The Story Chapter 7

Sought and Spoken

By Mintbaby

Sara released a long and deep sigh as she stared down upon the forests surrounding Mt. Ordeals. She felt Seth's concerned scrutiny but couldn't offer any assurance that she was anything but lonely. The strength and support of Kain only partially filled the hole caused by their weeks apart. She missed Kain's presence as a bird missed the freedom of flight when injured. She missed Kain's hesitant touch against her face as surely as a woman in love craved the voice of her lover in her ear. The bond had taken, and their distance had only made it stronger...

Seth placed a caring hand on her arm. "He's coming back, my lady."

Sara finally turned her focus to the young man beside her. She smiled. 'Who is coming back, Seth?'

Seth returned her smile. "Your bonded, my lady. The other portion of your self."

Sara's smile wavered, replaced by surprise. 'How did you know of this, Seth?'

Seth chuckled. "I saw a vision of you together while on my quest this week."

Sara gathered his hands in hers, an air and brightness of intensity burning in her silver-blue eyes. 'What was the vision, Seth?'

"A tall man with blonde hair and dressed in the armor of the Guard Captain of Baron leading you up the grand hall of the White Order to the Elder for his blessing and performance of the wedding ceremony." Seth smiled wide. "Everyone in Baron will celebrate the wedding for a week after the ceremony, even when you and the Guard Captain are away on your wedding holiday."

Then Seth leaned toward her, his expression serious as he lowered his voice. "He asked me not to tell you, but he's journeying up the paths of Mt. Ordeals right now to give you a surprise."

Any questions vanished as Sara gasped and turned to hurry down the main path of Mt. Ordeals, her staff clasped tightly in one hand while the other gripped up her white robe to prevent a trip. A smile broke away the tightness and loneliness that had shadowed her face the same instant the hood of her robe fell back away.

Sara giggled and laughed as she sent her self forward in search of him. Her future. Her destiny. The man who held her very soul within his strength.

Kain felt the burning brightness of her search and her laughter as he strode up the paths of Mt. Ordeals. He smiled. Seth... But Kain knew well of... her ability to seek and hear the Truth.

And her name practically burst within to be spoken, hovering behind a thin film and pressing against it even as she pressed and surrounded his spirit with her love and acceptance. Kain took it into himself and returned it as strongly as possible, finally hearing the reality of her laughter in the distance.

His steps hurried just as the name began to break through the film and rise from the waves of care and passion and love and brightness of self-- His eyes focused on hers, those eyes he had seen those months here and away. Those eyes he had seen within the images from her past that had become a part of his quest for her future name.


And the softness and brokenness of that feminine voice uttering his name broke also the last barrier to usher the final bond fully around his soul and hers. He gathered her into his arms with the whispered "Sara..." and welcomed the completion of self and future as she welcomed him fully within.

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