The Witches Return Chapter 3

Solutions and Possessions

By MoonAngel

Jessica and Kyle wandered into Meribia. Memories flowed into Jessica. Her father, Master Mel, had been killed there. And this was where Royce had ran her shop. She was glad to see it burn. Too bad it had never been completely destroyed.

“Hey! Jessica, look!” Kyle pointed to a fat-looking kid who was running down the street that they stood on. “Isn’t that Ramus?”

“Yes it is.” Jessica giggled as she watched Ramus run. It was a funny sight, she did have to admitt that. Kyle laughed his hearty laugh.

“Come on” He said to her. “Lets go see what’s up with him.” Kyle tugged on her arm and ran after Ramus. Jessica ran after Kyle.

“Ramus wait up!!” Kyle yelled.

Ramus must have heard because he slid to a stop, and nearly fell over. Kyle and Jessica caught up to him as he gained his balance once again.

“Oh, hey Kyle.” He blushed as he looked at Jessica. “Hi Jessica...” He smiled.

“Ramus what’s going on?” Kyle asked, a low growl in his voice.

“Oh... some kid was in Royce’s old shop when it collasped. I’m going to help get him out.”

“We’ll help too.” Jessica said. “Come on Kyle.” Jessica and Kyle ran down the Black Rose Street. Ramus was struggling behind them. They slid to a stop at in front of Royce’s shop. A few men where there trying to dig through the pieces of rubble to find the boy.

One of the men took a glance over and stopped Jessica. “Oh mistress Jessica!” He ran over to her. “You must help! Once we get this boy out, can you help cure his wounds?”

“Of course. Kyle, my friend, will help you dig him out. Right Kyle.”

Kyle shrugged and walked over to rubble. He began to lifted up boards of wood and throw them into a pile. He gasped as he realized who was under them. “Jessica! Over here!” He called.

Jessica ran over and gasped at who she saw. “Oh my god! It’s Nash!” Kyle lifted Nash out of the rubble and layed him down on the street.

Nash’s half-open eyes gazed up at Jessica.

“Oh my! What happened to him!” The familiar cry of Mia came from behind them, and there she ran, straight towards them. “What happen to Nash!?” [bad text] seemed a lot more calm then she had ever been before. “How do you feel, Nash?”

“I’ll be fine.” He snapped, as he sat up. “Don’t need to be worried about me.” That was when he eyes crossed over to the nearly enraged Mia. “Uh.. Hi Mia...”

“Nash! What were you doing in there!” Mia’s voice was mad.

“I saw someone..” He spoke lightly. He seemed to be ignoring Mia’s angry voice. “She... spoke to me.”

“Who did you see.”

“It seemed to be Royce.”

As Nash spoke, there was a wierd silence spread over the group. “It couldn’t have been Royce.” Kyle said. “We killed Royce, along with Xenobia and Phacia a long time ago.”

“No. I saw Phacia. Last night, in a dream.” Jessica spoke up. “She was in the chruch.”

“Yes! I remember. The small boy said she was there. She told him not to tell anyone.”

“I saw Xenobia.. in my dream. She was being attacked by Xenobia and she eventually just disappeared with Luna.”

“I had a dream as well. Before I heard the voice of Royce, I had a dream. Luna was in Royce’s crystal ball and soon the whole image of Luna was engulfed in a blood-color.” Nash spoke up.

“The dream I had... we were at a ceremony, and Luna suddenly appeared. She looked terrified. Phacia appeared in the aisle with Luna. Right when she appeared, Luna became engulfed in this blood-color. Leaving us all in horror and fear, they both disappeared. I awoke, then. I awoke because I heard the boy scream.”

“This is all beginning freak me out...” Ramus spoke up, finally. “Maybe something happened to Luna. Let’s go to Burg. Alex might know something about these dreams and what’s going on.”

With an agreement from the other three they headed for the docks.

* * * * *

Alex was on his way to the port town of Sith. He was terribly worried about Luna and Nall. Perhaps the others knew what had happened to her. Actually, he was not so sure but it was his only guess so far.

For the first time in a long time, he traveled alone. Alone, he fought his way through the Weird Woods and to the Port Town of Sith. When he arrived there, what he found surprised him.

“What are you guys to here?” The gesture was said towards Jessica, Kyle, Mia, Nash and Ramus of whom he found gathered outside the Inn in Sith.

In parts, they each told Alex there tall, from beginning to end. Alex went on to tell his and everything soon became clear.

“The witches are alive and have Luna. They also have Nall.” Alex stated clearly.

“That seems to be the most obvious answer.” Mia agreed with him.

“The question is, what can we do?” Ramus went on. “We must help Luna and Nall, but we can not do anything until we find the witches or where they have held Luna or Nall.

“That shouldn’t be to hard to figure out...Since you’ll all be joining the girl soon!” Flashes of silver and red lights flared around them. The world seemed to halt right there as the three appeared in the mist of those lights.

“But you might not like the way your going there. Not for very long anyway.” Xenobia’s laughed echoed through the air. That laugh still sent chills down Alex’s spine.

“What are you talking about!?” He demanded from either of the three. “Take us to Luna and Nall! They better not have been harmed for your sakes!”

“Your in no position to threatened us, dear Alex.” Phacia spoke calmly. “Remember, we hold the advantage over you.”

Alex fell silent. He knew that they were right.

“Well, what do you want with us!?” Nash could not longer stand being silent. “What can we possible do for you!?”

“Why do you think we have not attacked anyone yet?” Xenobia sneered out her words.

“You have!” Nash protested.

“We have captured! But we cannot harm anyone...” Royce growled impatiently before going on. “We are mere spirits. Nothing that can do harm to any living object. Of course to bring Nall and Luna into our possession we captured there bodies. Quite a simply task if I do say so myself.”

“I’ll ask again! What do you want from us!” Nash demanded yet again.

“It’s simply, my friend.” Royce went on. “We want your bodies. Why do you think you had those dreams about us coming back. It was to warn you of our comings! I still do not understand why we did that.” A glare from Royce was passed over to Phacia.

Phacia went on by saying. “Give us your bodies to live in for enternity and we will let the dragon and the girl go.”

“I agree!” Nash shouted. He was more angery then scared at that moment. At first, he didn’t know that he really said those words.

It was the first time anyone had ever heard Royce giggle in delight. She quickly calmed down to her normal nature. “Good...At least one is deciding to cooperate.” In that instant, Royce disappeared and for a moment a look of fear fell onto Nash’s face.

He said nothing and the others looked at him in curosity. “I like this... Yes I think Nash will make a perfect host.”

“Oh my god...” Ramus gasped.

“Who’s next...?” Xenobia’s eyes set on Mia.

“No! Xenobia please... give us back Luna and Nall. Stop these crazy stunts!” She demanded but it was already to late to help her.

Xenobia was gone from sight and was not seen for a few moments when Mia spoke. “She’ll do nicely. This little hocus-pocus is very... good.”

Kyle held Jessica close to his body. One of his hands was dropped near his sword sheath. “Don’t touch her Phacia! You do! You will regret it!”

“Don’t threaten me, boy!” Phacia sneeered. “Hand her over and you will get out of this unharmed. Don’t and you certainly will regret it.

“I’d never do such an idiotic thing!” He returned the sneer.

As those words escaped from his lips, Xenobia tackled Kyle and Royce helped hold him down. Kyle struggled feircly to get away from them, but in those seconds that he was held down, it was too late to help Jessica. Phacia already had her.

Kyle jerked up. “No! Jessica!”

“You got what you wanted! Give us back Luna!” Alex cried out to them.

“I’m afraid that was cannot do that.” Royce said. “You see, she knows the secret of killing us and if that secret ever got out... well... we wouldn’t that.”

“God damn you all!” Alex’s anger couldn’t be hidden anymore. “What are you planning on doing!?”

“Take our revenge upon the world.” Xenobia laughed her evil laugh as best she could in Mia’s body. “Of course, you will be forced to sit and watch the world suffer, because, we will assure you that, Alex, you will be the last to die.” With that sentence said, they disappeared, leaving Kyle, Ramus and Alex to stand there, in confusion.

* * * * *

Luna watched in horror. “Leave them alone!” She begged. “Please... leave them alone!”

“It’s too late, dear Luna.” It sounded like Nash, but Luna knew all to well that it wasn’t. His voice was pitched like Royce’s. It was misterious but scary.

“What are you planning on doing with Nall and I?” She asked, to afraid to hear the answer.

“We’ll let you live. Make you watch Alex suffer. It was your mistake, finding out how to kill us! Now you must suffer.” Xenobia shouted madly. It sounded like Mia.

Luna fell silent. Tears finally began to roll down her cheeks. She blocked out what they said. There taunts and teasing was blocked from her mind until she eventually fell unconsious.


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