The Soul of Zeal Chapter 5

A Soul Separated by Fate...

By MistressOtaku

1325 AD, Medina Isle

Everyone turned and saw Magus and Serge, both unconscious and enveloped in a aura of darkness. The two were complete opposites. Serge was young, tanned skin and dark blue hair. Magus was middle-aged, pale and light blue hair.

Falken looked sharply at Ozzie XIII and shouted, "Nice move! You summoned some kid, too!"

As the mystics argued back and forth over who’s fault this ‘error’ was, a calm and serene voice came from behind the group.

"Your spell did work.... That boy is also Magus."

Everyone turned to see Schala, her hair was now blond as a result of being assimilated with Lavos for so long. The Zealian Princess walked past the group and whispered, "Oh Janus.... If I had know what would become of you, I would never have followed mother..."

Kid looked to Schala, "You mind explainin’ how Serge can be that guy?"

Schala, still looking at Serge and Magus, replied, "After spending several years searching for me, Janus came to the conclusion that I was gone forever and he lost all hope and will to live. He asked for an old ally to end his life for him. In the last seconds of his life, Janus saw me trapped with Lavos. Although his body was now dying, his soul was determined to live and free me. His wish was granted in the form of reincarnation.... He was reborn as the future Arbiter of the Frozen Flame and Chrono Trigger, Serge."

Ozzie XIII, as well as Surk’l and Falken, laughed. If what this woman said was true, then now they had two Magus.

"Surk’l. Falken. Take out the blond one that cast that spell, she poses the greatest threat." Ozzie XIII instructed his lackeys telepathically. Surk’l ran towards Harle. The jesteress jumped into the air, only to have Falken strike her in the back with Ice Kick.

Harle slammed into the ground. Her body was freezing, she could barely move. She slowly wrapped her fingers around her ruby pendent. Turn into a dragon! Transform and destroy these fools! These thoughts played over and over in her head.

"Don’t! You might kill Janus and Serge."

Schala’s telepathic message brought Harle back to reality. Schala continued, "Just relax your mind and summon your relic.... Summon the Chrono Cross."

Harle calmed down and got to her feet. Falken and Surk’l had their attention draw to the rest of the heroes. Harle placed her hands over her heart and began chanting.


"Don’t let her finish!" exclaimed Ozzie XIII. Falken turned and ran towards Harle as she continued, "A-ka-ri-ya-mi-mi-zu-ka-ze-hi-to-chi...."


The last part of the spell echoed for a few seconds and Harle spread out her arms. As she did, an iridescent blue jewel in front of her. Falken stopped in his tracks. Harle turned to Schala and said, "You hold zis."

The jewel disappeared from Harle’s hands and reappeared in Schala’s hands. Ozzie XII gritted his teeth and called Surk’l and Falken back so they could combine their powers. Marle looked at the blue jewel and said, "What’s that?"

"It’s the Chrono Cross, "re plied Kid. "We need to use magic, but wait until I signal you."

Kid then summoned a lightning bolt that sent Surk’l flying backwards. She looked to Lucca and shouted, "Use fire!"

Lucca nodded and launched a ball of fire at Falken. Glenn, recalling the battle with the Time Devourer, followed with Sonic Sword. Kid looked to Frog and Marle and said, "It’s yer turn!"

Frog and Marle combined their water magic to cast Glacier Water. By now, the three mystics were weakening greatly. Harle grinned wickedly and said, "Now witness ze true power of ze dark moon dragon!"

A red and black aura swirled around the jesteress.. Darkness enveloped everyone as a circle of red light surrounded Ozzie XIII, Surk’l and Falken. The red circle blasted them with energy, killing Ozzie XIII. Surk’l lay unconscious next to Falken, who was on his knees. His eyes widened in fear as Crono cast Luminaire after Harle’s spell was done.

The white energy sent him and Surk’l flying into the wall behind Serge and Magus. Falken, by some miracle, survived. Surk’l, however, did not. Schala immediately used the Chrono Cross.

There was a moment of absolute silence. Kid wondered if the Chrono Cross would work, and if it did, what would happen? Suddenly, the silence was broken by music. Seven distinct chimes played one at a time, then repeating to create a healing melody.

As the melody played over and over, the dark aura surrounding Serge and Magus became white and a bright light enveloped the room. The light blinded everyone. As it faded, Kid could see only one figure. Marle called out, "Magus?"

"No... I am not Magus..."

"The who art thou?" asked Frog. The figure was as tall as Serge and as old. His skin was slightly tanned. He could have been Serge, but his hair was as long as Magus’ and he wore a white, blue and silver version of the wizard’s clothing.

"It’s you, isn’t it?" said Schala. "You are Janus."

The young man shook his head. "I am not the same Janus you knew. When I was reborn, the light in my heart, who I was before I became Magus, became Serge. ‘Janus’ is merely the balance between the light, Serge, and the darkness, Magus."

He paused and added, "You may call me ‘Serge’ or ‘Janus’, which ever you prefer."


Everyone turned to see Falken trying to get up. Tears ran down the mystic’s face as he said, "All my allies and I wanted was to summon Magus so he could help us destroy the humans and avenge our families.... my people are being slaughtered by humans on Marbule... T-this was our last chance...."

Falken stopped and sobbed. "Now Oz and Surk’l are dead...You never let us fight back.... Why do you humans kill those different from yourselves?!" he cried.

Schala walked over to him and handed him an elixir. "Things will get better, you’ll see. As for your loss, we are very sorry."

Falken sighed and teleported out of the room. That was the last anyone saw of him. Schala turned to the group and said, "I think it would be best for you to go back to your times."

Lucca looked to Kid and said, "We’ll see you sometime?"

Kid smiled and said, "Yeah.... see ya then."

Schala whispered the spell to send Crono and the others back to 1000AD. Serge looked to Frog and said, "You will regain your humanity, but only after your quest has ended."

When Crono and the others had disappeared, Serge turned to Kid, Harle and Glenn and said, "Let’s go home."

Schala’s pendent glowed, as did Kid’s. The light enveloped the room and when it faded, no one was left in the room.

As before, the majority of those involved could recall the adventure. To Crono and the others, their memory of Magus’ fate was that Frog had slain him back in 12,000BC at North Cape. As Serge (Janus) had said, Frog regained his human form after the defeat of Lavos and when he returned to 600AD. As for Kid and her friends, they knew everything. Harle, not wanting to interfere with Serge’s life, left him and Kid. Glenn keeps the memories to himself , after all, what good does a ‘crazy dream’ do? But such is life and fate. No one can predict where the path we choose will lead, but we keep walking anyway. Only the Fates know.....


Author’s Note:

I apologize for Chapters One and Three being so short, I couldn’t think of anyway to expand on them, but as Harle would say, "Cest la vie." I hope you enjoyed the story, I plan to keep writing fanfics like these for a while.


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