Fall From Grace: The Story of Queen Zeal Chapter 3


By Mercutio

    "I found it!" Lilith cried. She ran from her study into the room in which the other Gurus had been quietly reading, waving a scribbled-covered piece of paper in the air. She tripped over her own red Nu, which had been dozing quietly in the middle of the doorway, and was sent sprawling  onto the floor.

    "What the devil is Lilith talking about?" exclaimed Asmodeus.

    "I finally figured it out!" yelled the Guru of Time, picking herself up off of the floor and holding the paper, which was now in two halves. She waved her hand over it, and they rejoined.

    "Figured out what?' grumbled Beelzebub's green Nu, shifting itself on a comfortable cushion.

    Lilith started prancing around the room, only annoying the Gurus, apprentices, and Nus even more. "The 'Time-Space Continuum Theorem'!"

    Everyone stared at her for a moment, unable to  understand what she was talking about.

    "What is the 'Time-Space Aluminum Theorem'?" inquired Belthasar.

    "'Time-Space Continuum Theorem' It clearly states that whenever more than three sentient beings step into a time portal, they are taken to the point of the least time-space resistance." Lilith said, reading from the manuscript, expecting her speech to make perfect sense.

    "Which would be?"

    "The End of Time, of course!"

    Everyone looked at Lilith as if she was mad. She frowned, realizing that this new discovery was not really important nor comprehensible to anyone but herself.

    "Why should we care?" asked Beelzebub and his Nu at the same time. They each turned to face each other after they said it. "Stop saying the same things as me." they both complained.

    "They're right." said Gaspar. "We know of no portals around here. Besides, studies have proven that the End of Time does not exist."

         Lilith was about to protest, but the dismissed the apprentices and Nus. Melchior tapped Lilith's Nu on thehead as he walked buy, and it followed out the door.

    The Guru of Time locked the door and turned to Asmodeus and Beelzebub, whispering "I know that it is true. Lavos notified me of the great disturbance today. He was attacked. I felt his pain..."

    "Oh, no you didn't." retorted Beelzebub. "He mayhave told you, but you have no psychic connection with Lavos."

    "Well, I felt something deep inside me."

    "Maybe you were doing us all a favor and having a heart attack." answered Beelzebub.

    "Lilith was using the machine without us again, wasn'tshe?" accused Asmodeus.

    Yes, she was. It was a small reward for some extrawork on her part.

    "Lavos!" Asmodeus exclaimed. "Asmodeus had no idea that Lavos was listening. What did Lilith do that earned her informationand the loss of a few gray hairs?"

    "I never had any gray hairs!" protested Lilith.

    I asked her to do a little research and find the most magically powerful person in the world, and she did so. She found my chosen one.  I gave her a little extra youth ahead of time.

    "Who is this person Lavos speaks of?"

    Show them the Book of names, Lilith. She openedit to a certain page. Five years ago, you attended the birth of a verypowerful girl named Zeal, or Ceres, daughter of Aden and Iva.

    "What about her?" inquired Beelzebub.

    I want her.

    "What?! A little girl?"

    I want her to become the most powerful entity in the world, magically and politically. You have twenty years to accomplish this. No life form of any kind will stand in your way. You will steal,betray, kill-

    "Kill?!" exclaimed Lilith. Lavos hadn't already revealed this much of his plan to her, so even she was surprised.

    -and be handsomely rewarded.

    "Twenty years... that is a long time for Zeal togrow and for the Gurus and Lavos to wait." said Asmodeus.

    What is twenty years for an immortal, like I am and you will be?

    "Deal!" the three Gurus said simultaneously.


    The Gurus felt the presence of Lavos leave them. They sat down, without a word. Beelzebub quietly meditated, Lilith examined another aged parchment, and Asmodeus tightened a screw on a small clockwork scarab. There was a knock on the large wooden door.

    "Excuse me, Master Gurus, but King Pharos and Queen Xatya request your presences immediately. They think the baby is coming."came a pages voice.

    "The Gurus will be there shortly." yelled Asmodeus.

    "You know, that strange manner of speech is reallystarting to get to me." said Lilith as she got up.

    "It's been getting to me for the past thirty years." answered Beelzebub "Some post-traumatic effect. Why couldn't he just havenightmares every night instead?"

    They all ran out of the room, hurrying to cater tothe King and Queen's needs.


    Deep in the earth's core, Lavos shuffled into a more comfortable position in his shell, knowing that the Gurus would do what he wanted. He made a gurgling sound, his species' equivalent to laughter.

    I am the puppeteer and the world is my puppet.


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