Trades Beginning Notes

By Minmei

Well, these are just a few notes before the story. Bear with me plz k thx :P

As the summary mentions, this takes place a year after the Dunan Unification Wars. In plain English, that means after Suikoden II, so, um...yeah. The reason I'm mentioning that...well, I'm told that Suikogaiden vol. 2 takes place three months after Suikoden II, and for a while, I was really worried about conflicting with the story. Then I realized, no matter what I do, I'm going to conflict with the storyline. ^_^;

So, I'm just going to clarify, this story will most likely conflict with many existing facts, and any new facts Konami suddenly decides to pull out their asses establish. I tried to tie the story in with some Gaiden/other facts but I sort of messed up, so during the course of the story you might see events both coinciding and conflicting with things. So, um...please don't tell me I've got something wrong 'cause I'm trying to work with it. ^^;; Besides, there are times that even Konami doesn't have its facts straight, so I have a bit of an excuse. :P

I'm using the names Tir and Riou (from the novels?) for the Suikoden I and II heroes, respectively (this isn't too important since they won't be playing prominent roles). Also, though it'll mostly be centered around Suikoden II, I was trying to attempt it as a sort of fusion between the first two games. Maybe that's a little silly, since they both follow the same storyline, but I guess I just never felt a good transition between them. Probably just me, though.

I've never said anything involving copyrights before, but I'll just say the Suikoden games are property of Konami and all that goodness. I don't own the characters, except any original ones I come up with. (Note: Please don't take any of my characters without my prior knowledge/permission.) And any information from something other than Suikoden I and II, I probably stole from (yay evil me) Otherwise, it's probably out of my own twisted little mind. :P

Oh yeah, the summary suggests, this is a romance story. My first attempt in about three years, actually. Um...cute pairing. Well, I don't know if you believe so, but I do. (What? It is a cute pairing ^^;;) Be on the lookout for cheesily placed song titles, too. :P

Anyway, happy reading.


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