Xenogears: Remembrance Prologue

By Melissa McClendon

Directly Before the Solaris Campaign


Doctor Citan Uzuki kept his emotionless gaze fixed on the distant horizon, his arms crossed over his chest as the wind twisted and twirled about him in the open tower, the highest point in Shevat. It was all he could do to not look at her, the woman who was his only true weakness. All it would take is one look into those beautiful gold eyes and all the defences he'd worked up since he'd left Lahan would be annihilated.

" You're going, aren't you... To Solaris... " Yui was trying to keep all her emotions buried deep inside, but it was becoming too difficult. Her beloved husband may never come back and this fact was tearing her apart. But,... she couldn't show him how vulnerable she really was without him, it would only make things more difficult for him.

" Yes... " Citan replied, fighting the urge to face. " I have chosen my own path. There is no turning back... "

This is going to be another one of those conversations... Where he's the cold, withdrawn Solarian... and not my husband... Yui blinked away unwanted tears as a new wave of deep sadness and heartbreak hit her blindside. " You will be hurt... " She pleaded, but quickly added, " they will also be hurt..."

Citan tensed up and closed his dark brown eyes. I must remain strong...

" Indeed... But I could not find another path choose... " A crushed look washed over Yui's serene face. There was another path, but he didn't even consider it, not that she would have allowed him to abandon Fei and the others anyway. " If I happen to be overcome... " He took a deep breath, contemplating that grim reality. That would mean he would never see Yui again. He quickly shook that thought from his mind. I must remain calm... " At that point, I have already... "

" Don't say anymore ." She whispered, her pain seeping through her words.

" I already know... " Yui clutched his sword, seeming to draw strength from it simply because it was his. Enough strength to move closer to him and realize, she had to let him go... " Now here. This is your sword... Please... Please come back alive!"

...Please come back to me...

Citan couldn't fight it any longer, without hesitation, he turned and faced her. He kept his eyes downcast, his gaze resting on the katana her slender hands was holding.

" Then you too... Please take care of Midori ." His fingers brushed across hers as he sat the sword aside and grasped her slender hand. A faint smile crossed her lips as her golden eyes locked with his and he drew her closer...


Directly after the battle with Deus

On board the Yggdrasil

" Doc ?" Fei called one last time before Citan was finally startled out of his daze.

" Oh, Fei... You startled me ." Citan removed his glasses and began to clean them with his shirt. If it hadn't been for Yui's quick thinking, I would be blind.

" You okay, doc ?" Fei asked, his tone harboring deep concern. I've never seen doc like this...

Citan put his glasses on and gave Fei a bewildered look. " Of course, Fei. I'm fine ."

Fei gave him a suspicious look, but decided not to pry. It had always proved useless in the past to extract information from him on a more personal level. " Well, I came to tell you that we arrived at the Snowfield Hideout ."

" Oh... " Citan adjusted his glasses one more time and got up. " Thank you, Fei ."


Snowfield Hideout

Citan glanced around disdainfully at the tearful reunions of his friends, feeling more isolated and alone every fleeting second. The one he loved was gone... Fei and Elly; Bart and Margie; Billy, Jessiah, and Primera; it could go on forever. And yet he foolishly waited, yearning to hear his wife call out for him. He sighed and turned away, finally accepting the grave reality of her death. I came back alive, Yui... Why aren't you here? You can't leave me yet... I still need you...

" F- Father !" A soft, child-like voice called out, causing Citan to twirl around just in time to see Midori running towards him with open arms. Midori... I still have her... Our daughter... Citan smiled, booming with pride as little Midori Uzuki jumped into his out-stretched embrace and wrapped her tiny arms around his neck. " ...Daddy..."

Citan almost had a heart attack, but managed to retain his composure. She's never called out for me...

" Its okay, Midori ." He soothed. " I'm here ."


Five months later

Ruins of the Ethos Headquarters

Citan never kept his gaze fixed on one object as he walked further down the hall, expecting a Wel to jump out any minute. Billy was somewhere exploring the hall in the opposite direction, equally guarded and silent. They had lost contact with each other a few moments ago.

Citan and Billy were the only two who could afford to come when word reached Nisan that there were survivors staying her who couldn't reach the 'sanctuary'. And although he had hesitated, Citan allowed Midori to stay with Jessie and Primera while he was away. Yui would have clobbered me in the head with a frying pan for that one... If she were still here... Now's not the time to start mourning again, Hyuga Ricdeau! You couldn't save your wife, but you can save these people... So pull yourself together!

Citan nodded to himself as he walked down another flight of stairs, venturing deeper into the bowels of Ethos H.Q. I'm getting better at this... It's easier to not think of her when I stay busy... and when I'm not doting on Midori, her mirror-image minus my eyes... It would have been unbearable if Midori had Yui's eyes...

Citan stopped dead in his tracks and drew his sword. Someone... or something was very close by, watching him. In the distance, he heard another sword being drawn and turned around just in time to see a cloaked figure charging at him. " Wait! I'm not you're enemy !"

The small, cloaked figure stopped, but remained in battle stance. " Hmph! That's what the last of your kind said !" A female voice spat back vehemently. " But I'll kill you like I did him for hurting the children !" She ran foward and brought the blade crashing down against his. Citan kicked her back, sending her sliding to the floor.

" I don't want to hurt you, miss ." Citan tried to reason as she jumped back up.

" You're gonna have to if you want to live !" She lunged again, but this time Citan side-stepped her. He quickly grabbed her by the waist and disarmed her. She began struggling to free herself from his grasp, kicking and punching wildly. He grabbed one of her wrists in a death-like grip with his free hand and twisted it behind her back. Her yelp from the pain caused Citan to freeze. The memory from his first meeting with Yui flooded into his mind like a wave crashing in at high-tide. He had been badly wounded and thought she was the enemy, but in all honesty, it was because Lady Yui Gaspar that he survived at all.

Citan let go of her wrist and jerked down her hood only to find himself staring into a pair of frightened gold eyes. He stepped back as she jerked away, a thousand different pent-up emotions trying to flood into his usually emotionless, Solarian exterior.

" Y-Yui ?" The woman didn't reply but instead, unleashed a weak deathblow combo.

Citan reluctantly shoved her back, but not nearly as hard this time. " Yui !"

" Stop it !!" She raged as she unleashed another deathblow.

" Citan !" Billy shouted as he came running towards them, drawing his gun.

" Billy, no !!" Citan panicked, but it was too late, Billy had already fired two shots at the woman. Without hesitation, Citan placed himself between her and Billy's gun. Billy's eyes grew wide and dropped his gun in shock when both bullets pierced through Citan's back. Citan fell forward as the woman caught him but her knees buckled under the unexpected weight and they both collapsed on the floor.

The last thing Citan remembered was Billy yelling, " oh my GOD !!" and staring into his wife's beautiful gold eyes before he was engulfed by darkness... Yui...


I hope you enjoyed the prologue! I'm sure you can already tell this is mainly a fanfic about Citan and Yui's relationship. I feel the game just didn't put enough emphasis on them and so I feel 'compelled' to write a fanfic about them. This is just the beginning of what I plan to be atleast a couple of fanfics, but not all of them will be Citan based. This is my first attempt at a Xenogears fic, I'm a traditional FF7 writer, so I'm open for any criticism on my work. I won't be offended by your comments, good or bad, so just e-mail me anytime. I hope to hear from you soon!

~ Melissa McClendon "Dei"


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