fear on two fronts, the guards and most of all... her husband... Lucrecia slumped back down against the wall, her emotionless gaze finally resting on Vincent and Reno.
"Almost time, Lu," Reno whispered, realizing not long after they had left the Highwind that Vincent had nothing to say to his wife.
Lucrecia nodded, flashing her brother-in-law a weak smile veforee returning her gaze back to Vincent, who was opening the sewage system with Thomas Westphalen's key. He's angry... but why? He should have cooled off by now... Why'd I even come? What possessed me to-- Her eyes shot up when Vincent signaled for her to crawl in behind Elena, his gaze possessing its characteristic frosty glare. Oh dear... I can't handle this anymore... I have to tell him when we get out of this... if we get out of this...
"Dr.Valentine, you're behind me," Elena notioned before going on into the tunnel. Lucrecia nodded before moving forward, securing the Quicksilver to her hip. It is time... please forgive me, my love...

"What was that?" Rude whispered.
Vincent signaled for them all to move back against the walls silently, passing Lucrecia a callous look as she hid between Reno and Elena. Two guards strolled past them, not looking as they continued on down their path in the opposite tunnel. Lucrecia glanced down when she heard a creaking sound beneath her feet.
"That was too close," Reno whispered. "You okay, Lu?"
"Yes..." she glanced up and whispered.
"Where to next, sir?" Elena inquired.
Vincent glanced out where the guards had just passed. "The dungeon is directly below us. There should be an elevator--"
Lucrecia shrieked as the floor collapsed beneath her. Reno reached out to grab her but was too late as she fell into an old tunnel and slid down into the darkness. "Lucrecia!!"
"Damn it!" Vincent swore as he rushed to the hole.
"We have to climb down and get her," Reno announced.
"None of us can fit in there... not even Elena," Rude concluded.
"There is no time," Vincent interrupted.
"Vince, she's your wife and you're just gonna leave her?!" Reno demanded, completely astounded by his brother's actions.
"She will be fine, Reno," Vincent countered coldly.
Before Reno could retort, the alarm went off and they were staring straight into the eyes of those same two guards. Oh great...

Tifa bolted up to the door when she heard the guards scrambling around outside and the firing of guns could be heard on the floor above her. Vincent? Her eyes grew wide when she heard a shot outside her cell door. He's finally come!
"Cid! Cid, wake up! Vincent's finally come!" Tifa gave him a good shake, but there was no response. "Vincent! Please hurry!" She heard the fumbling of keys. "It's Cid!!" Tifa jumped back as the door was kicked open. "Lucrecia?" she whispered in surprise as Lucrecia, covered in muck and slime, rushed past her and reached Cid's side.
"He's barely got a pulse..." Lucrecia whispered. "Cid, do you hear me? Please respond. We've got to get you out of here. Shera's terribly worried about you."
Cid's sky-blue eyes shot open. "...Shera... she's okay?" he rasped.
"Yes!" Lucrecia gave him a reassuring smile. "But she isn't going to be if we don't get you back to the Highwind."
"L-Lu... the bastards... gave me... something..."
"Gave you?"
Cid motioned weakly for his right arm. Lucrecia gently pulled back his torn sleeve, instantly spotting a dark bruise from an obviously poorly done injection. "Oh dear... Cid, how long has it been... Cid?!" His face turned livid and he'd already fallen unconscious. Damn...
"Lucrecia..." Tifa whispered. "The guards."
Lucrecia nodded, drawing the Quicksilver. Vincent, where are you...? It doesn't matter... I must be strong... She stood up with newfound strength, stepping over Cid while heading towards the door.
"Lu... what are you doing? Vincent will--"
"Vincent doesn't care!" Lucrecia established dead silence with that statement, waiting for the guards to approach. One jumped out and prepared to fire, but Lucrecia shot first, sending him sprawling to the floor in pain.
The next one jumped out while Lucrecia was reloading. Tifa kicked him back while going into a front-flip, bringing her leg out to trip the guard as she landed gracefully outside the door. Lucrecia shot the last guard as Tifa rendered her attacker unconscious.
"That's all of them, Lu," Tifa announced, assessing the room with her keen brown eyes.
Lucrecia passed Cid a concerned glance before reaching Tifa outside. "See if you can locate your weapons while I let the others out." Tifa nodded while Lucrecia went to the next cell and began fumbling with the keys.

"What's all the commotion?" Cloud mumbled incoherently against the cot.
"I dunno..." Barret replied nonchalantly, carefully watching the door. "But it's about time for me and the door to dance again."
Oh great... I am going to kill him...
Barret prepared to make his running start as Cloud covered his ears with his hands. The door suddenly flew open as Barret charged at it. Lucrecia's eyes grew wide with fright right before he rammed into her, knocking the keys and the Quicksilver out of her hands and sending her flying across the room. Cloud shot up in surprise as Barret crashed to the floor and Lucrecia landed with a loud thump at the feet of Robert Westphalen.
"Well... well... well... what do we have here?" He snickered as he lifted Lucrecia's crumpled body up by her ponytail. "I didn't have to look for Dr. du Lacroix... she came to me... perhaps Shera will do the same."
"Let her go!" Cloud commanded as he helped Barret up.
Robert brought a gun up to Lucrecia's temple as her eyes slowly fluttered open. "No harm will befall her. There is just a few people up there who value her opinion."
"I'm... not interested..."
"We offer you a chance to continue your research on Jenova--"
"Damn Jenova!!" Lucrecia hissed in pain. "Don't you fools ever learn?!"
"Hmm... you've spoken in haste." He let her go and kicked her back. "I'll give you time to reconsider--" Robert slumped back against the wall, turning livid as blood began to seep through his shirt. "H-he shot me..."
All eyes shot up to see Vincent holding the Death Penalty and Reno rushing to Lucrecia's side. "And I'll shoot you again if you ever touch her again," he warned.
"Elena, unlock the other cells. Rude, you and Barret get Cid." Vincent walked over to where Robert was cowering in the floor. "Cloud, help me get this fool in a cell."
"Lucrecia, are you okay?" Reno inquired tenderly. Although Vincent acted indifferent, he kept an open ear for her welfare.
Tifa suddenly appeared from the guard shack with their weapons. "Lu!" She set the weapons down and ran to Lucrecia.
"N-nothing's broken..." She trembled. "I think..." Barret emerged from Cid's cell with Cid flung over his back. "Barret, be careful! I haven't diagnosed him yet and you can wind up hurting him!"
Barret looked down at her to mouth off until her realized he was the one that had hurt her. "'Course. Lu... Doc."

Shera nearly jumped up from her seat when the door opened and Lucrecia emerged with her usual quiet grace, despite her disarranged appearance. Everyone else rose soon after, waiting patiently for the doctor's diagnosis. Observing Shera's impatience due to excessive worry, she managed a smile, her soft violet eyes stealing a look at her husband. "He's going to be fine. Give it a week or two and he'll be back to his usual, crude and stubborn ways."
Shera sighed with relief and refrained from literally crying in front of them. "Thank God..." she whispered.
Lucrecia rest her hand on Shera's shoulder, offering what little comfort she could. "The rest of us should all leave him be and relax... he needs time to recuperate from the physical exertion and the toxin that assaulted his body. But you, Shera, may go in. He was asking for you."
Shera couldn't help but suppress a smile. He asked for me...? No... it's just the delirium... He... doesn't need me... Accepting her fate, she nodded. "Thank you, Lu."
Lucrecia motioned for the others to leave. Following doctor's orders, they all left, Vincent watching his wife as she left out the door and quietly following her.

Lucrecia jumped in fright when she heard the door shut behind her. An old fear welled up in her throat, but she easily realized that wasn't possible. Vincent? Has he forgiven me...? She hesitantly turned around to face him, almost afraid of what was going to happen next, afraid of what he might say.
What have I been acting like...? Like a spoiled child... that's what... What a fool I've been... and in my jealous anger, I was willing to allow her to come to harm... Damn it... I disappointed her at the flip of a hat. Without a single word, he stretched out his arms, hoping she would still welcome his embrace after what a jerk he'd acted like.
Lucrecia smiled and lept with utter joy into his arms, nuzzling her face into his neck. "Oh Vincent..."
"We have a lot to discuss, Lucrecia," he whispered, holding her tightly.
Does he know...? Did Shera tell him...? No, she wouldn't have... Oh well... He'll find out soon anyway if I don't tell him... if he hasn't already noticed, that is.. She slowly looked up at him and kissed him, smiling mischeviously with those violet eyes. "I think it can wait until tomorrow, Vincent. We have all the time in the world to talk tomorrow."
Vincent couldn't suppress a devilish grin when he caught her meaning and without hesitation, he led her to their bed.

Shera hesitantly entered the room, quietly shutting the door behind her. Her saddened green gaze instantly reached the bed where her beloved captain lay asleep under the tender care of Dr. Lucrecia Valentine. Cid... The tears finally began to fall freely as she slumped down against the wall, drawing her legs up and wrapping her arms around them protectively. My brothers did this to you... I'm so sorry... Now I owe you my life and every scar on your body from their damned torture... Please forgive me... Captain...
"...Shera?" Cid whispered huskily.
"Cid... I mean, C-Captain... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to wake you..." Shera got up to leave, her cheeks flaming with embarassment.
"Please... don't leave..." Why is she calling me Captain again? Damn those bastard brothers of hers!
"Yes, Captain." Shera sat back down in her spot against the wall, trying to wipe away the tears.
"Do I look that bad?"
"What do you mean?"
"Why are you sitting so far away from me?"
"I'm... afraid..."
"Of me?" That hurt... She's still waiting for the old me to return... @#$!... What a fool I was all those years! She should be afraid after the way I treated her... I deserved what her brothers did to me...
"I'm afraid of hurting you..."
"Don't be... you could never hurt me..." Shera hesitantly got up, walking to the other side of the bed. "It's okay, Shera," he soothed. Reluctantly, she finally sat down beside him, as close to the edge as possible. Cid reached out and clasped her small hand, gently caressing the soft flesh.
Cid... please don't make this any harder on me... She bit down on her lower lip, trying to hold back fresh tears. "I'm so sorry, Captain... Cid... it's all my fault..."
"Shera... it ain't your fault.. Your brothers--"
"They wanted me... they wanted me back after all these years and... they tortured you because of it..."
Cid managed to pull Shera into his arms, trying to comfort her as she let the tears fall freely. "You're the only thing I'm worried about... I don't give a damn about your brothers... they leave us alone, I'll leave them alone."
Shera finally stopped crying, relaxing against Cid's chest as he began stroking her soft auburn hair and slowly closing his eyes. "Lu said... you needed me..." she whispered, fear lumping in her throat.
"She told you?" Cid's voice actually portrayed his own fear.
"Hmm..." He held her even closer. "Yeah. She's right... and I always have... I was just too damn stubborn to admit it."
A certain weight had seemed to disappear from the room as Shera sighed and nuzzled her face into his warm chest, smiling as she drifted off into the first peaceful night's sleep she'd had since this whole ordeal began. A whole another weight seemed to have lifted from both their hearts.

Shera was startled awake a few hours later in a mass of confusion; her sleepy green gaze grew wide in fright when they locked with Richard Westphalen's in the dim light just before dawn. "Good morning, Shera. I knew if I were patient enough, I'd find you here." He signaled for the guard to take Cid, who was staring down Richard, his blue eyes blazing with hot anger.
"No!" Shera yelled defiantly, trying to push the guard away.
"Shut up!" The guard shoved her back, causing her to hit her head against the headboard.
Cid railed up in a blind rage, punching the guard back into the wall, the impact causing a model airship to fall on his head. "Leave her alone, you @#$%&!" he growled.
Richard drew his gun, aiming it straight at Cid's head. "Do you really want me to shoot your lover, Shera?"
Despite the situation, Shera's cheeks flamed with embarassment. She'd spent the last ten or so years of her life devoted to this man, but Cid had never once been her lover... she'd never had a lover. "N-no... what do you want, Richard?"
"It's time for you to come home. Our mother died thinking she'd outlived her only daughter."
"And what of C-Captain Highwind and his crew?"
"No harm will befall them... if you come peacefully."
"No, Shera," Cid whispered, almost pleading.
Shera blinked back unwanted tears, hesitantly getting off the bed, not daring to steal a glance from her beloved Captain. "You promise?" she trembled.
"Of course." Richard signaled for the guard.
"No! Shera, you dumbass! Stop!" Cid pleaded, struggling to get up in his weakened condition.
Shera winced as the guard bound her hands; she hadn't expected his reaction. Cid... She finally let the tears fall freely as Richard and the guard led her away. Cid... I do this for you... for my beloved captain...
"S-H-E-R-A!!" she heard him shout even as she was led outside of the Highwind. "D-A-M-N-I-T!!"
Please don't leave me...


Author's Note: Well? What'd you think? Don't worry, as you can tell, the plot really about to take a turn for Vincent and Cid... I wonder if it's for the better or for the worst...
Hmm... I suppose we'll just find out what my deranged little brain can come up with, won't we? ^_~ I really appreciate advice and critique, good or bad, so don't be shy!
~Melissa "Dei" McClendon


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