'Characters Notes' for "Secret of the Tenei Star"

By Minmei

Well, it's me again. I intended to explain the story in full, so I wrote up a four-page document doing so…but threw it away the next day, realizing I didn't have to explain the story at all. I'd written enough within the story to make people see my reasons for some of the events that occurred (or at least, to steer their attention away from asking questions, heh, heh). So what am I doing here? Well, the story may not need much explaining, but I think that some of my so-called original characters do (and, uh, contrary to popular belief, this is the first time I've introduced an original character in a story).

So, I guess I'll try describing them (or at least giving proper credit to the creator so I don't get sued or flamed for claiming something I didn't create) in order of appearance.

Emily- My friends tease me a lot about making her into me. Well, maybe it's true for the most part. We both love Gremio. We're both human, and have made mistakes…of course, she's probably made a few more than I have, heh. But I tried giving her some of my personality to make her more real…but maybe I overdid it a little bit. Oh well, hehe.

Aaron- Ah yes. The monster of the story. Of course, Aaron was put in there to stir things up a bit…I made a bit of a twist for him to end up with Emily. And to add to her and Gremio's grief, Aaron represents every bully in the world, including every abusive boyfriend/lover/husband. Since he's the one who killed Emily, I thought there should be a reason behind it. I wasn't going to have him come out of nowhere and do a rowing-by shooting or anything. O_o (umm…okay, stupid uncalled-for joke, sue me)

Suede- First off, I pretty much based Aaron's gang on a group of guys at my school…who act like total pigs. But here, they're responsible for Gremio's fate. Suede is just some arrogant, conceited dude I cooked up (don't…ever take that out of context). And no, I didn't call him Suede because of his shoes. That silly joke came later.

Soros- Originally, he wasn't going to be in there. I just needed someone else to hold Gremio down (or should I say up) while he was attacked. I started emphasizing his eyes just to give variety to his character, 'cause…he didn't have any, hehe. But I guess the 'silent nature' idea is pretty much stale.

Shark- Hmm. The most colorful (and complicated) cretin of all. I'm not sure I'd be lying if I said he was at least partially my creation. (This is where that flaming thing comes in.) He's in there to slash up Gremio, true, but I realized it'd be kind of lame to have him cut him up just because his boss made him (though it would give Aaron more of a bastard edge). Well, actually, I got the idea to let Shark have some sort of resentment against Gremio, petty as the reason was. I don't know if I accomplished it when I had Gremio confront Shark. He represents every person in the world who hates Gremio, thinking he's nothing but an annoying 'queer' just because he's overprotective of a very good friend. Along the way, I know Shark's character became somewhat strange, and…well, that's my fault. Hehehe. Thing is, he initially was based on someone from an old 1920's song (can you name that tune? ^_^), so I kind of messed up his personality here and there. Oh well.

Well, those are the characters. As for anything else…how about mistakes? I would say one mistake was waiting so long to submit this…but it somehow came as a blessing in story development. I'm always the one to say to never rush it, but what do I do? Hehe. If it weren't for some delays, I wouldn't have added some parts…though I'm sure the story could've done without them (or not, hehe). What else…well, there might've been a couple of jokes or comments I meant to insert somewhere, but that's all right. They weren't too important. The only real flaw was the way Shark acted. Thing is, I wasn't too sure how he should've acted, the way he should've spoken, the words he should've said…so I basically gave him a somewhat split personality. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't. Maybe it made him more colorful and mysterious, maybe it just bugged the hell out of you people, hehehe. In any case, he is what he turned out to be, at least, the attacker I intended him to be.

I guess this is pretty much all I wanted to explain, so I'll draw this mini-explanations section to a close. Um…anything I forgot? Well, I should admit, I had my worries about this story from the beginning, hence the fanfiction's summary and warning. I was just hoping the themes within it didn't traumatize anybody, or worse, inspire anybody to do anything, 'cause that's not what I intended. All I wanted to do was create a story explaining Gremio's reason for being overprotective (though I shouldn't have to explain a damn thing; I like him whether or not there's a reason he acts the way he does), and also to explain where he got that scar. I hope I did at least a satisfactory job of doing so. If there's anything else you're unclear about, if you want, you can e-mail me. I put a lot of work into this story, and trust me, it's exhausted the hell out of me, so I hope you enjoyed it (well, at least to the point you won't flame me for it, hehe).

Until next time.


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