Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 24

Mine Love's Mistake

By Minmei

"Hee hee! Cut it out, Glenn!" giggled Lucca. She turned around to face him, tossing her long violet hair behind her. She began to back away from him. "Our friends are going to be here soon. Imagine if they found us, and you were-"

"Simply expressing how much I love thee?" Glenn finished for her. Lucca raised an eyebrow. "Glenn, are you still talking like that?" she asked him, teasing him.

"Oh, I see. Thou hast been hoping I wouldst lose mine dialect?"

"Well, kind of…"

"Sorry, no can do," he told her. He wrapped his arms around her waist. Lucca tilted her head up and kissed him. After a while, she moved her face away. "I can't believe you're finally back," Lucca remarked, still in his arms. "I missed you so much."

"Oh, Lucca, I hath only taken leave for but a week," Glenn informed her.

"But it seemed like an eternity," she told him with a pleading look. She walked behind him and put her arms around him. "I've missed you so much, believe me. I miss the way you look at me, the way you brush the hair from my eye when you talk to me, the way you always make me laugh. I miss how you hold me whenever I need…I miss the way your body feels against mine, I miss your smell, just…everything about you. I miss…you. Every moment you're away just seems too long for me."

Glenn turned around and smiled at her. "Lucca, every time I am away from thee, all I long for is to have thee in mine arms."

"Oh, Glenn," she said softly. They slowly kissed.

"And now I have thee, so I am glad."

Lucca cast him a strange look. "Glenn," she pretended to pout, "Honey, can't you get rid of that…that kind of…of dialect?"

He grinned mischievously at her. "It may take time," he answered her, the smirk spreading across his lips. "But…maybe, perhaps, you can make me forget."

"Ah, now that's more like it."

Their lips met again. "Hmm…I love you," Lucca sighed. She brought her face to his and gave him a long, passionate kiss. She then moved her head back, pressed her cheek to his and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment, enjoying her new life. The lovers felt quite content in their new house. Up above, they could hear the humming of the fan. In the living room, the crackling of the flames in the fireplace. All around, they could hear the loud rustle of leaves-

Eh? Rustling leaves? Inside the house?

Lucca slowly opened her eyes. Hmm…no wonder, she thought, staring into the darkness. It was just a dream.

She let out a sigh, feeling slightly disappointed. But what a dream! She thought. It seemed so real, like I really was kissing Glenn.

She suddenly noticed the blurry figure that was lying very close to her. Oh my goodness, he's right beside me, she realized, a little shocked. I really was kissing him, wasn't I? She giggled lightly. I was kissing my love with the long blue hair-

Um…? B-blue…hair?

Oh no, please. No, I didn't.

Please no.


Not Glenn. It wasn't Glenn! She focused her eyes on the figure as he came into view more clearly. And realized, to her horror, that all this time, she had actually been kissing Magus. Kissing him. Oh my gosh, thought Lucca, how embarrassing it would be if Magus knew what I had been doing!

As if on cue, Magus' eyes flew open. "Gee, I didn't know you cared," he said nastily, his eyes burning into Lucca's.

"Uh…!" Lucca uttered a panicked moan, drawing back. She scrambled to her feet as Magus slowly stood up. Lucca frantically looked all around her. Good, she thought. No one else was up. No one else saw that. She turned back around to Magus, grabbed his hand and ran, leading him out of the forest. "H-hey!" Magus yelped in surprise.

As soon as they exited, Lucca spun around to face Magus. "That-that never happened," she told him in an instructing tone. "Oh, how could you possibly deny that one perfect moment in which we so passionately expressed our deep love for each other?" Magus said sarcastically.

"Magus! Cut it out! I was dreaming about Glenn. Don't start getting any ideas about what just happened! I swear, if you tell a soul, I'll-"

"Oh, keep your shirt on, for Glenn's sake. I won't tell anyone. This isn't exactly something I want used against me later, either. People talk. They would never believe a brainy little cutie like yourself would get involved with a heartless, homely character such as…"

"Magus," Lucca interrupted, sighing, "I'll deny I ever said this, but you're…you're not…ugly."


"No. I-in fact, if I didn't love Glenn, I'd probably say you're quite a striking man. Your looks are almost mesmerizing…"

"Hmph. Is that so?"

"Your physique, so strong and…and…your dark mysterious eyes that call to me," Lucca continued as if in a trance, not hearing him at all. "Your gaze…simply hypnotic. And your hair, those long blue strands aloft, flying untamed about your face, seeming to beckon to me in a seductive hither…"

"Hey, are you coming on to me?"

"Huh?!" Lucca snapped out of it. She glared at the blue-haired mage. "Magus!" she scolded, slugging him in the arm.

"Aah! I was only kidding," Magus protested. He rubbed his arm, then gave her a dirty look. "Hey, don't hit me again unless you want to really get hurt," he threatened.

"Whatever," Lucca scoffed, shrugging off his words. "You'd just better not be kidding about your promise, all right?"

Magus lowered his eyes to the ground, ending the cold stare. His tone turned serious. "I'm not the one to make empty, meaningless pacts."


The next morning, the party arose, minus a still weakened Robo. Schala and Gaspar had gathered outside of the forest, with Glenn standing not too far a distance from them, his back turned to them.

Inside the forest, Magus had gotten up, and was ready to join his sister and the Guru of time. As he exited, though, he passed Lucca, and they exchanged embarrassed looks. Magus just looked straight ahead and made his way out.

"Janus!" called Schala. At the sound of the name, Glenn whirled around and seemed to shoot daggers at the blue-haired man. Magus glanced at Glenn and shook it off, for he was used to Glenn's cold treatment.

"Good, I'm glad you're finally up, Janus," Gaspar said. He pointed to the Epoch, which was already running. "So, you want to show me how to use this thing?"

"Why not? Then next the mage can show thee how to use acquaintances," Glenn muttered under his breath.

Magus shot him a nasty look, then turned to Gaspar. "Yeah, it's actually easy. You just climb in and press some controls to ascend, that's all. Then you steer the wheel in the direction you want like so, then press a couple of other controls to land. Simple as that."

"Aye, everything comes so easy to a man of thine class, does it not?" scoffed Glenn.

Magus turned around and gave Glenn a rather cold stare. "Okay, that's it, Glenn," he snapped. "What the hell is your problem now? You have something to say to me or what?!"

The cloaked man stepped up to Magus. "The only words I hath for thee is that thou art an evil, evil man, and thine character becometh less in worth as time marcheth on."

"Glenn, I thought we settled this already," sighed the sorcerer. "Apparently you're still bitter about some things. I can't change what happened long ago, all right?"

Glenn raised an eyebrow. "'Long ago'?" he snorted. "No. The time doth not matter. Thou art still the hoodlum I knew in those days. Taking what is most dear to me. No, but this time, thou shalt not win."

Magus just shook his head. "Whatever," he said, for some reason not knowing what Glenn was ranting about. He turned to Gaspar and Schala, and motioned for them to hop into the Epoch. With Gaspar in the front seat, Magus climbed into the back with his sister. A few seconds later, the vehicle took flight in the direction of Melchior's house.

Lucca emerged from her hiding place at the entrance of the woods. "Glenn, what's up with you?" she asked. "How come you're suddenly attacking Magus like that?"

Glenn turned around and eyed her coldly. "The scoundrel surely doth deserve it," he said, his tone as angry as his look.

Lucca shook her head. "Well, whatever he did, I'm sure it wasn't that bad," she said, actually having no idea what Glenn was upset about.

"Why, of course. The defender of Magus wouldst surely know," he said sarcastically.

"What?" Lucca was confused.

"Yes, yes, I know that thou doth favor thy friend Magus," he continued, his tone unchanging.

"Um…" Lucca stared at him, not knowing what to say. "Glenn," she started, putting her hand on his shoulder, "If something's wrong, you can tell-"

Glenn suddenly shoved her arm away. "Nothing of thine interest," he spat out.

Lucca frowned. "Glenn…?"

"That's right. None of thine business, nothing to care about. I am not one to be worried about, especially by thee."

"How can you say that, Glenn? You know how much I care about you!"

Glenn's stare grew icier. "Thou art a liar," he stated quietly. He scoffed again. "Of course, what is there to expect from the mistress of Magus?"

Lucca's jaw dropped in shock. "Wh-what?" she cried, realizing Glenn knew.

"Surprised?" he asked her. "I suppose that was to be expected as well. I hath seen all that hath taken place yesternight. Mine worst enemy, and the one who hadst pretended to care for me…in the most sickening of embraces…"

Lucca stared at Glenn, wide-eyed. That rustle of leaves must have been Glenn! she thought in horror.

"Oh my God. Listen, Glenn, I have to-"

"No!" he shouted stubbornly. Lucca took a closer look at him. His eyes were red-rimmed and bloodshot, as if he had been crying. "Oh my God, Glenn," she started, concern covering her face.

"Get thee gone, wench," he ordered her. "Almost every time I come across a special relationship, that damned warlock findeth a way to destroy it somehow."

"Glenn, you don't understa-"

"And now thou art involved with the man who hadst annihilated mine best friend! I want thee gone!"

"Glenn, don't do this!"

"Get thee from mine sight!" he snarled. "The face of thee is a face I can stand to live without! If thou surely dost claim to care for me, then leave me! Get thee gone, slut! Leave me be!" As she reached for him a second time, he shoved her away again, with strong force.

"Glenn…!" she wailed, falling to her knees.

Glenn only turned away and walked out of there, not caring where he went. He just needed to get out of there, away from Magus, away from Lucca, away from the betrayal he felt. With Lucca's pleading cries fading behind him, he shook his head and kept walking.

"Oh God," Lucca sobbed. "It's really true, isn't it?" Trying to pull herself together, she slowly stood up. Lucca wiped her eyes and looked at the man literally walking out of her life. He became a mere speck now.

"My dreams still torture me."

"It's really true."

"Like my parents, I've lost him for good."


What?! I didn't say they were going to get together that easily! Sheesh! What do you expect from someone addicted to soap operas? My goodness.

Oh well. Just don't lose hope either. You know what a shipper I am. Chapter 25 next!


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