The Shifters Part 2

By MeuShell

Crono, Marle, and Lucca rode in the Epoch in 2300 A.D. Marle was petting a kitten as it purred in her lap.

"Ok, Crono, we got all three out of four of your cats." Marle said, "Now we just need to find that last cat and your mom."

Lucca shook her head frustrated, "We check every time from 65,000,000 B.C. to 2300 A.D. and even the End Of Time. Where could she be!?"

"Don't get mad." Marle said smiling, "Now we can time-travel just a little more." her smile suddenly got bigger, "Maybe we just might have to go on the ground on go door to door looking for her and that last cat."

"Probably will, by the way if their are three of us, and three seats. Where will she sit?"

"I guess one of us will have to stay at that time until the others come back- ooh cat alert!"

Crono parked the Epoch close to the cat, but not too close to scare. Then they climbed out.

"Come on, Lucca, look how 2300 A.D. has changed. You must be dying to find Robo and ask him about it."

"He won't remember us."

Crono picked up the cat.

"But remember you made a copy of his memories in case he forgets us. Plus wouldn't you love to get your hands on the computers here."

"Marle stop. Crono stop laughing."

"I bet they're even more advanced then the last time we were here."

"Marle!" Lucca tried to sound angry but her giggles could be heard.

They got in.

"Why are you acting as if you're not enjoying yourself? What happen to the happy, smart, joyful, fun-loving, Lucca I know?"

Lucca laughed, "She's still here; and I'm acting this way because I feel we shouldn't time-travel and I thought acting like I didn't enjoy it would make it easier."

"Thought that would make it easier! Where is your brain today, it's never left before."

Now they were back in their own time, in Crono house. Crono left to feed the cats.

"How long do you think he'll take?" Marle asked.

"I don't know. Because it is the last day of the fair he can't get it at the Tent of Horrors. So I don't know where he's getting it."

"So shouldn't we ask him?"

"Oh yah! Where is my brain today?"


On the Epoch, cats were fed, Marle was driving. 65,000,000 B.C. and 12,000 B.C. were already checked. They were now on their way to 600 A.D.

Lucca planned everything, "We'll look in the houses in Truce. That town is nearest to the time-gate. Then we'll check Guardia Forest and Guardia Castle ."

"We're here!" Marle announced.

They climbed out.

"We'll spit up and each check -"

"Lucca. " Marle interrupted, "We did this in the last two times. We know what to do."

"Yes. Alright." Lucca left.

Marle shook her head. "I think she found her brain." Then went the market.


Lucca found Crono's mom in the Inn.

"Lucca! Where are we?"

Lucca smiled "We'll take you home."

"Where's Crono?"

Lucca led her out and called the others.

"I'll stay here while you take her back," Marle volunteered as soon as she came out, "While I'm here, I might as will visit Frog. It would be rude not to."

"Who's Frog?" asked Crono's mom, "Is that the green-toad thing I saw in our house?"

Before the Epoch even lifted Marle was on her way.


Marle was now in Cursed Woods fighting a T'pole. It hit her. She got mad and an arrow flew to the T'pole. Half his HP was lost.

"Another hit and I'll win." She told herself.

The T'pole striked her again.

"Take HP from me will you?" she said pulling back her bow and arrow. "You wanted a fight, you got one."

The T'pole fell at the second strike. Marle jumped in glee.

"Now sleep, when I'm back you'll want another fight."

Marle continued her way to Frog's home. She got to the bushes that hid his home. She found the ladder and climbed down. You better be here, she thought, I didn't come all this all for nothing. If you in the castle, I'll be disappointed. Marle jump off the second lowest step and took two steps when a human yelling, "Who's there!?" came flying into the room.

"Big jump." Marle said to this strange human with green hair and wearing Frog's clothes.

"Marle, I did not expect you."

Marle slowly circled man once, who sounded like Frog, but with some difference. Yep, Frog's clothes. The man appeared to be in his early twenties, his hair held two loose braids in the back. Marle stopped in front of him, "Frog?"


"You're, human."

"Magus said his death would break the spell, and he is dead. Also please call me Glenn."



"You're different. I mean..."

"It's ok that you are surprised. I mean, if I saw you and you were a frog, I'd be surprised too. By the way, why are you here in 600 A.D.?"

"Nothing big. Crono's mom went into the gate before it closed so we had to find her. We did. Crono and Lucca are bringing her back to 1000 A.D. Then they'll come back for me."

Glenn nodded, "Well, I'm glad nothing is wrong."

Marle recognized his tone of voice, "Don't tell me something wrong is here. That's the last thing this kingdom needs; and where is your accent?"

"I can talk normal now that I'm human. Before I had the accent because I couldn't talk normal with a frog's mouth."

"Ok, now tell me what the problem is."

"Have you ever heard of the Shifters."

"Yes, they can change shape, imitate anything or person. But they disappeared in 2000 B.C. How are they here now?"

"We think they have been hiding for the last 2600 years. We don't even know where they are hiding. All we know is that they're here."

"How do you know they're here?"

"People found many notes all reading, 'We are the Shifters, we want revenge, we will attack and destroy all human kind.' "


Glenn shook his head, "In 2000 B.C. some of the humans experimented on whatever Shifter they found. So the Shifters hid. Now, 2600 years later, they want revenge."

"Oh, wait a minute, how do I know you're the real Glenn and not a Shifter."

"When we first met I said, 'Your resemblance to the queen is uncanny.' Now prove to me to me you're you."

Marle frowned slightly not sure she liked his proof, but it was the best they could do, now she had to prove herself, "I screamed when I first met you."

Glenn nodded.

Marle wished she thought of something else. But it was too late now, "We'll help you. "

"There is no need for you to get involved. You helped us enough."

"Come on Fr- I mean Glenn. Crono, Lucca, and I need more adventure. You're kingdom has one but doesn't want it. So doesn't that state the obvious?"

"We'll have to find away to prove to each we really are who we say we are every time we meet again."

"You'll say uncanny, I'll say scream. Crono and Lucca must be here by now." Marle said while jumping up and down. Then she ran to the ladder, "Come on."

"I'll follow I have to get some things first."

Marle quickly climbed up the ladder. She got to the top to find Crono and Lucca walking towards her.

"I found an adventure, Glenn needs our help."

Lucca shook her head, "I knew you would do that."

"Tell us about it," said Crono.

Marle and Lucca both looked at him in surprise. Lucca spoke first, "Shut up, he doesn't just speak out like that."

Marle couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Y-You're Shifters." She took a step back.

The Lucca-Shifter suddenly jumped forward and pushed Marle against a tree. "Humans are so weak," she said as she covered Marle's mouth.

Then she started to change. The antenna-thing on her hat got smaller. The colors in her purple hair pulled away showing red and blue. Her scarf shrunk, turning more golden. Her hat got smaller and fell back. Hair was longer by now each strand alternating blue and red. Then the blue went down to stain her clothes a sky-blue. The blue was replaced by yellow. Her glasses got thinner until it disappeared into her face. The red and yellow strands in her hair joined to make orange. Yellow joined her blue eyes to make green. The scarf became a necklace. The change took seconds and when she was done the Lucca-Shifter was a perfect image of Marle.

Marle meanwhile had stood there amazed by the art. After, she looked at Crono-Shifter who had no expression on his face.

Marle-Shifter turned to Crono-Shifter. "Swau, fwr icwe gwew."

Crono walked quickly to her.

Marle-Shifter spoke English this time, "We'll take her back to Shifton."

Crono-Shifter nodded, he took Marle's wrist and led her into the thicker part of the forest.

"Don't talk," said Marle-Shifter as she followed.


To Be Continued...


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