Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 19

The Big Breakup

By Minmei




Even from the cathedral, the five-year-old Leene bell could be heard. It was ringing to celebrate the marriage of Lucca and Glenn.

Well, we're finally married, Lucca thought. It took Glenn long enough to pop the question. But I'm happy. Well, not completely...I do feel this void inside me, this emptiness knowing that my parents couldn't be here because they're with Lavos. My father couldn't walk me down the aisle. My mother couldn't be here to calm my pre-wedding jitters. Robo wasn't here because…Lavos ended his life. Poor Robo. He was just trying to save my parents. She walked out of the cathedral, hand in hand with Glenn, as the people cheered joyously despite the absences of the three important guests. The couple descended the stairs.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning cut through the air. The surroundings disappeared, replaced with the familiar swirling blue background. The frightened couple turned around to find Lavos in the place of the cathedral.

"Oh no!" Lucca cried.

The monster let out a light beam that targeted Glenn. An invisible force picked up Glenn and began to draw him towards the creature.

Lucca's mouth fell open in horror. "No!" she shouted, still holding onto his hand.

"Lucca!" Glenn cried out, his eyes widened in terror.

"No, Glenn! Please don't go!" Lucca wailed, struggling to hold onto him. "You're all I have left!..." But she lost her grip, and Glenn was teleported inside the monster.

"GLENN!!! NOOO!! Noooo!...N-no..." She fell to her knees. The monster let out a roar. The skies flashed again, and Lavos disappeared, leaving Lucca alone in front of the cathedral, still kneeling in her wedding dress, weeping over the one thing left in the world that ever mattered to her.


In 65,000,000 BC...

"Lucca, wake up!" Crono said, shaking Lucca awake. "You're having a nightmare."

Lucca stirred and slowly opened her eyes. "Glenn?" she called out weakly, her vision blurry.

"No," Crono answered. Lucca's eyes focused on the guy with the punk hairdo.

"Oh," she said softly, "Crono."

"About time you came to," he told her.

"Wh-what happened?" she asked him. "What are we doing here in...the Mystic Mountains?"

"You don't remember that big gate in Denadoro?"

"The...gate. Y-yes, I-I remember now. Ohhh, I can't believe that...I c-can't believe what happened to-"

"Hey, it's okay," Crono told her. "You need time."


In 12,000 BC...

Glenn rolled over on his side and opened his eyes to find the Village Elder staring at him. "E-elder?" he murmured.

"Yes," answered the old man. "Welcome to our village, visitors."

"Visitors?" said Glenn, confused. "But I...I hath been to this land before. Thou art acquainted with me."

"Wait," the Elder said, leaning on his cane. "You sound like that frog-man that was here a few times before."

"Yes...yes! The frog-man be me!" Glenn declared, moving himself to a standing position. "This be mine human form, for Magus hath broken the curse brought upon me."

"The Prophet?"


A mechanical beeping filled the air. The rose colored robot sat up. "S-systems...reactivated," she said. Atropos slowly stood up.

"Hmmm," the Elder said, observing her, "you resemble that gold metal creature that used to come by here."

"Robo..." Atropos murmured.


In 600 AD...

"Well, we put our great-great-etc-great granddaughter to bed. And the prehistoric woman too. I don't know the man who was with them. He is also resting," King Guardia told his bedridden wife.

"From your description, he sounds like a friend of Ayla's," Leene said. She sat up and leaned against her pillow. "I hope they didn't take too bad an injury..."

"But what were they doing, passed out in your new townsquare? That makes no sense."

"You can ask them when they recover. But for now, let them rest."


At the End of Time...

A familiar presence in the "room" took Gaspar away from the task of blowing any more nose bubbles. His eyes flew open. "Belthasar?!" He found himself looking at the wandering Epoch. "The Wings of Time?!" he exclaimed. "Why is it here unnavigated?" He turned his head to the left to find the blue-haired male and female sprawled there, facedown. Gaspar walked over and knelt beside the man. "Hey," he said, turning the man over. "Wake up. Welcome to the End of-i-it's you!!"

Magus stirred. "Mmm...d-deja vu...Lavos...son of Lavos...must kill...and must...must m-make sure Schala" he murmured, coming to.

"Janus! Wake up!" commanded the Guru of Time.

Magus slowly and obediently opened his eyes. "G-Gaspar?"

"Yes, Janus," said the old man. "Will you tell me what you're doing here this way?"

Instead of answering, Magus let out a gasp. "Schala," he said. He sat upright, looking around. "What happened to her? Where is-oh, there she is!" He scooted over to the unconscious female and turned her over. Lifting her, he cradled her in his arms.

Gaspar's eyes widened in shock. "Janus!" he cried. "You found Schala?! This is wonderful news...considering the world's fate."

Magus looked up at Gaspar icily. "You knew?" he asked, his voice dropping quite low. "And you didn't warn us?"

"How could I?!" Gaspar shot back. "None of you came back, and there was no way I could leave this blasted place..."

Schala began to moan softly.

"Schala?" Magus called out.

"Janus," she whispered, coming to. She opened her eyes and saw the Guru of Time looking at her, an expression of concern on his face.

Schala let out a gasp. "Gaspar!"


In 65,000,000 BC...

"It was just like my dreams," Lucca remarked, her tone bereft of emotion, silent tears rolling down her face. "But instead of my parents dying, Robo...Robo met that fate."

Crono shook his head slowly. "Man, I can't believe your dreams MEANT something." A pause. "I wish I had taken them more seriously...then Robo and your parents would be here," he said, the regret in his voice.

"It's not your fault, Crono," she said flatly. "Things happen. No one knew that Dalton and Flea were still lurking around." A moment of silence. "Glenn was right about my dreams...they made no sense at all," she continued. "Glenn...oh, I hope Glenn's all right. I'm very worried."

"Wow. You really love him, don't you?" asked Crono, surprise registering on his face. "But if we're okay, he probably is too."

Her expression turned grim. "I-I hope so. You see, Crono, just before you woke me up-"

"You had a bad dream about Glenn and now you're freaked out something might happen to him," Crono finished for her. "I heard you call his name in your sleep."

Lucca nodded. "I'm scared for him, Crono."

"I am too, but this time we're more alert." He stood up and looked around him. "We're stuck here, aren't we?" he asked, sighing. "I think we're screwed."

"Wait," Lucca suddenly said, remembering something. She moved herself to a standing position. "We aren't screwed yet."


In 12,000 BC...

"So this is what Robo meant by loss," Atropos said, her voice almost a whisper. "This is the emptiness one feels when dealing with the death of a loved one..."

"I'm sorry," the Elder told her. "Hey, didn't this happen before with that spiky haired kid? Well, as before, I want you to take all the time you need to rest."

Glenn turned to the old man. "How hath thou discovered us? I hath believed there was only one gate, in the cave on the secluded island."

The old man nodded. "Yes. That is where you are now."

Glenn cocked his head. "What?"

"We established a new village here shortly after the Prophet and the survivors built a transportation device for the ocean," explained the Elder.

"Magus helped-?" Glenn was unable to conceal his surprise. "And thou hath built this new village. 'Twas not apparent to me, for the huts look the same," he finished, observing the house's interior.

The old man tilted his head at Glenn, an interesting look on his face. "Do you have some ongoing feud with the Prophet?" he asked Glenn. "It seems whenever you two are together, you're uneasy around each other."

"'Tis a long story," sighed Glenn. "And I am unable to tell thee the first part. Magus must tell thee that part."


In 600 AD...

King Guardia descended the stairs of the knights' quarters and found the three guests sitting upright in their beds, looking back at him. "Good! You're awake!" he exclaimed. "Now, I'm hoping you'll tell me why we found you in Leene Square...wasn't the gate there closed up?"

Marle bit her lip. "Your majesty," she began with a deep breath, "you're not going to like what you're about to hear, but..."


At the End of Time...

"So that's your story," Gaspar said. "The citizens of Zeal will be overjoyed to know you are indeed alive, Schala."

Schala smiled. "They'll be glad to see Janus too," she said, looking at Magus.

Gaspar frowned. "You haven't told the people who you are?" he asked Magus.

"They still know me as the Prophet..." Magus answered, nodding.

Gaspar let out a tiny chuckle. "Well, as soon as you get back, promise me you're going to reveal who you are."

"But we're stuck here, without a gate key," Schala pointed out.

"Wait," Magus suddenly said. "Is the Epoch here?"

"Yeah…" started Gaspar. "How did…you know?"

"Oh. I overheard Lucca tell Glenn she set the Epoch to come here for you if certain disaster occurred."

"What are we waiting for, then?" Schala said. "Let's pick everyone up!" Schala and Magus started towards the Epoch's walkway.

"You kids aren't going off without me, now are you?"

The blue-haired pair turned around to face Gaspar.



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