Schala's Final Message

By Minmei

Information about poem: I'm kind of an emotional person, which is weird, considering I don't display that much emotion. But I am constantly writing poems. (Well, not really; I JUST overcame my two-and-a-half year writer's block. Try explaining THAT to your English teacher!)

This poem is told from Schala's point of view. Schala, given that she did die in the Ocean Palace disaster (hopefully she didn't!), is telling her brother to forget his pointless search for her.

Schala's Final Message by Minmei

I know that you have begun your search,
Refusing to accept this was meant to be.
Twenty years you have spent in sorrow.
The story of your life deeply saddens me.

How can you afford to live your life
Wasting away in such misery and woe?
You don't even have to say a word for me
To see your grief as I look down below.

Forgive me for leaving you so suddenly
But realize that I have not died in vain.
I feel so helpless now, I wish I could
Comfort you, caress you, and ease your pain.

I see you waste your life to search for me
As I look down on you from above.
But forget about me; I see this hurts you so deeply;
My heart is breaking for you, my love.

Forget and live your life to its fullest
For you cannot carry on the way you do.
And until you accept this was meant to be
My heart will continue to break for you.

Losing me has been very hard on you,
More painful than your emotions will ever allow.
I wish I could be there to hold you, my love,
And I wish I could comfort you now.


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