Wasted Land (Sabin's Story)

By MoonAngel

He lay there. He looked lifeless. Monsters and other creatures passing by thought so. But they left him alone. He didn’t look good enough to make a meal for them. He didn’t look like he tasted to good either. But he still looked dead to them. That was, until he took a breath. A breath of life. His eyes flashed open. Then closed again. They slowly flickered open again and he found himself staring into the sky. It seemed to go on forever in shades of orange and yellow. He groaned and sat upright. He winced as he did, finding that his arm was in much pain. When he gazed over to, it seemed to be broken. Ignoring the pain, he gazed around the wasteland that he sat in. It looked terrible. The ground was just dirt and rock. No grass or plants grew. There were some remains of plant life, but they were dead and there was no point in trying to save them. Water was to his left, at least he thought it was water. The color was the color of dried blood. It looked sickening to him.

As he groaned again, the pain beginning to really bother him, he thought to himself. “What the hell happen here...? And my arm... my claw arm... hurts like hell.”

He then remember, that he could use his magic. That is, if the statues did still exist. He also then remembered: The statues had done this. But it wasn’t them. Kefka had moved them from there neutral alliance and magic went into chaos. It reformed the earth. And caused many people, creatures, and other living things to die. He hoped, much, that his friends, and brother had lived through the crashing of the airship as he did. He couldn’t fight Kefka alone, and worst of all; everyone he every cared about would be dead. He couldn’t dare think the thought of them being dead and he did try to keep it out of his mind.

He stood up. His legs were shaking. And he felt strange, like it was hard to keep his balance. But he did and he begin to walk slowly forward.

He tripped over something. And fell forward. He tried to land on his good arm, but he couldn’t. He winced as his broken arm smashed beneath his body. Rolling over, he saw what he has tripped over. His claw. With his good hand, he picked it up. It was useless to him now. Since his claw arm was broken. He put his claw into the small pouch that he hung at his waist. He then noticed something else. A small diamond-shaped object was sitting where his claw was. He picks it up. It was a shard of magicite. He looked into the star in the center. It was Scaphim; a healing magicite. He was carrying this when the Floating Continent was destroyed and now he was glad that he had it back.

“Perhaps I can use you to cure my broken arm.” He said to the magicite shard.

With his good hand, he threw the Scaphim shard into the air. The instant that the shard left his hand, an angel appear from it. She landed, gently onto the ground next to Sabin. She rested her hands on his broken arm. Her touch didn’t hurt, and this surprised Sabin. He felt his arm move back into place; the bones shifting back to their normal positions. This didn’t hurt either. The pain just disappeared, and he was glad.

Scaphim slid her hand into the pouch that held his claw. She pulled it out and gentle hooked it onto his hand. She then smiled to him and disappeared back into her shard.

He sighed, moving his healed arm around. The pain was gone. He smiled. He looked around for any trace of life, or a town. He could see nothing at first, but then, in the distance, he saw the remains of a town. He quickly ran to it, hoping that they would have some food, and place a to sleep. He hadn’t remembered the last time he had eaten, and he was still tired even though he just woke up from sleeping for an unknown amount of time.

Sabin walked into the town. He wondered through it, thinking it looked very familiar. He could have sworn it was Albrook, but he wasn’t sure. It was in more ruins then it had been before Kefka had ended the world.

Sabin was more so, looking for a cafe or place to eat. He slowly wondered into a cafe. And he took a seat at a table.

A man called to him from behind the bar. “Hey! What do you wanna order?” He asked in a sharp tone.

“Some food.” Sabin answered. “I really don’t care what. Just as long as I can eat it and live. Heck! I don’t care if its edible or not, I’m that hungry!”

“Coming up...” The guy mumbled then turned away starting to prepare his meal.

“Hey dude.” A man sat down at Sabin’s table. “What are you doing here?” The man was a theivish looking character. Sabin didn’t trust him a bit.

“Just looking for my friends. I’m not even sure that they’re alive.” Sabin said sadly, at the thought that his brother might be dead.

“Well, I haven’t seen anyone looking for a man like you. Perhaps you should be looking in Tzen. Its directly north of here now.”

“Thank you.” he said quietly, now having some hope that his friends were alive and that they could destroy Kefka and bring peace to the world.

“Hey! Your food’s ready.” The man behind the counter shoved a tray with some form of food on it, to Sabin.

“Thanks.” Sabin said, throwing a few gold coins back at him. He sat back down at the table, now ignoring the man that was sitting down with him. He took a small bite of the thing on his tray. Figuring it tasted good, he gobbled the rest down.

Yawning, sleepily, he walked out of the cafe and wondered around town until he found the inn. He paid for a room and quickly fell asleep.


The next morning, Sabin awoke, bright and early. Actually he couldn’t tell if it was morning or night. The sky had never changed colors from when he last looked at it the evening before.

He began to head to Tzen.

After he had walked for quite a bit of time, he came upon a huge tower. It stood right in the middle of the continent. Sabin guessed that it was Kefka’s Tower. The home of his power. Oh, how he wanted to destroy Kefka. Rake his claws into Kefka’s throat, ripping out all his life. He destroyed the world and made its people suffer. And now, it would be his turn to suffer.

He had finally made it to Tzen. Kefka’s Tower made him walk faster, the anger gave him the urge to walk on.

As soon as he entered to town, he heard a scream. Following the scream was, “Someone! Help!” He ran to the scream.

“What’s going on?” He demanded from a woman who had tears streaming down her face.

“My child... he’s trapped inside that house!” The woman gestured to the big house.

“I’ll save him then!” Sabin turned to run into the house.

The woman grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “No! You can’t! The house is going to collapse! Please... try to hold it up until someone comes who can help.”

Sabin thought to himself. “Is this woman insane?” But still, he nodded. “I’ll try my best.”

“Oh Thank you sir!” the woman told Sabin as he climbed on to the railing of a stairwell, and pushed up on the roof. He held it. But barely. The roof was heavy and he couldn’t hold it for very long.

“Hurry! Get the kid out! I can’t hold this for very long!” Sabin yelled to the lady.

“Don’t worry! He’ll be out soon!” The woman ran into the house. A few seconds later she ran back out.

“What’s wrong?” Sabin asked.

“There’s monsters in there...” She panted wildly and breathed deeply. “I can’t get to the boy. He’s in the basement.”

“God damn it! I can’t hold this very much longer.”

“Please try...” For a second, Sabin caught the woman’s scared glance, and that made him more determined to save the child. He didn’t know this woman, nor her son, but he still had to help. He wasn’t going to let someone else fall to Kefka.

He held the roof up for a few more minutes. His arms began to shake, the roof beginning to weigh down on him. Suddenly, he slipped. The roof crashed down a few feet, causing the woman to scream and the crowd now gathered around the house, gasp.

“Its alright... I still have it,” Sabin said while he was trying to push the roof back up, but he couldn’t.

“Sabin!” He looked below him and nearly lost his footing again. Celes stood below him. “Come on. Let’s go.” She said to him.

“Celes. Not right now. Please, save the child trapped in the basement of this house.” He was happy to see her alive, but he was still determined to save the child.

With a nod, Celes ran into the house.

He had no idea how long it would take her to find the child. But he couldn’t hold it up much longer.

Minutes passed and still, Celes showed no signs of coming out.

“God damn it Celes. What the hell is taking you so long.”

Celes leapt out of the door, the child in her arms. Sabin jumped, the roof collapsing, crushing the whole house. Celes returned the child to his mother, who was now crying in happiness. She wondered back to Celes.

“Sabin. It’s really you, your alive.” she said happily.

“But of course! You didn’t think that a minor thing like the end of the world is going to do me in, did you?”

“I thought everyone was gone. But now I believe that everyone is alive. Now all we must do is find them.”

“Right! Let’s go!” Sabin and Celes, together, walked out of Tzen, to find their long lost friends and bring the world back to to peaceful state.

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