Chrono Trigger: The Planeswalkers Epilogue

By Mox Jet

Within two years of its inception, the Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus was responsible for the deaths of over 150 Lavoids and countless lesser, Lavoid Energy powered creatures. Initiating their attacks as raids on Lavoid colonies or smaller Lavoid fleets, they began to gather a power base. Slowly, they killed more and more Lavoids and the LEA fleet began to grow. Eventually it could certainly be called a fleet, with the now ever-famous Weatherlight as the flagship.

It wasn't always the largest of the LEA's ships. Other ships such as the Predator and the Destiny grew past the original Weatherlight in size, but none grew past it in reputations. While Jack eventually appointed Captains to all of the ships, the Weatherlight itself was responsible for the most Lavoid related deaths in the short history of the Organization. Jack still retained his position as Captain of the ship.

The LEA found, to their delight, that Farilii were not the basic foot soldier of the Lavoid horde. There were a series of lesser Lavoid-type creatures that were killed with much less trouble; if you cut off their head in close combat, it stayed cut off and the corpse dropped to the ground. Also to their surprise, it was later discovered that the Farilii regeneration abilities could be circumvented by two ways. First, if they were knocked unconscious and then decapitated, they stayed dead. Second, if a swift stab is executed through the center of the skull, the normal hormonal reaction that cues the regeneration is somehow bypassed. Needless to say, both techniques were quickly included in the base set of Tactical Indoctrination.

As they spread outward, the LEA quickly came into contact with other forms of human life. Apparently, the planet named Elosia was part of a political organization known as the Sol Dominion. It was a rather loose grouping of civilized worlds and there was no real ruler, but it did show that humanity, like the Lavoids, had spread far. The LEA, however, continued to operate outside of the jurisdiction of anyone. Jack had merely comment that he would simply have anyone that would try to control the LEA sucked into Chaos without second thought.

Continuing to operate against the Lavoids as their main goal, the exploration provided by the organization did lead to new trade routes for the Grand Counsel back on Elosia. The LEA had paid back its initial debt within sixteen months. Most of this money came from interplanetary trade, but there was a growing market for a new type of profit.

As it turned out, the glowing purplish crystals that were found on the inside of Lavos's chamber were also found on the chamber walls of any Lavoid. It was a result of magical residue, combined with Lifestream energy and raw Lavoid energy. The result was a crystal that could be ground into a powder. This powder proved to have some very interesting results when ingested. Apparently, the high that was induced rivaled most severe hallucinogenic drugs, according to specialists. Also, while only mildly addictive in small quantities, when certain amount is ingested daily, it was extremely addictive. Named Lamange (La, for Lavoid and mange, for the Zealian word for fruit, literally, Fruit of the Lavoid), the LEA found that there was a certain profit that they could gain from each of their kills. Needing money to continue their operations, the moral issues of basically dealing in the drug trade did not phase them. It did not phase it's users, either, as the market for it was growing.

Recruitment was handled by taking budding warriors from each planet where conflict with a Lavoid had already happened. It was found that the best psychologically motivated Exterminatorum Adeptus were those who had met loss at the hands of a Lavoid. After being inducted, they began the extensive period of training and tactical indoctrination that gave them the knowledge of an Adeptus. While the training period was kept as short as possible in the organization's early years, it was later protracted so that more effective warriors could be created.

The scouting for potential Adeptus was handled by a growing organization within the LEA that became commonly known as the Watchers. Normally examining the individuals from a distance before going further in and bringing their attention to the impending fate of their planet (as it was always a planet that was Lavoid infested), they would guide the young Adeptus to joining the ranks of the LEA. The Watchers ended up being headed by Tristan Tenser, also serving as a direct reporter to Jack himself.

The Adeptus themselves were the results of countless years of research. Jack had picked particular aspects of this research to put into the program, giving each Adeptus high skill levels in close combat, armed and unarmed, and usage of all weapons that the LEA employed. Force Tech was a basic skill among the LEA and even the lowest level soldier in the group had a Tech Degree of 18. On that note, Jack's own Tech Degree had reached some point too high to actual measure anymore, though he never actually used all of it due to the impractical charging time that would be required.

The remaining problem proved to be the Class B's. Whilst the LEA had no problems with the Class C's (which the more powerful warriors in the organization were well capable of felling on their own), the next step they had to make was the Class B. Jack had trepidation as far as moving the LEA into combat with the next level of Lavoid. He knew the time would come when they would be ready, and he did not want to wait forever, but a sense of fear was still there. New weapon technologies were being researched and new magical libraries were always being studied in hopes that someday, the LEA may begin to kill the next level of the Lavoid species.

The final thing on Jack's mind was that inevitable existence: others like him. He knew it'd be lucky to find another potential Planeswalker without diving into time itself (which he refrained from as it was deemed that Time Travel and the possible creation of various and potentially devastating anomalies was not worth it), but he knew there was another one out there. There had to be one hiding somewhere. They were his family, in an odd sense of the word, and they would be powerful allies against the Lavoids. But, finding one was hard. Jack considered it part of the mission, though. He had to free the others. All of the other potential Planeswalkers, all of the other Lavoid Born…they had to become full fledged Planeswalkers. And it was that which brought him to his next target…


To be Continued in - Chrono Trigger: Twins of Destiny!!


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