True Friends

By Minmei

Deluding myself time and time again
With everthing I thought could be true.
Forever lost in a dreamworld of mine...
Lost in a time I could never come back to...

I found myself in too deep to ever leave,
So why do I yearn so much for the past?
Yearning for the happier times of my life.

But it happened on that fateful day...
That day in which my entire world fell apart.
How could I have been prepared for the road ahead?
Prepared for the unexpected disaster that
Would still haunt me to this day.

And suddenly...a new beginning for me.
But all that occurred from then on
Was my moral and emotional degeneration.
I could always go back and reminisce
But never truly achieve my state of peace.
I so desperately held on to what used to be,
But instead, watched helplessly as things fell apart.

Then when all hope was lost, I turned and found you there.
I never realized it before, but you have always been there.
You were there as my world came came crashing down once again.
And for that, I will always be grateful.

When things fell apart for me, I was lost
But you were always there for me.
Thank you for being there.
I know things will never be the same.
I can never be the same again.
But you will always be there
Standing with open arms.
I have come to know a great friend,
A wonderful comfort that you are,
And the loyalty you have expressed and proven to me.
Thank you always,
My friend,
My love,
My true companion.
I am forever grateful you chose to care.

And if you ever feel lost,
Know that I will always be here
And will do the same for you.


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