Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 30

Beyond A Memory

By Minmei

Not too long after most of their friends had left, Crono, Marle, and Lucca decided to take a walk through the not-so-lively Leene Square, planning to make their way up Truce Canyon.

"So what do you make of all this?" Crono asked Lucca.

"I don't know," she replied, shrugging. "All I can say is, it's been one hell of a week."

"Yeah," agreed Marle. "But a lot of good things have come out of it, at least."

Lucca let out a small chuckle. "Yeah, I guess you can say that," she said to her perky friend. "We all gathered around together, accomplished some tasks, and even learned some intriguing things about each other."

"And speaking of interesting," Crono began, "did you guys know that Kino and Ayla are getting married?"

"Huh?!" Lucca's jaw dropped as she turned to Crono.

"You're kidding!" Marle exclaimed, putting a hand to her chin.

"Nope," Crono told them, smiling. "The date is set in a few weeks, well, their time, and Ayla says-" He stopped to clear his throat before imitating the prehistoric woman- "'Ayla and Kino marry. All come! We have fun!'"

Marle giggled at Crono. "You're so silly," she said to him. "But that's good. I'd like to see them wed."

Lucca let out a sigh. "Heh, it seems as if everyone's getting together," she muttered under her breath as she sadly turned her face away.

Marle gazed sympathetically at her friend, then put a hand on her shoulder. "Lucca…"

Lucca turned around to face her friends. "Ah, don't worry about me," she assured them. "I'll be all right."

Despite her words, the couple continued to look at Lucca in concern.


Even though it was all over, Lucca still wasn't at peace. She felt that, even though everything had turned out fine, there was something that was still missing. Something unexplained, perhaps. Something that didn't make sense about how it all turned out.

Lucca looked out into the darkness as she advanced further up on Truce Canyon. She had decided to stay behind after Crono and Marle left. Of course, her friends were reluctant to leave her there, but she knew she would be in no danger there. Walking up the trail, she headed for the cliff overlooking Truce.

The wind began to pick up. Lucca didn't know why, but she stopped dead in her tracks as a feeling of déjà vu swept over her. She lowered her gaze to the ground and frowned, getting the sudden feeling that she wasn't alone.


Lucca spun around at the blue creature, wide-eyed. "What in the-"

"Forgive me," spoke the Nu. "I was only checking up on you."

"What the hell for?" Lucca demanded, bewildered. "What business do you have in spying on me?"

"You did see your parents, didn't you?" he asked, paying no mind to her questions.

"Eh?" Lucca was now completely taken by surprise. "Of course I did. They were-" She then stopped in midsentence. "Hey, wait a minute! Why are you asking about that? Have you been following me or something?"

"Well, I suppose I have succeeded in all parts of my plan," the Nu responded in a near-whisper.

She raised an eyebrow at the blue creature. "Your plan?" It was then it hit Lucca. Her annoyed expression faded, and her mouth fell open as bits and pieces of events ran through her mind at what seemed to be warp speed. Strange events. Nonexistent events. Events she didn't know had even occurred. They were vague, but Lucca understood all that took place, or rather, would take place. Or even yet, might have taken place if something hadn't been-

"Ooohh," Lucca moaned as the 'memories' overwhelmed her. "You…you…what did…when did you…?"

"I stand corrected," he said. "Perhaps you do remember these events."

She brought her hands to the sides of her head. "B-but h-how do I…how could I remember if…they hadn't…ohhh…"

"Taken place?" the Nu finished for her. "Well, in actuality, they have taken place. You've just blocked them out…which is what I had intended to be…"

"I don't understand," she murmured. "If I blocked them out, why would I remember them now? And if they'd already taken place, why would I…why would I be here at this point in time…?" Suddenly, another 'memory' flashed through her mind, and this time, clearer, more vivid.

She saw herself in a cave, with four of her friends, standing before the dead son of Lavos. In front of the lifeless creature stood the Nu, with five of his friends lying on the ground around him. She could see him speaking to her, then something…


…something slowly took over her body, weighing her down, making her feel drowsy…

…as she read his lips, she remembered how his words were inaudible, but now she could imagine hearing them as clear as day.

"It's best that this never happened. Hopefully none of you shall remember, and I'd like to keep it that way."

She faded out of the memory, and lifted her head to look at him in disbelief. "It was you all along," she whispered weakly. "You did it all. You're the one who warned us, you're the one who killed the creature so we wouldn't have to, even chased Dalton away so the disaster wouldn't take place, and though you were indirectly responsible for all the…deaths, you're the one who ultimately…saved them all, including me."

The Nu nodded at her.

"My God," Lucca mumbled softly. "What kind of a creature…are you…to do such a…?" She uttered a moan. "Why would you do this? How did you do this?"

The Nu was hesitant in answering her. "No one must ever know what I did or how I did it," he told her. "I was only sent to see that things went as they were planned. I ask that you do not exploit my intentions to the world."

"But…why?" she seemed to beg of him. "This time…why?"

"All you need to know is that I only wanted to serve my master, but in trying to serve him, some things came to be. Things that shouldn't have been. I didn't want things to end that way, so…" He stopped to take a breath. "And only way to correct things was to…"

"Go back…?" Lucca murmured. "Yet you won't tell me how…"

The Nu smiled at her. "Some things must remain a mystery, even with a curious, ambitious mind such as yours," he told her. "Maybe one day, a scientist will figure it all out." He winked at her. "But for now, let it be a secret. That is what I ask of you."

"I…guess I have no choice," she responded softly, bringing her arms down to her sides.

"It is all right," the Nu said. "I must be going now. Farewell, Lucca. Perhaps we will meet again."

A strange smirk formed on Lucca's lips. "I suppose this is 'later,'" she replied. "Um, thank you, I suppose, heh."

"Just think of it as my way of making it up to you." His smile widened as he disappeared into the night air. "Nu…"


"I'm worried about Lucca," Marle told her boyfriend as the couple entered the front door of his house. "I mean, leaving her up there on the mountain, all alone…not that she can't take care of herself, but you know…"

Crono turned to shut the door as Marle flopped down on the couch. "Yeah, I know what you mean," he answered her.

"Hello, Crono," a woman's voice called out from upstairs. "If you're going to go out again, don't be late, okay?"

"Okay, Mom, I won't," Crono yelled up the stairs. He then glanced back at his girlfriend, an interesting look on his face.

"Wh-what is it?" Marle asked, eyeing Crono strangely. "Why are you looking at me like that? You aren't…"

"Huh? Oh. No, no! I was just thinking about what to do about Lucca, that's all."

She continued to stare at him warily. "Do you have something in mind?" she questioned him.

A faint smile spread across the punk-haired kid's face. "Know what? I think I might."


Lucca let out a chuckle. She and her friends would never have suspected. True, everything seemed a bit strange that day, and although none of them had admitted it, they had been trying their hardest to figure out why they felt the way they did.

Yet the explanation was simple.

Their minds had been messed with. And Lucca didn't even want to go into the rest of it, mostly because she didn't know the rest of it. Her mind had finally stopped spinning. The Nu had instructed her not to say a word, so perhaps it was all for the best. Besides, she didn't want the responsibility of having to explain it all to her friends. She knew their minds had taken enough, as hers had…

Their minds-

Lucca whirled around at the sound of leaves rustling. She whipped out her gun as a shadowy figure with a long braid sprinted the other way. Lucca squinted at the dark shape.

That person looks…familiar…

"Flea! Stop where you are!" she shouted.

The figure stopped, then slowly turned around to face Lucca. Sure enough, it was the snobbish-natured mystic. "H-hey!" cried Flea. "I don't want any trouble, all right? I'm was just looking for-"

"Dalton?" Lucca spat out, recalling the cave incident.

The mystic slowly nodded, giving Lucca a half-confused, half-dirty look.

Lucca rolled her eyes as she brought her weapon down. "Last time I saw him, he was headed toward Porre with an angry Nu chasing after him," she hastily said, trying her hardest not to laugh at how silly her words sounded, and even more at how straight-faced she was trying to be concerning the elucidation. She then lifted her wrist and waved her hand as if to shoo Flea away. "Hurry up and get out of here," she commanded the mystic half-heartedly.

Flea spun back around, then dashed the other way, the long pink braid swaying around. Lucca could hear the footsteps of the mystic fading as she lowered her arm and turned back to the direction in which she had been walking.

Lucca let out an annoyed groan and shook her head. Flea was such a freak sometimes. Oh well.

Continuing to walk up the mountain, Lucca decided to just brush it off. She was just coming up to the cliff when-


*rustle rustle*

Lucca's eyes widened, and she stopped in place. Reaching for her gun again, she whirled around in a panic. Maybe she wasn't so safe there after all.

"Who's there?!" she cried out.

Only stillness answered her.

What a surprise.

My imagination playing tricks on me, Lucca decided, then turned back around. As soon as she lowered her arms and her guard, however…

She heard the crackling again as someone suddenly ran up and grabbed her from behind, placing a gloved hand over her mouth.

Lucca gasped, uttering a muffled scream, yet she knew that no one would hear her all the way up on Truce Canyon, away from everyone. She squirmed, struggling to get out of her attacker's hold, but it was no use. She was done for.


Marle began to slump downward on the red couch inside Crono's house. Impatiently tapping her long fingernails on a small table seated next to the sofa, she appeared to be waiting for something, or someone.

She nearly jumped at the sound of the knob clicking, then the wooden door creaking open. She moved to a standing position and set her gaze upon Crono, who was stepping inside.

"Crono!" Marle whispered fiercely. "Where have you been?"

Crono started to close the door behind him, but instead left it alone to face Marle. "Oh, just had to, um, do something, like I told you," he told her, smirking.

She cocked her head at him. "What was it?"

His smile broadened. "Why don't you take a look for yourself?" he said, beckoning to her.

Marle only raised an eyebrow at him.


"No! Mmph!" Lucca tried to scream. "Let go of-agh! No!"

"Shhh," whispered her assailant, intending only to make her stop struggling.

Lucca let out a snarl, then stamped her heel down hard on the man's foot. Immediately releasing her, he cried out in pain, but Lucca was not yet done with him. She jabbed her arm back, elbowing him in the stomach as he yelled out again. Thinking he would have enough to deal with, Lucca then attempted to make her escape, taking off in a sprint. But she didn't get very far, as the man caught up with her and wrapped her in his hold again.

"Let go! Let go!" she shrieked. "Let me go!"

"Wait!" he said between her protests. "Lucca, don't! Wait!" He turned her around to face him, trying to get her to look at him more closely. "Lucca, please. 'Tis only I."

Lucca instantly stopped squirming, then her scowl faded as she brought her head up to find herself looking at Glenn. Her mouth fell open in shock. "Glenn?!" she cried. "What are you-?"

"I had to return," he told her.

"H-how did you even get here?" she asked him, looking puzzled.

"Aye. Thou hath Crono to thank for that," Glenn said. "The lad brought the Epoch to mine era…and that be something I am grateful for."

"Oh." Lucca's lip trembled, for she was feeling slightly nervous.

"Something hath not been…true," he continued. "Feeling something missing for a while now, I am glad to return to thee, for I feel I might be at peace being at thy side."


Gazing intently into each other's eyes, it was then something happened. Another…memory?

Lucca saw herself and Glenn together, multiple times. In memories, in bliss, in tears, in dreams. It all went through her. She then saw herself in a cave kneeling at Glenn's side, looking at him lovingly as he said-

Glenn's expression turned shocked as he stared more and more at her. Why was he so stunned? Was it possible…?

Lucca's eyes widened at his expression. "Glenn…" she started. "You…remember too, don't you?"

He slowly nodded at her, then he lowered his eyes to the ground, not knowing what to think. "How be this…possible?" he asked slowly. "'Twas the blue fellow…"

Lucca opened her mouth to reply, then stopped, remembering the Nu's words. "Actually, I'm not even sure myself," she told him.

Glenn fixed his gaze upon her. "These…memories…if they be indeed true, then…"

"Then what?"

His face grew warm as he finished. "Then thou art aware of mine feelings toward thee."

Lucca's jaw dropped again, then her expression relaxed. "Yes," she responded. "But then, you already knew I loved you…"

He blankly stared at her.

Lucca suddenly smiled at him. "Glenn," she began, "I think it's time we finally faced our affections for each other, and admit that what we have been feeling toward each other lately has been something beyond friendship."


"Come on, Glenn," she said softly.

He remained silent for a moment, then let out a dry chuckle. "Thou art right," he agreed. "About all of it. 'Tis true what thou hath said. I do feel more than a mere bond of friendship with thee. But Lucca, thou must know by now what I feel, that I need not try to explain it, for all the words in this world could never express how much I love thee."

Lucca suddenly moved her hand over her heart. "Oh, Glenn…yes, I do know. I know that. And the fact that you remembered how deeply you felt shows just how much…" She reached up to wrap her arms around him, incredibly touched by his words.

They stayed that way for a moment, then Lucca pulled away, her hands resting at the nape of his neck. They gazed tenderly into each other's eyes, then Lucca moved up again, their faces inching toward each other, slowly, carefully, until their lips met at last.


"Hehe, so what do you think?" Crono asked Marle, pointing to something in the distance.

"Huh?" Marle squinted at the scene as she walked outside, until it all came into focus. "It's so far away, Crono. What am I even looking-whoa! Is that-is that Lucca and…oh my gosh, Glenn?"

Crono nodded, grinning at her. "I took the Epoch on a little trip, and brought Glenn back. Just thought Lucca could use the company, heh, heh, heh…"

Marle playfully hit Crono on his shoulder. "Crono! You're bad!" she scolded him. Then she smiled at him as she hugged him. "Oh, but I love you anyway, hee hee. You're always putting everyone before yourself." She kissed him on his cheek, then suddenly…

"Oh!" Marle gasped, looking up at the black sky, which wasn't pitch black anymore. "Crono, look!"

Crono followed Marle's gaze to witness the beginning of a beautiful meteor shower.

"Wow…" They found themselves holding hands, leaning into each other.


As lights started to flash around Glenn and Lucca, neither of them seemed to take notice, as they were deeply lost in their kiss, in each other. Then, as the shower became brighter, Lucca slowly pulled her face away, looking into his eyes.

"Oh my goodness," she murmured. "I didn't know how intense that would be…"

Glenn turned his face to the side to see the source of the light. He then brought his eyes back to her. "Lucca," he started. "Methinks thou shouldst…look skyward."

"Oh," Lucca said as she lifted her head. She let out a gasp as she pointed upward. "Oh! That's…"

"Let us just enjoy the view," he whispered as he pulled her back to him, placing his arms around her waist.


"Oh, Janus, look at that!" Schala exclaimed, gesturing toward the sky.

The stepsiblings had brought Melchior outside of his house as they reminisced, but were not expecting something such as this.

"Why, I don't think I've ever seen something quite like this," Melchior commented, a bit awestruck at the meteor shower. "It's moments like these I am glad to be alive…"

Schala smiled at Melchior, then turned to her older-younger brother. "Come on, Janus," she said to him.

Magus gave her an uncomfortable look.

Schala let out a laugh, then walked over to him. With her smile growing warmer, she took a hold of his arm, then leaned her head on his shoulder.

Magus seemed a bit hesitant at first, then his expression softened. He even managed a bit of a smirk as he moved his arm out of his stepsister's grasp and then around her. Together they watched the show of the night sky.


The brilliant display of shooting stars was quite a sight, and was more than enough to take everyone's mind off of the events of the past week…and allowing each and every one of them to look toward a brighter, happier future. No matter where they were, no matter whom they were, they each felt the same thing inside-a true emotion-to remind them all of one pure concept:

That love always has, and always will, truly conquer all.


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