A New Legend Prologue

The Legend of Dragoon

By Mich Etoile

**Note to Readers**-The prologue directly below IS the Legend of Dragoon Game!! I wrote this out for those who read fanfics, but maybe havent played the game. The chapters following I came up with.

Long ago, before the formation of mountains, before the filling of seas and before the evolution of present day cultures, there raged a battle. This grand battle was to determine the future of the world. There was one powerful enemy who wished the end of the world and there were nine heroes who chose to fight it. The ruination of the world first must start with the beginning.

Upon seeing the earth with no life, the great Soa planted a magical seed into the barren land. This seed soon grew into a tree, The Divine Tree. The fruits growing on The Divine Tree’s enormous branches would soon blossom and fall to the earth. The 108 races that would inhabit the earth were to be born of these fruits. From the 105th race came the powerful Dragons with reduced intelligence as compensation. The 106th race born of the fruits was Humans, created peaceful by Soa and each varied in brain and brawn. Finally the last race born of the fruits of The Divine Tree were the winglies. Soa graced the Winglies with wings made of light, the ability to use magic and longevity in life. Unfortunately these traits caused the Winglies thoughts of superiority. This thought of superiority meant the enslavement of all the races, including the race yet unborn. Afraid of losing their rank as the last born of The Divine Tree, the winglies used magic to trap the last race within its fruit.

With the magical restraint placed by the Winglies, the last fruit named the God of Destruction could find no way to enter the world. The body of the God of Destruction trapped inside the fruit ascended to the heavens, and became The Moon That Never Sets. Melbu Frahma, one of the Wingly leaders, separated the soul of the God from its body. He kept the God’s soul in a container to draw power from to expand his own.

Tired of the endless oppression, humans used their knowledge and the dragon’s strength to ignite the revolt called the Dragon Campaign. This effort was close to futile. No matter what humans tried the wingly’s ability to use magic gained the advantage on the battlefield. Humans then harnessed magic and caught the winglies off guard. When seven Dragons had met their unfortunate end, their elemental spirits would choose heroes to impart their abilities upon. The combination of Dragon spirit and its bearer would breed a new type of hero, the Dragoon. The seven chosen to first wield spirits used their new Dragoon armor, wings and weapons to aid the revolt against winglies.

In the final battle, the Dragoons destroyed the container with the God of Destruction’s soul in it. The Dragoons fought against a weaker Melbu Frahma and the winglie’s controlled versions of the god of destruction. Five of the seven dragoons died during battle. Zieg, the Red-eye Dragoon thrust his sword into Melbu Frahma’s stomach and was then petrified, from the last spell cast from Melbu Frahma. The Darkness Dragoon fruitlessly stood by and watched her last companion fall down to the stone that he now matched. In despair Rose, the Darkness Dragoon went to a wingly that she had found friendship in, Melbu’s sister Charle. Rose discovered that by destroying the container the soul was imprisoned in, it would begin re-incarnate itself into a human body. History would name that child the moon child and only few knew the truth that time would soon forget. “Count back through time. Every one hundred and eight years, the Moon That Never Sets glows blood red and the moon child will descend upon the earth to give a holy blessing.” Realizing this, Rose asked Charle to make her immortal in order to keep the soul and body of the god from joining. Becoming immortal, Rose lost herself throughout the many years in order to complete her goal of extinguishing the moon child and those around it destined to be its servants.

Eleven thousand years after the end of the Dragon Campaign, Rose discovers fate once again calling the Dragoons to battle. Fate’s call for the Dragoons begins with a war between an uncle and a nephew divide the country over power, when one side gains the advantage by using a Dragon. A mysterious hooded man’s search for the Moon Child results in the destruction of Dart’s second home, his first home was destroyed by the Black Monster along with his family. Dart, the future hero, would have a brief meeting with Rose where she would realize his destiny. He would travel to Hellena prison rescuing an old friend named Shana and a new friend named Lavitz. Dart, Lavitz and Shana would travel to the battlefield to aid in the war. The first battle, Rose makes an appearance at the end and induces Dart’s astonishing new transformation into the Red-eye Dragoon. The four would travel along searching for the reason fate had called the dragoons to bear arms again. Their journey would result in Lavitz receiving recognition from the Jade Dragoon Spirit with the elemental magic of wind and Shana being recognized by the White Silver Dragoon Spirit with the elemental magic of light. Without the protection of Lavitz and his knighthood, a mysterious hooded man kidnapped Albert the king of Bale. An angered Lavitz and his friends went after Albert. The mysterious hooded man magically removed an object from the inside of Albert. Charging at the hooded man was Lavitz transformed. The hooded man pulled out an ancient sword with the power to impale Lavitz. Albert was the one to receive the Jade Dragoon Spirit.

Extraordinary others who felt drawn to the four would join them in their journey and in their recognition of Dragoon spirits. Haschel, a companion from Dart’s travels found the Violet Dragoon Spirit recognizing him with the elemental magic of thunder. Across the continent Endiness was a beautiful and cheerful young lady named Meru. A stranger to Dart and the Dragoons, Meru felt a pull towards them and soon found the Blue-sea Dragoon Spirit’s recognition with the elemental magic of water. An enemy who’s respect Dart had earned through fighting was the last giganto Kongol. The Golden Dragoon Spirit with the elemental magic of earth recognized this giant warrior. The group traveled to a crystal palace where there remained a link to the past. Shana found herself called to this link, and separating from her friends went to it. In front of this link, Shana could no longer contain the White Silver Dragoon Spirit and it was passed along to a royal habitant of the palace named Miranda. Without her Dragoon spirit, Shana was helpless to capture again by the hooded man’s employer.

The group traveled all over Endiness uncovering the legend of Soa and the past Rose had surprisingly been involved in. They were also tracking the hooded man and the divine moon objects he stole resembling that which was stolen from Albert, but he had acquired a Dragoon spirit from the king of all dragons making him hard to defeat. During the group’s pursuit, many challenges arose, most involving the past. The biggest challenge from the past was the sudden entrance of Dart’s father, Zieg, the first Red-eye Dragoon. Zieg then let loose the truth of Rose’s other identity as the Black Monster and of Shana’s other identity as the Moon Child.

After that meeting, Rose led the seven heroes to Charle Frahma to question Zieg’s intentions. Charle then told the seven about the Signets and the Signet Sphere. Charle produced the Signet Sphere as a lock to limit the flow of magic Melbu received from the Moon That Never Sets. Melbu produced the Signets as keys to open the lock in case he needed all the magic he could get. Melbu never got the chance to use the Signets and humans obtained three Signets and divided it among the territories of Endiness. Charle then warned the Dragoons that if the signets unlocked the signet sphere the moon child and The Moon That Never Sets could combine to give birth to the God of Destruction. With their new goal of protecting the signets, the Dragoons set off for the three Wingly cities, Aglis, Zenebatos and Mayfil.

After sailing to Haschel’s homeland of Rouge, the city of Aglis, which had been built for the study of magic, appeared out of the surrounding sea. Finding another friendly Wingly inside studying magic, the group did what they could to aid in creating a new Signet and a powerful bomb. Somehow, Zieg took control of a powerful sea creature and went after the Signet. The dragoons defeated this creature but inadvertently destroyed the Signet during the battle. Being sent away from the blast, the seven traveled to the next city of Zenebatos where laws for all creatures where made and enforced by the winglies. Finding the judicial system still futilely running, the Dragoons changed laws allowing passage to the Signet and finding another fight. After defeating their enemies, the Dragoons found Zieg already at the next Signet, sending that to the Signet Sphere. Following Zieg to the last city and the last signet, the Dragoons traveled to Mayfil, where the Winglies had decided the fate of the dead. Before finding the last Signet, the Dragoons came upon some old friends and foes. Unable to stop him, Zieg destroyed the last Signet, The Moon That Never Sets sent a seed down to earth duplicated to that of the Divine Tree. The Moon That Never Sets landed upon a welcoming, fully grown Divine Tree.

Before he died, the wingly from Aglis gave the Dragoons a creature with wings to travel upon. Using this creature, the Dragoons flew to the Divine Tree where they were attacked. The Dragoons crashed at the base of the Divine Tree and started their climb to the top to find the entrance into The Moon That Never Sets. Inside, the Dragoons found the past confronting them one more time. The Dragoons learned of Miranda’s adoption when she confronted a monster influenced by what the moon knew about her mother in a forest resembling her home. Next an entrance on Endiness twenty years before reveals the link to Haschel’s past. Haschel’s challenge was his daughter who had run away years earlier. Before Haschel’s challenge though, Dart also recognized the woman as his mother. Next, an attack by Rose’s pet Dragon split the group up. Rose and Dart were sent to the land of the dragons where Rose has to put down her Dragon of ten thousand years, again. Meru, Albert, Miranda, Haschel and Kongol were sent the Holy Land of the Gigantos. The five see how Kongol met Albert’s uncle Doel who made war on Albert. Upon seeing this, Kongol breaks down quick and then runs off to challenge his brother to gain power for Dart. Both groups meet up and go with Albert as he meets up with his Uncle to confront the murder of his father from Doel’s hands. The next and last challenge from the past is Meru’s where she confronts a god, which she believes was invented to justify the wingly rule in the past.

When the past had been dealt with, the Dragoons went up against Zieg’s last defense. The Dragoons dealt with that easily and went on to meet Zieg. After Zieg stole Dart’s Red-eye dragoon, they fought, with Zieg’s attention on Dart mostly, until the 108th species started to take in Shana so that it could be born into the world. Then, Zieg released the biggest surprise of all. When Zieg had his sword in Melbu Frahma, Melbu cast a petrification spell on Zieg. Melbu with the use of a spell attached his soul to the soul of Zieg’s dragon spirit and remained there until The Black Monster tried to kill him. While the Dragoons stared in disbelief, Melbu’s soul pulled Shana from the God’s grip and entered the body himself, becoming the God of Destruction. Another surprise came when the hooded man changed sides and confronted Melbu with his powers as a Dragoon. Melbu took a few hits before crushing the hooded man and the hooded man passed the Divine Dragoon spirit on to Dart. With his newly acquired form, Melbu and the Dragoons fought to see who would leave the Moon and who would perish along with it. Fighting their hardest and putting the skills they’ve learned to use, the dragoons fought the hardest battle against the new God. A transformed Dart let loose a powerful spell towards Melbu, which he thought would have ended Melbu’s life. Enormous explosions burst apart Melbu’s godly body and Dart flew down to protect Shana. After reaching the ground, Dart heard a voice from the fire and turned to see a deformed Melbu seeking vengeance. The next voice he heard belonged to Rose, she was telling him and the other Dragoons to get out of the Moon now. After a few protests, they obeyed what Rose had told them. Flying away and out Dart saw Rose and Zieg both transformed flying straight at Melbu with no intention of stopping. Gathering together all the energy and magic they had, Rose and Zieg crashed into Melbu and caused a huge explosion reacting throughout the Moon. All the Dragoons minus Rose and Zieg had made it out safe, Dart holding Shana in his arm. Rose and Zieg had saved the world from one disaster without being around to help with the others.

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