The Lavos Worshipper's Plan Part 4

By MeuShell

Lucca was working on a way to advance her telepod. She wanted to find a easier way to do it. Then she could start putting the telepods farther apart.

Crono was in the Tent of Horrors imitating his clone to get cat food.

Robo was looking for either one of them or Marle. He decided to go where he first found Lucca (well, where he first saw this Lucca). She was there. She saw him sooner than she did before.

"Uh, hi," she said.

"Lucca, my name is Robo. I need to talk you and Crono."

A big smile went across Lucca's face. "Ok," she was happy to talk to a humanoid robot.

"Where is he?"

"Somewhere in the fair." She put her things away and went off. Robo followed. Lucca asked a little girl with a cat if she saw Crono.

"Last time I saw him he was doing the soda guzzling contest."

They went to the soda guzzle guy and asked him.

"He mentioned the Tent of Horrors."

They went to the Tent of Horrors.

"He was going to bet on who was going to win the race a get more Silver Points."

They went to the racing betting guy.

"After me, he usually goes to Gato."

They found Crono fighting Gato.

"Hey Crono!" Lucca said after he was done fighting. "Robo here needs to talk to us."

Crono approached them a frowned at Robo.

Robo started talking, "You don't know me but I know you. I'll show you the Epoch which is a time-traveling machine. I need to take you to the End of Time. Then find Marle. Then I'll explain everything."

Crono gave Lucca a strange look.

"Come on Crono, this sounds like fun. And we'll be together" she said.

Crono sighed. When Lucca made up mind, nothing could change it back. So he nodded.

"Good!" Robo and Lucca said at the same time.

Robo lead them to the Epoch. Then he climbed in. Lucca and Crono both hesitated before they did. Robo explained everything that would happen. Then went to the End of Time. Dropped them off and went back to 1000 A.D.

Now where was he going to find Marle?

He decided to look in Guardia Forest. But she wasn't there. He decided to look in Fiona's forest. Then remember because there was no time-travel, it didn't exist. Then he decided looked in Forest Ruins.


Marle was in forest of Forest Ruins. No one will find me here, she thought. She was eating food out of her bag. But then she heard footsteps. Heavy footsteps. Like medal. Like a soldier. She put her food away and climbed a tree. Then she saw the person. She had seen him before when he came out that flying thing he called the Epoch. He was weird. Weird to the point where she kind of wanted to talk to him. She climbed down.

The person showed no expression when she came down. She looked at him closely. He looked weird. All made of medal. Was he a Shifter? He spoke, "Hello, Marle. My name is Robo."

"What are you?"

"A robot. But I didn't come to talk about me. I need to talk to you at the End of Time."

"End of what?!"

"I can time-travel. The End of Time is connected to all times."

"And you want me to trust you? It sounds neat, but I don't know."

"Things happen different then they were suppose to." Then Robo knew what to say what to get her. "I remember what is suppose to happen. You weren't fighting with your dad."

Marle smiled.

"You got a boyfriend."

Marle's smile got bigger.

"You had a huge adventure and met your ancestors and descendants."

Marle's eyes lit up.

"Then you saved the world."

Marle whispered softly, "Ooh." Then she said, "No, you lying."

"I'll show you the End of Time."

"Ok! Oh, wait um, I have to think about this. Ummmmmmmm, ok."

Robo laughed, then went on his way to the Epoch and told her what to except during the travel. He got in. Marle had to circle it before she did. Then they went to the End of Time. When they got there everyone was talking, even Gasper and Spekkio.

"Hi," Marle said, "I'm Marle."

"Marle?" Lucca said, "That sounds familor-wait didn't you say she was-Princess Nadia!"

Crono looked surprised. Frog and Ayla looked confused.

Marle looked at Robo, "You told her I was Nadia! And how do you know?!"

"It doesn't matter. Marle don't be mad. Crono, Lucca, treat her like a normal person. She is a normal person. Ayla, Frog, you'll understand soon."

Soon everyone relaxed. So Robo spoke, "Now I'll explain everything. I already told you things are suppose to be different. Now I'll explain what was suppose to happen. In 1000 A.D. Crono and Marle met at the first day of the fair. Soon they went to try Lucca's Telepod...


...and Lavos was destroyed."

Marle smiled, "When you'll explain what was suppose to happen, you really explain what suppose to happen," while she thought, so Crono is suppose to be my boyfriend.

Crono was thinking, I get to have that adventure and have Princess Nadia as my girlfriend. Wow.

"But," Lucca said, "Who changed it, and how?"

"There is a group called the Lavos Worshippers that found a way to travel-time. They saw that you destroyed Lavos, so they stopped you by making sure Crono and Marle never met in the first place."

"Wait a minute," Marle said, "Are you saying that Lovas, Soval, and Vos are the Lavos Worshippers?"


Ayla turned to Marle, "You meet Lavos Worshippers?"

Robo explained, "They became friends with her the first day of the fair to make sure she didn't go to the fair. They said it was boring. Now, I need at least two of you to go with me to fight and them."

"I don't know.." Lucca said.

"Sounds interesting," Frog said.

"Ayla go! Ayla fight! Ayla win!" said (do I really need to tell you?)

Marle said "I don't know if I want to fight them. But if there bad... Besides I love what is suppose to happen. I love adventure and I'm tired of arguing with my dad. I'll do it! We can't let the bad guys win."

Crono just sat there with a thoughtful look on his face.

Spekkio went through the door, "Follow me, Marle."

"No," Lucca said.

"I think no," Frog said.

Crono shook his head.

Soon, Marle burst out the door. "I learned Ice!"

Lucca frowned, "I thought there was only Shadow, Fire, Water, and Lightening."

"Ice is like water."

"That's true."

Robo spoke, "Marle, Ayla, what techs do you know."

Ayla answered first, "Kiss, Rollo Kick, Cat Attack, Rock Throw, Charm, and Tail Spin."

Then Marle, "Aura, Provoke, Ice, Cure, and Haste."

Robo nodded, "We should get some more."

They got in the Epoch while the others decided to stay at the End of Time and talk. Robo set the time to 2300 A.D.

"When are we?" Marle asked.

"Look bad," Ayla said.

"This is 2300 A.D."

"Lavos did this?" Marle was saddened.

Robo nodded, "We are going to Keeper's Dome." He landed the Epoch, climbed out and went in. He found the Nu with Belthasar's memories. "We need to get to Death Peak."

"Death Peak?" Marle gasped.

"Sounds like your not ready?" the Nu replied.

"We are, please, it's a long story, but in the end Lavos in defeated before he destroys the world. We can go to Death Peak but we need your permission because only you can get the three Poyozo Dolls. We can't go without them. Please get them."

"Ok, it sounds like you are ready," the Nu went through the blue door. Soon he came back with them. "You know a lot." The three Dolls went into the air and disappeared.

"Thank you," Robo said. Then he left explaining to Marle and Ayla, "This is a good place to build tech."

They climbed up the mountain and hid behind trees when the snowy wind blew. Then they went up and down Death Peak learning techs. First Ayla learned Dino Tail. Then Marle learned Ice 2. Then Ayla learned Triple Kick. Then Marle learned Cure 2, then Life 2. They also learned all the Double Techs they could. Then they climbed back down.

I never learned my techs so fast," Marle said.

"Then they went around until they could buy the Sonic Arrow. Then they were ready.

They went into the Epoch, Robo set the time to January 7,1000 A.D. at 5:30 AM and went there. He hid his Epoch in a different place in Guardia Forest then he did last time.

Then they went in front of Guardia Forest to look for the Lavos Worshippers.

"There they are," Marle said. They were in the front of the forest. They were talking. Marle, Ayla, and Robo approached them.

Vos was the first to notice them. She pointed it out to the others.

Soval pulled out his sword, "I was hoping we wouldn't have to kill them."

Lovas pulled out his bow and arrows, while Vos pulled out her daggers. Then they waited for them.

When they approached, Lovas spoke, "You won't stop us."

"But you can try," Vos said.

Soval laughed evilly.

Marle pulled out her crossbow. Ayla put out her fists. Robo held up his arm.

Lovas shot Marle with an arrow.

"Ow!" Marle said, then she did ice to Lovas.

"Ahhhh, cold!" Lovas yelled.

Vos threw a dagger at Robo. Robo threw a Area Bomb.

The Lavos Worshippers jumped, "Ow, ooh, hot! Ow!"

Then Ayla Triple Kicked Vos.

Then the Lavos Worshippers did Shadow Blast. They all created shadow and threw it on the ground. The Shadow exploded hitting Marle, Ayla, and Robo.

Marle started Curing. Starting with Ayla then Robo.

Robo threw another Area Bomb.

Ayla Triple Kicked Lovas as she said, "Ayla fight you. Ayla win!"

The Lavos did Shadow Blast again before Marle could Cure herself. She lost all of her HP. Robo quickly grabbed a Revive to give her. When she woke up she felt weird and kind of scared, she never lost all of her HP before. She Cured herself as soon as she could.

Lovas used his bow and arrow on Ayla.

They fought. Ten minutes passed. Ayla had lost her HP once, so Marle used Life 2. The Lavos Worshippers each had about 2000 HP left.

Robo did Shock.

Marle gave Robo a Mid Ether while she thought, these guys are tough.

Ayla Cat Attacked Lovas. She was enjoying the fight.

The Lavos Worshippers did another Shadow Blast. Robo lost his HP and collapsed.

Marle was about to do Life 2 when Ayla grabbed her arm and whispered to her. "Lavos Worshippers week now. Ayla and Marle do Cube Toss.

Marle wasn't sure about this. But she knew Ayla was a experienced fighter. She had to know what she was talking about. So Marle made Ice cubes. Ayla grabbed them and threw them at the Lavos Worshippers as hard as she could. Lovas collapsed.

Soval and Vos did Double Shadow.

Marle's HP went down to 30. She knew Ayla's was now about 90. She heard Ayla yell, "Again!" Marle gave a quick nod. This time she was happy to do so. She wanted to get rid of these people who she once considered friends. She had been afraid before the fight that they weren't the Lavos Worshippers. But when she saw how fast they grabbed their weapons when they saw them, she realized they were the enemies.

Ayla caught the Ice cubes that Marle made. She threw them as hard as she could at the two remaining Lavos Worshippers.

The two remaining, collapsed.


Robo woke up to happy screaming and laughing. He saw the three enemies lying down. He realized that they had won. Which is why he woke up and now had one HP.

Marle ran to him, "Robo we won!" Then she Cured for him.

The Cure completely filled his HP. Robo was confused, her magic wasn't that strong. She just recently learned most of her techs.

Robo got up.

"Crono, Glenn, Lucca, and Swau be happy," Ayla said.

Robo was even more confused. She always called Glenn, Frog. How did she know about Swau. Unless...

Robo laughed. They had gone to the past to stop the Lavos Worshippers from changing the past, and that's what they did. This Marle and Ayla were not the ones he had to convince to trust him but the ones he had fought side by side with for months, the ones he would die for their beliefs and they would do the same. History had been restored.

"We should go back," Marle said, "The others are waiting at the End of Time "

They walked back to where the Epoch would be. Then they heard something.

They glanced at each other, then climbed a tree in the front.

Marle was the last up the tree. Then she saw herself walk by, then look up at tree. The younger Marle frowned slightly and moved closer to look, then shook her head and continue walking. She left the forest and went on her way to the fair.

Marle, Ayla, and Robo climbed down.

"It's a good thing she didn't see us," Robo said.

"She did," Marle said, "Don't you remember."

Robo turned, she and Ayla were giving him 'You forgot?' looks.

Marle explained, "After you and Ayla left in 1000 A.D. I went home and thought about when I first met Crono. Then I remembered hearing a noise in a tree on the way to the fair. When I looked up I thought I saw me, you, and Ayla. But I didn't know you two at the time, so I thought I was seeing things and thought nothing of it. I remembered it when I met the two of you. But forgot it again. But I remembered it again I realized it wasn't nothing, so I told Crono and Lucca. We had to wait until you came by again with the Epoch. We told you and got Ayla and Frog, told them, and all went to The End of Time."

Ayla continued, "There we decide who go this time. We go. We find three people. They see us, they pull out weapons. So we know they Lavos Worshippers.

Marle laughed, "Especially considering they said they were."

Ayla looked at Robo, "Robo not remember?"

"I remember differently."

Marle and Ayla glanced at each other. Then they all went into the Epoch. Marle drove. She set it to the End of Time.

The others were waiting for them. Including Swau and a human Glenn.

"So who gets the Epoch this time?" Lucca asked.

"I thinks it's Glenn and Swau's turn," Marle said.

"Ok," Swau said.

Marle turned to Robo, "How did you remember differently?"


"You remember differently?" Lucca asked.


Swau, who by the way was a cat now, spoke, "Tell us."

So Robo told them what he remembered.

"I like this way better," Glenn said.

The others agreed.

Then Lucca said, "I think we should be going." She went into the Epoch. Crono and Marle followed.

When they left Swau turned to Robo and joked, "So you didn't bother getting me, huh?"

"Ok, tell me where you were and I'll find a way that you were involved."

Swau laughed, "I was a blade of grass. Ok, go get me."

The Epoch came back with just Marle in it. Robo and Ayla got in. Ayla wanted to drive. She set it too 2300 A.D. Then she dropped Robo off in Geno Dome.

Robo went in, said hi to Mother Brain, the Mother Brain he remembered, and then finally read that article.


The End


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