Amor Vincit Omnia Chapter 5


By Minmei

It had been a long day. The crew was asleep. The whole crew, that is, except one other than Atropos, who was having an attack of insomnia. The blue-haired man arose and threw his cape behind him. Magus was plagued by the thought of never seeing Schala again.

I'll never find her, he thought forlornly, shaking his head in defeat. I would have heard something by now. She's dead. She drowned with the others. I'll never find her, never find-

He lowered his head and fought back the tears. After a while, he began to observe his sleeping companions. Look at them, so peaceful, he thought. They'll never experience such sorrow. They're all so lucky, aren't they?

Crono and Marle, like some old married couple already. Lucca has a life of inventions. Me? What do I get to look forward to? An endless search for the one person in my life who really understood me; a search that will ultimately and predictably lead to my demise. If the stress of forever looking doesn't conquer me, I'll end up killing myself eventually, having to live with all of this grief. Robo has Atropos. I can't believe he picked up a girlfriend. Ayla has Kino. And the frog, well...he, Glenn has...hmm. He stopped momentarily to think of what the amphibian man had…or rather, hadn't lost. Well, Glenn looks after Guardia and Leene, he continued silently. That's gotta be something. I mean, it's more than what I'll ever have. At least he has...oh, what the hell.

After he cursed his conscience for developing, he walked over to the sleeping frog, knowing what he had to do. He...really shouldn't have to through this anymore, or whatever, I guess, Magus thought. There isn't any point. I mean, I did get a couple of laughs at first, but.....hey, that really was funny. He began to chuckle quietly.

But enough. It's starting to bore me. Just let me do this.

Damn, I can't believe I'm going to do this. I must be out of my mind. But maybe now, at least, he'll bathe like the rest of us. Pointing to the sleeping amphibian, Magus began to chant softly as a pale, beautiful light surrounded Frog...


Hee hee, Magus. *continues to giggle* Er, um, ahem. Hey, what are you looking at? Uh, go read chapter 6 or something! :-P


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