Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 17

Stupid Grudge

By Minmei

"Hello again, Schala dear," the man with the eye patch said.

"Dalton?!" Lucca cried, realizing she was meeting the cloaked person from her dreams. "B-but h-how did you did you find...wh-what happened..."

He stared at them cockily. "Oh, you think I disappeared after I was drawn into the Golem's gate?"

Lucca frowned. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. THAT was a gate?!" she cried.

"No. But where I did go had a timegate. And lucky me, it led here to your era," he sneered, a ridiculous smirk on his face.

Lucca shook her head. "But how did you know-"

"Don't bother, Lucca," Marle told her friend, her eyes on Dalton. "This jerk is never going to tell you the truth."

Dalton threw his head back, opened his mouth to gigantic proportions and laughed. "Oh, you know me so well," he said, then lowered his face to glare at Lucca. "But enough about me. It's time to finish you."

Lucca's jaw dropped. "Wh-what? Wh-wh-wh-wh...Why me?!" she sputtered.

"Don't play stupid with me," Dalton said coldly, continuing his menacing stare. "It was you who killed Golem. You took out the GolemTwins. You murdered the GolemBoss. You almost succeeded in ruining me as well, but I escaped. And now I am back to finish you!!"

"But Lucca didn't kill the GolemBoss! He ran away because he's acrophobic!" Marle protested, coming to her friend's defense. "And you can't blame Lucca; she wasn't the only one who fought your dumb Golem friends!"

"Maybe not," Dalton hissed, his cold stare still fixed on Lucca. "But SHE is the one who gave the final blow and for that, she has to pay!!"

Lucca just scoffed at Dalton's logic…and his stupid grudge.

"Idiot," Magus suddenly commented. "Holding a grudge over the pettiest of things. But then again, none of us could ever expect anything better of you..."

Dalton cast him a dirty look. "Who are you to judge me, Prophet? You're worse than the scientist. Always charming the queen for favors, always gaining access to areas I couldn't, taking over the things that I-that I ALONE used to do and...and I-I...URGH!!! I can't stand you!! What do you have that I don't?!"

The string of answers from the team followed his question, one after another.




"Half a brain more."

"Better hair, that's for sure."

"And how about-"

"URRGH!! SHUT...UP!!!" Dalton snarled. He let out a curse, turned to Magus, and raised an arm. "SLASH ATTACK!!"

The technique caught Magus off-guard. He was instantly knocked off his feet. "Ugh!"

"Oh no!" Schala cried.

Dalton snickered, walking towards the "prophet." "Was it good for you? How about this?!" He sent a large flame into Magus' chest.


Dalton was about to make another move, when Schala ran over to Magus' side. "No, Dalton, stop!" she pleaded, hugging Magus.

Dalton frowned again. "Why is everyone in love with the damn prophet?!" he snapped. "Is he your boyfriend now, Schala?"

Schala threw Dalton a very nasty look. "He's my brother," she informed him. "Don't you dare hurt him!"

Dalton raised an eyebrow. "Your brother?" he scoffed. "You have only one-" he let out a gasp-"J-Janus! Is that you?!"

If looks could kill, Magus would have probably gotten even with Dalton at that very moment.

Dalton quickly overcame his shock. "Hmph. It is you, isn't it? Well, that explains why you knew so much." He opened his mouth very, very wide and laughed again. "Well, well, well, little Janus thinks he's a big shot now," he said in a mocking tone.

"Don't call me that," Magus hissed.

The man with the eyepatch chortled again. His eyes, or actually, eye flashed in twisted merriment. "Well, come on, Sir Janus, be the man you've become! Aren't you going to take me on?"

Magus just snorted at the pitiful fool. "I would, but, seeing as how unworthy an opponent you are, I have someone who can do that for me."


"Look behind you, idiot," Magus said dryly.

Dalton turned around to find Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Ayla staring at him, wicked smirks on their faces. In an upgraded move, Crono, Marle, and Lucca summoned their magic as Ayla took her place in a very high leap. "Oh no," Dalton said flatly, wide-eyed, knowing exactly what was coming. The whites of his eyes expanded as he looked up and fixed his gaze upon Ayla, who was coming down on him at a rapid rate, set in her Triple Kick move. "Oh damners," he whimpered.

Great, Dalton, he said to himself, you're about to be taken out, and the best thing you can think of to say is "damners"?

Ayla cut through Crono's ball of lightning at a 45-degree angle and hit Dalton in his chest. "Ugh!" She then bounced up, came down again, kicking through Marle's ball of ice. She struck Dalton on his shoulders. "Arrgh!!" Ayla jumped up again. She came down again and, with Lucca's flaming ball, landed square on Dalton's head. "AAAGGH!!" He was now struggling to stay standing. Crono, Marle, and Lucca quickly combined their powers and sent the new force over to Ayla. She whipped back around and, with this shadow-type force, gave Dalton one final blow to his chest, knocking him down. He fell to the ground on his side and coughed, just barely conscious.

"Well, our work is done here," Lucca said. She gestured to the large hole. "Shall we?"

Schala helped Magus on his feet. The team started towards the "cave" entrance.

A disgusted Marle walked up to Dalton, glaring at him. "You know, I'm generally a nice person, but you really are the biggest loser I've ever met." She kicked him hard in his chest. Dalton grunted. "And get a haircut!" she spat out, walking away from him. "Idiot."

Magus turned around to Marle, surprised at her words. "I've taught you well, haven't I?" he remarked. Marle shrugged at the mage, then the members entered the cave.


And so, the story continues. What? Of course I don't hate Dalton! I just despise him, that's all. Chapter 18 around the corner!


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