Wasted Land (Edgar's Story)

By MoonAngel

On a wasted land, the sun beat down on a small beach. The red and purple water washed over a body. He lay face down in the sand, his long blond hair sprawled out all over. His clothes drenched in his own blood. He stirred slowly and let out a groan of pain. Slowly he lifted his head out of the sand, not caring to wipe the sand from his blood covered face. His weak arms shook slightly as he pulled himself onto his knees. He looked around at the land surrounding him. The land was covered in dead life. The bodies of other humans lay around him, covered in blood. Some of the humans’ flesh was eaten away by scavengers. Sicken by this, he tried to pull himself to his feet. Finding he was to weak to stand, he crawled across the beach, shaking anyone he thought would be alive. But he found no one. Sadden, he tried once again to gain a stance. This time he succeeded, but his legs shook. He took a few slow steps. Walking felt strange to him, as if he never had walked before.

He turned to face the water. It was the sick color of dried blood. The sky was a yellowish color. It made him sick. He turned away, not wishing to see anymore of the wasteland of this world.

Taking a few more steps, he thought to himself “Where is this wasteland? Is this a mere nightmare?”

Then he thought back to the recent events. He remember barely anything of them. He remembered the Floating Continent, and the statues. The memories flowed back. Kefka, the general for the Emperor, had destroyed the balance of Magic. He moved the statues out of their neutral allianment and sent Magic into chaos. Which unleashed uncontrollable power onto the world, causing it to go into chaos as well. He remembered pieces of the Floating Continent hitting the airship and breaking it into two. He held tightly to one part, but he knew it was a useless effort. He and his other friends, fell from the airship and scattered onto the land, which was being torn apart.

He knew they were all probably dead. Tears stung his eyes, as he thought about his friends and his brother. All dead. One of them could have been laying on that beach. But he saw none of them.

He walked slowly off the beach. The land was dead. Trees, grass, plants: all dead. Also, more humans lay there, and monsters as well. Vultures were picking at the dead bodies the scattered all over the land.

In the distance he saw the remains of a town. He walked over the bodies to it.

When he walked in his heart leaped in happiness.

People walked around the town. Most of them where covered in blood.

He slowly walked to one of the people “Sir... what happen here?” His own voice felt strange to him. It was shakey and unsure-sounding

He turned to face him, he looked gaunt: his face was pale and ghostly- looking. “Why hello.... surprise to see another live soul. The world was torn by Kefka.”

“What town is this?” He asked, fearing the answer.

“Nikeah.” Was the answer. He breathed a sigh of relief. He feared the torn town was his own: South Figaro.

More thoughts flowed into his mind. What happen to Figaro Castle and South Figaro? Did they still exist? Or were they destroyed as well?

“May I ask your name?” That man asked, knocking him out of thought.

“My name is Edgar.” He answered.

The man nodded. “Well Edgar... right now... I think it would be better to be dead, then to be living in a world like this.”

Edgar nodded and walked on, farther into the nearly destroyed town.

He wondered, how could Kefka had done this. It seemed unlikely for him to do such a thing with the very little power he had. But he would have been the type to do so.

As he walked down onto the docks. He took notice that something was going on at the bar. He quickly walked into it.

In the bar, sat five thievish looking people. They all looked haggard, and sad. He walked to them “What’s wrong with you?”

“Our boss was killed the day the world ended.”

Edgar was shocked. The world had ended. The thought had never occurred to him, before. This is what happen. This was why everything is dead, because the balance of Magic and the Statues were destroyed and it destroyed the face of the earth.

“And we were about to raid Figaro Castle too... since it’s stuck underground and we’re the only people who know how to get in when it’s underground.”

Edgar breathed a silent sigh of relief. His castle was still standing. “I will help you! I am a master thief.” He lied. But he has a plan. And it had to succeed, it just had too.

“Really!” Wicked grins formed on their lips. “You’ll help us steal all the treasure from Figaro Castle!”

“Of course... I will.”

“What’s your name.”

He thought up a name quickly. He knew his real name, Edgar would work, because they probably knew the king’s name. “Gerad” He answered. It was the best thing he could come up with.

“Alright then Gerad. We’ll go get ready, while you get us a boat.”

Edgar knew he’d have to get rid of his elegant king looks. His own looks wouldn’t be good to sneak into his own castle and steal his own treasures. But he didn’t even look like a king anymore anyway. He clothes were torn and covered in his blood and the blood of others. He’s blonde ponytail was a big tangled mess and he face was still covered in sand and blood.

“Best go wash myself and get some new clothes.” He searched the shops on the docks for a place or person who was selling clothing.

He found a place. Looking through the clothes, he found an outfit exactly like his own he wore (Before the world came to an end.) But it was still different, but that was only color.

Quickly giving the man money, he ran to the inn. He throw more money onto the counter and rushed into the first available room he saw.

He washed himself. And put on the new clothes. They were slightly big but it didn’t really matter to him.

“I wonder where I’m suppose to get a boat” He asked himself as he walked out of the inn and onto the docks once again.

The thought hit him then. He would have to steal a boat. He grabbed the hilt of the Rune Edge that was still in its sheathe around his waste.

He walked to one of the ships. “Never thought I’d be stealing. Too bad Locke isn’t here to help me.” He said to himself. He leaped onto the ship, unsheathing the sword before he landed on the deck.

“Alright!” He yelled, getting the captain and the others on the boat’s, attention. “Everyone don’t move a single muscle!

The captain looked surprised. “Hey man. Get off my ship!”

He raised the sword and ran at the captain. He stabbed him in the chest. Not knowing what he had done, he stared in pure horror as the captain of the ship feel dead onto the ground. The other people stared at him in horror.

Trying to keep up his act, he didn’t let the horror inside of him, show on his face. “Anyone want to join this fool?” He asked sharply. When getting no answer he continued. “Your all helping me now! Me and my group of thieves! Get this ship ready in 1 hour! Or you will join this man!”

He walked off the ship. Not caring who had seen him. Apparently people had seen him. Because as he walked onto a street, people backed away, and went into houses. The thieves had seen as well. They rushed up to him.

“Whoa! That was awesome!” One of them yelled.

“Really it was!”

“I can’t believe ya did that!” Another one said.

“Your a thief as well as a fighter? That’s cool!”

“Yeah.. it was nothing.” He felt awful about what he had just done. Not to mention the fact that people were now afraid of him, in which he didn’t really want at the time. “Our ship’ll be ready in an hour. Get ready! I’ll leave without ya, if your not.” He walked off.

“I better get some supplies.” He said to himself as he walked to a small shop on the docks. “Give me supplies! I don’t care what, just give me some!” He demanded of the clerk, grabbing his shirt collar.

“Alright...” The man quivered in fear. “Just please let me go.”

Edgar threw him onto the ground and began to look through things in boxes and crates.


He turned at hearing the familiar voice. It was Celes! And Sabin! His brother! They were alive. He almost fainted at the sight of them. He was so happy. But he had to keep his cover.

“I believe you are mistaken.” He walked away quickly. He knew they would follow, in which they did. They stopped him once he was about to board the ship.

“Edgar, have you lost your memory?” Celes asked him.

“I believe you have mistaken me for someone else, m’lady.” He answered, quickly regretting those words. He began to walk away, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

As he did, she said. “Only Edgar would have said “m’lady”.”

He tried to think of some excuse. “The term “m’lady” is used all over the world.” He walked onto the ship.

“Umm... mister thief, sir... we are ready to set sail.” A man said to him, fear was in his voice.

“Set sail then!” He commanded.

As the man casted off the dock, he hoped Sabin and Celes had gotten on the ship as well.

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