Silent Wind

By Michael Pearce

This is one of my first fanfiction stories. I took some creative liberties, as you can probably tell, but the script itself is only slightly modified. The ending is not from the game, but it worked better this way.


The cold wind bit into his brow, yet his flesh bore a consistent stream of sweat. His two companions frowned, halfheartedly staring towards the cliff's near peak. He nodded silently, and the couple quietly fled towards the camp. Begrudgingly, he began ascending the mountain.

As he neared the silhoutted figure before him, he brandished a sword which witheld a massive blade, shimmering without sunlight. The figure's head silently turned to it's side. A cold, dark wind gusted across the cliffside.

"So, it's you..." the words hung in the air for several moments.

"Magus." Glenn stated, emotionless.

"Behold." Magus replied, gestering with his gloved hand. "Everthing's at the bottom of the sea. Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal, and all the dreams and ambitions of it's people. I once lived there...But I was another person then..." Magus paused, nostalgia overwhelming him. "I was a child, seperated from those who loved me. What we just witnessed.."

"So!" Glenn interupted, "Thou art..Thou art that filthy urchin Janus!"

Magus momentarily glared at the Frog, as though to speak, but said nothing.

"Ever since Lavos' time portal stranded me in the Middle Ages...I have waited to even this score. You interrupted me just when I had summoned Lavos to my castle...How ironice that, having been drawn into yet another portal, I would end up in this age." The wizard paused, his cape fluttering with menace as the wind picked up. "Being from the future, my knowledge of the past enabled me to manipulate the queen into believing I was a mighty oracle. But no history book could have ever prepared me for what happened here. Unimaginable is this power...the power of Lavos."

Magus turned away from Glenn, facing the ocean covered below a thin layer of ice. "Anyone who dares to oppose it...meets certain doom. At this rate you, too, will meet a hideous fate. Just like that poor fool, Crono." Magus said with an obnoxious laugh.

"...! You DARE insult him?" Glenn furiously shouted.

"He's history! Play with fire, and you get burned." The wind's slight breeze had evolved into a powerful gust.

"Magus! Hold thy tongue!". Glenn's knuckles whitened as his grasp over the Masamune tightened.

Magus grabbed his cape, holding it beneath his pale chin. His arm moved to the handle of his Scythe, daring Glenn to move. "You wish to fight me?"

"Yes! Let us finish this charade!"

Effortlessly, the scythe was withdrawn from it's holster, and Magus frowned. "I never imagined we would settle our score in this dusty old era. Indeed, let this be our final meeting!"

With incredible power, Magus bursts towards Glenn. Before he could react, Magus' blade had cut deep withinin him. Grimacing, the great mage retracted his weapon from the wound, and replaced it in his holster.

A pool of blood poured from the large gash in Glenn's chest, and his eyes closed. Magus turned, sullenly making his way back to the cliff's peak.

Glenn's grip on the Masamune had not loosened. His eyes opened, blurred, watching with hatred the figure that had tormented him for years. Staggering, he stood. Raising the sword like a knife, he jousted it forward at Janus, the great mage and heir to the Zeal throne.

Magus froze in his tracks, as the wind howled.

- - - -

Magus lay dead, several feet away, as Glenn crumpled towards the earth. Moments later, his friends would arrive. But not soon enough. Gasping for air with closed eyes, he whispered, "Cyrus! I hath avenged thee.."

Glenn then died, the wind finally silent.

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