The Lost Princess

By MoonAngel

Elazul seemed to be sleeping peacefully but in truth he wasn’t. He was worried about Pearl. The young girl wandered off all the time and couldn’t really take care of herself. He was expected to take care of her. He knew he could do it. He had been doing it for what seemed to be years but how long before he messed up and something happened to Pearl?

His deep thought was broken at the sound of footsteps patting lightly on the floor outside. Elazul leapt from his bed and swung the door open. He gazed madly down the hall, but no one was there.

Worry arose inside of him. He raced down the hall and skidded to a stop. Pearl’s room was empty! The bed sheets were ripped from the bed. It seemed as if Pearl had struggled to get away.

Without a second to think, he dashed down the hall and downstairs. He ran outside and gazed around. There wasn’t a soul around except himself.

“Pearl!” Elazul screamed out into the silent night. The scream of the young girl’s name was followed by the piercing cry of a girl. Elazul broke into a run after the cry.

* * * * *

Elazul had ran for hours. He didn’t know if he was still running after Pearl’s captors. Sweat dripped from his tan face and dark brown hair was also wet from his sweat. His sharp lake blue eyes darted madly around through the trees.

“Pearl!” He screamed out her name again, but this time there was no scream to answer. He fell to his knees. “Gah... Can’t believe I lost her...” He only said that as he sat there, pondering over his next move.

* * * * *

From her home, Krisilyn made her way into the the town known as Domina. Since gathering the Colored Blocks from the Sproutling, the town of Domina was now alive again. Krisilyn had only heard stories, but as she wandered aimless around the outskirts of the town, she began to like it. As she approached the tavern, she could hear some voices.

“Tell me! What do you know about Pearl!” The voice of a young man was what she heard, but Krisilyn heard nothing more.

As she entered the inn, she found herself facing a young man. He was tan skinned and had piercing lake blue eyes. He towered over a small girl. Short blue hair curled around in front of her face. A pink head band held the rest of the uncontrollable blue hair back in place. Her pinkish colored eyes looked scared, as she looked at the elder boy.

“I’ll ask you again... what do you know about Pearl!?” The boy nearly shouted.

Krisilyn then saw what was scaring the girl. A hooked saber was gripped tightly in the hand of the boy.

“What’s going on?” Krisilyn spoke up. Her speaking caused both the boy and the girl to look up at her.

“It’s no business of yours.” He snapped, before turning to the young girl.

“Who is Pearl?” Krisilyn broke in before the boy could go on.

“A friend of mine that disappeared... she’s like a sister to me.” The boy’s voice softened as he spoke about Pearl. “I really need to find her.”

“I’ll help you look for her.” The boy only eyes Krisilyn as she spoke. He didn’t seem to believe her.

“Will you really?”

“Yes I will.”

“Fine... I’m Elazul.”

“And I am Krisilyn.”

“Wait...” The young girl finally spoke up. She held out something cupped in her hands.

“What is this?” Elazul picked up the object. It was an egg, but it was a jadish-colored egg. “It’s just an... wait... it smells like Pearl. It must be Pearl! Let’s go!”

* * * * *

Now, there is stood. A cavern.

Elazul tore into the enterance of the cave and when Krisilyn caught up to him, he said to her. “I sense brillance here. Pearl must be nearby. Come on!” Once again, he tore away from Krisilyn.

She tried her best to keep up with the worried Elazul, but she soon found bats swarming around her head. They picked at her hair and got caught in it. She batted at them, trying franticly to get them away, but they simply came back. Krisilyn could no longer stand the bats that swarmed around her, and took hold of the spear that was slid into a belt at her waist. She began to madly stab and slice at the bats. After a few of them fell, the others retreated.

“I guess they aren’t all stupid...” She said to herself, guessing the other bats did not want to suffer the same fate as their friends.

“Elazul!” Krisilyn called to him. She saw him only a few feet away. About a dozen dead bats lay at his feet.

“Stupid creatures!” He sneered, as those eyes darted up to Krisilyn. “Are you coming or not?”

“It’s kind of hard to follow with a swarm of bats flying around you. It is hard to lead in the same condition.” Krisilyn returned the sneer, although his was not directed towards her. She was getting tired of Elazul’s attitude.

Elazul said nothing more as he ran ahead, running through the twisted caverns. Once again, he didn’t know where he was going and Krisilyn only followed.

Finally, Krisilyn could no longer stand it. “Elazul!” She grabbed his arm and pulled him to a halt. “Do you have any idea where we are!?”

“I know where we are going!” He shook himself from her grip, as he continued his run through the caverns.

It was then that Krisilyn had decided to give up on trying to get Elazul to stop and think about where they were going. She even thought about abandoning the boy in the caverns, but she banished that thought from her mind. She may have thought Elazul to be a fool at that moment, but she could not just leave him in the caverns alone.

After her brief stop, she resumed her run after Elazul.

She slid to a stop, and stared in horror at the sight above her. Something swung up above her. When she got a good look at it, it looked more like a huge ape.

Elazul stood on the other side of the caverns. The hooked sword was out, and he stood in a fighting stance. “Krisilyn! Get ready! That things going to -”

Before he had a chance to finish, the ape-like creature flopped down in the ground, causing it to send a jolt through the ground. She saw that Elazul maintaned his stance, but she stumbled to the ground.

As she regained herself, her spear was brought out. As the creature went to strike again, she saw Elazul send his sword into the fist of the demon. The demon pulled back and let out a horrifying roar of pain. Krisilyn barely had a second to move, before the ape swung its bloody fist at her. She ducked down low, and sent her spear up into the wrist of the demon. As it extracted its arm, she flipped up to her feet.

Meanwhile, Elazul leapt off his feet. The creature was busy with Krisilyn and he saw his chance to strike the ape. As his feet left the ground, he sent the sword in the back of the ape. Before dropping, he extracted it from the back of it and landed neatly on his feet. Immediately, he took three leaps backwards. The creature spun around to face Elazul. It swung madly at him, trying to strike him, but he continued to leap backwards, causing each attack to miss.

Krisilyn saw that Elazul would soon run out of cavern to leap back into. With a running start, she spun her spear over her head. Each time the spear completed a circle, the tip scraped the beast. To end her spin, she japped forward. When she withdrew the beast turned yet again to her and she drove the spear into its chest.

With its final roar, the ape fell over and in a blast of blinding light, it was gone.

“Are you all right!?” Krisilyn called over to Elazul who was now washing his sword blade off on his shirt.

“I am fine..” He sheathed the blade. “Are you?”

This surprised Krisilyn; Elazul was caring about how she was. “I am.. all right..”

“That’s good... Pearl! I think she is here.” He tore back into a hole, that led to another cavern.

In the far back of that cavern was a pile of rocks that were like coral.

“Pearl!” Elazul called for her. Krisilyn stood behind him, and she noticed a small flickering at something around his neck.

“Elazul...” A light voice was heard from the rocks and Krisilyn noticed the same flickering amongs them.

A young girl stood up. “Elazul?” Her pink dress was toren in some places and her light brown hair was a little messy. Soft brown eyes darted quickly to Elazul.

“Pearl!” He ran to her. “Are you all right? Is your core ok?”

“I’m fine. I’m sorry that I wandered off again.”

“You wandered off!? Pearl, I thought someone abducted you!”

“I’m sorry... It looked and seemed that way...”

Krisilyn did not believe the girl, but she didn’t speak. She did not want to cause more trouble for the two.

“Let’s go, Pearl.” Elazul began to step out towards the exit of the caverns.

“Thank you.” Pearl spoke to Krisilyn. She walked off with Elazul.

At her feet, Krisilyn found two small items. They were old looking but simple. “Hmm.. What are these...?” She picked them up and places them in her bag at her waist. “I’ll look at them later... Right now... Let me just find my way out of these caverns.” With that said, she made her way out of the caverns.

She found no traces of Elazul or Pearl as she left and she assumed that they had left. Maybe she would see the two again, but she doubted it. They weren’t the kind of people she would want to travel with. She put them in the back of her mind and made her way back to Domina.

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