Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 14

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

By Minmei

Lucca smiled and sighed happily, eyes closed. She looked peaceful for once. No more bad dreams to worry about.

In her subconscious she could hear wedding bells. Was it her wedding? Yes. She smiled again. She found herself walking back down the aisle with her new husband, the man of her dreams, to leave on their honeymoon. Was the man Glenn? Please let it be Glenn, she prayed. She beamed at the groom and cheered silently. Yes! It was Glenn. Glenn, my love. They slowly continued to stroll along the aisle, holding hands, as their guests cheered them on. Glenn's happy. I'm happy. All our friends are happy. They're all here...even Magus.

She then noticed the hooded figure standing at the cathedral's entrance. The figure wore a long, faded orange cloak. Who is that? Lucca's smile faded.

"Don't think this is over yet," the figure rasped as the couple exited. "I will have my revenge on you, my little scientist."

Lucca sat upright, completely startled. What was THAT all about?! she wondered in alarm. Who was that person? Who would show up and threaten me while I was with Glenn?

Wait. Glenn. Where is he?

She looked around in the darkness. Oh, he's still beside me, she thought, looking down at him.

Lucca then found herself squinting at something. Wait? What's that? What...? Did I really do that?

She giggled quietly when she saw her hand clasped in Glenn's.

Maybe that dream was a little too realistic.


Wow. Cloaked figures and...and wedding bells...they just don't mix…or something. Heh heh. Something other than dreams in Chapter 15 next!


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